Top 9 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

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So you failed! Losing weight is no walk in the park, is it? Feeling discouraged after a failed weight loss effort is but obvious. But if you are looking for inspiration, you just need to turn towards Bollywood! The current Kings and Queens of Bollywood, who faced similar weight loss battles and emerged victorious are the role models you should try and emulate.

Listed are nine celebrities of the Hindi film industry and their weight loss secrets to help you kick the flab and get the ab! Get gorgeous with a new fitness and diet plan to rival those of Bollywood’s best, and you may find yourself on the list one day!

1. Sonam Kapoor:

Bollywood’s reigning fashion icon had a rough debut, with the media writing off both her acting skills and her physique. Today, Sonam gracefully carries herself and has been chosen as the face of a prestigious international cosmetic brand. For weight watchers across the country, Sonam Kapoor is now an inspiration and a role model, having fought a difficult battle herself to get the fab figure she has today.

The Diva Diet: She is extremely disciplined and follows a strict, low-carb, high-protein diet with five small meals a day. Sonam avoids unhealthy snacking, opting instead for dry fruits and milkshakes to satisfy hunger pangs. The actress drinks sufficient quantities of fluids like coconut water, buttermilk and cucumber juice to keep herself hydrated.

And Her Exercise Regimen: Her exercise regime consists mainly of fun activities that burn calories like Yoga, Pilates, squash, and swimming. For strength and stamina, Sonam undergoes weight training twice a week. According to media reports, Sonam has lost about thirty kgs with this routine.

2. Sonakshi Sinha:

Shot-Gun Sinha’s lovely daughter, Sonakshi maintains a voluptuous, sexy figure with a great workout regime and a good diet.

The Diva Diet: Sonakshi is on a high-protein and low-carb diet that supports her intense workout regimen without adding calories. The rising star also drinks about three cups of green tea a day to keep fit. She eats small portions every few hours and drinks plenty of water to keep her body hydrated for good metabolism and a radiant skin.

And Her Exercise Regimen: She takes spin classes, does weight training and a cardio workout to burn calories and stay fit. Cycling, swimming, and tennis are also part of her exercise routine for stamina building and overall fitness. For a supple and flexible body, she also practices hot yoga.

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3. Katrina Kaif:

Bollywood’s Barbie doll did not always have a slender and svelte figure. The actress developed an exercise routine to get into shape for her film releases and public appearances. Her fitness mantra is ideal for men and women looking to lose weight the healthy way.

The Diva Diet: The actress makes sure she drinks three glasses of water as soon as she wakes up in the morning to drain toxins from her body. Bollywood’s reigning actress ensures that she eats a high protein, high fiber diet, and keeps hydrated with eight glasses of water a day and fruit juices to boost metabolism and fitness levels.

And Her Exercise Regimen: Katrina Kaif is very dedicated to her exercise routine and ensures she jogs on the beach, with the sand offering good resistance, for a vigorous workout. After her daily jog, Katrina hits the gym for iso-plank exercises, leg-workouts and her cardio routine. She also cycles twice a week for toning in her leg muscles.

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4. Alia Bhatt:

Student of the Year, Alia Bhatt has a fab figure that her fans are drooling over. This young actress, progeny of the famous Bhatt family; puts her fitness down to a fun workout routine and a good diet that helped her lose her love handles for a sporty look!

The Diva Diet: The actress stays away from oily and junk food, opting instead for fresh vegetables and fruits, juices and nuts. Her meals are well spaced throughout the day and she eats at least two hours before going to bed. Alia drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated and cleanse her body of toxins for great skin and hair.

And Her Exercise Regimen: The actress works out with an interesting fitness regime. She does not hit the gym hard for hours on end, choosing to create a combination of training exercises that includes altitude training, kickboxing, beach running, circuit training, swimming, and weights. She performs lunges and squats and hits the treadmill everyday. Alia ensures she exercises every part of her body for a toned look and a fab physique.

