71 Fun Challenges For Friends

Written by Harini Natarajan

Friends are all about fun and partying. If you have an entertaining bunch to hang around with, you have probably done the craziest stuff together. A group of people who readily do things that are frowned upon by most people is a blessing. But, often, we run out of things to do when hanging out with friends. Here is a list of 71 cool and amusing things you could challenge your friends to do and have a blast.

1. Blindfolded Food Eating Challenge


Blindfold one of the friends in your group. The others can take turns to feed them different kinds of food – it may be the sweetest sugar cube to the hottest Carolina Reaper pepper. They must guess what food it is. The person with the most number of correct guesses wins.

2. Baby Food Gobbling Challenge

We all hated the taste of bland baby food as kids, but the same food seems appetizing now. Well, in a nutty challenge like this, you are always welcome to be the craziest. Just to make it more fun, serve it in a baby bowl and when your friend has a spoonful stuffed in their cheeks, make sure to take a funny photo and frame it.

3. Chopstick And Greasy Bean Challenge

Grease two ceramic bowls with butter. Place a small soaked bean in it and ask two of your friends to pick the seed up with a chopstick and place it in the other bowl. It will be fun cheering for the task and seeing who gives up first. Let the winner have the bean as a trophy!

4. Bubble Wrap Challenge

Don’t we all love the sound of popping bubble wrap? Well, try it another way with your friends. Wrap a bubble wrap around your arm and let your friends use markers of different colors to pop the bubbles. The one who gets the highest pops wins!

5. Longest Hula Hoop On A Trampoline Challenge

We all love playing with hula hoops. But ever get shivers at the thought of losing gravity on a trampoline while going swish-swish on the hoop? Well, there is no fun without hurdles, right? Have fun!

6. Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge never gets old. How about making it more exciting by blindfolding five friends? Four of them get a bucket of Lego toys and the chosen one gets the ice bucket. Watch them freak out and pray for their luck!

7. Balloon-In-Air Challenge

Let the next challenge be against gravity. Picture this: a bunch of grown-ups fighting in a room full of balloons, trying their level best to not let them touch the ground. All they can do is blow them off up they descend to touch the ground. Each person has their color of balloon to save. The person who wins gets to jump on all the balloons that finally fall on the floor. This will surely light up the place and the mood of the party.

8. Chubby Bunny Challenge

You were probably taught as a kid not to speak with your mouth full. Well, not if it’s a challenge for you. Stuff your mouth with marshmallows and call out “Chubby Bunny” every time you put in a new one. The person who gets the most marshmallows in their mouth and is still able to speak wins!

9. Smoothie Without Straw Challenge

A person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will steer clear of this challenge because seeing a smoothie in a petri dish without a straw will surely make them uncomfortable. What is even crazier is the challenge is to wipe the dish clean without using your hands or a straw. So, put your tongue to good use!

10 Drawing Blindfolded


They say that there is an artist in every child, and as we grow up, we push the creativity away. Well, this challenge will surely awaken the Leonardo Da Vinci in you. All you need to do is paint your dreams, only blindfolded! Make it more fun by setting a topic like – draw your favorite fruit or a decent sketch of your crush.

11. Makeup Challenge

How about making someone do your makeup who holds the brush like a knife and the eyeliner like a scalpel? All the best to the final outcome when you let your buddies challenge themselves on who will come up with the best makeup! Don’t forget to take pictures of the model and the makeup artist.

12. Hairdo And Ramp Walk Challenge

Each friend has unique characteristics that cannot be compared to another. How about doing the hair and makeup for the boys and let them have their own fashion show for everyone? Add along some music, and the best walk and hairdo wins the pageant!

13. Building A Cheese Cracker House Challenge

You can always test a person’s patience level by asking them to build a cheese cracker house. Make it even more fun by giving out a layout and making it a joint effort. Let your inner architect and designer shine!

