Cancer And Capricorn Compatibility In Love, Sex, & Friendship

Now know which of the people you know could be just friends, lovers, and even couples.

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Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and is represented by the crab. This water sign can be easily identified as the most compassionate person in the room, with qualities that are essential for a successful domestic life. They are emotionally adept and empathetic, loyal, and easily forgiving people. Even though they possess a high level of emotional intelligence, they feel hurt easily. On the other hand, Capricorn is an earth sign and represented by a sea goat. Capricorn reflects a complicated, enthusiastic, and extremely ambitious nature. Persistence and practicality are the key aspects of their character.

According to astrology, Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal signs of vastly compatible elements of water and earth. Therefore, the union of these signs is also remarkable as it lays the foundation for a lasting connection between the two sun signs. Here are the different aspects of compatibility between a Cancer and Capricorn – in love, marriage, and friendship. Scroll down for more information!

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Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Capricorn by Saturn.

Are Cancer And Capricorn Compatible?

Cancer and Capricorn are highly compatible
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According to the astrological charts, Cancer and Capricorn are among the most compatible pairs in the zodiac – they are a perfect balance. Their trust and understanding are as strong as concrete, and nothing less than a wrecking ball can break it. The intimacy and relationship between Cancer and Capricorn seem like a medieval romantic drama; they are re-enacting someone’s love who lived before them. There is a karmic vibe to it that not many zodiac pairs seem to emanate.

Though they might lack communication skills, their feelings and passion get across quite well. Both the zodiac signs value a practical approach towards life and vouch for emotional stability. The time they spend together is meaningful (thank you, Capricorn) and without many hurdles (thanks, Cancer). Cancer and Capricorn are extremely compatible and share a strong connection, and regardless of gender, these astrological signs are made for each other.

  • Cancer Man And Capricorn Woman Compatibility

A Cancer man is calm and collected and gives high priority to deep emotions. He is not high strung on emotions, nor does he feel a great compulsion to show off his ‘macho’ persona (definitely refreshing). Similarly, a Capricorn woman is compassionate and hardworking. Once she finds someone she can trust, her loyalty is commendable. The Cancer’s compatibility with a Capricorn woman goes beyond the surface, as they share a common goal of building a fruitful relationship of value and emotional nature. A cancer man and a Capricorn woman make for a light-hearted and fun relationship based on trust.

  • Capricorn Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility

The earth and water signs are a match made in heaven. A Cancer woman is passionate, compassionate, emotionally strong, and empathetic. Contrary to her, a Capricorn man is responsible, hardworking, and determined. He may seem cynical at the start but has a heart of gold. These signs balance each other out, bringing about a harmony of souls, like peaceful summer rain.

Let’s now look at their compatibility in friendship.

Cancer And Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn share a strong bond in friendship
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The friendship between Cancer and Capricorn is built on trust and common interests. Their bond has a solid foundation of emotional understanding and perfect balance. Once a strong bond and friendship is formed, none of them have to hide their real selves or feel uncomfortable around each other. Cancer, being the supporter, will always be a companion in any activity that the thoughtful Capricorn chooses. Cancer’s support will encourage Capricorn to do better in every aspect of their life. The understanding nature of the water sign supports the ambitious nature of Capricorn.

Cancer is a sign that personifies home life, and Capricorn that personifies public life. Together, they make a perfect balance between their relationship and the other relationships in their lives. Both the zodiac signs have an understanding of the core values of life and tend to have a compatible relationship. Let’s find out the possibility and success rate of a Cancer and Capricorn marriage.

Cancer And Capricorn Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn balance each other well in marriage
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Cancer and Capricorn balance each other harmoniously. While Cancer is highly emotional, Capricorn is a cardinal sign and is almost unsentimental. Cancers are hopeless romantics who let their emotions run amok, and Capricorns are the realists who can contain or absorb this energy. This cosmic connection helps maintain the Cancer-Capricorn relationship that in turn, helps with maintaining a peaceful family life.

Capricorns are ambitious in nature and need support from those around them to motivate their actions. Guess what? Cancers are nurturists who encourage the growth of their partners in a supportive relationship. Cancer and Capricorn are on the opposite ends of the rope, and each has to walk towards the center for a better understanding of each other’s life and the common goal of relationship compatibility. This brings them closer, creates trust, and makes their relationship stronger.

Both Cancer and Capricorn seek stability in their relationship, which makes their love compatibility and marriage a definite success. The moon sign and water sign may be polar opposites, but they may be the perfect life partner to each other due to their empathetic nature and mutual understanding, This pair is the epitome of ‘opposites attract’ and balances the qualities they lack with those they have.

Cancer and Capricorn make a passionate couple, and they are perfect lovers. While Capricorn needs to feel emotionally connected to get intimate, Cancer has a more relaxed attitude towards sex.

Cancer And Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Cancer-Capricorn pair is intimately connected
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Cancer and Capricorn are not only compatible with each other in regards to having a deep connection but also intimately connected in matters of sex and romance. Cancer is an emotional being, and their actions are based on emotional understanding that not many can relate to. They are highly compassionate and empathetic and need to feel strongly before experiencing a sexual relationship or venturing into physical intimacy with their partner. In other words, they need to have a strong bond and emotional connection to share sexual intimacy in a romantic relationship. This forming of sexual compatibility between the complete opposite emotional signs is crucial for building a sense of satisfaction in their sex life and intimate moments.

