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What Is Cellophane Hair Treatment And What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Cellophane Hair Treatment And What Are Its Benefits? September 19, 2017

Have you heard of cellophane hair treatment that works to improve your hair? It adds shine and luster to the hair. It can be the best solution if you want to really change and look and feel of your hair. The cellophane hair treatment process involves the sealing of the hair cuticles with the help of the cellophane. This prevents the hair from turning dry by locking the moisture in the hair.

Is Cellophane Hair Treatment Good For The Hair?

Although, cellophane hair treatment is pretty effective, there are many people, who are still apprehensive about undergoing this process of treatment. This is because they have a misconception that the treatment can damage the hair. However, the reality is that the cellophane treatment is perfectly good for the health of your hair. In fact the products that are used in this treatment contain proteins, which add strength to the hair strands. Also, this treatment is done on the hair surfaces and thus, there is no risk of hair damage from the roots.

With the advancement of technology, different new procedures are being innovated and introduced into the market for the effective treatment of problems related to hair. One such hair care treatment is the Cellophane Hair treatment. It is actually a chemical process that makes your hair soft and also adds a lot of shine to the otherwise dry hair. If you have frizzy hair, you too can undergo this cellophane hair treatment for controlling the frowziness and changing the texture of the hair.

Advantages And Benefits Of Cellophane Hair Treatment:

Till a few years ago, hair dyes were the only ingredients used regularly for adding brilliance and shine to the hair. However, there were a lot of side effects of this process since hair dyes are directly responsible for damaging the hair shafts.

  1. With cellophane hair treatment, the hair shafts are not harmed since they remain untouched during the process of the treatment. The treatment is mainly received by the hair strands.
  2. The hair treatment is a pigment-free process and thus, the treatment is completely external.
  3. This takes lesser time as a process in comparison to other treatments.
  4. In fact, the treatment is such that you can also do it at home. You can even color your hair with the help of this treatment without dishing out a lot of money in the hair salons.

Procedure Of Cellophane Hair Treatment:

The process of cellophane hair treatment is such that each of the hair strands is coated with certain polymers, which cover the hair cuticles in such a way that there is no dryness or damage done to the hair. Applying the cellophane is a fairly easy process and you can get it done at your home as well.

  1. To start with, you need to wash your hair properly with shampoo and apply the cellophane on the wet hair and keep it on for at least 30 minutes.
  2. You can also stimulate the moisture absorption in hair with cellophane by wrapping the hair in a saran or drying up the hair with a hair dryer.
  3. Once the time is over, rinse your hair well once again and apply a suitable conditioner to the hair.
  4. Once the hair dries up finally, style it according to your choice.

Is There Any Side Effect Of Cellophane Hair Treatment?

The cellophane hair treatment is also known as a semi permanent coloring service. No pigments are used for the coloring of the hair. Instead, with the help of the glossing agents, cellophane adds color and shine to your hair. Cellophane is able to fill and also plump the hair shafts in the process and thereby, seals the layer of the cuticle of the hair.

The only side effect of the cellophane color treatment is that this process of coloring is either a temporary one or rather a semi permanent one. The color gets washed away once you shampoo your hair for 8 to 12 times approximately.

Got to know what cellophane treatment is all about? Feel free to share your thoughts if any, in the comment section below.

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