56 Breathtaking Hair Color Trends That Are Lovely & Stylish

Color your hair in stunning shades that will captivate and allure everyone you walk by.

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Candy cane, plum cherry, wine, and caramel – no, we aren’t talking food and drinks here!

These are some of the biggest hair color trends turning the world topsy-turvy! We all love experimenting with hair colors. But every color has multiple shades. So, how do you pick one that you love and is in style? We have your back! We looked far and wide and made a list of the best hair color ideas for you to consider. Keep reading to find out which 56 top hair colors are driving the world crazy! So, scroll down to pick your favorite.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Shades of red and pink and pastels like strawberry and lilac complement cool skin undertones. People with warm undertones may go for shades of burgundy, copper, caramel brown, mahogany, and gold.
  • Shampoo your hair two days before coloring to let the natural oils protect your locks from chemicals in the dye.
  • Use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners post-coloring. Purple shampoo and conditioner are a must to keep blonde, silver, and platinum shades bright.
  • Pick a flattering coloring technique. Face framing balayage and highlights are perfect for fine hair. Sombre, lowlights, and ombre work for curly, wavy, and thick hair.

56 Breathtaking Hair Color Trends Taking The World By Storm

1. Brown-To-Gray Ombre

Brown-To-Gray Ombre
Image: Shutterstock

Gray hair is no longer associated only with hair issues and aging! The brown-to-gray ombre is mysterious and edgy, and suits all skin tones! Due to its lightness, gray can be challenging to wear alone, but pairing it with a deep shade like dark brown adds a delightful contrast.

2. White Purple Ombre

White Purple Ombre
Image: Shutterstock

A regular black and white ombre won’t do for you. Choose this black-gray-white ombre with purple ends if you want to add drama to your look. The vivid purple color contrasts nicely with these blended highlights. Cool undertones complement this color scheme beautifully.

3. Rose Gold Hair

A women with rose gold colored hair.
Image: Shutterstock

Oh, to live la vie en rose! Let’s start with a color that has taken the world by storm. This lovely rose gold hair shade works with all skin colors but looks especially fantastic on warm skin tones. Perfect to get heads turning!

4. Blush Pink

Blush pink hair color
Image: Istock

This beautiful shade of pink is sure to liven up your life. Beauty expert, Kerry E. Yates says, “It is a gorgeous shade that is a mix of lavender and pale pink! It has a warm undertone, which is why it works well with warm skin tones.” If you have hazel, green, gray, or blue eyes, this color is sure to accentuate them.

5. Black-Purple-Silver

Image: Shutterstock

Who doesn’t love the thrill of mystery? That’s what this blend of colors is all about! Black roots melt into purple streams that end with frosty tips, giving it the ideal hint of intrigue. Once you start staring at it, you just can’t stop! Also the Founder of Colour Collective, Kerry Yates says, “This look encompasses four shades. It will require lightening the hair to a super pale yellow then applying a cool toner on top.”

6. Plum Cherry

Let’s be honest. We’ve all wanted to try out this plum cherry shade since we were teenagers as a way to rebel against our parents and authority. Vibrant and playful, this shade will make those brown and green eyes pop.

protip_icon Quick Tip
The cherry plum shade is believed to be highly suitable for all skin tones as it provides a high impact and keeps hair shiny.

7. Black And White

Michael Jackson sang it right. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white! So, why not choose both? Monochromatic designs are ruling the world, and we love them. Black and white locks meet to create a bold color trend that you need to try out.

8. Candy Cane

Candy cane hair color
Image: Istock

Think feminine with a hint of sophistication. Candy pink and pastel lavender are the colors you’re probably thinking of. This hot pink to lavender ombre is ideally styled in those perfect twirls of hair, making it a mesmerizing waterfall.

9. Auburn

‘Fiery’ is the word! Auburn hair is the perfect warm color to brighten up your winter or those everyday blues. No wonder we see so many actresses sporting it! Let your inner diva out with this gorgeous shade of red. Go fierce!

10. Brown Balayage

Brown balayage hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Ahh, chocolate! It is indeed the best thing in the world. If I were an alien, chocolate would be why I’d invade Earth. Add that gooey richness to your hair too. Dark chocolate hair with partial milk chocolate highlights will make your hair look luscious and thick.

