31 Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Entertain, engage, create memories, and have a blast with these fun and interactive games.

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From planning bachelorette parties to ensuring that the bride does not get cold feet and make a scene amidst the ceremony – the responsibilities are endless when it is your BFF’s wedding. But if you are looking for some bridal shower game ideas, we have made it easier for you. The guests will belong to different circles like office, college, family, and more.

Games are the best ice-breakers and will help you keep everyone entertained. It will also create memories that you all can cherish for a lifetime. Bridal shower games can be fun and embarrassing (in a hilarious way) and will have all the guests on the same page. So, if you want to explore these wedding shower game ideas, swipe up!

31 Bridal Shower Game Ideas To Have A Blast

15 bridal shower game ideas
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Here are some wedding party games to keep the couple and their guests entertained at a bridal shower. With a mix of friends, colleagues, and neighbors, these games can be great icebreakers!

1. Wedding Word Scramble

Make a list of words with scrambled letters. These words should be typically related to the bride, groom, weddings, dating, or couples. Put the list on a board and supply the guests with papers and pens. Give them a stipulated time to unscramble as many words as possible. The one with the maximum number of unscrambled words and the fastest wins. A small prize would be encouraging too!

2. Pen A Poem

Grab a large sheet of paper and ask a guest to pen down a line of a romantic poem for the couple. The line can be from a famous poem or created as an original. Fold the paper to hide the line and pass it to the next guest who does the same. Once each guest has penned down their lines, hand it to the bride to read aloud.

This will raise some good laughs when the disjointed lines are recited dramatically. If you have a sporting person or actor in the crowd, the reading can get even more hilarious.

3. Wedding Charades

This game is good for a relatively big group of guests. Divide them into two teams and ask each team to write a word or phrase related to weddings (you can use wedding movie names, like Mamma Mia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, or 27 Dresses).

Pass the phrase to a representative of the other team, who then enacts it within a stipulated time without speaking a word. Their teammates need to guess the correct word to win the round. The game continues with the roles reversed between the teams.

4. Bridal Makeup

Print out pictures of the bride without any makeup. Hand over cheap makeup like lipstick, eyeliner, blush, and eyeshadow to the players. Each player gets a minute to give the bride’s photo a makeover. You can also make the game exciting by either blindfolding the players or asking them to hold the makeup with their mouths.

5. Cold Feet

This is a very popular game for bridal showers. The phrase ‘cold feet’ refers to the couple’s tension about actually getting hitched. Fill a tub or large serving bowl with ice and water and dump 10 big plastic or metal rings. The players have to get all the rings out of the icy water using their feet. The one to get all out first and fastest wins.

6. Where Were We?

Hang 10-15 pictures of the couple at various places. These can be on dates or trips if they have gone together anywhere. Ask your guests to guess the places the photos were taken.

7. Newlywed Trivia

The newlywed trivia bridal shower game idea
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Make a list of hilarious, ridiculous, and interesting trivia about the bride and groom. For example, how many beers can the groom glug at one go (if he loves beer, that is!) or who said I love you first. Throw out the questions and ask your guests to come up with the answers. The guests can just shout out the answers if you love some loud fun, or they can raise their hands or write down the answers on a piece of paper. The guest with maximum correct answers wins!

8. Photo Challenge

Put up random funny pictures of both the bride and groom at various ages. Ask the guests to guess their age and the occasion if they have known either of the partners for long. Number the pictures and ask the guests to jot down their answers accordingly. The guest with the maximum number of right answers wins.

This game can become more interesting if friends, family, and siblings narrate the tales related to the pictures. For example, the bride’s mother can tell the story behind a photo of the baby bride smothered in a cake.

protip_icon Quick Tip

Displaying the photos can help you to kill two birds with one stone- a photo challenge game and a wall with bridal shower decorations with memories. It can include bright clothes pins and colored strings with numbered photos on wooden frames.

