How Does Cycling Help You Gain Height?

Busting myths and revealing the truth behind the effect of this exercise on the body

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Cycling is a great way to burn fat, and it also is an eco-friendly aerobic exercise. It offers an array of benefits thanks to its vigorousness. But does cycling help you gain height? Well, the answer might be tricky. Cycling may only accelerate height in some cases but may not directly cause it.

Continue reading to learn how cycling may impact height and what points you must consider before incorporating it into your exercise regimen.

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German inventor Karl von Drais developed the first bicycle in 1817 and named it “Laufmaschine” (running machine). It didn’t have pedals.

Does Cycling Increase Height?

Does cycling increase height?
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  • Height mainly depends on two factors. One is your genes which are the most important factor and the others are diet and disease exposure (1). However, it is important to note that after a certain age it is not possible to increase one’s height.
  • Most people attain maximum height in their teenage years. Exercise at this juncture could make a crucial difference in your height. This is an ideal time to start cycling. (2). Exercise at this juncture may make a crucial difference in your height.
  • A good nutritious diet is also crucial to reach maximum potential height (3).

What Effect Does Cycling Have On Your Body?

Woman with strong calf muscles due to biking
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Cycling heavily employs the muscles of your body. If you cycle at least 4 miles a day, your legs and calf muscles tighten up. As a result, the lower part of the body becomes lean. Once you develop such a figure, you are bound to look tall. Your abs also become stronger. If you are still in a height-developing age, you may be able to add a few inches to your body. Health experts also recommend leading a healthy lifestyle and having a protein-rich diet along with well-balanced meals every day.

According to a survey conducted on 1140 UK women, only 13 cycled every day and 37 cycled once every 2 to 3 weeks. Out of all the women who cycled once a month or more (121), 83 women did it for exercise and to keep themselves fit.

Cycling can burn a lot of calories, which is why it is important to eat a nutrient-rich diet for your body to nourish and strengthen your muscles. Have you ever noticed the calf muscles of an active cyclist? Their calf muscles are lean and strong. Their legs also appear longer.

Myths About Cycling

Woman checking her height after biking
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Medical professionals say that no scientific research indicates that cycling increases height. Research indicates that height is determined by genetics and may be influenced by factors such as nutrition and overall health, but it cannot be changed through exercise only.

The Truth About Cycling

The Truth About Cycling
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Cycling may not cause you to become taller but it definitely makes you slimmer. While cycling, you may burn around 400 calories per hour, on an average. Your body continues to burn calories even when you rest. If you cycle 10 miles a day, you burn close to 700 calories. Another good thing about cycling is that it improves your body posture. If you have a habit of slouching, you can get rid of it by cycling. With a better posture and lean figure, you will look tall and slim.

What to Expect From Cycling?

Woman experiencing benefits of biking
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Don’t look at cycling to increase height alone. There are several other health benefits from this exercise. They are mentioned as below:

  • You’ll have a toned body structure, tight muscles, better appetite and a taut figure.
  • You will breathe better, strengthen your cardiac muscles, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (4).
  • Lungs become stronger as a result of heavy breathing and exercising (5).
  • Moreover, think about the environmental benefits. You are contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. Using cycling as a mode of transport causes zero pollution. You are not using precious fossil fuels and you are also cutting down on noise pollution.

Be sure to couple cycling with a nutritious and balanced diet. Cycling for an hour at a speed between 12-14 mph helps boost your body’s metabolism (6). Hence, you lean towards becoming fit and taller.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Warm up before cycling to prepare your body for the hard work. You may stretch your muscles to improve blood flow.

We discussed how cycling can impact height. Now, let’s look at some other ways that may help increase one’s height.

Quick Height Increasing Tips

While genetics play a major role behind one’s height, there are other factors that may influence it too. Here are some quick tips:

1. Ensure a nutritionally rich diet, including proteins, vitamins (especially vitamin D and calcium), and minerals that support bone health (7).
2. Aim for 8-10 hours of quality sleep each night as the body releases growth hormones during deep sleep, which is crucial for height increase (8).
3. Engage in physical activities such as swimming, cycling, and stretching to promote flexibility and muscle growth (9).
4. Maintain a good posture as it helps align your spine correctly, prevents slouching and gives you a taller appearance.
5. Chronic stress can interfere with growth hormones. Practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation and yoga.

Infographic: Busting Myths: Does Cycling Make You Taller?

Have you heard people around you telling you or someone to cycle to gain height? Cycling is a beneficial exercise that improves general health. But is it true that it increases height? Check the infographic given below to learn about the truth behind this theory.

busting myths: does cycling make you taller? (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Cycling is an effective form of exercise that promotes overall health. But does cycling help you gain height? No. While cycling can provide many health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health and fitness and increased muscle strength, it will not affect a person’s height. It makes your legs and calf muscles tighten up, can help to improve posture, and make a person appear taller but it will not increase a person’s height. In addition, cycling boosts appetite and reduces cardiovascular disease risk. Try including cycling in your exercise regimen to reap its benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific types of biking or biking techniques that are more likely to lead to height growth?

No. There is no scientific evidence to prove that cycling or any cycling-related technique can impact your height.

Can biking during puberty have a greater impact on height growth compared to biking in adulthood?

Biking during puberty may stimulate the growth of hormones to an extent (10). However, this does not guarantee a significant increase in height. Biking during adulthood has no impact on one’s height whatsoever.

How does nutrition and overall health impact height growth, and how does this relate to biking?

Adequate nutrition plays an important role in height growth (3). Some important dietary nutrients necessary for healthy skeletal growth and bone density in children are proteins, calcium, and vitamins A and D. On the other hand, malnutrition can lead to stunted growth. Biking does not relate to height growth at all; if anything, it can help maintain overall body fitness.

How do different types of physical activity compare to biking in terms of potential height growth, such as running or swimming?

While all these physical activities can be helpful for healthy weight loss, none of them are scientifically proven to increase height. Genes, followed by nutrition, are the only determinants of an individual’s height.

How do cultural beliefs and myths about height impact the perception of the relationship between biking and height growth?

A tall physique has historically been a symbol of social status, which makes it a desirable physical feature. Biking just happens to be one of those physical activities that helps one achieve lean and toned muscles, creating the illusion of a taller body. There is no actual increase in height.

Key Takeaways

  • Include protein in your diet to see effective results, especially at your height-development age.
  • Cycling regularly helps you breathe better, which strengthens the cardiac muscles and reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Cycling helps you improve your body posture, and when your posture is correct, you instantly feel a height increase.
  • If you cycle between 12-14 mph, it can help you to boost your metabolism.

Check out the informative video below and discover how cycling can contribute to height growth and posture improvement. Unveil the benefits of this exhilarating activity and its potential to help you stand taller.


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