90 Amazing Clock And Rose Tattoo Ideas To Try Out

Show off your creative, introspective, and loving sides together with this classic tattoo!

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When it comes to floral tattoos, roses are the commonly selected elements with wide options in colors and themes allowing for customization. When combined with the element of a clock, it opens a whole new realm for vivid imagery and symbolism. A clock and rose tattoo signifies mature themes of love, loss, and the importance of being in the present. The 90 amazing clocks and rose tattoos listed below present an inspirational board of different combinations of these two elements. You can take inspiration from them and add extra elements to make an art that makes sense to you and conveys your story. Scroll down to get started.

What Do Clock And Rose Tattoos Mean?

Clock and rose tattoos often symbolize the delicate balance between the fleeting nature of time, represented by the clock, and the enduring beauty and life, represented by the rose.

Symbolism Of The Rose

A rose with its delicate petals and captivating fragrance is seen as a symbol of love, signifying deep affection and romance. But its significance is not confined to romantic love; it also symbolizes honor, devotion, and mystery. In literature, mythology, and art, the rose stands as a metaphor used for portraying passion and secrecy.

The flower is widely cherished for its intoxicating fragrance and beauty too. Considering the thorns that come along with a rose, it is also a metaphor for life’s journey. The contracting thorns and softly blooming petals symbolize the moments of challenge and reward that we experience in our lives. On top of it, roses come in a variety of colors, with each having its unique significance.

Symbolism Of The Clock

Clocks bear profound symbolism of constant change. Their rhythmic ticking underscores the passage of time, representing the transient nature of life. The hands of a clock, ceaselessly moving, evoke the inevitability of change and the continuum of existence. Thus, the clock is a universal symbol of order, precision, and the structured march of moments. It can also embody urgency, reminding us of finite opportunities.

Yet, in its cyclical nature, a clock embodies hope, offering the prospect of new beginnings with each passing hour. Ultimately, the symbolism of a clock encapsulates the intricate dance between time, destiny, and the perpetual cycle of life.

Combined Symbolism Of A Rose And A Clock

The fusion of a rose and a clock embodies a rich metaphor. The rose signifies life’s beauty and challenges, its petals unfolding in tandem with the ticking clock. Together, they illustrate the dynamic nature of time and experience. The thorns on the rose stem parallel life’s difficulties, while the clock’s relentless ticking highlights the imminence of change.

This combination symbolizes a poignant reality: that within the tapestry of time, embracing both beauty and challenges yields a profound and harmonious life experience.

90 Clock And Rose Tattoo Ideas

Clock and rose tattoo ideas seamlessly blend the symbolism of time and the timeless allure of roses. Dive into a list of these tattoos for inspiration to mark the fleeting moments of your enduring love.

Feminine Rose And Clock Tattoos

Feminine rose and clock tattoos are often chosen by individuals seeking a design that blends elegance and symbolism. These tattoos typically represent the intertwining concepts of love, beauty, and the dynamic nature of time, as shown in the tattoos below.

1. Rose And A Simple Clock Tattoo

The rose with its velvety petals in full bloom, symbolizes life’s beauty and challenges. Beside it is inked a graceful clock, representing the relentless march of time. A pretty butterfly, adorned with wings painted in hues of blue and pink, flutters delicately over the clock, adding an element of whimsy and transformation. This tattoo encapsulates the harmonious interplay between the transient nature of time, the delicate beauty of life, and the transformative spirit represented by the butterfly.

2. Clock And Rose With Orchid

This enchanting tattoo composition features a refined clock surrounded by the exquisite bloom of roses and orchids. The clock, a symbol of the passage of time, is complemented by the timeless beauty of the flowers, representing love, grace, and refinement. On either side of this intricate scene, the initials “J” and “K” are delicately inscribed, personalizing the art with a touch of individuality. This tattoo not only captures the essence of the fleeting nature of time and the enduring beauty of nature but also serves as a unique and personalized representation of a special connection.

3. Three Pink Roses And A Heart-Shaped Clock Tattoo

This is a poignant memorial tattoo, shaped like a heart, featuring a solemn clock at its center. Delicate chains elegantly connect three roses to the clock, symbolizing an enduring connection. Lush green leaves emerge gracefully from the roses, representing growth and remembrance. The tattoo is adorned with the name and date of the person who passed away, immortalizing their memory. This heartfelt composition serves as a timeless tribute, capturing the essence of eternal love, cherished moments, and the enduring nature of memories that persist beyond the hands of time.

protip_icon Pro Tip
Consider your skin type when choosing colors; complement lighter skin tones with vibrant colors such as red, yellow, and orange, while dark blues and greens look stunning on darker skin tones.

4. Clock And Rose Tattoo On Arm

In this captivating tattoo, a vintage pocket watch is taking center stage, exuding an air of timeless elegance. Adjacent to it, two gracefully rendered roses in a subtle shade of orange add a touch of warmth and romance. Connected by a beaded string that delicately drapes from the watch, the composition harmonizes elements of nostalgia and refined beauty. The gentle unfurling petals of the roses and the intricate details of the pocket watch create a visually captivating scene, symbolizing the enduring beauty of both time and nature.

5. Orange Rose And Clock Tattoo

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This incredibly realistic tattoo showcases four meticulously detailed roses, each petal captured with life-like precision. At the heart of this artistry lies a silver-colored clock, intricately designed, displaying a specific date and time that holds personal significance. This tattoo masterfully blends realism with symbolic elements, harmonizing the fleeting nature of time represented by the clock with the enduring beauty and connection embodied by the roses and beaded string.

