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Your lips are unique, with a non-replicating set of grooves, freckles, and irregularities. While experts have identified nine universal lip shapes, there is a chance that you may possess a combination of two or more lip types. This post explains the different shapes of lips that set you apart from others. Keep reading.

Why Does My Lip Shape Matter?

The first facial feature that people notice about you is your lips. A lot of cultures associate lips with beauty. While their shape is mainly determined by genetics and your facial structure, the way you take care of them can make a huge difference to the way you smile or expression other emotions. Hence, it is important that you identify your lip shape and understand how to accentuate and take care of it by investing in the right products.

How To Identify Your Lip Shape

According to experts, the best way to identify your lip type is by looking at a vanity mirror. If your top lip is more voluminous than your lower lip, it is a top-heavy lip type. Once you identify this, find ways to accentuate your bottom lip and balance the symmetry.

Similarly, if you have wide lips that stretch from cheek to cheek, you might want to show this off. However, you must first understand what category your lips fall into to know how to improve them.

Here is a rundown of the most commonly identified lip types. Examine your lips and find which subhead they fall into.

The Most Common Lip Shapes

The Most Common Lip Shapes


1. Full Lips

Full lips refer to evenly plump lips with voluminous top and bottom halves. These are best accentuated with bold and bright colors – try blending them outward with your fingers. Full lips do not need a precision cut, but make sure to choose a shade that matches your complexion. Apply pop-on gloss to the center of your lips and tap some highlighter on the cupid’s bow.

2. Heavy Upper Lips

Heavy upper lips or top-heavy lips are voluminous and heavy at the top. To accentuate them, add volume to your lower lip using a liner. Complement it with a gentle, brow-penciled shadow. You may also use a concealer to make your upper lip less prominent.

3. Wide Lips

Wide lips are longer than full, spanning from one cheek to another and forming a perfect smile. Go for an ombre look with a subtle of lip liners. Apply the darker liner on the outer side and fill the rest with a lighter shade. Finish your look with complementing lipstick.

4. Round Lips

You have round lips if your top and bottom lips have the same width all around. Such lips create a natural-looking pout and feature a gentle cupid’s bow. A touch of gloss in the center can accentuate the plushness of this lip type. If you want to widen the shape, use a lip liner to tweak the look, but do not go overboard.

5. Heavy Lower Lips

If your bottom lip is more voluminous and heavy than the upper half, you fall under this lip shape. You need to follow the opposite of the ‘heavy upper lips’ strategy. Conceal the lower half or enhance the upper half with makeup, and you are good to go.

6. Thin Lips

Those with thin lips have lower volume and thickness on both upper and lower halves. Make lip gloss your best friend and apply it to the center for a fuller and plushy look. You can also opt for lip liners to create an illusion of thicker lips. Embrace your natural shape and add a little makeup to accentuate it.

7. Bow-Shaped Lips

This lip shape features a prominent cupid’s bow. To enhance this coveted lip shape, you can highlight the center of the cupid’s bow or soften the ‘V’ on your upper lip. Create a sharp edge with a concealer or lip liner if you want the shape to pop.

8. Heart-Shaped Lips

Heart-shaped lips have a defined cupid’s bow and a sharp lower lip that makes a shape of a heart. To bring more attention to the heart, dab some highlighter on the cupid. Smudge the lip liner towards the outline if you want to blur out the edges.

9. Downward-Turned Lips

Down-turned lips tend to have a slight dip or frown towards the corners. This lower lip shape has a downward protruding appearance. To counter this, apply lipsticks or formulas that do not fill your lips. Use a darker lip color than your lip shade to creates an illusion of a shadow.

There is no ideal lip shape. Only the right techniques can make your lips look their absolute best. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your lips.

How To Take Care Of Your Lips

1. Exfoliate Regularly

Just like your skin, your lips tend to accumulate dead cells and become dry and dull. Apply lip balm every night before sleeping. Follow up by gently exfoliating your lips with a brush the next day.

2. Hydrate Your Lips

Drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day to avoid dry and irritable lips. Your lips need as much hydration as your body, and water is the best treatment to achieve soft, smooth, and healthy-looking lips. You can also use a lip moisturizer that contains aloe vera, honey, and shea butter to prevent chapped lips and cold sores.

3. Avoid Makeup When Indoors

Lipsticks can make your lips dry and chapped over time. So, avoid them as much as you can, especially when you are indoors. Apply a primer or balm before using lipstick to limit the damage.

4. Do Not Lick Your Lips

Refrain from licking your lips as it can lead to discoloration and redness. Anecdotal evidence suggests that saliva can also make your lips drier as it contains enzymes that are perfect for breaking down your food but terrible at moisturizing your lips. Apply a soothing lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and soft.

5. Use Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E exhibits antioxidant properties, which help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and free radical damage. You can apply vitamin E oil to your lips and keep them healthy-looking, plump, and beautiful.

6. Avoid Staying In The Sun For Long

The harsh UV rays of the sun can damage and darken your lips and make them dry and chapped. Use a protective lip balm that contains SPF to prevent this issue.

Can you enhance the shape of your lips? Yes, your lips can be redefined in various ways. Scroll down to know what they are.

How To Enhance Your Lip Shape


The right use of makeup can work wonders to accentuate and reshape your lips. Experiment with several lip shades, lip liners, and concealers to find the perfect fit for you. Each lip type must follow unique makeup tips to make it healthy and attractive.


Fillers, both permanent and temporary, can help you achieve successful and promising results. Hyaluronic acid and polyacrylamide are the most widely used fillers for your lips.

  •  Hyaluronic Acid Filler:This temporary filler lasts for about six months. It has a gel-like smooth texture and takes about four days to manifest on your lips. Hyaluronic fillers are popular because they take less little time to show effect and can be erased easily.
  • Collagen Filler: Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body and helps make your lips smooth and plump.
  • Silicon Filler: It is a permanent lip filler and hard to reverse its effects. Silicone fillers are pre-made and usually cheaper than temporary fillers.

Lip Exercises

Your chosen lip-fix, be it temporary or permanent, might take some time to settle in its new form. This is where lip exercises can help you. Various pouting techniques and jaw exercises that work on your mouth muscles can keep your lips fit enough to support a change in their structure.


Botox, also known as lip flip, can make your lips look fuller. This involves injecting a small amount of botox around your lips. It helps relax your lips and naturally curl them upwards like a flip. This technique plumps your lips and helps smoothen wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth.

Nova Threads

This minimally invasive procedure uses tiny dissolvable threads to restore your body’s natural collagen production. It can last up to two years and help define the lip area. Nova threads can also fade lip wrinkles and prevent the formation of fine lines.


Your lip shape is genetically determined, but you can add your spin with the right makeup, exercises, or surgical procedures. Prominent and fuller lips need darker shades, while thinner lips go well with lighter shades to make your face look symmetrical. Keep your lips hydrated and protect them from harsh climates to keep them beautiful and supple.

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