11. Lilac

Happiness and tranquility – that’s what lilac symbolizes. Going by this picture, I totally agree. Lilac has taken the world by storm. This cool tone makes green eyes pop. It’s a great way to make your hair appear soft yet vibrant.

12. Turquoise Ombre

Close your eyes and envision the best vacation spot. I can hear the swoosh of those blue waves. Now imagine that on your hair! Pretty darn perfect, right?

13. Green And Black

Green and black hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Green is such a bold and robust color. No wonder The Hulk and The Statue of Liberty are green! Green hair is the best rebel-with-a-cause hair color trend. If you have black hair, you have to try this beautiful blend. It’s definitely on my list.

Katey Yates adds, “Emerald is my favorite color and I think we’ll see it throughout the year. However, to get this look you will need to lighten your ends to a pale yellow, then apply a semi-permanent green shade with a touch of blue to deliver this color intensity.”

14. Purple And Blue

Purple and blue hair color
Image: Istock

I’d like a unicorn frappuccino on my hair, please! Vibrant purple, coupled with aqua blue, is the ideal sweet-and-sour combination to change your look.

15. Silver Bronde

I get why ‘silver spoon’ is an expression now! Silver is a rich and royal color. It only gets better when you throw in a bronde mix. This silver bronde balayage is a great way to warm up those cold days with style.

16. Denim Blue Ombre

Denim is one trend that has been around for ages and is never out of style. Color experts have taken it a step further, allowing us to transfer this denim obsession to our hair. And we love it!

17. Wine

This enticing wine shade makes me agree with Andre Tchelistcheff, who said, “The devil indeed made Pinot Noir and I can feel the temptation winning.” If you don’t think a complete switch to wine will suit you, consider wine highlights. They’re a great way to make your natural hair shade stand out.

18. Blue

Blue hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Did you know that the first interior designer in the world was also the first woman to sport blue hair? Lady Elsie De Wolfe Mendl dyed her hair blue in the year 1924. That’s right, blue hair has been around for that long, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

19. Aqua Blue

This aqua blue hair color will make you look like a stunning mermaid. To get this shade of blue, you will have to bleach your hair and then dye it aqua blue. Weave it in a fishtail braid or a high ponytail, and you are aqua-ready to floor everybody.

“I call this shade seafoam and it is one of the go-to colors for summer. I see it being used by everyone regardless of age, especially as peek-a-boo lights or dip dying!” chimes Kerry.

20. Purple Ombre

Purple ombre hair color
Image: Shutterstock

This purple ombre is vibrant and lush. You can feel the playful vibes through this picture. Starting dark at the roots, this ombre bleeds out color at the end to leave behind bleached tips. This purple ombre is the perfect summer hair look.

21. Electric Purple

Electric Purple
Image: Shutterstock

Robert Frost once said that freedom lies in being bold. And nothing screams bold like this electric purple hair shade! Give your hair a royal makeover with this gorgeous color.

22. Aquamarine Hair

Aquamarine hair color
Image: Istock

Nothing is more unique than an aquamarine gemstone. If you love the outdoors, this shade is perfect for you. With hair like this, you are guaranteed to have all eyes on you.

23. Deep Rose Tones

Deep rose tone hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Blend two feminine elements – roses and the color pink. What do you get? This incredible hair color concoction. This deep rose hair blend epitomizes fun like no other color.

24. Bronde

This is the answer to that unsolvable question – blonde or brunette? Get the best of both worlds with a high contrast bronde mix. The dark roots accentuate the blonde hair while framing your face perfectly.

25. Toni Topaz Hair

Toni topaz hair color
Image: Shutterstock

The minute Toni Topaz appeared on Riverdale, women everywhere fell in love with her pink hair. Pink has always been associated with femininity. While it is gentle and playful, it is also fierce. All in all, the perfect way to describe a woman.

26. Metallic Silver Hair

Metallic silver hair color
Image: Shutterstock

As a child, I always wanted to be treated as a grown up. I wanted everyone to believe that I was mature. The moment you think of a mature woman, you think of someone old with white hair. Well, this deep silver color is the millennial version of that look.

27. Night Shades

Doesn’t this color job look like the night sky missing a few stars? You can feel the serenity and calmness emanating through these pretty hair colors. Well, that’s why this balayage is trending. It is perfect for the traveler in you.

28. Rosé Gold

Pleasure is a glass of Rosé in hand. Now imagine taking that pleasure to your hair! Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? This hair shade is definitely on my must-try list.