Clock And Rose Tattoos With A Lion

Beauty and bravery are the two things everyone must have encountered or felt the need to encounter in their lives at some point. A rose and a lion happen to be the widely accepted metaphors across cultures for these two aspects respectively. Adding a clock to them can be a symbol of constant change or a reminder that time is finite for us. View their combined tattoo art down below.

6. Clock And Rose Tattoo With A Lion And A Wooden Cross

On this forearm masterpiece, a cool lion steals the show in black and grey style, rocking striking blue eyes. Next to the lion is a wooden cross, bringing in a spiritual connotation. Combined with the half clock and the sweet shaded rose, this design can be a reminder of the necessity of embracing beauty, excelling in the face of challenges, and exploring greater spiritual perspectives in our fleeting lifetime for a complete human experience.

7. Realistic Rose And Clock Tattoo With A Lion

Here is a big black and gray lion with intense blue eyes. A broken clock circles one eye, symbolizing time’s march. The shading with white ink on the detailed rose underneath adds definition to the design. The fierce lion in the tattoo depicts the rebellious spirit of the wearer and is balanced by the gorgeous rose.

8. Lion Tattoo With A Clock Crown And A Rose

Check out this awesome rose and clock tattoo combo using a mixed-dotted technique. The clock circles the lion’s head, but what makes it stand out are these negative lines cutting across the lion’s face, splitting its eyes right in the middle of the forehead. This bold tattoo signifies a narrative of timeless moments, fierce strength embodied by a lion, and the delicate beauty of a rose—perfect for full forearm tattoo inspiration.

9. Roaring Lion With A Clock And A Rose

Here’s a lion roaring with pride, a clock circling its head like a royal crown, and a gorgeous rose blooming right under its chin. The artist nailed it with a grey gradient technique, adding depth and style. Not just ink, it is a roaring statement of strength, time’s majesty, and the beauty that blossoms beneath it all, signified by a pretty rose.

10. Artistic Lion With A Rose And A Clock

This one is a laid-back grayscale lion, inked with a touch of animation. It sports a broken clock around its left eye which signifies the timeless nature of life’s twists and turns, reminding us of the good and bad times as a whole. There are some cool highlights in white ink – not just on the lion’s mane but also on a blooming rose underneath. The tattoo gives off calming vibes. It captures the tranquil state of the fierce animal-like lion, hinting at the inherent potential that we all have along with the ticking of time, and the peaceful beauty of a rose.

Traditional Clock And Rose Tattoos

Traditional clock and rose tattoos are rooted in classic tattoo artistry. They elegantly weave together timeless symbols in an innocently graphic manner as represented in some of the best designs below.

11. Colorful Rose And Clock Tattoo

Here is a traditional rose entwined with a clock with its vibrant hues blending seamlessly. The primroses with their bright colors signify safety and love. The clock’s chain boasts a cool gradient shade of gold and black, adding an extra layer of allure. The shading of the entire artwork gives off an airbrushed effect, adding an ethereal quality to this classic tattoo. You can use it for decorating your shoulder or arm.

12. Grandfather Clock And Rose Tattoo

This tattoo is a traditional masterpiece as it features a wooden grandfather clock adorned with delicate pendulums. The tattoo embodies perfect symmetry, radiating balanced traditional vibes. Red roses, with a gradient finish, add a touch of sophistication. The cute design is coupled with a stippling method which creates a smooth transition between colors, making this tattoo not just art but a harmonious blend of nostalgia and contemporary finesse.

13. Lively Clock And Rose Tattoo

This tattoo creates a captivating blend of artistry on your skin. The rose comes to life with a mix of stippling, hatching, and cross-hatching techniques, creating a mesmerizing texture. The clock is adorned with white ink that exudes a metallic sheen. The vibrant pink hues of the rose stand out, infusing the tattoo with an energetic and lively vibe. You can flaunt this tattoo on your chest or the back of your hand too.

14. Rose And Clock Tattoo With A Swallow

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This one is a simple yet immaculate masterpiece. It features simple outlines that give this tattoo a clean look. Above this clock and rose tattoo, a swallow is flying which represents the bearer of good news. With its vibrant hues, this tattoo embodies traditional vibes crafted using the dotting technique. This positive tattoo is ideal for places like arms or hands where it is visible to the wearer.

protip_icon Pro Tip
If you are confused about what tattoo style to get, you can opt for a traditional tattoo. Other styles and trends may come and go, but the traditional will always circle back into trend.

15. Filler Rose And Clock Tattoo

Got this awesome tattoo for you! A detailed pocket watch sits in the middle with three red roses in the background. The placement of the clock symbolizes the power that time holds above all else. The roses are connected to the clock directly and through the chain, wrapping the entire piece as a whole. The piece is also great for filling up extra spaces.
Clock And Rose Tattoos With An Eye
In the tattoo below, the artistic ink intertwines time and love with a clock and rose, while an eye represents depth —a timeless reminder to see love’s beauty beyond the ticking seconds.

16. Clock And Rose Tattoo With A Realistic Eye

This cool shoulder and bicep tattoo features a real-looking eye that is checking things out, with a broken clock in the background. There’s a rose blooming below, all shaded cool in gradients. The artist added a watery vibe to the eye with some slick white ink highlights. The tattoo signifies looking at life in introspection, thinking about the passing, and appreciating the beauty that pops up along the journey.

17. Rose And Clock Tattoo With A Healed Eye And A Timepiece

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This gorgeous forearm tattoo starts with a fully bloomed rose near the wrist, and moves up to a clock with delicate hands. Leaves wrap around a shaded triangle, housing a feminine eye inside. Top it off with a meaningful date. This personal timepiece, tells a story of nature, time, and a glimpse into the soul – all rolled into one awesome design.

