17 Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

by Harini Natarajan

Did you ever meet someone and feel drawn to them instantly with all the sparks? The chemistry in a relationship is that it cannot be forced. It occurs naturally with an undeniable connection that just the two of you can experience. Without any chemistry between a couple, there is no way a relationship can be successful.

Before love, you need to feel chemistry bubbling between you and your partner. Something in you tells that the other person also feels the same way, and it has a strong and indescribable effect on the two of you. You start wondering if they are emotionally connecting to you, they are your ‘soulmate,’ or if this is what love feels like. Below are a few signs that show if there is chemistry between two people. Take a peek!

1. Instant Fascination


One of the first things you notice in a person is their appearance. However much you say that you don’t care about looks in a person, they do play an important role in a relationship. You know you have chemistry if there’s an instant pull you feel towards them – from the captivating looks or infatuating glances you keep exchanging.

2. Body Language

If there’s one thing, apart from your eyes, that can give away what you feel, it is your body language. Women tend to play with their hair, lick their lips, and cross their legs in an attempt to get your attention. Men, however, get their hands sweaty as they are eager to stay beside you. The deep breaths, colored cheeks, unconsciously mimicking each other, leaning towards the person, and subconsciously touching each other are some signs that give you away regardless of your gender.

3. Intense Eye Contacts

When you feel chemistry with someone, you subconsciously keep  looking at them – see what they are wearing or doing and try to make eye contact. But when they catch you looking at them, you shy away. These are instances of intense eye contact shared between the two of you while you are talking or interacting with them. Other telltale signs of chemistry related to the eyes are the dilation of the pupils, raised eyebrows, gazing between the eyes and the lips, and focused, unblinking eye contact.

4. Flirting


Flirting is a part of all relationships. When you have chemistry with someone, you tend to tone it down to a level where the two of you know you are flirting, but not the people around you. You flirt on texts, but you make sure to never cross a line. The hugs you share are longer than the hugs you would give others. You hug them tighter, squeeze their hands, rub their back, or give a kiss on their cheek. It all feels incredibly intense!

5. Always Smiling

You know you have chemistry with someone when you are always smiling – whether they are around you or not. When you are with them, they find reasons to make you smile, even when you don’t want to. You smile as you think about them when they are not around. Even if they are on a different continent, they are able to make you smile. If this is the smile phenomenon, they are ‘the one’ you have been looking for.

6. Noticing Small Things/Changes

Small details are necessary for a beautiful big picture. When you share a special connection with someone, you start noticing things that others fail to notice. From a new hairstyle, new clothing, their favorite things, likes, dislikes, nervous tics to how to calm them down and cheer them up, you notice everything. You make sure to pay close attention to any story/incident they narrate, and you remember them down to a T.

7. Losing Track Of Time

The phrase ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is an embodying characteristic of what happens when you are with this person. Time seems to literally run away, leaving the two of you behind. You share enough common interests that you can talk about anything and everything. There are so many things you want to tell each other.

8. Tension


Not the stress-inducing type of tension, but a physical tension always seems to exist between you two. When you are attracted to someone, sexual attraction is also a part of the mix. The flirting and teasing consists of sexual innuendos, and you just can’t keep your hands to yourself.

9. Getting Closer To Each Other

When both of you are always trying to get close to each other in a crowded place, ignoring the world and getting lost in yourselves, it’s a sign that you have chemistry.

10. Not Paying Attention To People Around You

Wherever and whenever you are with each other and doing whatever, it feels as if it’s just the two of you who are most important, and you are the only two people in the world. In a world where cell phones are an addiction, if a person makes you want to keep it aside, that’s your ‘The One’ you have been looking for.

11. Pheromones

Pheromones are chemicals that affect or arouse you when you are attracted to someone. They produce a sweet-smelling body odor that is attractive to the opposite sex. Meaning, if you both are attracted to the way you smell, you have chemistry.

12. Enjoying Comfortable Silences


When you talk, there are endless topics at your disposal. Time seems like it’s fleeting quicker than it’s supposed to. But even when you are not talking, the silence does not seem awkward. There are comfortable silences that both of you enjoy in each other’s company.

13. Experiencing Butterflies Or The Whole Damn Zoo

The strange tingly feeling you get when you are excited about something is what people call ‘butterflies in your stomach.’ But it’s more like a whole zoo stampeding in your stomach when you feel chemistry with someone.

14. Looking Forward To Meeting Again

When you both meet, sparks fly, and you become overzealous to the point of euphoria. And when it’s time for you to get back to the real world, it’s  heartbreaking. You cannot wait to meet again and count days until your next meet.

15. Having Playful Banters

Playful bantering includes flirting, teasing, and pretending to be angry to see how they will react. Such non-harmful things are a playful way to get each other to concentrate on what the two of you share.

16. Teasing Each Other


If you want to get a reaction out of some, what do you do? You annoy them. The little banter you have, the nicknames, when you push each other around, imitate one another, playfully pick on each other, and anything you do to elicit a reaction out of them act as conversation starters. Teasing is supposed to be amusing and affectionate and not to offend or harm one another.

17. The Anticipation

While all these signs show that you and the person you are interested in have chemistry, you will still have an anxious feeling of whether or not they feel the same. It starts with the words, and you have the urge to know them. You want to make something more out of the relationship and solve the puzzle so that just the two of you can be together.

These were some of the signs that tell if two people have chemistry between them. It is important to remember that while chemistry is a good start to a relationship, it alone does not define the relationship. You can use chemistry as a building block to cement your relationship with shared values, mutual understanding, and maturity for a long-lasting bond.

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