62 Best Bob Haircuts For Black Women You May Love To Try!

Stunning sleek and bouncy hairstyles for natural hair to sport this season

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Black women love experimenting with hairstyles, colors, extensions, and accessories. And with bob cuts being so popular right now, we thought it only right to share the best bob haircuts for black women.

Black women have beautifully textured hair. But sometimes, you may want to cut it short. Natural coily hair requires a lot of upkeep to stay healthy. And you may not have the time to give your hair all the care it needs. So, the next best thing is to keep your tresses short and healthy. This is where the bob hairstyle comes in. Bob styles can make your hair look neat, edgy, or classy. You just need to know which one suits you. These bob styles are easy to manage and set without requiring much product or styling tools. Keep reading to check out the various bob styles you can try on your hair ranging from braided looks to different colors and lengths. Scroll down!

Before You Get Started
  • Oval face shape is best suited for bobs, long or short. Even so, no two bobs are the same, so experimenting is the only way to know what suits you the best.
  • Bobs are easy to maintain but require trimming sessions every four weeks or so to maintain the length.
  • It might be a good idea to invest in a good-quality heat protectant for heat styling to avoid damaging your hair.

62 Best Bob Haircuts For Black Women

Fun Fact
The bob came out by accident in 1910 when famous actress and ballroom dancer Irene Castle cut her hair short for an appendectomy. She hid her hair until her friend convinced her to wear it in public, and soon, the bob became a trend.

1. Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Asymmetrical Curly Bob


Taraji P carries this neat-looking curly bob elegantly with her low-cut dual-toned dress. The hairstyle is perfect for curly hair and requires minimum effort as well. The date-perfect side partition looks heavenly and the tousled curls give off a romantic vibe.

2. Curled Out Bob With Fringe

Curled Out Bob With Fringe


Viola Davis rocks this simple yet elegant look with a long and uneven fringe, proving yet again that she rocks every look with confidence. A curled-out bob that makes your hair look full and has an uneven fringe to add that extra spiciness.

3. A-line Bob With Chocolate Brown Highlights

Image: Instagram

Perhaps the most famous of bobs at the moment, the A-line bob could be the perfect look for you if you have a round face. Not only will the long at the sides/short at the back structure of this look create ample volume, the golden brown highlights will also add loads of dimension to your overall look.

4. Cobalt Blue Blunt Bob

Image: Instagram

Ignore the haters who say that bright colored hair does not go well with dark skin! This cobalt blue hair is enough to prove them all along. When done up in big waves, this short, blunt bob with straight cut ends is bound to make many heads turn.

5. Rock Chic Bob

Editorial Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Zendaya absolutely slays in any of the myriad of hair looks she sports. This shaggy bob is no exception. The shoulder grazing bob topped with roughened up bangs gives off some serious rock chic vibes. I would not mess with anyone sporting this hair.

6. A-line Bob With Straight Bangs

Image: Instagram

If you are someone who can’t be bothered with frills and fancies, this look is made for you. The short bob at the back sharply descends into longer ends at the sides to create a drastic A-line look. The straight cut bangs only add to the sleekness of this edgy look. Needless to say, it’s a hair look fit for a badass.

7. Pixie Bob With Olive Green Bangs

Image: Instagram

Want to try out a funky color but don’t fancy coloring all of your hair? I have the perfect solution for you! Getting your hair cut in a pixie bob will not only make it super manageable, but also give you the chance to color your bangs in some cool shades. How about olive green like the beautiful lady pictured above, huh?

8. Rounded Edges Bob

Editorial Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

Taraji hits the nail on the head with this gorgeous bob cut hair look. Let’s face it, homegirl doesn’t need to put much effort into her style to look absolutely flawless. This is probably why she manages to look amazing in this simple bob that is flicked towards her face at the ends to frame it along with those no-nonsense side swept bangs.

Stylecraze Says
The rounded bob is defined by a spherical silhouette. It doesn’t need razor-sharp lines and seeks a softer aesthetic.

9. Cool Toned Ombre Bob

Editorial Credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com

OK, the more I look at this picture of Jourdan Dunn, the more mesmerized I am by the color of her hair. I mean, it looks almost…metallic. The extremely simplistic bob has been elevated to a whole new level by the cool-toned blonde ombre and the sleek, straight styling.

10. Simple Long Bob

Editorial Credit: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Ciara can do no wrong when it comes to her hair! And no one does a long bob better than Ciara. Styled in a simple straight manner, her center-parted lob looks sleek and frames her already chiseled jawline. I would be very intimidated by anyone whose hair is as perfect as that!