18. Rose And Clock With A Green Eye

Try this awesome tattoo idea that starts with an edgy rose and leaves, then there’s a clock featuring a bold green eye at its center. The clock hands? They pop out from that eye, and right above, a holy dove glides all gracefully. The background’s got this stormy, cloudy vibe in greyscale which adds dark vibes to this artwork. It is a personal blend of edgy, mystical, and stormy vibes, all wrapped up in this awesome design.

19. Half Clock And Red Rose Tattoo

Here’s a standout tattoo with a vibrant red neo-traditional rose. It is carefully detailed with negative spaces and gradient shading in red and black for definition. It is 2-D but seriously technical. Above the rose, an eye is locked onto something with precision, and a half-clock tops it off like a crown. More than just ink, it’s a mix of artistry and symbolism, blending timeless beauty and a watchful gaze into one awesome design.

20. Rose And Clock Tattoo With A Divine Eye

Here is a cool tattoo idea that starts with gradient shading for depth, but up close, you’ll catch some delicate lines and hatching. Near the wrist, a blooming rose takes the spotlight. Next to it, a simple clock with dainty hands, topped by a triangle. Inside that triangle, there’s this carefully drawn eye with some precise line shading, and rays popping out, adding a bit of mystery. This tattoo is simple and has deep spiritual symbolism.

Rose And Clock Tattoos Featuring A Skull

Incorporating a skull into rose and clock tattoo designs adds a touch of contrast, focusing on the duality of life and death. This symbolic fusion adds an introspective touch to your tattoo art. The tattoos below suggest some of the designs that you can take inspiration from. Have a look.

21. Grim Skull With Rose And Clock Tattoo

This dope tattoo with a half-side profile of a skull has a smooth gradient style, and right behind it, there’s a rose. The artist nailed it, making it look like smoke’s rising from the skull and smoothly transitioning to the rose. Add a clock to the mix—no hands, just white ink highlights. Perfect for the shoulder— it offers a rad combo of edge, nature, and timeless vibes all in one killer design.

22. Gothic Rose And Clock Tattoo With Skull

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This beautiful tattoo starts with a clean outline, featuring a rose with a cool grey-scale vibe. Above it, there’s a half skull with these thick, rough fumes rising, and the forehead of the skull becomes the top half of a clock. And get this – there’s even a crown on the skull, giving off some rad goth vibes. It’s more than just ink; it’s a mix of elegance, edge, and a touch of dark royalty, all packed into one seriously cool design.

23. Skull With A Clock In The Mouth And A Rose

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This is the dopest shoulder tattoo with a skull, shaded with rough charcoal vibes. Its jaws are clutching a massive mechanical clock with all the cogs and pegs on display. The skull’s got some holes, like piercings, giving it an extra edgy look. And wait for it—at the back of the arm, the tattoo extends into a sleek grayscale rose design. This badass combo of dark vibes, machinery, and natural beauty is all in one killer design.

24. Forearm Rose And Clock Tattoo With A Skull

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This epic tattoo journey kicks off with a rose on the hand, stretches into a skull on the forearm, and peaks with a clock at the top. The whole design is seamlessly tied together with meticulous grayscale gradient shading. Adding a slick touch, there’s a ribbon-like negative band weaving around the rose, through the hollowed eyes of the skull, and up to the clock. It presents a perfect showcase of how different elements can effortlessly come together in one killer design.

25. Clock And Rose Tattoo Featuring A Realistic Black And Gray Skull

You will love this rad forearm tattoo! It’s got a rose and a skull with some broken teeth, topped off with a full clock rocking Roman numerals, all decked out in slick gradient shading. It’s more than just ink; it’s like a story on my skin – about life’s beauty, our journey, and the ticking clock that ties it all together. Nature, a bit of edge, and those timeless vibes, all rolled into one sweet piece.

Clock And Rose Tattoos With A Dove

A clock and rose tattoo, accompanied by a dove, signifies unity of time, love, and peace. You can personalize the meaning of this tattoo by getting it inked in your unique style. Take inspiration from the tattoo ideas below.

26. Two Roses And A Clock With A Dove

Got this unique tattoo on me – two roses hugging a clock against a dark background. The clock’s got some key dates in Roman numerals and a dove chillin’ on top. If you look closely, you’ll see the artist’s skill with hatching and gradients, giving it a slick vibe. More than just ink, it’s like a piece of my story – love, time, and those moments that matter, all in these roses and clocks.

27. Lively Dove With A Rose And A Clock

This bird-featuring tattoo contains a lifelike white rose, a ticking clock, and a dove soaring. It’s like a story on your skin, capturing the beauty of nature, the tick-tock of time, and the liberating vibe of a dove. Each part connects, turning it into an art filled with intertwined symbols. The clock represents time ticking away, while the dove symbolizes breaking free from the chains of time and how we perceive it. And hey, you can slap it on your shoulder, chest, or calf for some stylish body art.

28. Cute Rose And A Clock With A Dove

This rose, clock, and dove tattoo is elegantly shaded in chalky greyscale. Rays of illumination grace the background of the dove which soars above. The subtle play of shades carefully inked with varying intensity, adds depth and life to each element. It showcases a harmonious blend of nature, time, and freedom, etched with skill with the rose, clock, and dove, respectively.