9. Put A Ring On It

This popular bridal shower game keeps everyone alert. Give each guest a ring once they arrive at the venue, which they have to wear. The trick is that no one can say the word ‘wedding’ or ‘bride’ throughout the party. If a guest hears another speaking the forbidden word, they can take their ring away. Whoever wears maximum rings at the end of the shower is the winner.

10. Why Do We Do That?

Many wedding traditions are carried out without really knowing their true significance. For example, the bouquet toss or the ‘something old, something blue’. This unique game will impart a little knowledge and explore a variety of beliefs.

Put out a list of traditions and ask your guests to write down what they think these customs signify. Some cheesy friends may come up with quirky answers, which will add a fun element to the game.

11. The Newlywed Game

This game is primarily for the bride and groom, but the guests (especially the nosey ones) will love it! One-half of the couple has to answer some personal and not-so-personal questions on a pre-recorded video. The questions can range from favorite color and food to when was your first kiss. You can also include questions about the couple, like ‘when was the first date?’

The other half of the couple is asked the questions during the party, and the pre-recorded answers are played to match them. This gives an insight into how much the couple knows about each other and what is left to explore.

12. Doubles Jenga

Doubles jenga bridal shower game idea
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You can include Jenga, a classic favorite game, but with a twist. Take mixed couples from the group, tie their hands, and make the game a little harder. Proceed to play as usual, taking out the blocks without dropping the tower. The couple with the most blocks wins.

protip_icon Quick Tip

Alternatively, you can play Jenga as a drinking game. Write drinking commands on the wood blocks, or whoever drops the Jenga tower must drink. The tipsy feeling makes Jenga even more fun!

13. Find The Guest

Each guest gets a checklist of characteristics, such as who speaks more than four languages or has the highest number of the shoe collection. They must circulate the checklist around the room, talking to other guests, and trying to gauge who fits which characteristic.

It is an entertaining way to know a little bit about everyone. You can read out the final list at the end of the game and ask the guests to share a little tale about themselves if they choose to.

14. Love Songs Memory Game

Play a 15-20-second clip of 10 to 15 romantic songs back-to-back. Ask each player to recognize the songs and musicians and write them in order once the songs pause. The players with maximum correct answers in the correct order wins.

15. Whose Memory?

Guests filling out 'Whose Memory?' questionnaire
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Your guests, friends, and family will have innumerable memories with this game. BFFs will write down their most memorable incidents with the bride or groom and put the chits in a bowl marked ‘for the bride’ and ‘for the groom.” The couple alternately picks a chit from their bowls and reads out the memory, trying to guess who it is from. More than guessing, the fun lies in laughing and reliving the past.

16. Fact Or Fiction

This is a fun game that involves all the guests! Sit all the guests down and ask them to share three memories they have with the bride. Two of these memories will be true and the other will be a lie. The others will have to guess the lie. You will be able to get to know the bride better and have a lot to talk and laugh about.

17. Would She Rather?

Why not make the guests compete against each other in a game to determine who knows the bride better? Frame questions by providing two options for each and ask the bride to answer them before the guests start to guess the answer chosen by the bride.

18. Pass The Bouquet

This game is a combination of musical chairs and hot potato or pass the hamper. In this game, the guests will sit in a circle and pass a flower bouquet until the music stops. The person holding the bouquet will have to choose a penalty chit and do whatever is written on it.

19. Off The Cuff Wedding Vow

This is a hilarious game that will leave you in stitches! You have to replace some words in a traditional wedding vow. Leave out some phrases and words like adjectives, nouns, or verbs. Go around the room asking people to give alternatives to the missing words. You can then ask the bride to read the hilarious vow out loud.

20. Lingerie Gift

If you are having a lingerie-themed bridal party, then this game is a must! Each and every guest will buy a lingerie gift and lay it all out on the table. The bride will then have to guess which lingerie item is from whom.

21. Guess The Age

This is an easy and fun game to play. All you have to do is gather the pictures of the bride and groom from their childhood till date and ask the guests to guess their age from the different phases of their lives. Tape the photos on a board and let the guessing game begin!

