Coconut Oil For Grey Hair: Does It Work And How To Use

Written by Annie Jangam

We all dread seeing that random strand of gray hair! It is inevitable. Sooner or later, we all experience graying of hair. It is the natural order of the world. However, we as humans always want to find ways to look younger, and one such way is to stop our hair from turning gray.  Traditional medicine has long since claimed coconut oil as an elixir of youth with anti-aging properties. It is believed that using coconut oil for grey hair can be effective! In this article, we look for the scientific basis for this claim.

Keep reading to find out if coconut oil will help you get rid of gray hair.

Why Should Use Coconut Oil For Grey Hair?

As you age, the oxidative stress and free radicals in your body increase, and your body’s natural defense system get weaker (1). The level of melanin pigment –which protects your skin and hair from harmful UV rays and free radicles –also reduces (2). This results in graying hair or canities.

Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen with an SPF of 8 (3). This property helps in fighting oxidative stress. Hence, it is believed that coconut oil can help in delaying graying of hair. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that coconut oil promotes hair growth and helps reduce premature graying of hair. It is a natural alternative to chemical dyes that can damage your hair in the long run.

Coconut oil mixed with lemon juice is a common home remedy that is used to treat gray hair. Scroll down to learn more about its efficacy.

Does Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice Work For Gray Hair?

Yes, to some extent, because both coconut oil and lemon may help in delaying gray hair due to their anti-aging properties. Lemon is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress (4). Hair graying is a biological process that is regulated by genetics (2). So, keep in mind that hair graying can only be delayed to some extent. This is not a miracle cure. It is just one of the natural remedies that can help you, especially if you are experiencing premature graying.

So, there is a chance that coconut oil along with lemon juice can help in reversing premature gray hair. Find out how in the next section.

How To Use Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice For Hair Growth

You Will Need

  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 3 teaspoons of lemon juice


  1. Mix the coconut oil and lemon juice in a bowl.
  2. Apply this mixture to your hair and scalp. Ensure you coat the lengths of the hair, focusing more on the graying areas.
  3. Use a shower cap to cover your head. The heat trapped inside the cap will help in better penetration of the mixture.
  4. You can leave this mixture on for 45-60 minutes.
  5. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual.
  6. Repeat this remedy once every week for the best results.


Now you know how to use coconut oil for grey hair and how does it help prevent the oncoming of grey hair. Aging is a normal part of life, and gray hair should not be a source of stress or embarrassment. However, there is no harm in using natural ways to fight gray hair. One such remedy is to use the potent anti-aging properties of natural ingredients such as coconut oil. You can try out this remedy to prevent your hair from graying. Do keep in mind that it does not always work, and a more holistic approach is to embrace the natural process of aging.

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