29. Simple Dove, Rose, And Clock Tattoo

Just try this awesome tattoo—a blooming rose by the hand and a ticking clock just above—representing how life’s beauty doesn’t stick around forever. Right above them, there is a shaded dove flying, bringing those free-spirited vibes. The artist did this cool thing with space, making waves like the wind’s blowing. It’s more than just ink; it’s a story about moving forward, time ticking on, and that unstoppable spirit of freedom. Nature, time, and a splash of freedom are all in this rad tattoo.

30. Mexican Style Rose With A Dove And Clock Tattoo

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Here is a geometric rose with cool fumes rising between its petals. Right above, there’s a mechanical clock doing its thing, with pendulum shading giving it that extra edge. The designs are complemented by a dove chilling right on top of the clock, shaded with dots and lines for a unique vibe. Behind it all, there’s this cloud with negative space outlining the scene. This tattoo looks super cooked inked on the full arm.

Half-Sleeve Rose And Clock Tattoos

Half-sleeve rose and clock tattoos gracefully adorn the arm, merging the delicate beauty of roses with the symbolism of a ticking clock. It allows you to have time and love up your sleeves!

31. Grayscale Rose And Clock Tattoo

This greyscale tattoo has two roses, one by the elbow and another near the wrist, shaded in cool line work. Right in the middle, there’s a dark black clock stealing the show. The clock’s interior is a bit cracked symbolizing the torments we face with time. Moreover, thorny stems creeping out from the roses symbolize the good and bad sides of everything or person in this life.

32. Historical Clock And Rose Tattoo

This half-sleeve tattoo beautifully captures country life with intricate details: a diligent farmer tilling the soil and a vibrant blooming rose symbolizing growth. Its intricately designed clock represents the passage of time and the background features a map that symbolizes historical change. The tattoo creates a visually rich and meaningful depiction of the evolution of rural life.

33. Roses And Clock Tattoo With A Crown

The rose looks lively even in gray. And guess what? There’s an intricate mechanical watch with a royal crown that signifies the royal importance of each passing moment in our lives. The crown also adds an extra charm to this tattoo. The tattoo reminds you about the beauty of time and captures lively moments even in shades of gray.

34. Sentimental Rose And Clock Tattoo

Got this lovely tattoo vibe – a soft rose blooming near the wrist, with a big clock hanging right above. Inside that clock, there’s this sweet design – a dad with two kids, climbing a rising staircase. And hey, Gaby and Leo’s names are right there. The tattoo symbolizes the timeless bond and the journey of growth together, climbing life’s staircase. You can get it inked with a picture and the names of your loved ones to express your immense love for them.

35. Cracked Clock And Roses Tattoo

Let this cool tattoo adorn your body. It features a rose with its petals closed and a cracked clock behind it, needles hanging low. There’s an even bigger rose behind the clock, and ribbon-like fumes rise from the lower rose, binding the whole thing together. It’s all in greyscale, with these wavy patterns on the sides that really flatter the arm’s shape.

Rose And Clock Tattoos With A Birthtime

Rose and clock tattoos, adorned with a birthtime, weave personal significance into the delicate tapestry of time. This intimate fusion captures both the timeless allure of roses and the individual essence of one’s birth.

36. Rose And Clock Time Piece Tattoo

This tattoo is a half-sleeve masterpiece – done in a cool gradient style. The roses are all smooth with that slick shading, and the leaves are rocking some neat line techniques. But here is the heartwarming part – two clocks, each with the birth time of your kids. It is like wearing their moments right on your sleeve, a blend of beauty, time, and family etched in ink.

A blogger, shared his experience of celebrating his third wedding anniversary and impending parenthood, as the couple got the baby’s birth time and rose tattoos with personalized details. The experience was commemorated with symbolic and meaningful ink. He added, “I have her initials and Bryce has her first & middle name with one less rose (i).”

37. Inspirational Dove, Rose, And Clock Tattoo

This one is a detailed shoulder tattoo with sharp and clear outlines. It starts with a rose at the bottom, opening its petals to new beginnings. Above, there’s a clock marking the birth of someone dear, wrapped in leafy foliage with meticulous curves. And topping it off, a pretty dove flying above, rays spreading out wide.This tattoo captures the moment of bliss and gratitude captured on the skin, a beautiful story of new beginnings and cherished moments.

38. Memory Stamp Rose And Clock Tattoo

Imagine this awesome lower sleeve tattoo – all in dotted technique. There’s a mix of roses, a cross, and a clock, giving off those pious and grand blessing vibes. And the sweet part? A ribbon with the date of birth of someone really special. This stunning testament of love is for those who mean the world to you. Why wait? Express your everlasting love with this beautiful piece.

39. Nostalgic Clock And Roses Tattoo

This greyscale tattoo carries a touch of reddish hue, ideal for those who want a colors monochrome wash. It contains a rose that delicately opens, playing host to a graceful monarch butterfly. Above, a heart-shaped clock marks a special birth date and time. What adds magic? A lovely beaded string hanging down from the clock, gently connecting it to the flower.

40. Floral Tattoo With Clock And Roses

If you want a heartfelt tattoo, this is the one. It features three heart-shaped clocks, each marking the birth time of a grandchild. They’re embraced by flowers – a rose, a hibiscus, and a daisy. Fluttering nearby are three beautiful butterflies in blue and red, symbolizing the transformation and rebirth of the grandkids, echoing the deep parental feelings of the grandparents. This tattoo is like a beautiful story etched on the skin, celebrating the blossoming lives of each cherished grandchild.

Broken Clock And Rose Tattoos

Broken clock and rose tattoos intertwine the fragility of time’s constraints with the resilience of blooming roses, narrating a story of beauty found within life’s imperfections. Look at the tattoos below to get an idea.

