Top 10 Boutiques In Bangalore

Visit these popular stores in Bangalore to get a good idea of the city's fashion scene.

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Bangalore, rather Bengaluru, I mean ‘namma Bengaluru’ (our city), is known for its food, culture, music, microbreweries, and all things cool. It is not just defined by the booming information technology sector, but the city also makes room for anything to do with arts, crafts, creativity, etc. Their talent pool is diverse here, and the plethora of boutiques in Bangalore proves it. If you have ever been to this city, lived here, or hail from this place, I am sure your chest is welled up with pride. From handloom to luxury couture, Bangalore is a paradise in every sense.

Here’s a peek into a few good designer boutiques in the cosmopolitan city.

Top 10 Boutiques In Bangalore

1. Tamanna World

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Ask any localite from Bangalore who is remotely into fashion, and they will know the boutique Tamanna World. They specialize in bridal wear for both men and women. They range from Swarovski-studded lehengas to exclusively embroidered blouses, party lehengas, dresses and gowns—it’s a parade of beautiful ethnic wear. Apart from this, they also retail some of the top famous designer labels that are exclusive but ready-to-wear. If you have a design in mind or you need help with something, you need to check them out.

2. Cinnamon

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A multi-designer store with a very unusual setting has moved shop to a renovated heritage bungalow in Ulsoor. Just the location and the visual merchandise of this place will take your breath away, the minute you enter the store. And probably you will never want to come back. We need boutiques like these because it shows people’s command of the craft and passion of art. They have handpicked pieces from offbeat designer labels like Raw-mango, Anshu Arora, Sanchita Ajjampur and many, many more. And, they offer not just apparel, but they are also into home decor, accessories, footwear, etc. with a right blend of vintage and urbane. Go and be amazed.

3. House Of Taamara

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Located in the heart of Indiranagar, House Of Taamara is home to some of the most exquisite sarees from all over the country. From Banarasi brocade to Kanjeevaram, handloom, khadi ikat, Chettinad, kalamkari and jute, they have the best from the lot. Apart from their dream-like saree parade, they also specialize in ready-made blouses. They are just as strong with their Indo-Western game like palazzos, one-piece dresses, tunics, etc. And, it does not stop there. They also offer exclusive silver jewelry that takes care of all your accessory needs. The price range starts from average and goes up, making it affordable for everyone.

4. Collage Shop

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The Collage shop is unlike any other retail store you would have ever seen. It’s huge, really huge and spacious, with a setup that leaves you in awe and intrigued too. They house luxury and couture labels for not just dresses, but they are also into other interesting accessories like clutches, jewelry, etc. Be it a traditional bridal lehenga or a party wear one-piece gown for the bride’s tribe or even otherwise, they offer a lovely assortment of the Indian, Western and fusion to match the sensibilities of the modern Indian woman. If you are in Bangalore and looking for eclectic and uptown choices, you must head to this store.

5. Anahe

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From white, pastels to red, gold and everything in between, the Anaheim boutique in Bangalore is a store full of pleasant surprises. It is interesting to see how their apparel is more contemporary than traditional, yet captures the sensibility of ethnic clothing. It is a royal indulgence for not just a bride and her tribe, but anyone looking for party wear dresses and do not settle for anything less than couture and exclusive. And couture does not necessarily have to mean ‘not-accessible-to-all’; thanks to designers and stores like these, it’s practically the same. Whatever it is you have in mind, just hang in there and check this place out, it offers you all of it and more.

6. Kimaya

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You know Kimaya is an exclusive luxury boutique when you know that it’s in UB City Mall and lives up to its standards. It brings the best of the designer labels from not just Mumbai but all over India. Because, you don’t need to fly out of Bangalore to be exclusive anymore, you have it all right in your city.

7. Sakhi Fashions

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If you are into traditional wear, chances are you already shop from this store. And, if you are into handcrafted, handloom or believe in handmade clothing, you should shop here for sure. Be it their light and elegant handloom sarees or heavily embroidered zari, pattu, silk, or block prints, they all stand out. Apart from this, they are big believers of recycling and reusing old sarees. So if you are looking to revive old sarees of your mother, grandmother or even great grandmother, head to Sakhi fashion and you will be more than happy with your visit.

8. Rose Petals Designer Boutique

The Chalk Boutique handloom store in Bangalore

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Taking the handloom saree game top-notch, one piece at a time, The Rose Petals Designer Boutique is going beyond all imagination and tapping into a side of handmade that we don’t imagine, but are thrilled to have. Linen, cotton, Kalamkari or just about anything you could think of is under one roof. If you are a fan of these rustic beauties, just get to the store or at least check their online collection.

9. Tantu Designs

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Tantu started as a local boutique in Bangalore and went on to presenting their designs at the runways within a year’s time. The elegance of their final output, the quality of the fabric, precision, and finesse is what put them on top in Bangalore and forefront in India. It could be a dream wedding ensemble, or an Indo-western outfit or a one-piece designer gown, whatever it is Tantu Designs offers you a one-stop solution and does that with a lot of panache.

10. Rainush Couture Boutique

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Rainush Couture Boutique specializes in bridal couture and believes in make-to-measure to suit different personalities, preferences, and budgets. The aesthetic of their clothing leans towards contemporary by balancing the traditional elements proportionately. If you have a design in mind and want to work towards it or not, head to this boutique.

From Tamanna World on Commercial Street to Cinnamon in Ulsoor, Anahe in Indiranagar, and more, we have covered it all in the list above. So next time you want to buy that perfect dress for yourself or gift something to your loved ones, you know where to go. Certainly, you will be mesmerized by the designs and motifs of the apparel you find in the boutiques mentioned above. So, get ready to explore them all and flaunt the outfits you purchase from these amazing places.

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