Colors That Go With Brown – Tips And Outfit Ideas

Written by Pratima Ati

Brown, tan, camel, caramel, toffee, coffee, copper, and many other shades that fall under the brown spectrum are just pure classy. Take a step back and think about some of your favorite room décor items, hotel themes, restaurants, jackets, boots or coats – you guessed it, right? Most of them come in brown, bark or other tones. And, at the risk of saying something cliché, I’m going to say – we have seen enough to know that brown could be the new black. You just have to decide if you want to pop it with accessories, boots, jackets, trousers, sweaters or any other item. Here’s some fashion inspiration you can take cues from and check out the colors that go with brown. Cheggit!

1. Dress

Brown and its many variants make for great stand-alone colors, just like black. So, here are a couple of simple ways to wear camel and cinnamon shades of brown and doll up in fine jewelry to subtly go with the flow. But, if you are looking to pack a punch with the same outfit, throw on an animal print scarf with a golden cross body bag and muted gold pumps; or go for full gold accessories that can be either chunky or simple, depending on your mood. A plaid shirt dress in brown with combat boots is another classy combination for fall. Strut around in this sipping pumpkin spice latte.

2. Pants/Trousers

Brown trousers, formal pants, chinos, joggers, leather pants, etc., are all classy ways to incorporate brown into your outfit. If you do not want to be outlandish, go for softer undertones, and of course, white tops. You can never go wrong with whites and browns. Loose yoga pants, palazzos, side tracks, and joggers are all fun and peppy ways to wear brown. Whites, pastels, off-white, beige, etc. are all sartorially approved colors, while black is a big no. If you want to go all out and take inspiration from the runway, throw on a red puffer jacket, shrug or a hat.

3. Oversized Sweaters

There’s just something about the monochromatic brown looks that gives you a polished look almost instantly. Sweaters are interesting choices and go with most light washed jeans, jeggings or fleece leggings. But a brown oversized sweater with ankle length boots, boyfriend jeans, and big chunky sunglasses is a sure shot way to up your fashion standards and make winters exciting.

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4. Leather Jacket

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The best of camel or brown colored jackets are from Burberry, so if you own one of those, your quota for brown is taken care of and anything more is just a bonus. I settled for a brown leather jacket, and we all know why. On a serious note, a camel trench (of any brand), a leather jacket or a faux fur coat in brown are all snazzy additions to your coat closet.

5. Shorts

Instead of regular denim shorts or hot pants, go for khaki shorts or brown leather shorts and look impeccably stylish. Again, a no-brainer would be to wear a white shirt if you are headed to a fancy concert or dinner. If you want to add layers, throw on a simple tank with a shrug (or not), a plaid shirt, a bomber jacket or something along those lines.

6. Skirts

Pencil and formal skirts with a neatly tucked in white shirt are for the corporate smart chicks who are on top of their fashion game. Nude or pastel colored pumps will perfectly complement the look. A tote bag or a leather satchel in brown, fine silver accessories or a blazer will spruce up your look.

7. Leggings

Come winter, ditch your regular black leggings and meet your new best friend – brown leggings. Loose pastel-colored sweaters, white T-shirts, knee-high boots, chunky dull gold accessories, animal print scarves or tops, etc., can go with them. Or, go with a monochrome look with brown leggings, camel trench, and ankle length boots – and if you’ve wanted to get balayage or caramel highlights, this might be a good time.

8. Boots And Shoes

Are you new to the brown bandwagon? And, don’t know where to start or want to take it slow? Start with some boots. For all you know, you might be doing it already. But yes, remember this – ankle length for every day, pumps or knee-high boots for a fancy day out and combat boots whenever you feel like it. But, brown boots or shoes are the way to go.

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9. Scarf


Scarves are and have always been the easiest props to spin around an outfit. Go for a thick brown or copper colored scarf to complement your brown boots, or an animal print scarf to go with your camel coat. These are classy ways to incorporate streaks of brown into your outfit.

10. Accessories

Watches, jewelry, earrings, glasses, finger rings, lipstick, bags, and hairbands in brown are all little things that can pop your outfit. Junk in brown is so cool!

Brown is just as classy as black, only a little trickier to wear until you find your way around it. But hey, we all need some creative challenges and should explore options to make life exciting. And, as far as I’m concerned, I need new things to obsess over every other season, and I have found mine for this one. I hope this post on colors that go with brown helped! How do you want to style your browns? Let us know by dropping in a comment in the section below.

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