41. Shattered Clock With Roses Tattoo

The clock in this tattoo is shattered by the relentless blows of time, yet resiliently ticking. The cracks find solace beneath fully blooming roses, softening the harsh scene. It tells a tale of bravery, an ode to staying above the world’s ugliness even in the toughest times. A reminder that even broken pieces can create a beautiful mosaic, symbolizing resilience and enduring strength.

42. Cool Cracked Clock Tattoo With Roses

Adorning the half sleeve, this tattoo features a mechanical clock with some of its pieces torn away. Noticeably absent are the needles, creating a unique and intriguing design. A rose is still blossoming which seems like smiling in the face of adversity. it’s a minimalist yet captivating piece telling a story of time, imperfection, and the enduring beauty found in simplicity.

43. Filigree Design With Clock And Rose Tattoo

The broken clock isn’t shattered to create an abstract piece of art. The broken pieces are held together by a blooming rose, that is carefree and voluminous. The filigree design gracefully flows, enhancing the tattoo’s shape. This personal statement is ideal to accentuate the shoulder or biceps.

44. Rose And Clock Tattoo With Scorpion

This tattoo with a broken clock with the bold word “truth” beneath, reminds us of the transient nature of all things. Amid this reality, a young rose unfurls its soft petals, symbolizing growth and renewal. A scorpion on the clock adds a contrasting image, depicting the sharp sting when hollow lies are shattered. This tattoo, rich in symbolism, could be deeply personal – reflecting the wearer’s struggles or beliefs with a mix of powerful imagery.

45. Blossoming Rose Tattoo With Broken Clock

This lovely forearm tattoo will be a delicate addition to your body. The artist’s dotted technique creates a unique grainy effect, adding character. A full rose blooms near a broken clock, capturing the fleeting beauty in transient things. Despite the broken clock, the wheel of time rolls on, reminding us of the continuous journey through moments of fragility and chaos.

Clock And Rose Forearm Tattoos

Here are some amazing clock and rose tattoos that you can flaunt on your skin to mark a timeless story. Some captivating designs are shown below.

46. Pretty Clock And Rose Tattoo

Behold this captivating forearm tattoo, where the artist’s skills shine through in the realistic portrayal of a greyscale rose and clock. The intricate shading gives the rose an authentic feel. In a play of surrealism, the rose gracefully engulfs half of the clock, yet the visible numbers within the petals add a touch of mystique.

47. Bold Tattoo With A Clock And A Rose

In this striking tattoo, the clock’s borders are inked in dark hues and accentuated with white, mimicking a genuine metal frame. Right below, a timeless rose unfolds, revealing its thorny elegance. Together, they form a visual poetry, inviting contemplation on the intricate dance between fleeting moments and enduring elegance.

48. Personalized Rose And Clock Tattoo

Dive into the artistic mastery of this tattoo, skillfully capturing depth and space. The strategic use of negative space near the needle hands and nuanced shading on the rounded clock creates a captivating interplay of light and shadows, almost bringing it to life. The intricate filigree design adds an elegant touch, showcasing the artist’s finesse. To personalize the piece, cursive text weaves seamlessly into the composition, making this tattoo not just an artwork but a tailor-made expression of individuality.

49. Heavily Dotted Rose With Clock Tattoo

This exquisite tattoo is perfect to adorn your skin. It has a precisely outlined rose adorned with dotted shading and half-white highlights, lending it a shimmering allure. Nestled within its embrace, a meticulously crafted, realistic mechanical clock comes to life. The cogs and pegs within the clock are so vividly detailed that you can almost envision the rhythmic ticking sound. This tattoo seamlessly marries nature’s grace with the precision of time, resulting in a captivating piece that transcends mere ink.

50. Creative Rose And Clock Tattoo

This is a dark greyscale tattoo that will look fabulous on your forearm, where the unfolding rose petals mirror the roll film of a camera, capturing a story close to the wearer’s heart. The filigree design gracefully rises and curves like waves, embracing a clock within its intricate folds. Significant Roman numerals inscribed inside the clock add a personal touch, making this piece of art a unique and meaningful narrative etched in ink.

Clock And Rose Full Sleeve Tattoos

This sleeve canvas unfolds intertwining time’s echoes with love’s blossoming grace. An intricate tale can be etched in ink, spanning the arm’s entirety as shown in the tattoos below.

51. Rosary With Rose And Clock Tattoo

Here is a full-sleeve tattoo with two grand roses and a substantial central clock adorning the entire arm, creating a mesmerizing visual impact. Adding a touch of divinity, a cross with intricate detailing enhances the overall design. This tattoo seamlessly combines the timeless elegance of roses with the precision of a clock, forming a harmonious ensemble that tells a tale of beauty, time, and spirituality.

52. Stylish Rose With Clock Tattoo

Ink your imagination with this captivating full sleeve tattoo, where two majestic roses and a centr-–al clock elegantly occupy the entire arm. Atop the clock, a white dove poised to perch adds a touch of serenity. The filigree background weaves a seamless tapestry, unifying the entire artwork into a cohesive canvas. This masterpiece employs a blend of hatching, gradient, and line shading techniques, creating a visual symphony that tells a story of beauty, time, and grace.

53. Cool Clock And Rose Tattoo

Immerse yourself in the allure of two dew-kissed roses, as vibrant as the morning light, accompanied by the rhythmic ticking of a clock. This tattoo exudes a noir-inspired coolness, gracing your forearm with a touch of mystery. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it serves as a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of time and the ephemeral beauty that envelops us. A timeless piece urging you to relish the present moment.

