10 Easy Cheek Makeup Tips To Look Fresh Throughout The Day

Show off those gorgeous cheekbones with some of the easiest makeup hacks in your arsenal.

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If you are looking for some cheek makeup tips and tricks, look no more because we have got you covered. Some of us are blessed with high cheekbones that add charm to our facial features. But we often ignore them while putting on makeup. Blush and bronzer are crucial as they can transform your makeup game from drab to fab with some simple strokes. However, overdoing them can ruin your look completely. That’s why we are here to share some easy but effective hacks to ensure proper cheek makeup. So, swipe up for the deets.

Cheeks Makeup Tips

Get yourself that extra dose of beauty with the following perfect cheek makeup tips.

protip_icon Keep In Mind
  • Items Required: Blusher, sponge or brush, mirror, and setting spray.
  • Skin Tone and Color Selection: If you have fair skin, choose a light pink or peach shade. A coral or rose shade will be best for medium skin. In case of deep skin, go for a bronze or plum shade.
  • Precautions: Avoid over-applying and blend well to avoid harsh lines.
  • Pre-Application Tips: Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized before applying makeup, and apply a primer to help your cheek makeup last longer.

1. Know Your Skin

Everybody has a unique skin type and tone which we need to be aware of. This helps us to choose the right blush. If you choose the right colour of blush depending upon your skin type and tone, you would have lesser chances of going wrong with the makeup. People with dry skin should use cream blush-on to add moisture and the rest of the skin types should apply powder blush-on. If you have a fair skin tone, you must opt for cool undertones. Therefore, you should use mauve or pink colors. If you are medium, tan or deep skin-toned, you must opt for warmer undertones. Hence, you should use orange, cinnamon or warmer colors to highlight your cheeks.

2. Know Your Face Contour

Round faces: The best way to complement your round face is to start at the top of the ear and blend the blush evenly for a flawless finish. This method creates elongation and a contour effect on an otherwise round face.

Long faces: If you have a long face shape then concentrate color on the apples of the cheeks and finish by sweeping it up to the ear. This will create the look of more width and will even out the proportion of your features.

Square-shaped faces: Starting at the top of the ear, work the pigment down to the apple of the cheek to create a slightly angular look.

Heart-shaped faces: If you have a heart shaped face then you should complement it by applying a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks to impart a natural tint and soft definition.

Diamond face shape: A little contouring can help balance the pointy chin and forehead in a diamond face. Apply a darker foundation shade to the outside of your cheekbones to minimize your face’s width. Apply a lighter foundation to your chin and forehead to emphasize their width. The cheeks are already full, so avoid using any shiny or illuminating blush that further accentuates them.

Oblong face shape: The width of the face is almost the same at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Makeup can be used to enhance the cheekbones and accentuate the nose and mouth. Apply a bronzer right under the cheekbones and highlight the cheeks with a blush. A slight shimmery blush effect at the highest point of the cheek may help widen the face too.

3. To Get A Natural Blush

Use fingers for cheek makeup
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You don’t always have to carry the same look every day; you can try different looks with blushes. If you want to achieve radiant glowing natural cheeks, you should choose a cream blush instead of your powder blush. The best way to apply a cream blush is with your fingers or with the help of a stippling brush. When using your fingers, always remember to sanitize them to avoid any bacterial infections.

Start by choosing a cream blush which complements your skin tone. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks and blend it upwards first and then, blend it softly across the cheek. However, you must remember not to bring it close to your nose area; leave at least two finger gaps from the nose area. Blending using the fingertips is the most effective way to achieve a pretty, natural flush.

4. To Get A Sculpted Face

Blend the blush for cheek makeup
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Get those sculpted and defined cheekbones in lesser than 5 minutes without surgery or working out in the gym for hours. If you would love to get a sculpted face, apply your blush exactly on the line of the cheekbones and then blend it upwards swiftly. Remember, we don’t want any sharp lines on our cheeks. Blending is the key to this look. I would recommend you to go for warmer colors to add dimension to your face. To achieve deep cheekbones instantly, always use a blush or a bronzer two tones darker than your skin tone. The result will be a gorgeous lifted face. Avoid shimmery blushes for this look.

Amanda Benko, a beauty vlogger, shares some tips on how she makes her cheekbones look sculpted and natural. She says, “When I’m going for a sculpted look [it] will always be contouring. You want to start contouring with a cooler tone so it mimics the natural shadows that would naturally occur on your face (i).” When it comes to the blush, she offers, “I’m gonna focus that higher up on my cheeks just to give us a more dramatically lifted look.”

protip_icon Quick Tip
Use a lighter shade of liquid concealer to draw light on the cheekbones to get a soft and smooth sculpted look.

