Everything You Need To Know About A Committed Relationship

Written by Harini Natarajan

We all crave a serious and lasting companionship. A relationship may be fulfilling but needs a lot of effort from both sides. Although every person has different expectations from their partner, the one point most agree upon is commitment.

After the bubble of excitement over dating someone new bursts, it leads us to the crucial question of commitment. While commitment varies in every relationship, it is usually mutually agreed upon by the people involved in the relationship.

Discover more about the importance of commitment and recognize the signs of being in a committed relationship.

What Is A Committed Relationship?

Committed relationships are based on a promise of love, trust, faith, and honesty. Such relationships are mutually agreed upon by both the people involved.

Relationship commitment extends beyond mere exclusivity and is unique to the choices of the people involved. You both accept the decisions you make in such a relationship and promise to go steady. Commitment in a relationship provides a sense of security and control to both the people.

There are various types of committed relationships – closed friendship, courtship, long-term relationship, marriage, and civil union. A romantic relationship demands deeper commitment as compared to a familial bond or a friendship.

Why Is Commitment Important In A Relationship?

Your intention directs your attitude toward a relationship. If you are going into something for only having some fun, you will have a casual relationship. Such a relationship will never be long-term because once the fun ends, so will the relationship.

Thus, you should be aware of your intent and commitment towards each other from the beginning. Only by ensuring both the parties are on the same page will you be able to save yourself from heartache.

Commitment is synonymous with long-term. Your bond extends beyond just having fun – your commitment to each other shows that you both will be together through the good times and the bad. It is this intention to commit that prolongs your relationship, allowing it to continue.

The feeling of control and security that you gain through such a relationship can be beneficial in several ways. Take the example of raising children. Children are quite the responsibility for any couple – they are defenseless and under your care. Your commitment provides both of you the strength to make the decisions for your children, giving them the freedom and protection to grow.

So what does it translate to in the present-day scenario? Apart from declaring your relationship commitment to each other, you both should be aware of the things you are committing to.

There are no specific rules for commitment – you both are the ones who decide what you will be committing to. Every relationship is unique, and so are your decisions and choices. Your promises can be about anything – trust, faithfulness, openness, or monogamy – in your relationship.

At the core, how well you keep your promises directly translates to the success of your relationship.

Are You Ready To Commit To A Relationship?

It can be a tricky thing to know if you are ready to take the next step and commit. When you have had prior relationships, you have some experience in this matter. With these experiences, you know what you are looking for in your partner.

For someone new to a relationship, relationship commitment may be a daunting experience. If you are looking to stay in the relationship for a long time – rather than only short-term fun and excitement – you are most likely looking for commitment.

Pay attention to what you have to offer and expect from each other. In a happy relationship, you must continuously invest your time and effort in the relationship.
If you look closely at your relationship, you may notice you already are in a committed one. Read on to know more.

Signs You Are In A Committed Relationship

Simply assuming the traditional labels of ‘significant other’ or ‘spouse’ is no longer sufficient these days. Communication retains its status of being the best way to decide whether your relationship is a committed one. Some signs demonstrate a strong possibility of commitment. Before taking your relationship to the next level, you can look for these signs:

1. Spending Quality Time Together

Spending quality time is one of the biggest signs of commitment. Participating in some regular activities such as watching TV together or chatting over a cup of tea can also be meaningful. With a busy daily schedule with work, travel, and housework, there is hardly any spare time left for most of us. The fact that your partner puts in the effort to spend time with you is a good sign.

2. Meeting Each Other’s Needs

Each person has their own needs: emotional support, companionship, or even satisfying sexual desires. If your partner is trying their best to meet your needs, they are most likely committed to this relationship. Conversely, if you are attempting to get someone to commit to you, try meeting their needs. You will find it works wonders.

3. Supporting Each Other During Tough Times

Committed relationships are often long-term relationships. With the various ups and downs of life, you will expect your partner to be there as your strength and support through it all. If your partner is the first person you think of during challenging times and vice versa, you are most likely in a committed relationship.

4. Going Out Of Your Way For Each Other

Caring for someone will have you going out of your way to help them out. It is more than an obligation. In fact, it just feels right.

Taking time out to listen to them voice their frustrations, giving them a ride home when it is out of your way, or even skipping out on your lunch break to run an errand for them are few examples. If you find your partner doing these things for you, you have found yourself a keeper.

5. Sharing Secrets

Things like giving them a spare key to your house or sharing your secrets with them demonstrate ultimate trust. When you share such information with someone, you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It also shows the faith you have in the other person.