14. Memory Game Challenge

Some games never get too old. Arrange a table with all kinds of regular knick-knacks and let your friends see it for not more than 10 seconds. Then, cover the table and ask them to list out all the things they saw. Each wrong item they mention will incur a punishment of taking a shot of vodka. The one with the maximum right answers wins!

15. Mimicry Challenge

No one knows us better than our friends. Challenge them to do impressions of one another, and the one who does it perfectly wins. It will be fun to see how well your friends observe your habits.

16. Stuffing A Pancake Challenge

We are all foodies when it comes to tasty snacks, but what about when being timed? Prepare huge pancakes, and whoever finishes their pancake first wins. To make things exciting, cover the pancake with spicy sauce.

17. Blindfold Kissing Challenge

This is a quirky challenge where every person in the room is blindfolded. Run around and kiss the first person you catch hold of. Feel the rush of challenge already?

18. Brain Freezer Challenge

See how well your friend answers your queries when their feet are dipped in ice-cold water! The longer they take to answer, the more ice cubes you add to the tub. The one who answers all the questions the quickest wins.

19. Hot Chili Challenge

There is no fun without a slightly burning tongue. Place small bowls of hot chili sauce in front of all your friends. The challenge is to finish all the hot sauce by just dipping your finger in and licking it. The one who finishes it the fastest wins a glass of water.

20. Eating A Sour Lemon Without Any Expressions Challenge


Challenge your friends to eat sour lemon without making any expression or cringing. The one who does it without a twitch wins.

21. Water-Filled Balloon Challenge

A water balloon fight never gets too old. Hand your friends buckets of colored water balloons. The person who colors you the fastest with the balloons wins.

22. Move The Cherries To The Next Bowl Challenge

A simple yet fun challenge would be to move cherries from one bowl to another without using your hands! The fastest one to fill the other bowl without dropping the cherries wins.

23. Spin Dizzy Challenge

This childhood challenge involves blindfolding a person and spinning them around until they lose the sense of direction. They have to find the other people in the room. The one they catch first is blindfolded next.

24. Drinking Challenge

Although it seems easier than most challenges, here’s the twist: every shot needs to be accompanied by two push-ups. The one with the highest score wins!

25. Truth Or Dare Challenge

The mother of all challenge games never fails to steal the show! It still rocks as the platform for the toughest challenges and the revelation of the darkest secrets.

26. Guess The Finger Challenge

Keeping it simple for a change! Blindfold a person and touch them with a body part. Let them guess which body part it was.

27. Talk To A Stranger Challenge

This challenge calls for good public speaking skills. Your friends need to go out and start a conversation with a random stranger. The one to keep the conversation going the longest wins.

28. Jump Rope Challenge

This one is pretty straightforward. The one who manages to continue skipping the longest wins.

29. Skate Boarding Challenge

Skateboarding is an art and not everyone can master it in a day. However, this fun challenge calls for riding the skateboard on your belly and making it across the room the fastest.

30. Guess The Song Challenge


Retracing the dance steps to your favorite songs can be challenging, and even more so when you need to make your friend guess the song through dancing. The first one to guess it right wins.

31. Lip Reading Challenge

How fun would it be to try and lip-read what a person is trying to say while the other team tries to misguide you?

32. Singing With Water In The Mouth

Something as simple as singing your favorite song can be a herculean task if you are asked to sing with water in your mouth. The one to hold on to the song the longest without gulping the water or spitting it out wins.

33. Passing The Ball Challenge

Let’s go old-school by passing a ball around while the music plays. When the music stops, the person who has the ball loses and must do what the others ask them to. The last one standing wins.

34. The Sack Running Challenge

Bring the sports day challenge back! Everyone pulls up sacks until their waist. The one who makes it to the finishing point without toppling over wins.

35. Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge has spread its reach far and wide. Challenge your friends to stand/sit/lie lifeless. The one who stays “statue” the longest wins.