Fortunately, this balances Capricorn’s innate nature of being patient. Their patience allows Cancer to relax and enjoy the sexual experience better and make it memorable. Cancer’s emotionality paves the way for Capricorn to understand their emotions and form a deep connection with the cardinal water sign(Cancer). Capricorn being an earth sign, lacks the homely warmth, which Cancer easily balances and replaces with their abundant love. There is relatively no power struggle involved due to the intuitive nature of the moon sign. This contributes to the harmonious relationship, significantly uplifting the intimacy and sexual compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn, thus enriching their compatibility in bed.

Check out the following sections to understand the astrology behind moon sign compatibility between Cancer and Capricorn and their relationship’s optimistic and problematic aspects. Keep reading.

Cancer And Capricorn Moon Signs Compatibility

When we talk about moon sign astrological compatibility, Cancer and Capricorn are conflicting and contradicting in their emotional expression. They are what can best be described as ’opposites attract.’ Cancer’s soft nature of making everything seem light and breezy and Capricorn’s hard-headedness and determined attitude may originally seem to be a recipe for disaster and emotional outbursts. But when Cupid releases his arrow aimed at them, it is a remarkable feat as time stands still, and a glorious relationship begins to bloom, creating unexpected magic.

This relationship is off to a rocky start due to the differences in emotional understanding and energy levels but eventually grows into a smooth-sailing rhythm. Cancer and Capricorn moons are a paradox and an opposite pairing, so much so that they start attracting each other, forming a strong foundation of emotional intimacy. You find each other interesting and share a strong friendship bond because of the qualities one lacks, and the other possesses. This brings them closer in different phases of life and leads to a healthy relationship based on mutual trust, commitment, and frustrating awe of each other. Even though they are on the opposite side of the relationship wheel, they tend to have a strong emotional intensity toward each other and share similar interests and goals.

Cancer And Capricorn: Pros And Cons

Cancer-Capricorn pair is a match made in heaven
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Though on the opposite ends of the spectrum, a Cancer-Capricorn union is almost a match made in heaven with a magical connection. According to the horoscope, they are one of the most compatible and successful pairs of the zodiac, combining their strengths for a stable relationship built on security, and true emotion. Cancer and Capricorn are determined, ambitious, and enthusiastic about the things they believe in. They share a common goal of stability and practicality in life. These signs are compatible in areas of intimacy, trust, sex, and passion.


Communication between Cancer and Capricorn can be lacking at times due to the difference in their understanding of emotions. Cancers thrive on emotionality, and Capricorns are one of the most pragmatic signs. This may cause arguments and also bring them closer as partners for life when they learn how to deal with the relationship’s shortcomings. The best way to describe their emotional aspect is that Cancer uses emotional breakdowns and intuitive understanding to understand matters of the heart, while Capricorn would use dark humor to relate to it.

These signs can hurt and push each other away. However, sincere discussions and explaining their true emotions to each other will make this couple incredibly harmonious.

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Since Cancer is a good listener, they must provide Capricorn a safe platform to be in tune with emotions and express themselves. The duo can go on a picnic or have a stargazing night for a heart-to-heart, keeping harsh feelings and differences at bay.

Undoubtedly a Cancer and Capricorn bond is incredibly strong. Read the next section for a final verdict on their connection percentage and how to improve it.

Cancer And Capricorn Compatibility Percentage

Cancer and Capricorn couples share a complementary connection, with a compatibility percentage ranging between 70-80%. Cancer, a water sign, is nurturing, emotionally intuitive, and values home and family. Capricorn, an earth sign, is ambitious, practical, and focused on long-term goals. While their approaches may differ, these differences can make for a harmonious balance. Cancer brings emotional depth, and Capricorn provides stability, which is why communication and understanding each other’s needs are crucial factors. While individual birth charts, personal dynamics, and other astrological factors play significant roles in determining compatibility, if so desired, the percentage can always be improved by working together.

Infographic: Cancer And Capricorn Compatibility Aspects

Cancer and Capricorn are incredibly compatible, and their bond is as unbreakable as concrete. These two signs located at opposite points on the zodiac wheel tend to have different personalities. Nonetheless, they often have the same core values, and they share a unique connection that isn’t easy to disrupt. This relationship is unlike any other in the zodiac. Now, let’s see how their compatibility works in different aspects of a relationship.

cancer and capricorn compatibility aspects (infographic)

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The question is — Are Capricorns and Cancers compatible? Get all the answers here! An overview of the Capricorn and Cancer compatibility hints at a tumultuous and nuanced match that appears tricky to deal with, be it friendship compatibility or being life partners. As per their birth dates and horoscopes, these two star signs are diametrically opposite on the zodiac wheel and, hence, have contradictory personality traits. Cancer is a sensitive water sign, while Capricorn is an earth sign exuding individual strength. However, they share many basic values, and sometimes, such pairings awaken an unexpected and magical passion in each other, creating a long-lasting connection. Once these signs overcome their initial differences, they are bound to balance out each other and prove to be highly compatible. So, be patient if you and your crush are a Cancer-Capricorn pair. It might seem slow-burning initially, but eventually, your chemistry will pick up like a wildfire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should a Cancer avoid?

Cancer signs may find it difficult to get along with fire and air signs like Aries and Aquarius, respectively.

What makes a Capricorn happy?

A structured and orderly life, genuine compliments, and a good work ethic make a Capricorn happy.

Are Capricorns honest?

Yes. Capricorns honor honesty and tend to be blunt with their words.

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer and Capricorn may lack communication skills but still manage to put across their feelings and passion for each other.
  • While Capricorn is not moved by sentiments, Cancer is emotionally sensitive and gets carried away with feelings too easily.
  • In a friendship, Cancer and Capricorn rarely hide their true selves or feel uncomfortable with each other.

Curious about how Cancer and Capricorn match up in love? Watch this video to learn their compatibility and how to make it work!

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