54. Noir Clock And Rose Tattoo

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Behold the magnificence of this tattoo design, adorned with a rich, dark black color dominating the canvas. The intricate details emerge through clever use of negative space, showcasing a pristine white rose, a graceful dove, and a commanding clock in striking highlights. This dark-themed masterpiece not only exudes coolness but also accentuates the slender elegance of the arm. The amalgamation of lines, dots, and hatching creates an intricate work of art that captivates the eye.

55. Robust Rose And Clock Tattoo

Marvel at this full-arm tattoo featuring a grand clock on the shoulder, accentuating the robust contours of the wearer’s muscles. The tattoo gracefully descends, showcasing big roses in full bloom, each petal pulsating with life. The meticulously detailed clock signifies the wearer’s profound connection to time. A wavy design, inked with strategic negative space, forms a dark canvas behind the clock, elevating the overall visual impact of this captivating piece.

Clock And Rose Tattoos With Butterfly

This tattoo’s symbolic trio encapsulates the passage of time, enduring love, and the transformative beauty of change. This inked fusion elegantly tells a story of metamorphosis and the delicate dance between temporal moments and everlasting emotions.

56. Blue Butterfly, Rose, And Clock Tattoo

In this beautiful calf tattoo, a delicate rose and a graceful blue monarch butterfly coexist. The clock’s numbers and needles are intricately woven into the fabric of the rose, while a beaded string lovingly encircles the floral centerpiece. The fine craftsmanship is evident in the seamless blend of lines between the clock and the rose. A tiny, vibrant butterfly perched on top adds a splash of color to this captivating grayscale masterpiece.

57. Cute Rose And Clock Tattoo With Butterfly

Marvel at this expertly shaded grayscale tattoo, featuring a harmonious trio of a rose, clock, and butterfly. The clock proudly displays significant dates and numbers, serving as a perpetual reminder. The tattoo is brought to life with subtle watercolor and gradient techniques, adding a touch of fluidity to the intricate design.

58. Imaginative Rose And Clock Tattoo

This enchanting tattoo takes you in a captivating world, where vibrant blue butterflies take center stage. These delicate creatures hover gracefully, adding a free-spirited and cheerful vibe to the artwork. The rest of the tattoo features an intensely shaded rose alongside a classic old mechanical clock, its transparent parts revealing the intricacies within. Two skillfully crafted butterflies, using negative space, contribute a touch of mysticism, making this tattoo truly mesmerizing.

59. Majestic Butterfly With Rose And Clock Tattoo

This smooth and shiny tattoo features two twin roses that grace the shoulder, accompanied by a heart-shaped clock. The seemingly weighty clock finds repose on the delicate wings of a butterfly. Beyond its beauty and lightness, the butterfly symbolizes strength through transformation over time. This exquisite piece is a harmonious blend of delicate blooms, timeless ticking, and the resilient spirit encapsulated by the butterfly.

60. Swift Clock And Rose Tattoo

In this captivating tattoo, the sideward flow steals the spotlight, evoking a sense of elegance and serenity. The graceful movement of filigree and feathers emerging from the clock imparts peaceful vibes. Adorning the chest is a lovely rose with leaves, accompanied by a charming butterfly perched atop the clock. This tattoo serves as a poignant symbol, urging us to pause and appreciate the present moment, even as the relentless wheel of time continues its forward motion.

Clock And Rose Tattoos With Compass

Embark on a timeless journey adorned with symbolism as we explore the fusion of precision and romance in clock and rose tattoos. Be guided by the navigational charm of a compass in the tattoos below.

61. Positive Rose And Clock Tattoo

This rough-shaded tattoo features a combination of a clock, rose, and compass. A simplistic yet artful design unites the clock and compass, complemented by a straightforward filigree pattern and delicate white ink highlights. The expertly executed dotted shading adds a distinctive grainy texture, enhancing the overall visual appeal of this unique piece.

62. Spiritual Rose And Clock Tattoo

This forearm tattoo showcases a harmonious blend of a rose, a compass, and a large eye with intricate eyelashes, extending from the wrist to the elbow. The gradient shading is skillfully applied, creating a smooth and visually appealing composition. The compass points towards the eye, which doubles as a clock with numbers 1-12 encircling it. This deeply spiritual tattoo symbolizes the all-seeing nature of time, emphasizing its fixed and forward-moving direction.

63. Detailed Rose And Clock Tattoo With A Compass

This tattoo features three Mexican-style shaded roses with line shading, creating a visually appealing and intricate design. Positioned between them is a clock with delicate filigree outlines that flow in a clockwise direction, symbolizing the continuous motion of life and the progress of time. Additionally, a compass in the corner, partially open, suggests a sense of direction, adding a thoughtful touch to the overall symbolism.

64. Cool Compass With Clock And Rose Tattoo

In this tattoo, a regular rose, a compass without a specific direction, and a mechanical clock come together to tell a unique story. The clock symbolizes discipline and tradition, emphasizing the importance of structure in life. On the other hand, the compass, lacking direction, represents free-spiritedness, embracing the joy of exploration. The rose stands for beauty and innocence, embodying the desire to appreciate life fully as it continues to bloom.

65. Clock And Rose Charcoal Black Tattoo

This dark noir-style tattoo is defined by sharp shapes and outlines, with a backdrop resembling a globe and continents, symbolizing a sense of exploration and discovery. The compass signifies the direction, whether it’s exploring new places or self-discovery. The beautiful clock and rose suggest that the wearer is enjoying a fulfilling time, adding a touch of positivity to the overall symbolism.