11. Faux Bob

Editorial Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com

As if Zoe Saldana hadn’t confused us enough by making us fall for her in her blue avatar Neytiri and her green-skinned look as Gamora, she is now back to bend our minds with her faux bob look! Basically, if you are too chicken to cut off your hair but still crave that short hair look, follow Saldana’s example and style it in texturized curls that are tied and pinned up at the back to create the illusion of a bob.

12. Sleek Bowl Cut

Editorial Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com

OK, please don’t be alarmed by the words ‘bowl cut.’ I know it sounds ridiculous to even think that getting a bowl cut is a viable option. BUT JUST LOOK AT NAOMI CAMPBELL! She straightened her bowl cut hair, put some flowers in it, and completely rocked the look. And you can too!

13. Box Braids Bob

Image: Instagram

Are you in love or are you in love with this box braided look? Gorgeous to look at and easy to maintain, this center parted bob has been done up in box braids and accessorized with silver beads. God, I could keep looking at this flawless hair all day.

14. Badass Bangs Bob

Editorial Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Sessilee Lopez is a supermodel for a reason. Because she can sport haircuts that are comprised of just bangs and still make it work. Like, seriously. This hairstyle is basically just bangs! While her hair at the back and one side have been shorn short, the hair on top of her head has been left long to be styled as a pseudo-bob/dramatic side swept bangs.

15. Wavy Bob With Straight Bangs

Editorial Credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

I have zero clue how Rihanna transforms her hair literally every few days. And every new look she comes up with is spectacular. She actually went pretty tame with this wavy bob look that she sported at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. The mid-length bob has been done up in subtle waves and given a wet look. The bangs have also been kept simple and straight.

16. Long Bob And Halfway Bangs

Editorial Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Rosario Dawson up in here absolutely killing it with this unconventional twist on the long bob look. Dawson is throwing caution to the wind by sporting this rough wavy long bob complemented by the quirky bangs that end halfway down her forehead. She’s certainly got our stamp of approval.

17. Umbrella Bob

Editorial Credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Fans will never forget Rihanna’s 2007 haircut featured in her music video of ‘Umbrella.’ Salons were overrun by fans who wanted to sport the same sharp-ended asymmetrical bob as hers. The Umbrella bob is the epitome of sleek with its poker straight styling and side part that created an air of sexiness and mystery around Rihanna.

18. Perfectly Edged Bob

Editorial Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Perfectly edged bobs are always the best black women bob haircuts. You know how in 90s cartoons the characters just had two-dimensional blobs of color on top of their heads that was supposed to be their hair? This bob cut sported by Zendaya with perfectly trimmed edges is kinda like that, in the best way possible. A little quirky with its poker straight hair and bangs, this hair look may require weekly trims to maintain its structure but the end result is totally worth the effort.

19. Two-Toned Pixie Bob

Editorial Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Damnnn, Rihanna… back at it again with the gorgeous hairstyles. No one does a short hair look better than our RiRi. For this pixie bob look, she went for an undercut above one ear, short hair at the back, and super long side swept bangs in the front. She has upped the color game in this look by going for unblended golden highlights on her jet black hair.

20. Swept Away Curls Bob With Fringe

Editorial Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

Olivia Pope – ahem, I mean Kerry Washington looks absolutely divine in this mid-length bob. To achieve this look, she has simply curled her hair away from her face and straightened her fringe. The effect thus created is soft, elegant, and classy. Sport this haircut to look like your – and everyone’s – favorite Scandal character.

21. Center-Parted Bowl Cut

Editorial Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

If you thought there was no way that you could pull off a bowl cut, think again. Take inspiration from Tika Sumpter who has gone for a simple, no-nonsense bowl cut. She has styled her hair in a sleek middle part and kept her bangs out of the way because she probably needs to get shit done and doesn’t have time for all that styling nonsense.

22. Dented Curls Short Bob

Image: Instagram

Sick of the same old cutesy curly look? Try out this interesting take on the traditional curls. This short bob look involves straightening and sleeking down the top half of your hair and creating some dented curls with the bottom half. A few drops of smoothening serum to add some shine to your hair, and you’re done!

23. Naturally Curly Bob

Image: Instagram

Embrace your naturally kinky curly hair by going for this look. All you need to do is get your hair cut in a shoulder length bob and leave you natural curls as they are. To have more fun with this look, you could ombre your curls and part your hair on one side. And that’s it! You’re done!