36. Funny Photo Challenge

We are all great at posing for pictures. However, when it comes to posting them on social media, we tend to get conscious. Let the next challenge be taking a funny picture and posting it online. The one with the most reactions wins.

37. No Lights Makeover Challenge

Giving someone a makeover is not a cakewalk. Doing it in pitch darkness is next to impossible. Let your friends find creative ways to complete the challenge. The one who does the best makeover wins!

38. No Thumb Messaging Challenge

We don’t really understand the value of our thumb until we have to message someone. This challenge involves typing out a text with your thumb taped to your index finger. The person who replies the fastest and correctly wins.

39. Hand Puppet Challenge

This is another fun challenge for your friends. One of the players puts their hands behind their back and their partner goes behind them and loops their arms in front to gesture whatever the person has to say. The team who synchronizes the best wins.

40. Eating A Cake With The Hands Tied Back Challenge


Getting messy with cake is always fun with friends. For this challenge, gather all your friends around a table with a cake for each person. They need to finish up the whole cake with their hands tied behind their back.

41. Stacking Oreos Challenge

Who doesn’t love Oreos? In this challenge, participants need to make towers of Oreos, and the tallest Oreo tower that stands erect wins.

42. Asking Strangers For A Penny Challenge

If you are a person with good public speaking skills, you might want to participate in this challenge. This calls for going out on the road and asking random strangers for a penny. The one who collects the maximum pennies wins.

43. Powder A Chalk With Your Forehead Challenge

Find out how strong your forehead is by grinding chalk with it. Place pieces of chalk on a table, and whoever grinds them the fastest with their forehead wins.

44. Crack An Egg With Your Head Challenge

Ask your friends questions about yourself, and if they fail to answer them, crack an egg on their head. Fair way to keep up the friendship and a fun way to punish them too!

45. Don’t Laugh Challenge

Annoying your friend by tickling them is super fun. The challenge for them is to not laugh while you tickle them. Any sign of giggling, and they lose!

46. Lick Toothpaste Challenge

Most people find the taste of toothpaste purely disgusting. However, no matter how sickening it may feel, the challenge is to lick all the toothpaste clear off your brush. The first to finish wins!

47. Try Not To Giggle Challenge

Being reminded of funny stories and not laughing can be tougher than you think. Recount your funniest experiences or show funny cat videos. The challenge for your friends is to not laugh, no matter what. The one who manages to not let out a giggle wins.

48. Bottle Swordfight Challenge

Now, this is a challenge that is fit for gladiators. Use bottles as swords to fight one another. No one gets hurt, but it’s a sight to behold and so much fun too. The first person to drop the bottle loses.

49. Whisper Challenge

Let the only audible sound be giggles as you challenge your friend across the room to read your lips while he has headphones on with music blasting. Imagine what he hears when you say “jazz coal!”

50. Yoga Pose Challenge


Those were the golden childhood days of strong backs and fast legs. Well, think again. Increase your flexibility by doing the yoga pose challenge. You have to do any yoga pose your friend challenges you to do, failing which you will have to do 10 sit-ups.

51. Walk On The Plank Backwards Challenge

We have all have tried walking backwards on a plank after watching Peter Pan. Let’s recreate it again – but make things more challenging. This time, you need to do it with heels on and blindfolded! The one who does it the fastest without falling wins.

52. Blow The Biggest Bubble Challenge

We all wished someone saw us when we blew the biggest bubble gum when we were kids. Now is the time to do it again. Distribute bubble gums to everyone in the room, and the one who blows the biggest bubble without popping wins.

53. The Phone Challenge

Giving your phone to someone else along with the password is the modern horror story. This one is rated as the scariest of challenges. You can all exchange your phones with full liberty to use all the applications and check out the gallery. Goosebumps already? The last person to take their phone back wins!

54. Crossdressing Challenge

Won’t it be cute to see the hunky men in cute pink tops and lacey skirts and the girls in loose tees and long shorts? Just for a challenge, you can parade down the nearest street and make the crowd go nuts with your appearance.