Heart-Shaped Clock With Rose Tattoos

Capture the essence of changing moments and eternal love with a heart clock entwined in delicate roses in the following tattoos. The tattoos below represent a timeless symbol of passion, time, and everlasting beauty.

66. Pink Clock And Rose Tattoo

This tattoo features a heart-shaped clock accompanied by two roses in a vibrant light red hue. An intriguing element is added with negative space impressions in the form of claw scratches across the clock and one of the roses, giving the tattoo an extraordinary and unique touch.

67. Rose And Clock Time-Stamp Tattoo

This unique tattoo comprises three heart-shaped clocks, each holding the memories of significant life events, possibly representing the birth of children. The clocks are adorned with beaded decorations, and the roses bloom with freshness, using gradient shading to add depth to the overall tattoo.

68. Uplifting Rose And Clock Tattoo

In this charming tattoo, a heart-shaped clock is adorned with filigree designs that wrap around it like closed wings. Beautiful roses, along with a budding flower, embellish the design. Multiple shoots emerging from the clock symbolize growth and development with the passage of time.

69. Vibrant Clock And Rose Tattoo

This vibrant tattoo features a golden clock at the center, bearing the name of someone special. Red and blue roses emerge both at the top and bottom, with green leaves providing a balanced and lively look to the entire artwork, creating a fun and colorful vibe.

70. Clock And Rose Tattoo In Bold Lines

In this simple yet elegant 2D tattoo, a monarch butterfly flutters above a heart-shaped clock adorned with beaded outer decoration. A classic rose graces the top, and a meaningful name completes the bottom. Executed in grayscale with thick outlines, this traditional tattoo keeps each element distinct, creating a timeless and clear visual narrative.

Clock And Rose Hand Tattoos

Embrace the exquisite dance of time and nature with the captivating rose and clock hand tattoos below. Watch the ticking hands create a poetic fusion of beauty and the relentless march of time.

71. Rose And Clock Mixed Tattoo

On the back of the hand, a captivating tattoo unfolds – a clock and a rose intricately juxtaposed, seamlessly blending into each other. The cogs and pegs extend beyond the confines of the rose, creating an eccentric and intriguing piece of art. It’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate the allure of keeping things visually interesting.

72. Powerful Clock And Rose Tattoo

In this compelling tattoo, a clock shattered into pieces commands attention. Despite the cracks, the needles move freely, symbolizing the relentless march of time. The black backdrop extends upwards, resembling a canvas above the clock. Two nails in the clock suggest attempts to mend the broken, but the message is clear: what’s broken can’t be fully repaired. This tattoo poignantly symbolizes the delicate nature of moments in time that remain irreversibly altered.

73. Subtle Rose And Clock Tattoo

Adorning the back of the hand, this tattoo features a robust pocket watch with a delicate rose growing over it. The artist skillfully uses negative space to create a ribbon effect, forming a graceful and wavy pattern around the clock. The juxtaposition of strength and fragility in this design reflects the complex interplay of time and the fleeting beauty of life.

74. Clock And Rose Tattoo With A Gradient Finish

This neat tattoo on the back of the hand seamlessly blends a delicate rose with a detailed clock, skillfully imposed to fit the canvas. The artist employs a gradient technique, creating a seamless transition of colors that adds depth and vibrancy to this elegant piece.

75. Elegant Rose And Clock Tattoo

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This elegant tattoo, adorned with bold black outlines, exudes daring vibes. A name, written in flowing italics, adds a personal touch to the artwork. Positioned just above is a clock with a significant date inscribed, enhanced by the artist’s skillful use of gradient technique and white highlights, making this piece truly stand out on the hand.

Clock And Rose Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder provides a broad and alluring canvas to elevate your inked expression with a mesmerizing blend of a radiant rose that gracefully entwines the intricate details of a clock.
Check out the designs below to get a fair idea.

76. Balanced Rose And Clock Tattoo

A grand shoulder tattoo features a huge rose on one side, a flying dove on the shoulder blades, and a clock on the backside. Despite being in different directions, the three elements seamlessly blend to form a single cohesive art piece. The artist skillfully creates a dark common background, uniting these elements in a visually striking way.

77. Grainy Rose And Clock Tattoo

This expansive shoulder tattoo showcases a large mechanical clock and a realistic rose. Above them, a flying dove adds a touch of symbolism, representing victory, love, and peace. The clock bears a poignant significance, displaying a father’s death date, making this tattoo a personal and meaningful tribute.

78. Holy Dove With A Rose And A Clock

Intricately detailed, this shoulder tattoo features two roses, a dove, and a clock with wing-like filigree design. The balanced composition is enhanced by a blooming rose beneath the clock, creating a harmonious and visually appealing overall tattoo.

79. Burgundy Rose And Clock Tattoo

In this stunning shoulder tattoo, a vibrant red rose takes center stage, painted with a delicate watercolor technique. A geometrically designed dove graces the scene with elegance, its tails adding intricate details. Beautifully realistic leaves complete the composition, and a clock crowns the top of the shoulder, blending nature and time seamlessly.

80. Modern Clock And Rose Tattoo

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A captivating shoulder tattoo featuring an abstract clock design and two large roses, all rendered in a stylish greyscale gradient. The artistic abstraction of the clock adds a unique touch, while the roses bring a classic and timeless beauty to the piece. This versatile design would look equally fantastic on the thigh.