24. Purple And Pink Flicked Out Bob

Image: Instagram

Are you still harboring your childhood dream of becoming a bubblegum princess? Well, with this bright pink and purple hair color, you can get damn close to looking like one! The short bob has been cut into some shallow layers at the end and flicked outwards while the ends were being straightened to create a spiky pixie-ish look. The long side swept bangs round off the whole look with panache.

25. The Swoop Bangs Cut

Image: Instagram

Holy hell, how adorable do those swoop bangs look?! Homegirl is absolutely killing it with this bangsy bob, and you can too! All you need to do is get a short pixie bob with long bangs, curl all your hair, and let your bangs fall in a swoop down one side of your forehead. Done!

26. Curly Swoop Bob

Image: Instagram

I think I’m in love with this hair. Like, actually, truly in love. HOW CAN ANY HAIR BE THIS GORGEOUS? And believe it or not, those are her natural curls. With just a simple short bob, her hair slightly parted on one side, and her beautiful curls swooping down the front, she manages to create a stunning look.

27. Tousled Bob With Eyebrow Grazing Bangs

Image: Instagram

Every variation of the bob cut and bangs look has been done. So, why not try out something new? Take this look, for example. The super short bob has been curled, and then tousled up, to create a soft and romantic look. A twist has been added by cutting some short, straight cut bangs that end slightly above her eyebrows.

28. Crimson Round Bob

Image: Instagram

Everyone seems to opt for more fiery shades when coloring their hair red. Why not try something a little more on the toned down side? This crimson hue done on a short round bob pairs really well with darker skin tones and looks absolutely stunning. The long side swept bangs gradually and beautifully blend into the bob itself.

29. Sunset Pixie Bob

Image: Instagram

Look, there is a reason why the internet is inundated with pictures of sunsets. It’s because they are absolutely stunning and restore your faith in God. So, if you can get that same sunset effect on your hair, then why not give it a try? This adorable pixie bob has been cut evenly on all sides and contrasted with an undercut on one. The beautifully blended shades of yellow and orange create a dazzling sunset effect that is just elevated by the straightened side swept bangs.

30. Super Blunt Edged Long Bob

Image: Instagram

So many of us shy away from getting blunt ended haircuts because they look “weird.” Or, at least, I do. But now that I have seen it done this way, I say, go for it. The super blunt long bob is slightly A-line in structure and styled in a poker straight manner, which makes it look edgy, yet professional.

31. Burgundy Bob With Dense Bangs

Image: Instagram

Not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for burgundy hair. And this A-line structured bob does full justice to it. This short in the back, long on the sides cut has been has been elevated to a whole new level by coloring all the hair on top in that beautiful deep red shade and leaving the hair under it natural black. The dense straight cut bangs that fall smack-dab on the eyebrows is super chic.

32. Curled Up Bob

Image: Instagram

Here’s another fun idea to change up your bob look. If your bob is of medium length, you could play around with a curling iron to create tight curls to transform it into a shorter bob, as pictured above. Add a slight A-line structure to it and part it to the side to add some funk to your look.

33. Dark Roots Curly Bob

Image: Instagram

I’m sure that your Instagram feed these days is filled with pictures of women showing off their ombre hair. So here’s a look that deviates from this mainstream style and creates a niche for itself. The dark roots in this curly short bob change into a golden blonde at the bottom without much of a gradual transition, which is exactly what makes this hair look so fresh and daring.

34. Bronze Curly Bob

Image: Instagram

This haircut and style looks simply surreal. With its perfectly structured curls that flow down like molten bronze, it looks like something out of a dream. Or a vintage Hollywood movie poster. The long bob has been curled on its lower half to make it look like a mid-length bob and swept to the side to create a pin-up effect.

35. Feathered Highlights Layered Bob

Image: Instagram

If you are someone who has fine hair, I recommend that you go for this look. This long bob has been cut into layers, each of which has been highlighted with a light brown color to create some movement and dimension in your hair. Part your hair on one side and style it in a feathered manner to highlight your highlights!

36. Ultra Contrast Bob Cut

Image: Instagram

Some of us (read: me) are too hesitant to dye our hair even in one color. Then, there are those who just go for it in the most baller way possible. This gorgeous lady has left her hair at the top and bottom in her natural color and gone for a bleached blonde shade in the middle section of her hair. She has then straightened her bob, making her brown hair at the top drape down on her blonde locks like a curtain.

