30 Breakup Poems About Grief And Heartbreak

Written by Harini Natarajan

Ever read a poem that made your soul ache with a distant memory of heartbreak? Well, you aren’t alone. When two people in love break up, a monumental change happens in their lives. It may feel like the heart is being torn apart when a loving relationship ends. You will experience intense pain and uncontrollable sadness. Here are some beautiful breakup poems that can help soothe your pain and make you realize you are not the only one going through this. After all, misery loves company. Scroll down.

30 Sad Breakup Poems

Sad Breakup Poems


1. If I’d Never Met You

“If I’d never met you,
I wouldn’t feel the pain
Of losing your sweet love;
I wouldn’t feel insane.

But if I’d never met you,
I wouldn’t know the pleasure
Of ecstasy’s warm gifts
And memories to treasure.

Now moving on with life,
I force a wistful grin,
Questioning what went wrong,
Wondering what might have been.”

– Joanna Fuchs

2. All Good Things Come To An End

“All good things come to an end,
Even the gifts that God sends,

Like her, the angel He sent from above
who was the one person I truly loved.

She changed everything and made my life worthwhile.
She was the only one who could make me smile.

She really doesn’t understand how much she means.
I’ll never be as happy as I’ve been.

She was my heart and my soul,
She filled me with joy and made me whole.

She was my world, my greatest treasure.
I loved her so much that it couldn’t be measured.

I remember every kiss and touch.
All our memories I miss so much.

I wish we could go back in time,
When I was hers and she was mine.”

– Greg Thung

3. After Love

“There is no magic any more,

We meet as other people do,
You work no miracle for me
Nor I for you.
You were the wind and I the sea –
There is no splendor any more,
I have grown listless as the pool
Beside the shore.

But though the pool is safe from storm
And from the tide has found surcease,
It grows more bitter than the sea,
For all its peace.”

– Sara Teasdale

4. Someday You’ll Miss Me Like I Missed You

“Someday you’ll miss me like I missed you.
Someday you’ll cry for me like I cried for you.
Someday you’ll want me back like I wanted you.
Someday you’ll understand why you broke my heart when I didn’t.
Someday you’ll understand that I was the only girl that put up with all your mess.
Someday you’ll know how pain feels, how you hurt me.
Someday your life will turn upside down like mine did when you broke my heart.
Someday you’ll have someone hurt you like you hurt me.
Someday you’ll realize how lonely life can be.
Someday you can sit down and think how much I meant to you
When you meant the world to me.
Someday you’ll know how I really felt.
Someday you’ll try to come back to me like I tried with you,
But someday you’ll love me when I won’t love you.”

– Summe

5. Oxymoronic Love

“Hatred is the new love. Rage is right. Touch
is touch. The collars of the coat, turned down,
point up. The corners of our hearts are smoothed
with rough. Our glass breaks slick, our teeth
rip soft.

We are sipping from the water’s thirst. We were lost
at first. From the finish, begun. We undergo
the pain the other knows. We are cartoon yards
where dogs dig for lost bones. Esoteric,
we are full of holes. That need to be filled.
That need to be dug. We are under-loved.
We are under-known. Give to us and we are
downcast and uplifted and sift like water
and sand like stone. We are greedy, we are
gone. We are helpless, we are prone. Drain us
or fill us and we’ll ache a vast installment.
Let us empty. Let us alone. Madness
is our happiness. Sadness is our home.”

– Jennifer Militello

6. I’m Still Lovin’ You

I'm Still Lovin' You


“I sit on my bed every night.
I look for a star to wish on, but not one is in sight.
So I try to sleep, but all I see is you.
I think to myself, is he feeling this too?
You’ve hurt me so many times, but I can’t be mad.
Instead, I sit around crying and being sad,
But before I go to sleep every night, I always smile
Because even though we didn’t last long, it was worth the while.
You may not feel this feeling between us two,
But in the end you won’t find anyone who loves you as much as I do.
I’ll admit, I don’t understand.
I put my trust in you and all you want is to be my friend?
I ask myself why.
Did you have to keep me hanging on so long and then say goodbye?
I wish you would’ve told me from the start.
Because of you, now all I have left are the memories and a broken heart.”