29. Purple Amethyst Tones

Purple amethyst tone hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Women gravitate towards shades of purple like amethyst. Not only is it the color of royalty, but it also symbolizes feminine energy. Give your hair a royal do-over with this lovely shade.

30. Midnight Hair

Midnight hair color
Image: Instagram @hair_fantasy_

Shades of blue painted in a balayage style form this serene midnight curtain. It is the perfect blend of casual and formal, which is what every woman needs.

31. Light Lilac

This light shade of lilac seems to have taken over everything from interior decor to drinks. So, it seems only fitting that it’s now reached our hair. Look young, wild, and free with this spellbinding lilac hair look.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can experiment with different combinations of the light lilac like lilac and pink, lilac ombre, gray and lilac balayage, icy lilac, and candy floss lilac.

32. Pixie Hair

Pixie hair color
Image: IStock

Pixies are mythical creatures that love dancing and having a good time. This cute hair color blend of pink and purple with hints of orange sums up that pixie energy very well.

33. Pastel Purple

Pastel purple hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Purple hair is clearly aiming for the win in this list. This light purple shade has a wild grunge feel to it that is ideal for a badass leather clad femme fatale.

34. White Blonde

White blonde hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Imagine you’re at the beach. You can hear the waves and feel the sand under your feet. You have the perfect swimsuit and sandals. But, what about your hair? Bleached blonde hair dyed white is the ideal beach hair color. Being light, this shade will look surreal in sunlight.

35. Purple Wine

Purple wine hair color
Image: etsy.com

Purple signifies feminine energy while wine makes for a good time. Combine them, and the hair look it creates is the cherry on top! Your personality bleeds out from this hair color job, and it’s fantastic.

36. Lavender Pink Ombre

Lavender pink ombre hair color
Image: Instagram @hairbysaretta

Some women feel like they have too big of a personality and a simple hair color won’t do them justice. I agree, which is why I bring you the lavender-pink ombre. This color job is a force to be reckoned with.

37. Black Blue Ombre

Black blue ombre hair color trends
Image: IStock

If you want to look picture perfect, here is a tip – go for dark roots. They accentuate the color they’re paired with. The black roots here make the light blue hair come across like a force of nature. Sublime!

38. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is extremely à la mode. You will definitely find this shade everywhere. It’s a refreshing and vibrant color. It works best with cool toned skin and looks stunning when coupled with gray eyes.

Laura Burton, a blogger, recounts her experience of experimenting with a vibrant hair color, where she dyed her tresses pink. She shares in her blog post, “You see, maybe a decade ago pink, green, blue or red hair set off a message of non-conformity. Or you know, telling the world you’re a punk. But guess what, now in this world of Unicorns and Mermaids, having pink hair can just mean you feel girly and fun! It’s a sign of confidence! A creative way to express who you are (i)!”

39. Black

Black hair color trends
Image: IStock

Classy, sophisticated, and utterly fashionable – black is the new black. It will never cease to be chic. Black hair accentuates all eye colors and complements anything you wear.

40. Dark Highlights

A women sporting dark highlighting hair color trend.
Image: Shutterstock

Dark highlights help frame your face by adding definition to it. When paired with light hair, they can help define your jawline. They’re also a great way to showcase your natural hair color.

41. Navy Blue

Navy blue hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Beauty lies in simplicity. Nothing describes navy blue better. It’s a versatile and vibrant color that boasts sophistication. Take this versatility to your hair, and it will not disappoint you.

42. Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Dirty blonde hair creates the perfect beachy hair vibe. It gives off a sun-kissed look. Style your hair in waves to look like a flawless beach babe. Hands down, this is one hair look you need to try!

43. Fiery Phoenix Hair

The phoenix is a mythical beast that’s born from the ashes of its predecessor. When you feel your hair looks terrible and want to chop it off, give it a fiery makeover instead with this blend of orange, pink, and red. Be brave, be bold!

44. Blonde

Blonde hair color
Image: Shutterstock

If you have naturally dark hair, the best way to change your look is to go blonde. While it is a hair change that requires serious thought, it’s a total head-turner. Talk to a hairstylist to know which blonde shade will suit you best. Remember, blondes are the life of the party!