5. Juhi Chawla:

This pretty, chirpy actress stays healthy without a gruelling workout routine. She eats well and works out for a fit body without stretching herself. The actress was criticized for her weight at one point after which she took up Yoga as a gentle yet powerful weight loss method.

The Diva Diet: The actress believes that the right attitude, healthy food choices and a happy home keeps her healthy. Juhi makes sure she eats three well-balanced meals a day without indulging in junk food, oily or fatty foods. She limits her intake of carbs and prefers a protein rich diet. The actress does claim she has a weakness for sweets, which she now limits for a healthier lifestyle.

And Her Exercise Regimen: Juhi does not believe in an intense workout, but chooses to opt for a gentler workout with Yoga, Pranayam and meditation for a flexible body and a toned physique.

6. Kajol:

Bollywood’s heartthrob of the 90s is a yummy mommy with a fantastic face and figure. Kajol is the face of several prestigious international cosmetic brands, thanks to a fit, athletic build and a beautiful, clear face that always looks young. Kajol leads a disciplined lifestyle and diet that has helped her lose baby poundage after her boy was born.

The Diva Diet: Kajol is extremely strict about what she eats. The actress ensures that she eats a well balanced meal three times a day and snacks on healthy nutrition bars, fresh fruits and vegetables. She drinks plenty of water to keep hydrated. This is all about this beautiful celebrity weight loss diet plan.

And Her Exercise Regimen: At 38, Kajol shows no signs of ageing, with an intensive workout regimen that can put men to shame. She is currently being trained by hubby Devgn’s personal trainer and incorporates weights, cardio and kickboxing in her daily fitness regimen. She trains for at least an hour everyday to build fitness and muscle, and burn fat. Her weight loss secret is eating right, working out, going to bed and waking up on time!

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7. Kareena Kapoor:

Bollywood’s original size zero, Kareena has a strict diet plan and fitness routine. Once a voluptuous Punjabi kudi, the actress now sports a sexy, toned physique that is the envy of women across the country.

The Diva Diet: Kareena loves her paranthas and biryanis and believes that one should eat everything but in moderation. The actress makes sure that she burns everything she eats with a rigorous workout routine. Kareena eats every two hours but her portion sizes are small.

And Her Exercise Regimen: Kareena does an hour of Yoga every morning for a supple, toned, flexible body. She performs a hundred Suryanamaskars a day. This is one of the best celebrity weight loss secrets one can include in their regime.

8. Vidya Balan:

Vidya Balan, best known for her curvy figure, sports a healthy, toned physique today. The actress has now become an inspiration for plus sized men and women looking to shape up without crash diets and gruelling routines.

The Diva Diet: Vidya loves cooking and ensures that she eats at least two meals a day at home. Her meals are well-balanced with protein, vitamins and minerals, with minimum carbs. The sassy actress drinks fruits and vegetable juices and also eats them fresh for a high fibre intake.

And Her Exercise Regimen: To lose weight, she followed a special form of exercise, calisthenics that involves using one’s own body to tone up core muscles. The exercise requires rhythmic movements like kicking, bending and jumping using the body as a form of resistance. The actress also does weight and functional training for muscle fitness and toning.

9. Aishwarya Rai:

Aishwarya Rai
Image: By bollywoodhungama [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Former Miss India endured a hard battle against her post pregnancy poundage. The diva was severely criticized by the media for not shedding the flab quick enough. Today, the actress has silenced her critics with a fabulous, toned body. Here’s her weight loss secrets revealed!

The Diva Diet: Ash is pretty strict about her diet, preferring home cooked food with low carb and high protein content. She drinks plenty of water to prevent hunger pangs, and fresh fruit juices to stave off cravings for junk food.

And Her Exercise Regimen: Mrs. Bachchan works out with Yoga and functional training at home to keep her body flexible and target the core muscles for fitness, stamina and muscle toning.

Ash does not like hitting the gym for hours, preferring instead a more rhythmic and gentle approach to maintaining her slender physique.

These weight loss secrets of celebrities and fitness mantras should inspire you to get off the couch and indulge in calorie burning for a fit, toned body and a healthy lifestyle!

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