– Coramaew

7. Walking Away

“I’m tired of dreaming.
I’m through with trying.
Tired of living, yet scared of dying.
Maybe things are good for you,
but look at all that I’ve been through.
Look at all the pain I’ve won.
I bet you think that it’s been fun.
You never thought I’d turn away.
You never believed you’d see this day.
Look again because here I go,
leaving behind all I know.
Changing it all as I must do.
Not daring to stop and think things through.
Wanting to run as fast as I can,
not stopping until I understand.
Like why did I let things get this way?
Why didn’t I leave yesterday?
How are things going to be
since there is no more you and me?”

– Vanessa Brown

8. I Lost It

“You took my fears away
And made them true.
You took my love away
And ripped my heart out, too.
You took my laughter away,
And my happiness, too,
And let all my sadness
And tears get through.
The rest of me that was left
Also left with you.
I lost myself
When I lost you.”

– Carrie Berry

9. The End

“No one told me about this pain.
Everything hurts, even my pride.
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.

Tears have fallen from my eyes like a steady rain.
Nothing can take back those nights I’ve cried.
No one told me about this pain.

My feelings I cannot even explain.
To you, my heart was open wide.
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.

I’m at the point where I feel nothing but shame
Because I thought you were going to be my guide.
No one told me about this pain.

With you is where I wanted to remain.
Now I have to continue on with a long stride,
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.

Please tell me our relationship was not in vain.
I hope to not regret having tried.
No one told me about this pain.
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.”

– Tynea Lewis

10. Your Touch

“Over the years I’ve been through so much,
But it all seemed worth it when I first felt your touch.
In the blink of an eye you’ve gone away.
All that’s left are memories of yesterday.
They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
I couldn’t disagree more; I’ve known all along.
You’re beautiful outside and in.
On top of that, you’re my best friend.
I hope you feel better; I hope you can smile.
Just know that I’ll be praying for you all the while.
If there’s anything I can do, just let me know,
Because it’s in times like these that true love will grow.
Take things slowly; there is no rush,
But until I see you again, I’ll be longing for your touch.”

– Dan

11. We Lost Each Other

We Lost Each Other


“I could ask you to stay,
But there’s really nothing left to say.

This breakup has been emotional and long,
But I know I’m strong.

I guess we naturally grew apart,
But it still hurts in my heart.

We went days without speaking or sending a text,
And I could only wonder what was next.

There were times we couldn’t look each other in the eye.
How did we get this far, and why did something so special have to die?

As I write this, memories flood me.
They remind of all we used to be.

Even when things were bad, I never thought this relationship would end.
Our broken hearts I thought we could mend.

Now you’ve left without a goodbye.
I’ve got no energy to even cry.

I knew it was over when we started doing things on our own.
You got so distant and I was alone.

I tried getting you to notice that I was still there,
But you made up your mind and didn’t care.

There are many nights when you’re all that’s on my mind.
I hope happiness is what you find.

There are days when I just can’t get out of bed.
But “try” is what you always said.

So every day I try to put on a smile.
Even if it’s not a real one for a while.”

– Sierra

12. Love Is Rare

“I remember the good things we used to share,
The happiness we endured, the deep love and care.

The air was as light as a feather;
I looked at you as you were my forever.

But it all came crashing down,
Then I realized I’ve been a fool, a clown.

My heart in anguish as your eyes avert my gaze,
All the love fading from your eyes these passing days.

My heart cracked as you pulled away,
Telling me that today was the day.

I know that love is often rare,
But your love is a loss I cannot bear.

So I breathe in the cold, cold air,
Sitting alone in silence on a wooden chair.

The tears I cry each and every day
Seem to fade as my mind wandered astray.

I would never force you to stay,
Even if it meant my world would be gray.

Your happiness is my only hope,
So without you, I must try to cope.”

– Martina D Garza

13. The One That Got Away

“Every day hurts as much as the last.
If I could turn back time, I’d return to the past.

A past where things were lovely and true.
A past where I know I could be with you.

With the future, it is still unknown.
I thank you though for the love you had shown.

My world has been turned upside down.
Each day gets harder from what I have found.

I try to be strong, but I always fail.
At times I can’t believe that this is real.

Many a night I have dreamt about you.
I wonder, have you dreamt of me too?

You were my heart; you were my soul.
You filled me with joy and made me whole.

