10 Bridal Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair gives us a lot of freedom to play around especially when it comes to choosing Bridal hairstyles for medium hair.

Here are some of the best Bridal hairstyles for Medium length hair that you can try for your Wedding.

Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Hair

1. Back Victory Rolls:

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This is a great choice for all those who have medium length hair. This vintage looking hairstyle is simple yet stunning and goes well with any wedding outfit, be it Indian or Western. You can try this one for your receptions as well. You will need a few hair clips, some helping hands and a fixing spray.

2. Accessorised Pin Curl Bun:

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This is another hot bridal hairstyle for medium length hair. You can try out a simple bun and stick out the tip portions. Roll them into some small pin curls and stick them into the bun with hair pins. Use fixing spray and hair gel for the required firmness and style. A floral accessory will complete the look.

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3. Accessorised Curly Bun:

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This is a sweet and cute hairstyle for brides. It’s easy to try too. Give your hair a half length small curling. Use accessories for the extra flavour.

4. Girly Rolled Curls:

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This is a girly and sweet hairstyle. It has these lovely rolled curls which are firm enough and do not become flat. Use your big barrel curler and when you are loosening the curler from the hair after curling, drag the curler out of the hair from the downside rather than side. This will help you give rolled curls. Use a fixing spray immediately.

5. Twisted Bun Hairstyle:

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This can be a super cool vintage bridal hairstyle. Take the hair back and make a pony tail. Leave your bangs alone at this point. Work on the pony tail first. Take sections from the ponytail and make small twists and finally stick it all in a bun. For the bangs, use a hair gel and style them up into waves. For exact waves, use a big barrel curler and brush out. Use fixing spray lastly for that perfection.

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6. Medium Curly Hairstyle with Sectioned Bangs:

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This is another cool hairstyle to try out. Use your big barrel curler for the curls and brush out a little or just mess it up a bit. For the bangs, use a hair gel to section them out. Dry them with a blow dryer.

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7. Twisted Accessorised Bun with Pin curl Bangs:

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This is another vintage medium hairstyle for the bride to be. Try this one out with some helping hands and accessories. For the pin curls, use a strong hold hair gel or hair fixing spray.

8. Curled Pony Hairstyle:

Image: Getty

If your hair is thick, then try this one of the Indian bridal hairstyles for medium length hair. It’s a slightly troublesome hairstyle but a good stylist can give you this look with ease.

9. Accessorised Simple Bun with Hair Twisting:

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This is a simple twisted hairstyle for thick medium length hair. Just one simple twisting of the hair and bringing it back to the start point to wrap it around will give you this look. Fix the hair beneath so that the pins are not visible. Adorn with some accessories.

10. Full Length Curls and a Top Bun:

Image: Getty

This is a full length curly hairstyle which can be tried out by any girl with medium length hair. Make a top notch bun leaving sections of hair on every side. Stick up some hair pins.

So which medium bridal hairstyle will you pick for your wedding? Leave your comments below.

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