20 Beautiful Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Written by Arshiya Syeda

Blondes may have all the fun, but brunettes rule the world. Brunette (or brown, if you want to keep things simple) is a classic color that women all over the world have been sporting literally since the dawn of time, considering it’s the most common naturally occurring hair color in the world. While a monotone does look super glamorous, there are a ton of different styles and shades that you can go for when styling your brunette hair. Chocolate, mahogany, chestnut, and coffee are just a few gorgeous shades out of many that I can think of off the top of my head. Pair this color with an all-over, balayage, and ombre styles to create hair looks that are elegant yet chic. But before we begin to even think about styles, let’s first look at how you can color your hair brown at home!

How To Color Your Hair Brown At Home

What You Need

  • Old towel
  • Rubber/plastic gloves
  • Hair brush
  • Sectioning clips
  • Brown hair dye (in the shade of your choice)
  • 30 volume developer (if your hair is black)
  • Hair tinting brush
  • Bowl
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

What To Do

  1. Start off by draping a towel around your shoulders to avoid staining your clothes with the hair dye.
  2. Mix and prepare the brown hair dye in a bowl according to the instructions given on the box. If you have long hair, get two boxes of dye to be on the safer side. You will also have to add the 30 volume developer to your hair dye if you have dark black hair.
  3. Part your hair from the center of your forehead to the nape of your neck and from ear to ear to divide into 4 equal sections.
  4. Leaving one of the sections at the back of your head loose, clip up the remaining 3 sections of hair.
  5. Starting from the nape of your neck, pick up a thin section of hair and coat it with dye on both sides using a hair tinting brush. You can use your fingers to work the dye into the section of hair.
  6. Unclip the sections of hair one by one and apply dye to all your hair in the same manner.
  7. Leave the brown hair dye on for the duration of time indicated on the box.
  8. Wash off the dye with plain water until the water runs clear before shampooing and conditioning it.

Well, now that you’ve managed to go brunette, let’s move on to the fun part and look at the best ways that you can style it!

20 Beautiful Brunette Hair Colors

1. Glossy Chocolate Balayage

If hair looks were considered a piece of art, then this one would be a masterpiece. This rich and glossy chocolate brown balayage done on a dark mahogany brown base looks luxurious to say the least. But it’s the styling done in voluminous waves that takes this hair look to a whole new level.

2. Golden Blonde Highlights On Chestnut Brown Hair

Add some texture and movement to your monochrome brunette mane by giving it some highlights in a soft golden blonde shade. These delicate highlights line her dark chestnut brown tresses perfectly and add a pop of brightness without venturing too far into light hair territory. Just style this look in some big waves before you flood your Instagram with artistically taken shots in your new do.

3. Deep Auburn Brown

Auburn is one of those shades that teeters the line between red and brown. So perhaps the best way to describe it would be a rich brown hue with scarlet red undertones. This gorgeous brunette look is perfect for adding tons of depth and the illusion of volume to your hair.

4. Light Brown Ombre

Want to soften up the style of your dark brown hair? Then an ombre in a light shade of brown is a just what you need. This ombre look that starts off a rich chocolate brown shade at the roots and fades into a soft golden brown shade towards the ends is perfect for infusing your look with a youthful vibe.

5. Rose Gold And Brown Balayage

Metal toned hair colors are a great way to add some light and brightness to your monotone hair look. These rose gold balayage highlights done on soft brown hair add tons of stunning dimension and movement to her hair and make her look effortlessly chic, especially when styled in beachy waves.

6. Brown And Copper Ombre

A good way to accentuate the natural dark brown tone of your hair is to go for an ombre style in a light hue. A warm copper shade works brilliantly in this case as it creates a dazzling contrast with the deep brown shade at the roots. Curl the lower ombre section of your hair to look like a million bucks.

7. Dripping Chocolate Brunette


I think we can all agree that when it comes to style, Priyanka Chopra can do no wrong. This brunette bombshell is the definition of #hairgoals because of her multitonal brown hair look. Luxurious shades of chestnut, mahogany, and chocolate brown blend together flawlessly to make her look classy as hell.