You will always be within my heart.
Love can be cruel, but it can be art.

You truly mean the world to me.
So because of love, I’ve set you free.”

– Ciaran P. McGreevy

14. Final Moments

“It wrecks me, that last moment
that played out so wrong.
Our hopeless eyes locked
just a few seconds too long.

And my eyes begged yours
to ask me to stay.
And your eyes welled up
as you walked away.”

– Amy O Connor

15. Back To Strangers

“We started as strangers.
We fell and became lovers.
We started with a, “Hi,”
Ended with a lie.

The time ran so fast.
Now we’re just part of the past.
The butterflies I once felt in my belly
Turned into a feeling of melancholy.

Those dreams I dreamed won’t come true,
For we fell apart out of the blue.
There will be no such thing as “we,”
Because starting from now, it’s just “me.”

We ended being lovers.
Now we’re back to strangers.
We ended with a lie.
Now we couldn’t even say, “Hi.”

– Rocelyn Amante

16. Venom



“Spiteful anger wielded by a broken heart
becomes venomous; cruelty projected in mania –
so meaningless, heartless, unforgivable…
love briefly misplaced by rage and denial.
Feelings remain, but promises fade like smoke,
to dissipate in the unyielding clutches of time.
Misguided foolish hatred that lasted a moment
has sealed all hopes and memories away eternally,
locked away in the prison of my empty chest.”

– Matt Boyle

17. Drowning

“I’m drowning.
I look around at everyone going past and suddenly I can’t breathe.
It looks so easy for them,
Going about and laughing,
Having the time of their lives.
Why is it so easy for them?

I’m drowning.
But then,
Then I think of you.
I think about our times spent.
I remember walking together,
I remember nights together,
I remember movies together,
I remember how it all started.

I’m drowning.
But then I think of you.
I begin to wonder,
Am I really drowning?
Not when I have you.
Then I realize,
I’m losing you,
And these pleasant memories?
They turn to bitter reminders of once was.
So maybe,
Maybe I am drowning.

Because without you,
I can’t breathe.”

– Madison A. Wakfield

18. Lies

“All those promises are lies.
I thought you said you weren’t like other guys.
I gave you my heart,
And you broke it apart.
Everything was a great big lie.
I think of you and I sigh.
Everybody warned me about you,
But I was too in love with you.
Now I know that love was lust.
Feels like my head might bust.
I can’t believe you were the one.
I’m sick of boys, just done.
Now my heart is bleeding.
I regret me and you meeting.
Sometimes I wish I would die,
But all I can say now is bye.”

– Raelynn Deanne Pena

19. I Miss You

“I search for the right words to say.
I wonder if you do the same.
I found myself thinking of you every day.
It hurts to feel this kind of blame.
I never thought I could feel this kind of pain
from just hearing the sound of your voice
for knowing you were the only one who stopped the rain
and knowing I shouldn’t have let you walk away,
let you walk away as far as you did.
My heart tells me not to be selfish,
to just pray for your happiness,
but when I hear your sad voice telling me you’re scared and confused,
it hits me this is what I mostly feared.
To be so close with you inside of my heart but yet so very far.”

– Tiffany Kromer

20. Feeling Out Of Touch, Maybe I Feel Too Much

“Hard to breathe
Weird to touch
Acting normal
Think too much

Trying hard
To figure out
Moving onward
Engulfed in doubt

Don’t look back
Too much pain
And in fact
Nothing to gain

Filled with knots
Wasted time
A penny for my thoughts
I deserved a dime

Who’s to say what’s true
I never said I was right
Guess I never knew
It’s not worth the fight

Thinking about before
Don’t know who I was
Could have closed the door
And never been an “us””

– Kaileigh Rabidoux

21. Just Not Meant To Be

Just Not Meant To Be


“Admiring her beauty
When we first met
Her blond hair and body
I just wanted to get

The good times were many
The worries were few
We fed upon lust
Then love began to brew

As time together passes
The lust starts to fade
Life’s chores become hectic
You question decisions made

First there’s complaints
Followed soon by contempt
Love is then questioned
As sex is exempt

You get so frustrated
And full of dismay
At the things that are said
Marriage isn’t meant to be this way”

– Wayne Barry

22. Love Is Sad

“Love is sad, and love is cruel.
To find it again, don’t be a fool.
My flower was young,
And my flower was sweet,
When we were together,
Our passion was heat,
We travelled together, never apart,
And I knew that forever she would be in my heart,
I would look in her eyes and I would hold my breathe
To lose such a treasure would mean certain death,
This sweet little thing that I used to adore,
I never thought we would be no more.”