22. Disaster Wedding

This is a fun game where you can let your imagination run wild! The guests need to write down a nightmarish wedding scenario that the bride will read out loud and the other guests will rate it out of 5. The scenario with the most ratings will receive a hamper from the bride.

23. A Good Marriage Recipe

Pass out some cute and artistic postcards and ask the guests to write some good wishes along with one tip or recipe to make their marriage successful. This will not only help the couple get closer but also help them deal with some tough situations that they may face in the future. A very good way to wish the couple well, indeed!

24. Guess The Movie Quotes!

Does the soon-to-be-married couple love movies? Well, this is one game that they should definitely play! Have the guests divide themselves into groups. You can say half the quote out loud and have the teams raise their hands or press a buzzer to complete the quote.

25. Fishing Purses

In this fun game, the guests will make a list of crazy items that they have seen people carry in their purses. Then, one by one, the guests empty their purses to check who has what. In the end, the one with the most unique items in their purse will win.

26. Make The Best Cocktail

This is a signature game to play at a wedding shower! Provide the guests with all the ingredients they would need to make an amazing cocktail. Let the bride judge who made it the best, and that cocktail will be served at the party after the wedding.

27. Rice In The Jar

This game is a perfect combination of fun and chaos! Split your guests into two teams, with each team standing in a separate line. Place a bowl of rice for each team at one end of the room, and an empty mason jar at the other end. The first person from each team will scoop a handful of rice from the bowl and pass it to the next person, continuing down the line. The last person in each team will pour the rice into the mason jar. You can set a time limit. The team with the most rice in the mason jar wins.

28. Guess The Celebrity Couple!

Print good, individual pictures of lesser-known celebrity couples and stick them separately at random places in the venue. Divide the guests into four teams and hand over pairs of stickers (like that of animals, plants, birds, emojis, etc.) to each individual. The teams need to match the celeb couples with the stickers after making the right guess. The team that manages to correctly guess the most couples wins!

29. Guess Who: Celebrity Wives Edition

If you love guessing games, you must give this one a try. You can either print some photo cards of famous celebrity wives or write their names on some index cards. Divide your guests into two teams. Each team will take turns to nominate an individual who will tape a card to their forehead without looking at the celebrity’s name or face. The other members from the same team will have to provide clues as to who the celebrity is. You can set a time limit for each round. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

30. How Well Do You Know Your Future Husband?

Make a list of questions that you want the bride-to-be to answer about her future husband. This trivia game is extremely fun and helps the bride get to know things about her partner that she didn’t before. While the bride tries to guess, the guests can randomly answer the questions to confuse the bride.

31. The Shoe Game

If both the bride and the groom are present for the wedding party, then this is a must-play game. The bride and the groom will sit with their backs to each other while holding a shoe of their own and one of their partners. Guests can ask the couple interesting questions, like who of the two is a better cook, or who of the two would go on a cleaning spree when stressed, etc. The couple will then answer by raising the appropriate shoe.

A YouTuber shared her personal experience of organizing a bridal shower party with numerous fun games in her video. She shared, “I’m super excited, I’m going to bring you guys along with all the activities and stuff like that (i).” She further talked about the initial game that she started with, “We are playing a game, it’s guess the groom, so whoever gets my fiancé wins a gift.”

Games and prizes are always a great way to make every bridal shower theme fun, but here are a few other bachelorette party activities that can make the shower memorable.

What To Do At Bridal Showers Instead Of Games?

1. Memories And Advice Game

Give each guest a card that they can fill out with small memory and advice for the future. It can be some funny ones by friends or serious and encouraging ones by elders. Put the cards in a small pocketbook and add pictures of each guest. You can also keep a polaroid handy for this. Compile the book and present it to the bride at the end of the party.

2. Date Night Ideas

This fun activity will spark romance among the newlyweds. Keep a stack of pretty cards and glitter pens. Ask the guests to jot down their ideas of some great date nights that the couple can explore during their honeymoon. Ask the guests to read out their ideas and put them in a box to gift to the couple. Have the bridal shower host ask for “date night” shower gifts to give to the couple to keep the romance going after the wedding celebration.

