Top 10 Cherry Red Lipstick Brands Available In India

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Red is the color of love, and beautiful cherry red lipstick is desired and loved by all women. A cherry red lipstick can immensely enhance the beauty of your face. It is a glamorous lip color. Just few swipes of red lipstick o your lips and you are ready to set people on fire!

There are several shades of red available in the market like dark red, maroon, burgundy, coral red, etc. But, a true bright red color is the one which is highly demanded i.e., the cherry red color. This is the reason why it is being promoted by most of the leading cosmetic brands.

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Top 10 Cherry Red Lipsticks

Given below are the top 10 cherry red colored lipsticks available in market. You can get them from online stores or from malls and beauty stores.

1. Lakme Satin Smooth Cherry

Lakme Satin Smooth Cherry Lipstick

Lakme Satin smooth 352 (cherry) is a cherry red color without any orange or coral undertones. It is highly pigmented and gives a satin finish. Its texture is smooth, creamy and semi matte. It offers 5 hours staying power after which it fades leaving behind a tint.

2. Loreal Color Juice Cherry Freeze

Loreal Color Juice Cherry Freeze 415 is a cool toned red color lipstick. It gives glossy and sheer coverage to your lips. It has got a creamy moisturizing texture and fruity fragrance. It offers is 4-5 hours staying power.

3. Mac Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo from Mac is a lovely bright cherry red color. It is highly pigmented and offers a matte finish. It does not bleed or dry and gives a velvety feel on the lips. It offers7-8 hours of staying power.

4. Maybelline Color Sensation Fatal Red

Fatal Red from Maybelline is a pure red shade with a creamy texture and great pigmentation. It is non drying and non-bleeding with a staying power of 3-4 hours.

5. Colorbar Hearts And Tarts

This shade from colorbar is a beautiful cherry red color, which gives a matte finish. Its texture is smooth, but doesn’t dry out, bleed or settle in fine lines. Its staying power is 5-6 hours after which it fades evenly.

6. NYX Lip Lacquer Pot Simply Red

This lipcolor comes in a cute pot packaging. Simply Red is a beautiful true red color. It is highly pigmented and its texture is smooth, creamy and moisturizing. It has a glossy shine without any shimmer.

7. Bobbi Brown Red Carpet

Red Carpet from Bobbi Brown is a rich bright cherry red color, which gives a matte finish. Its texture is creamy and it glides smoothly and is light weighted. It doesn’t dry out or bleed. Its staying power is 6-7 hours after which it fades evenly leaving behind a dark stain finish.

8. Viviana Sizzling Red

Sizzling red from Viviana is a bright cherry red color with soft creamy moisturizing texture. It is highly pigmented, non-drying, and non-sticky. It offers a matte finish to the lips. It offers 4-5 hours of staying power after which it leaves behind a tint.

9. Bourjois Louge Alle

Bourjois Louge Alle Lipstick

Louge Alle from Bourjois’ Lovely Rouge collection is a sensual cherry red colored lipstick with moisturizing formula. Its texture is smooth and creamy. It is highly pigmented and doesn’t bleed. It offers 4-5 hours of staying power after which it fades evenly.

10. Revlon Color-burst Lipstick True Red

As the name says, ‘true red’ it is a perfect cherry red color without pink, coral or maroon undertones. Its texture is creamy and opaque. It is light weight and glides smoothly on the lips. It is non-drying and non-bleeding. Its staying power is 3-4 hours.

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Have you ever tried any of the above mentioned cherry red lipsticks? How is your experience? Share with us in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cherry red lipsticks suitable for all skin tones and undertones?

Cherry red lipsticks can generally complement a wide range of skin tones and undertones, but they work best on skin tones with blue undertones. Try different cherry red shades to find the one that complements your skin tone and undertone the most.

Can I find cherry red lipsticks in both traditional bullet form and liquid lipstick form?

Yes, cherry red lipstick is a popular and versatile color, so you can find it in various lipstick formulas to suit your preference and desired finish. Bourjois Louge Alle is a popular cherry red lipstick in liquid form and Lakme Satin Smooth Cherry, L’oreal Color Juice Cherry Freeze are some popular cherry red lipsticks in bullet form.

Are there cherry red lipsticks that offer moisturizing properties to prevent dryness and chapping?

The L’oreal Color Juice Cherry Freeze, NYX Lip Lacquer Pot Simply Red, Viviana Sizzling Red, and Bourjois Louge Alle are some of the cherry red lipsticks that offer moisturizing properties to prevent dryness and chapping on lips.

Can I use cherry red lipsticks as a statement lip color for special occasions or events?

Absolutely! Cherry red lipsticks can make a bold and elegant statement for special occasions or events, both during the day and at night. Whether it’s a daytime wedding, a glamorous evening event, or a night out with friends, a cherry red lip color can instantly elevate your look and add a touch of sophistication and confidence.

Do cherry red lipsticks come in travel-friendly packaging?

Yes, cherry red lipsticks often come in travel-friendly packaging. The compact bullet form, like in Mac Ruby Woo and Viviana Sizzling Red, are travel-friendly as they come with a secured cap, making it easy to carry in purses or travel bags without fear of spills or mess. Additionally, some brands may have mini or travel-sized versions of their lipsticks, which are even more convenient for on-the-go touch-ups.

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