– David Strong

23. I’m Sorry

“It’s hard to find the words to tell you how much I still love you,
how you broke my heart
How we once were perfect but now we are so far from it.
you always told me you loved me and you cared about me.
you held me in your arms and kissed my face when I was crying.
you went out of your way to make me the happiest girl in the world.
now all we can do is fight and be mad over the life that didn’t work out as planned.
how can you not understand people make mistakes,
life isn’t perfect and can never be so why do you search.
all I can say is I’m sorry and I love you and maybe one day you’ll remember me.”

– Lindsay

24. Shattered Dreams, Shattered Heart

“My days are long, my nights are cold
Without you here for me to hold.

The moment we kissed, I knew it was right
To love you & want you with all of my might.

The hopes that we shared, the dreams that we dreamt
Then you turned around & said nothing was meant.

The memories we’ve got, the joy & the pain
Are finished, forgotten – you wont try again.

You said that you care, that’s no longer enough
So you just up and leave – the man that I love.”

– Alison Drew

25. Change

“Scared confused mindless clone,
Delving deeper into the unknown,
my heart is bruised my soul crumbled
The deep despair of lovers rumbled.

Control abuse delete forget
Feelings once shared are now reset
The chains you hold are now released
My soul is free my mind deceased.

What once was hate is now empowered
for this empty shell to be devoured
Your need for me has been replaced
My thoughts of you have been disgraced

The time has come to change the pace
Look ahead, erase, embrace
The change has come upon my sorrow
The tears will wait until tomorrow.”

– Connie Davidescu

26. Undying Love

Undying Love


“I told you I loved you.
You didn’t hesitate to say it back.
You held me in your arms
When I needed comfort.
From day one you said,
“I’ll always be here for you.”
Now that I look back,
I realize what a fool
I was to trust you.
I’m now sitting here,
Tears forming in my eyes,
Because I truly DO love you.
So much more than she does.”

– Sarah Jones

27. I Will Love You

“With all of my heart I love you.
I honestly, truly do.
But with every angry word spoken,
I become more resentful of you.

It’s like we’ve forgotten our history.
We’ve forgotten what we had before.
And now I’m ever closer, it seems,
To packing up and closing the door.

I imagined having your children,
And what a beautiful thing it would be.
Thought we’d find a house and settle down.
Make four where there once was three.

But now those dreams are distant,
Filled with a fog made up of fear.
My body is fighting through the mist,
But the doubt is all I hear.

Hostile hands and heavy hearts…
They join together here.
And in a flash, as quick as that,
I’ve hurt you, and you me, my dear.”

– Larah J. Davies

28. To The Unforgettable

“I know we’ll never be the same.
Behind my love,
I’m filled with shame.

In my head it’s become so loud.
These intruding thoughts
Have begun to crowd.

What did I do wrong?
Just give me a reason.
Don’t lead me along.

I try to make sense of it,
But you were my only hope.
Now I have not a bit.

I try to remember our brighter days.
I don’t want to associate you
With the sadness that remains.”

– Lily Rae

29. He Is Hurting Too

“He’s tired of the pain.
He’s tired of every lie.
He’s tired of the countless nights
When all he does is cry.

He’s pretending not to care.
He said that he is fine,
But really he is hoping
Someone will read his mind.

Everyone’s sad for her;
No one knows what he’s going through,
And not even his friends can see
That he is hurting too.”

– Leah Williams

30. Just The End

“I regret the end.

The way we couldn’t
leave one another
without wounds.

The way we made
it seem as if
all the love we shared
was wasted time.”

– S.L. Gray

These soulful breakup poems can help you cope with the pain and grief of lost love. Read them if you ever feel alone – they can be your best companion when you feel nostalgic about your special person. Goodbyes can be the hardest, but holding on to someone who isn’t attached to you hurts even more. So, let go of the people who aren’t meant to stay forever and open yourself up to the kind of love you deserve.

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