3. Selfie Station

Selfie station bridal shower game idea
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Create a cute corner where the bride and groom can take selfies with each guest. Spice this up with some funny props – caps, glasses, and accessories – to make the pictures memorable and hilarious.

4. Anniversary Wishes

Make cards with various anniversary dates like one, three, five, or nine years. If your guest group is large, feel free to add nine or six months’ anniversary. Ask your guest to write an anniversary wish for the couple.

For example, on the 10th year card, someone can say, “wish you have three kids by then” or “wish you have a big house by then.” Some fun ones can include –  ‘hope you cross the 500 parties by the 3rd year!’ Read out the wishes for some good laughs and endearing expressions. Let the couple carry this with their gifts.

5. Customized Cookbook

Buy a blank recipe book or fancy folder with filed sheets. Pass each sheet to a guest and let them write down some favorite or easy recipes for the couple to try out. The recipes can be simple drinks and cocktails to fancy Christmas dinner dishes. The bridal shower invitations can inform the guests of this activity, so they come prepared with a recipe or two for bridal shower menu ideas as well.

Infographic: 6 Games To Play At A Bridal Shower

No bridal shower is complete without a bunch of fun games for the guests and the couple to play. Look no further because we have fantastic game ideas, from singing songs to undertaking minute makeovers and answering fun questions. Discover six fun games you can play at your or a friend’s bridal shower in the infographic below!

6 games to play at a bridal shower (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The ceremonies and traditions leading up to the wedding are special as you get to share them with your close family and friends. There is nothing like interactive games and activities to help make these celebrations memorable. This list of the most amazing bridal shower game ideas will guarantee that you and your guests have a blast. This list includes some traditional as well as some modern games. If you would like to include other engaging, wholesome activities, we have added a few of those, too. So, try these out and have a great time with your folks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a bridal shower last?

A bridal shower can last between two to four hours. People may not enjoy it to the fullest if it is less than two hours, and the event may become tiresome if it doesn’t end in four hours.

How do you play bridal shower bingo?

Follow the steps to play bridal shower bingo:
• Provide players with bingo cards and pens.
• Ask players to fill in the box of cards with possible bridal shower gifts.
• Bring the players to their designated gift-opening area and pay attention to the bride.
• When the bride opens one gift, the players must cross out their cards if the gift matches.
The first player who gets five correct gifts in a row, diagonal, horizontal, or vertical, must call out “Bingo” to win a prize.

How many games should I plan for a bridal shower?

It is recommended to plan 2-5 games for a bridal shower. Plan to pick limited games so it doesn’t take away time from conversations and other activities.

Can you suggest some icebreaker games to help guests get to know each other?

Some icebreaker games to help guests get to know each other are card games, and board games including Two Truths and a Lie, Name Game, and Who am I?

Are there any games that can be played without much preparation or supplies?

Games like wedding trivia, bridal bingo, and wedding word scramble require minimal supplies and are super fun

How can I make sure the games are inclusive and enjoyable for all guests?

Consider the guest list and make a note of any sensitivities and limitations. Choose a game that is easy to understand and doesn’t require much knowledge or physical capabilities and doesn’t disrespect any culture or race.

Are there any game ideas that can incorporate the theme or style of the bridal shower?

For different themes like a garden party theme, have the guests guess the type of flowers. For a vintage theme shower, have to guess old movies, songs, or fashion accessories.

Are there any game ideas that can be played virtually for a remote bridal shower?

Arrange a virtual scavenger hunt, emoji pictionary, online mystery rooms, or love story trivia.

Key Takeaways

  • Bridal shower activities are all about making it fun and memorable for the bride-to-be.
  • Trivia, word games, photo challenges, the idea behind these fun and witty games is to make your bff feel loved and cherished.
  • Connecting over her favorite place, people, moments, and memories would help her relax and unwind ahead of her big day.
bridal shower game ideas

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Planning a bridal shower and need entertaining games? Look no further! This video is filled with simple yet fun ideas that will keep your guests engaged and laughing throughout the party.

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