45. Ash Hair

A women with ash-colored hair.
Image: Shutterstock

Mystery with a hint of drama – that’s what this ash ombre is all about. Increase the dramatic effect with some smokey eye makeup, and you are good to slay anything and everything coming your way.

46. Silver Blue Balayage

This silver blue balayage is as cool as it gets. It suits cool and neutral skin tones well. Leaving your roots dark, bleach the rest of your hair. Dye the top half of your hair a silvery-purple shade, and the lower half in a light blue hue.

47. Dark To Platinum Blonde Ombre

A women with dark to platinum blonde ombre color on hair.
Image: Shutterstock

Dark roots with platinum blonde hair is a popular choice. The dark roots lengthen your face while platinum tresses slim down the lower half of your face. This color combination walks that fine line between casual and formal.

48. Caramel Highlights

A woman with caramel highlights on dark hair
Image: Shutterstock

Caramel adds the perfect flavor to chocolate and coffee. It’s no surprise that it can transform your hair as well. Caramel highlights on natural hair look extremely alluring. Style your hair in waves to make it look flowy.

49. Dark To Light Blonde Ombre

Dark to light blonde ombre hair color
Image: Shutterstock

I love Lucy Hale’s style. It’s so effortless and beautiful – just like her warm dark to light blonde ombre. Paired with that incredible red lip color and leather jacket, and the whole look is to die for.

50. Platinum Blue

Platinum blue is the perfect hair color for that moody grunge style. If you have black, hazel, blue, or gray eyes, this color is for you. This color works well on cool and light skin tones.

51. Blonde Highlights

If you’re looking for a simple change, this is it. Honey blonde highlights are a great way to show off your naturally dark locks. Blonde highlights near your face help in slimming it down, making it look lean and long.

52. Red Hair

Red hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Red – the color of love and danger at the same time. It’s the perfect descriptor for a woman – a reason all women love red hair. It’s the quintessential femme fatale hair color.

53. Peach Blonde

Peach blonde hair color
Image: Shutterstock

The color is characterized by the peachy glow of blonde hair. The hair color is for the bold women who want the sunshine in their locks. The peach tint on blonde hair suits all skin tones, and you can add vibrancy with a few pink highlights.

54. Mushroom Brunette

Mushroom brunette balayage hair color trend
Image: Shutterstock

After neons and metallic shades, neutral shades like mushroom brunette and caramel have gained popularity. The portobello mushroom inspires the shade. It is composed of different shades that portray depth.

55. Strawberry Brown Balayage

Strawberry blonde Balayage hair coloring
Image: Shutterstock

A tint of berry hue on your brown hair can up your hair game and make it look richer. It is an effective way to give a reddish hue to brown hair without bleaching.

56. Ginger Brunette

Curly ginger brunette hair
Image: Shutterstock

This is a richer shade of the red-brown hair color. The warm-toned tint can spice up your locks and will make you stand apart in the crowd in a good and fashionable way.

Infographic: Top 10 Stylish Hair Color Trends

The list shared in the article is a treasure trove for anyone who loves experimenting with hair colors and doesn’t want to miss out on the current trends. However, a few of these trends have a timeless appeal and are here to stay for years to come. Check out the infographic below to learn more about them!

top 10 stylish hair color trends (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

We live only once, so we better color our hair and enjoy the time of our lives. This extensive list has a plethora of options for you to pick from if you have been looking for hair color inspirations. What’s more? These amazing hair color trends never go out of style! But whether you try black-purple-silver, candy cane, turquoise ombre, purple amethyst tones, or anything else from the list above, make sure to take good care of your dyed hair to stay away from dry, brittle tresses. Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, sleep well, and oil your hair regularly to avoid hair fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hair color is the most attractive?

While there are many hair dye trends that can make you stand out from the crowd, which color would look the most attractive on you would depend on your skin tone and original hair color.

What is the rarest hair color?

Red is the rarest hair color when it comes to natural hair.

What is replacing balayage?

Hair frosting is a hair color trend that is replacing balayage.

Check out the top 10 hair color trends in this video! From bold and vibrant to subtle and natural, choose your favorite and try it out!

Key Takeaways

  • Combine gray or turquoise tones mid-way on dark hair to create a contrasting look.
  • People with warm skin tones should opt for earthy shades like rose gold, lavender, pale or blush pink, and auburn shades.
  • Ombre shades allow you to keep your roots natural, experiment with different shades, and create a dramatic look.

hair color trends

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

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