Clock And Rose Chest Tattoos

The chest tattoos with this combination boldly adorn your chest with a harmonious fusion of temporal grace and floral beauty. In each tick, find a heartbeat, and in every petal, a story unfolds, etching a tale of eternal elegance on the canvas of your chest. Check below.

81. 3-Dimensional Clock And Rose Tattoo

A stunning 3D tattoo adorns the chest, featuring an intricately detailed and oversized clock. The artist skillfully plays with light and shadows, creating a realistic appearance. Accompanying this is a heavy and detailed rose, adding a touch of classic beauty to the overall design.

82. Huge Clock And Rose Tattoo

A sizable chest tattoo showcasing a 3D-style clock with a delicate rose perched atop. The intricate spiral pattern, winding in a clockwise direction, symbolizes progress and moving forward. For a personal touch, a name is thoughtfully added to the design.

83. Plain Clock And Rose Tattoo

An exquisitely inked chest tattoo featuring a finely detailed clock and rose. The grainy finish suggests the artist skillfully employed hatching techniques, creating a seamless blend in the design. This tattoo symbolizes the intricate connection between the fleeting nature of time, embodied by the clock, and the enduring beauty and passion encapsulated in the blooming rose.

84. Scarlet Red Rose And Clock Tattoo

This tattoo features highly realistic roses in greyscale, accompanied by subtle yellow accents. A delicate bumblebee hovers over the flowers, creating a visually appealing contrast within the grayscale design.

85. Decorated Heart Clock And Rose Tattoo

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Adorning the chest, this tattoo showcases a heart-shaped clock and a full rose, masterfully crafted with a blend of gradient and dotted styles. The clock is highlighted by intricate beaded designs along its outlines, adding a touch of elegance to the overall composition.

Clock And Rose Tattoos With A Bird

These captivating tattoos feature the intricate dance of time represented by a clock, the delicate beauty of roses, and the freedom embodied by a bird. Together, they create a masterpiece on your body as shown below.

86. Clock And Rose Raven Tattoo

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On the shoulder, this tattoo features two clocks, each adorned with significant dates and names. A striking element is the large raven holding an unblossomed, withered rose in its beak. The composition suggests a poignant narrative, symbolizing tragedy and loss, conveyed through the symbolism of the unmatured rose and the presence of the black raven.

87. Leafy Rose And Clock Tattoo

This tattoo showcases a needleless clock creatively replaced with birds, utilizing aesthetic styles to form appealing shapes and curves, extending into leaves and feathers. The design exudes vitality, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of animals.

88. Rich Rose And Clock Tattoo

In this black and grey tattoo, a dove, clock, and rose come to life with a combination of hatching and gradient styles, providing depth and definition. The clouded background adds a touch of mysticism and realism as if lifted from the pages of a chronicle book.

89. Uplifting Rose And Clock Tattoo

On the forearm, a tattoo unfolds with a hopeful dove in flight, wings fully fledged, symbolizing freedom. A clock reveals its cogs and pegs, portraying life’s transparency. Accompanied by a rose, this greyscale artwork, featuring gradient shading, captures a harmonious blend of hope, time, and the enduring beauty of nature.

90. Joyful Rose And Clock Tattoo

This tattoo boasts a dove, clock, and rose with distinct outlines, evoking a charming comic style. The simplicity of the design accentuates the dove’s graceful flight, while carefully crafted negative space adds highlights to the overall composition. The timeless symbolism of the clock and the delicate beauty of the rose blend seamlessly in this expressive and visually captivating ink.

In this diverse collection of tattoo designs, the recurring theme of roses and clocks is explored in various artistic expressions. Each tattoo narrates a unique story, blending the symbolism of time’s fleeting nature with the enduring beauty of nature, love, and remembrance. Personal touches, such as initials, names, and dates, infuse individuality into the art, making each piece a personalized representation of special connections. From poignant memorial tributes to intricate lion, skull, and dove combinations, these tattoos seamlessly weave together elements of strength, beauty, and the passage of time. Overall, this compilation showcases the artistry and symbolism that make each tattoo a meaningful and visually captivating masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time ought to be on a clock tattoo?

The time on a clock tattoo is a personal choice. Many choose a time significant for them, like a birth or a memorable moment. Others may opt for a symbolic time, such as midnight representing a new beginning.

Which is the most excellent location to get a clock and rose tattoo?

Although the choice of location for any tattoo depends on personal preference, common spots for clock and rose tattoos include the forearm, upper arm, back shoulder, or calf for a discreet option.

What are some of the most well-liked clocks and rose tattoo designs?

Popular clock and rose tattoo designs include a clock intertwined with the stem of a rose, a pocket watch surrounded by roses, or a realistic rose with a clock face.

How much will my rose and clock tattoo cost?

Tattoo costs vary based on size, complexity, and artist rates. For a detailed rose and clock tattoo, you may expect it to cost from $100 to $300 or more, depending on complexity and location.

What is the symbolism behind a rose and clock tattoo?

The rose symbolizes love, beauty, and life, while the clock represents the passage of time. Together, they often signify the fleeting nature of time, the beauty in transience, or the remembrance of a moment frozen in time.

Key Takeaways

  • Roses and clocks intertwine, symbolizing the eternal beauty of nature against the backdrop of time’s passage.
  • Initials and dates add a personalized touch, making each tattoo a unique representation of individual relationships.
  • From realistic roses to creative combinations with lions and skulls, the clock and rose tattoos showcase a spectrum of artistic styles.
  • Each tattoo narrates a distinct tale, blending strength, beauty, and the temporal nature of existence.
90 Amazing Clock And Rose Tattoo Ideas To Try Out

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