While it can strengthen your relationship, it is best to practice caution when sharing your confidential information such as passwords or PINs with another person unless you are in a committed relationship.

6. Getting Invited To Family Functions And Celebrations

Going steady with someone involves getting to know their family and friends. Your partner will naturally want to show off your relationship to the ones dear to them. They will also want others to get to know you and appreciate you the way they do.

If you find yourself getting invited to family celebrations and functions, your partner wants you to meet the family. You can also get to know your partner better by interacting with their loved ones.

7. Vacationing Together

People go on vacations to relax and rejuvenate. When it comes to vacations, one would only prefer to go with someone whose company they enjoy. You can make several happy memories and get to know each other better. If you take frequent vacations together, it is a sign that you and your partner are committed to each other.

8. Planning Your Future Together

In most committed relationships, people make decisions based on the likes and dislikes of their partners. Planning things together in a way that accommodates both your needs is significant in a committed relationship. It matters to both of you what the other desires to do in their future. As commitment is a long-term deal, planning for your future together can be a good sign.

Now, let’s find out if you can be in a relationship without commitment.

Can You Be In A Relationship Without Commitment?

Yes, you can be in a relationship without commitment. It is a casual relationship where both the parties enter with the mindset of having fun or merely to see where it will lead without any expectations. However, if one person becomes emotionally involved in such a relationship while the other does not, it can end badly.

In a casual relationship, communication is of utmost importance. As there is no commitment, the question of monogamy can arise in such a relationship. Prioritize your preferences and decide for yourself if you are all right with an open relationship.

Often, an open conversation with your partner can help you in such a case. Instead of assuming things will fall into place, set some ground rules and boundaries for yourself and communicate them to your partner.

Do you want your partner to show commitment in a relationship? Check out the next section for some rules that will help you take your relationship to the next level.

How To Get Someone To Commit To The Relationship

1. Commit Yourself

To gain anything, you first need to start giving. It is a rule especially true for commitment in a relationship. If you feel that you are ready for commitment, communicate that to your partner in clear terms. You can then find out if you both are on the same page.

2. Value Yourself

If you do not value yourself and set appropriate boundaries, how can you ever expect someone else to see your worth? Valuing yourself shows the other person that you do not need them to feel emotionally secure.

If you act like a doormat, you will allow others to exploit you. Only someone who knows their own value can set the foundation for a healthy, committed relationship.

3. Wanting Vs. Needing

True love is a choice. It is not an emotional crutch you need to get through your life. It is all about wanting to be with the other person by choice.

When you are emotionally stable and love yourself, you will attract someone who wants to be with you. Don’t treat your partner like an emotional band-aid that you need to survive. This can make them feel suffocated in the relationship. Instead, work on becoming emotionally secure and independent. This way, you will want to spend your life with your partner in a healthy way.

4. Know Why The Other Person Does Not Wish To Commit

Most people avoid commitment because it is intimidating, have had a bad experience before, or are looking for fun.

Have an honest talk about the reasons why they do not wish to commit. If they are afraid and need time, decide whether you can give it to them. You have to choose if they are worth the wait. If they only want to keep things casual between you two, you need to rethink your relationship.

Do you think you are ready to commit to your partner and want to take things further? Find out how long you should stay in a non-committal relationship.

How Long Should You Stay In A Relationship Without Commitment?

There is no specific rule or time frame for how long you should stay in a relationship without commitment. Whether you want to stay or let it go depends on you and your feelings.

You can ask your partner if they are willing to take the next step in your relationship and commit to each other. Although sometimes they may be on the same page as you, that is not always the case.

If your partner is unwilling to commit to you, hoping that they will change their mind will not work. Committing to a relationship requires a desire to be together for the long haul. It is not your job to convince your partner to make such a decision – nor will you be a hero for changing their mind. Unlike romantic stories and sappy movies, embarking on such a journey will only land you with a broken heart and disappointment.

Ask yourself if you are getting what you truly desire from such a relationship. Are you giving up more than what you are getting? In the end, is everything you are doing worth it? Is it making you happy? The answers to these questions may change throughout your relationship, and you may need to re-evaluate your decisions accordingly.

You should consider leaving when you are no longer happy with the way things are going. Rather than allowing your unsatisfied desires to turn into resentment, you can make a healthy choice and move on.

Take Away

There is no one-size-fits-all resolution when it comes to commitment in a relationship. Each relationship is unique and agreed upon mutually by both partners. Though there are some signs that point toward commitment, communicating your expectations is the best way to ensure you are committed to each other.

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