37. Casually Wavy Uneven Bob

Image: Instagram

There are asymmetrical bobs and then there are downright uneven cuts. This haircut falls in the latter category, but in the best way possible. This uneven bob has been styled in some loose waves and with minimal product to keep the overall look casual and fresh.

38. 3D Crochet Braids Bob

Image: Instagram

Anyone can do a simple A-line bob. But, do your A-line bob up in 3D crochet braids and you have something really special at hand. This side parted look is nothing if not edgy and badass. Add a few bronze beads and put on your best clothes to take the world by storm.

39. Blonde Ombre Lob

Editorial Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Ciara strikes again with her signature long bob look. But, this time she has switched up the color by going for a cool toned blonde ombre and dark roots. Though she has maintained her center parting, this time she has styled her lob in some subtle relaxed waves that soften her overall look.

40. Indigo Blue Asymmetrical Bob

Image: Instagram

Sport this look if you dare. This look truly is a study in contrasts with its sharp, long cut on one side and short, blunt one on the other. The indigo blue hue seriously ups the cool factor of this look. Let’s be real, anyone sporting this cut and color would look baller as hell.

41. Super Swooped Bob

Image: Instagram

If your style is quite out there and you lean towards more dramatic looks, try out this bob cut for size. This curly bob hairstyle, the focal point of which are the big bangs swooping down one side, is sure to add an element of mystery to your overall look. The subtle highlights added to the bangs round off the look perfectly.

42. Fuchsia Curly Bob

Image: Instagram

This model is working her bright mid-length bob like it’s nobody’s business. The messy curls and swooping side bangs are fun and flirty, to say the least. The bright pop of color added by the fuchsia shade makes this style ultra feminine and totally badass.

43. Platinum Pixie Bob

Image: Instagram

Can’t choose between getting a pixie cut or a bob cut? Well, here’s a style that gives you the best of both worlds! In terms of length, the pixie bob style saddles the line between these two styles. In this particular look, the model’s hair has been styled in Marcel waves that lay flat on her head. The platinum blonde coloring given at the top creates a mesmerizing effect when paired with the super structured curls.

44. Golden Brown And Maroon Short Bob

Image: Instagram

God, I love it when I see a unique hair color combo. This super short and curly bob has been dyed in a fabulous golden brown color and subtly highlighted with a gorgeous maroon shade. The bob itself is super voluminous at the back and finished off with some swooped bangs in the front. This is one of the best short bob hairstyles for black women.

45. Caramel Toned Long Bob

Image: Instagram

I’m absolutely in love with this caramel toned hair look. It’s not quite ombre as it transitions pretty abruptly from dark roots to caramel ends. Nevertheless, the result is pretty striking. The long bob has been cut into blunt ends and the bangs have been swept to the side to finish off the look.

46. Goldilocks Bob

Image: Instagram

It’s time for all your childhood dreams of looking like a fairytale character coming true! This curly and short bob haircut for black women is as classy as it is. But colored in a golden blonde shade, the whole look exudes refined elegance. Style this bob with gold and dewy makeup to look like an absolute goddess.

47. Kinky Curly Bob

Image: Instagram

Kinky curly hair is probably the most beautiful hair texture in the world. And to unleash it in its most gorgeous and voluminous form, all you need to do is get it cut into a long bob down till your shoulders. A little bit of coconut oil applied at the roots and some tender loving care, and your kinky curly bob will look naturally beautiful.

48. Center Parted Long Bob

Image: Instagram

If you are always reaching for your curling wand and are a huge fan of hair products, you can put both those things to use with this bob cut look. This long bob has been styled in super structured curls at the bottom and sleekly parted down the middle at the top to show off the model’s jet black tresses in the best way possible.

49. Chic Short Bob

Image: Instagram

With its soft tousled curls that give off an air of romance, this bob cut looks like it belongs on the cinema screen. The big open curls end right at the chin and accentuate your jawline. Don’t forget to part your hair on one side to add a touch of glamor to your look.

50. Long Bob With Wispy Bangs

Image: Instagram

Heading off to college? We’ve got you covered! This simple straight long bob is low maintenance and highly functional for the multi-tasking woman that you are. The straight cut wispy bangs add a splash of youthfulness to this simple cut.

51. Curly Swooped Pixie Bob

Image: Instagram

Yooo…this hair is so damn cute! A new take on the pixie bob look, this cut plays really well with naturally kinky curly hair. The sides have been cut right till the roots and all the hair at the top has been left long to swoop down to form some seriously cute bangs at the front.