5. To Get A Dewy Face

Start by applying a good foundation and then proceed to apply cream blush. Blend it gently into the apples of your cheeks. Now, to add that gorgeous dewy glow, apply liquid highlighter over the cream blush on the high points of your face. The liquid highlighter will reflect light and impart natural glow to your cheeks.

7. Cheek Makeup For The Day And Night

Liquid highlighter for cheek makeup
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During the day, use your blush with a very light hand. Use subtle blush colors which will give you a diffused look. Daylight makes heavy makeup look more unnatural and plastic. At night, you could rock deeper and dramatic shades to create beautiful and alluring effects. Try a blush paired with liquid highlighters for a night look; it plays a great role in creating a beautiful illusion of healthy and glowing cheeks.

8. Avoid Blotchy Cheek Makeup

Setting powder for cheek makeup
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Always apply powder and cream blushes on a good base. You can go for foundation or try a light BB cream as a base. If you apply blush without applying foundation or at least a setting powder, the oils in your skin will make it appear blotchy and the color will look unflattering on your face.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Do not apply blush on wet foundation because it disappears quickly. You can finish it off with a good-quality setting powder to retain the blushing effect.

9. Go With A Light Hand

Bright balls of colors are amazing for paintings but definitely won’t look good on your cheeks. Always start with a light hand. Pick up a lesser amount of product and work with it; build it up if you want. If you are new to blushes then you should first practice with sheer tone blushes before trying pigmented ones. Sometimes subtle shades can help accentuate your beauty better than pigmented ones.

10. Get Long Lasting Cheek Makeup

Setting spray for cheek makeup
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I would like to end my article by telling you how to apply cheek makeup that lasts longer. Firstly, I would recommend investing in good long lasting blushes which have excellent staying power. Secondly, always top your cream blushes with a matching coloured powder blush to avoid blotchiness and to make it long lasting. If you are applying only powder blushes then you should set it with a makeup-setting spray to help it last longer.

Infographic: Blush Facts

Cheek makeup is indeed a prevalent makeup ritual followed across the globe. But did you know that the idea of enhancing the appearance of one’s cheeks with makeup products can be traced back to ancient times? Yes, cheek makeup or blushing cheeks do have a history. So, as you go about your day flaunting your blush-smeared cheeks, introduce yourself to the history of this makeup technique by reading the infographic below.

blush facts (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

It is really important to understand your skin type, shape, tone, and texture before makeup application. This will help you buy suitable makeup products. And once the purchase has been made, you can follow our cheek makeup tips and tricks and get started with the task. Whether you want a natural blush or a dewy look, this article will help you create the magic effortlessly. Make sure you set your makeup right so the products remain in place and your makeup looks fresh throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you lift saggy cheeks with makeup?

Contouring, using a bronzer with a cool undertone, and opting for pastel-colored cosmetics are some ways to lift saggy cheeks with makeup.

How can I hide my sunken cheeks with makeup?

Yes, you can hide sunken cheeks with makeup by following these steps:
• Apply contour just beneath the cheekbones, from the top of the ear to the muscular area of the cheek.
• Sweep a matte bronzer (about 3 shades darker than your skin tone) upward beneath your cheekbones, beginning under the apples of your cheeks.
• Blend it out with a big, fluffy brush.
• Apply the highlighter at the upper border of your cheekbones, just under your eyes.
• Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks for a touch of freshness.

Can we use lipstick for our cheeks?

Yes, you may use your lipstick as a blush for your cheeks. Choose a shade according to your skin tone and put some of it on the back of your hand. Apply it on your cheeks with your fingers or a beauty blender. Be sure to use a non-comedogenic cream lipstick to avoid any irritation or other skin issues.

Can I use cream blush instead of powder?

Yes, you can use cream blush instead of powder blush. It is especially suitable for dry or mature skin. It blends easily and gives a hydrated and natural look. Remember to set it with a translucent powder to make it last longer.

Can I use bronzer instead of blush?

Both bronzer and blush serve different purposes. While blush makes you look fresh and soft, bronzer gives you a more sculpted, sun-kissed look that adds warmth to your face.

Key Takeaways

    • You should know your skin type and tone before starting the makeup.
    • You need to know your facial features to apply the blush the right way and enhance them.
    • A cream blush is best for a natural flush, while a powder blush gives you a sculpted look.
    • A shimmery blush looks the best during nighttime, while a lighter blush is ideal for daytime.
cheek makeup tips

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