8. Distressed Brunette Bob


Chrissy Teigen may be the undisputed queen of Twitter and at trolling Trump, but there’s another area that she absolutely kills it in. Yep, I’m talking about her gorgeous hair. This distressed dark brown bob done up in messy golden brown and blonde highlights has been given a grungy vibe with the help of scrunched up waves.

9. Warm Brunette Babylights

A big fear that women have when they cut off their long hair into a short bob is it’ll lose all its volume. A good way to counteract that situation is by going in for some babylights. Some warm toned brown babylights can work wonders in making your short bob look fuller and more voluminous.

10. Walnut Brown With Blonde Edges

Modernity meets elegance in this brunette hair color that you absolutely need to try out. The deep walnut brown of this layered cut has been contrasted with a cool toned blonde hue right at the edges. The wispy bangs up front add to the wow-factor of this look.

11. Dimensional Dark Chocolate

When it comes to brunette hair color, chocolate brown leads the list. This gorgeous shade works like a charm if you want to go for a hair look that has depth and dimension. To do so, go for the darkest brown shade as your base and highlight it with a rich chocolate shade right at the front in very subtle strokes.

12. Cinnamon Sombre

Sugar and spice may be everything nice but this one spice, in particular, is the inspiration for one of the most fabulous hair colors. Cinnamon brown is the perfect warm toned color for anyone looking to change up their hair look for fall or winter. Go for a sombre look with this shade under a coffee brown base to up the beauty of this style.

13. Tawny Brown

When it comes to brunette hair colors, tawny brown doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves. This medium brown shade with peachy undertones is lovely for an all-over color job and is sure to give you that perfect natural hair look. Just keep things simple by styling it straight and you’re good to go!

14. Sandy Brown Ombre

You know an ombre is a work of art when it is blended out so seamlessly that you can’t figure out where the natural color ends and the dye begins. This sandy brown ombre done on a chestnut brown base does exactly that to create a marvelous hair look.

15. Dark To Light Transition Brunette

Struggling to decide if you want to go for a light hair color job? Then this transitional color look can help you make up your mind. This brunette style starts off with a dark coffee shade at the roots and slowly fades into a soft biscuit-y brown hue. This transitional brunette style looks especially great on long, waist-length hair.

16. Spicy Chocolate Brown

Now here’s a brunette look that is inspired by the famous spicy hot chocolate that everyone loves around Christmas time. This ginger toned balayage done on dark chocolate brown hair looks oh-so-luxurious and like it was hand painted by an artist (which, frankly, it was because hairdressers are artists in their own right).

17. Bronze Toned Brunette Bob


Emma Watson may have stolen the world’s heart with her acting chops and beauty but what I loved the most about her were her ever-so-classy hair looks. This mahogany bob with bronze undertones is the perfect example of the same. The sleek styling with a pinned up side part makes her look like a glamorous Hollywood starlet from the 20s.

18. Blonde Tinted Brunette Curls

Women with coiled curly hair often find it hard to go for highlights thinking they won’t show up well on their hair. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. These light blonde highlights done on brunette hair add a glimmering tint to the mane and accentuate the curls in all their glory.

19. Brunette With Auburn Undertones

I’m sure you did a double take when you saw that stunning shot of Selena Gomez. And why wouldn’t you? Her glorious chestnut mane was taken to new heights by just adding some auburn undertones to it. No wonder this shot held the record for the ‘Most Liked Picture’ on Instagram for a good while.

20. Lightest Brown


Can’t make up your mind about going blonde or brunette? Then let this simple all over color job sported by Jennifer Lopez put you out of your dilemma. This spun gold brown shade is so light that it can almost pass off as blonde. But the multidimensional quality of it firmly establishes it as a brunette hair look.

Well, that was our rundown of the top brunette hair color looks to try out! Stunning, weren’t they? So don’t forget to comment below to let us know which brunette look you can’t wait to try out!

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