52. Sapphire Blue Bob

Image: Instagram

Here’s another unique color that you don’t see every day. The chilled out waves on the short bob work well to accentuate its sapphire blue tone. The subdued shade of blue is not ‘in your face’, which make it work appropriate, yet stylish.

53. Afro Bob

Image: Instagram

You don’t always need to go in for extensions or heated hair tools to sport a bob. The afro bob proves just that. This trendy look that has been done on natural hair is absolutely gorgeous and low maintenance. The volume added all around your head by this bob makes this look feminine and fun.

54. Highlighted Kinky Curly Bob

Image: Instagram

Just because you are leaving your hair in its au naturel kinky curly state does not mean that you can’t treat yourself to a little bit of color. You could take inspiration from this look and add some brown tones on the hair at the top of your head to create a mesmerizing effect when hit by sunlight. The bob itself can be kept short to create an afro look.

55. Pixie Bob With Dramatic Bangs

Editorial Credit: Derrick Salters / Shutterstock.com

*Hums to herself* Say my name, say my name… With that killer pixie cut, we definitely will say Michelle Williams’ name! The pixie, that is short all around except in the front and on the top, works best for someone with a long face or a prominent forehead. The long bangs have been straightened, slightly feathered, and swept to one side to create a dramatic and edgy look.

56. Twisted Braids Bob

Image: Instagram

Let’s twist it up, girls! There’s so much going on in this bob look that I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start off with the impeccable twisted braids that have been swept over to one side. The sides have been shorn off to reduce the volume and focus the attention on the braids. Lastly, the front half of her hair has been dyed in a honey brown color to create a contrast against the naturally dark hair at the back. Phew!

57. Fiery Orange Feathered Bob

Image: Instagram

Full disclosure? I love autumn. And I would love nothing more than to surround myself with the orange and brown shades of fallen leaves. With this gorgeous orange hair color, you could do just that! The roots and the hair at the back have been left brown to subdue the vibrant orange and the bob has been styled in a feathered manner to add some dimension and movement to the hair.

58. Short Blonde Bob

Editorial Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Let’s just accept that Ciara is at the top of the bob haircut game. This time, she has gone for a super short bob and a completely blonde look. The center parting and the rounded edges of her straight hair create an air of dignity and sophistication around her. She is, truly, a class apart.

59. Layered Pixie Bob

Editorial Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Tyra Banks is absolutely killing it with this super edgy layered pixie look. With the help of some light hold hair gel, she has styled her pixie into spikes that lay flat across her forehead to create a cutting edge look and exude a badass vibe. Iconic.

60. Flaming Curls Bob

Image: Instagram

This! Girl! Is on fiiire! With those flaming copper curls shooting out in all directions, this model really does look like a fire goddess. The mid-length bob has been styled into tight curls to reduce its length and create that ultra dynamic movement. It’s edgy, it’s cool, and it’s calling out to you to get it done yourself.

61. Green Mohawk Bob

Image: Instagram

I know, I know. This bright green look is pretty out there for the most daring of us. But rest assured that you will grab and hold the attention of anyone you meet. With undercuts on either side and the hair left in the middle cut into a short bob cut, the curls created in this hair create a funky mohawk that is sure to up your style quotient by like a bazillion points.

62. Beaded Long Bob

Image: Instagram

In a world where black women (and women of color, in general) are standing up to the prevailing beauty standards that they have been forced to conform to, Solange has released her song ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ to showcase the beauty of natural African hair. In its iconic music video, she sports a heavily beaded long bob that she absolutely slays and carries off with aplomb. I’m sure you’re already making a hair appointment at your salon to achieve this absolute perfection of a look.

Infographic: Facts About The Bob Haircut

There is no denying that the bob haircut is cool, classy, and super fashionable. This chic haircut will never go out of style because it is beautiful as well as easy to maintain. It allows you to feel comfortable and demands very little upkeep.

If you are up for a bob, let us introduce you to some amazing facts about this haircut. Check out the infographic below!

amazing facts about the bob haircut [infographic]

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Experiment with your hair to achieve a multitude of looks. These bob haircuts for black women are ideal for folks who want to show off their mood and personality. Go ahead and break away from the monotony with these interesting hairstyles. Whether you like braids, side-swept hairstyles, or chic, sleek bangs, this compilation includes something for everyone. Add some vibrance to your hair by dyeing it with vivid colors. Take hints from our compilation to give your current hairstyle a stylish update. You can be creative and customize these styles to match your personality.

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