55. Karaoke Challenge

Singing along to your favorite songs is always a fun activity for family and friends. To make things crazier, put on songs of a foreign unknown song and watch the fun begin!

56. Say Anything Challenge

This new challenge is simple. All you need to do is say the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a word. If you repeat any word, you lose.

57. The Juice Challenge

This new challenge is straight out of childhood. You need to gargle with juice in your mouth while you try your level best to answer all the questions thrown at you correctly and without spitting out the juice. The person with the least spillage after the rapid fire round wins.

58. Catch The Food Before It Falls In The Water Challenge

Imagine your favorite slice of pizza being thrown in the air and you have to grab it by your teeth before it falls into a tub of water. To make things even more challenging, the person who loses has to eat the soggy drenched pizza from the tub!

59. Crawling On All Fours Again Challenge

Missing your childhood? How about you go back in time and arrange a race, but on all fours. Won’t it be fun seeing all the grown-ups rubbing their knees and trying their best to crawl all the way to the finishing point!

60. Building A Biscuit Tower On A Friend’s Belly


For a friend who partners with a person with a jelly belly, this might not be their day to win. The challenge calls for building a biscuit tower on the belly of the partner. The team with the highest tower wins.

61. “Never Have I Ever” Challenge

The best way to find out all your friends’ secrets is to play the Never Have I Ever game. Pour out drinks and take turns confessing what you have done. Every person who has done the thing mentioned needs to take a sip from their glass. The one who finishes their drink first this way wins.

62. Making Clothes Out Of Newspapers And Pins Challenge

Awaken the fashionista in you! Make clothes out of newspaper for your model friends who will then hit the ramp to flaunt them. It will surely be a fun experience to see who walks on just a newspaper wrap and who gets to wear boats and airplanes.

63. Chinese Whisper Challenge

This game never gets too old. It’s hilarious to witness how much one sentence can change when it goes through so many people. There will probably be no winners, but when all of you roll over the floor laughing, it’s a win-win!

64. Call Your Dad To Sing A Nursery Rhyme And Hang Up Without An Explanation

What could be scarier than calling your dad and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him? It is even worse when you don’t get to explain to him what made you do it even when he calls you back. If you get it done without a clarification, you win.

65. Cooking Challenge

Conduct a cooking competition with all your friends, and judge it amongst yourselves. The one who makes the best dish wins the title of MasterChef Monica.

66. Hold The Coconut Together Challenge

Pair up your friends and ask them to finish a race holding a coconut between their bellies and without using their hands. They need to carry the coconut all the way to the finishing point.

67. Paint With Your Body Challenge

Not all artists paint with a brush. Make the challenge messy and fun by asking your friends to make a big painting together with their hands and feet. By the end of the challenge, the artists will be more colorful than the painting. Don’t forget to capture the moment!

68. Racing On One Leg Challenge

This game from your childhood is sure to bring back a flood of memories. Simply race to the finishing line by hopping on one leg.

69. Tornado Challenge

Ever felt dizzy going round a merry-go-round but still did it because it was fun? Well, you can try it as an adult again. The challenge is to answer five easy questions asked by your friend while spinning around like a tornado. If you answer wrong or stop spinning, you lose.

70. Human Pyramid Challenge


As kids, you used to wrestle all over with your friends. But have you tried doing that after attaining adulthood? Have fun making human pyramids with your friends and see how high you can go. The group that makes the highest pyramid wins.

71. Making A Sandwich With Hands Tied Behind Your Back Challenge

We all are good cooks when it comes to making a simple sandwich. Picture having all the ingredients but missing your hands to do it. Won’t it be fun seeing the chefs use their mouth and struggle really hard to make their masterpiece?

With these amusing ideas, you are sure to make the most of your fun time and create memories worth remembering.

Gather all your friends and get cracking at these challenges! What silly things have you done with your friends? Comment below and let us know!

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