15 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Written by Harini Natarajan

Breakups can hurt, but what if you have to go through a divorce?

When two people get married, they promise to stay together forever. And most marriages do travel the extra mile to keep up with this promise. However, not everything is charming in the real world. Sometimes, couples lack commitment and end up getting divorced.

Since every marriage is unique, their reasons for getting divorced vary too. From cheating and financial issues to lack of communication and addiction, several issues can lead to failed marriages. We have tried to jot down some of these reasons for divorce. Scroll down to take a look.

15 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

1. Infidelity



Probably one of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity or cheating. When one person starts looking for physical or emotional needs outside the marriage, it is bound to be a big blow to the relationship. Once the trust is betrayed, it becomes extremely difficult to gain it back. Even if the other partner forgives, the connection is lost forever. There is also a constant hint of suspicion that lingers in the marriage.

2. Broken Communication

Just like lack of trust, lack of communication weakens the foundation of any relationship. Almost every other reason for divorce stems from this absence of proper communication between the partners. The couple stops sharing their feelings, and things can build up slowly, affecting their bond. If not settled well in time, it can also lead to distrust, self-doubt, insecurity, and divorce.

3. Lack Of Intimacy

An “I love you” once in a while is good, but it might not be enough. There has to be some closeness in the bedroom. And no, we are not talking about sex. Intimacy can be holding hands, hugging, cuddling, or making eye contact. It is about paying attention to your spouse and showing them affection.

A dry spell is also fine, but when there is a lack of intimacy, you may experience a serious disconnection. Some people even start feeling as if they are living with a stranger, and when that happens, marriage can easily fall down the slippery road of divorce.

4. Falling Out of Love

At times, the marriage can fall apart not because of betrayal or mistrust but because the love and the spark both the partners felt at the beginning are lost. The couple may grow apart as they learn more about each other, and their romantic feelings may end with time.

In such a scenario, couples can opt for therapy to prevent any resentment and bitter feelings. Otherwise, divorce turns out to be the best option.

5. Financial Issues

Monetary issues can create big troubles in a marriage. It can impact a relationship in several ways. Couples can have disagreements on overspending or get stressed due to financial instability. When one spouse holds control of the finances, it can strain a marriage to a breaking point.

What more? Money issues can also cause stress, which creates communication gaps and trust issues. Eventually, they can snowball and wreck the entire relationship.

6. Addiction



From alcohol and gambling to drugs or pornography, addiction can wreak havoc on families. Addiction often takes control of one’s life and pushes them away from jobs, families, and marriage. It can also lead to abuse and mental trauma. The addicted spouse is prone to cheating, lying, or might hurt their partner. This can become a strong ground for divorce.

7. Domestic Violence

Although an unfortunate reality, domestic violence is also why people get divorced. The abuse can be emotional, physical, financial, or sexual. Staying in an abusive relationship can affect the quality of life, break self-confidence, and pull the abused into depression. They may even start living in a constant state of fear. Divorce is often the best solution to get rid of such a toxic relationship.

8. Incompatibility

When one said tomato, the other said tomah-to. A marriage where the thoughts of both parties are not aligned gives rise to constant arguments and fights, which may eventually lead to divorce.

The incompatibility can be in various areas – like religion, core values, or financial aspirations. It can even go up to the point where the lifestyle of one spouse is disliked by the other. In such cases, friction is bound to happen, and when things go out of control, couples get divorced.

9. Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations


Big or small, every relationship has some expectations attached to it. And when it comes to marriages, partners usually stand with a huge castle of lofty expectations. That is where the trouble begins. The unrealistic expectations, be it emotional support or sexual fantasies, can put a lot of strain on the other person. When such expectations are not met, both the partners feel dejected, and this may create a distance between them.

10. Lack Of Equality

A marriage is about companionship where two people are supposed to stay respectful and supportive of each other. Both the partners should feel they have an equal stake in the relationship. However, that can be far from reality.

Often, one partner tries to take control without letting the other one cherish the equal status. They can even become dominating and possessive to an unhealthy extent. This might lead to resentment, a break in the marriage, and divorce.

11. Early Marriage

Marrying too young is also how many marriages end in divorce. Such couples often have to face financial instabilities or lack of proper communication. Since they are not mature enough to understand the crux of marriage, and there is little guidance, they find it difficult to deal with marital problems.

Things become even more complicated if young couples have children too soon. The amount of energy, effort, and money required to raise a child can be quite challenging. Such setbacks often push the couple into divorce and separation.

12. Problems With In-Laws

Sometimes, it is not the couple but the family that becomes the reason for divorce. This usually happens in the case of joint families. The conflicts may arise when the family tries to interfere with the couple’s lifestyle choices, individuality, or financial aspects. The table can also turn when a spouse’s behavior towards their in-laws is unfavorable. Family politics is another reason that can create a never-ending spiral of tension and conflict.

13. Health Issues

While it may not be a common reason for divorce, illness can cause the shift from a happy marriage to a stressful one. Health issues can increase the financial debt and may make one partner too dependent on the other. The situation becomes tense when the issue is related to infertility.

14. Unresolved Conflicts

Unresolved Conflicts


Every married couple has conflicts. The best way to deal with them is to have open and honest communication. But there are times when conflicts stay at the back of the closet – untouched and unresolved. Couples may try to hide or not discuss it for the sake of their social image, children, or even the fear that it will break their marriage. When these conflicts resurface later, they can become strong reasons for divorce.

15. Sexual Orientations

Our society is still not ready to accept the fact that people can have unique sexual orientations. Many people shy away from sharing their preferences and end up marrying under family pressure.

The truth about sexual orientation may not surface for years, and the couple lives a ‘happy’ life. But when the revelation occurs, it can shake the foundations of the relationship. This can create confusion and a feeling of betrayal and mistrust, leading to divorce.

If you identify any of these factors in your relationship, be mindful about where your marriage is heading. If you can no longer cope with your partner, divorce is perhaps the best option for you. It is wise to walk away from your partner when a marriage no longer serves its purpose, and you are only experiencing pain and suffering. However, if both the partners are committed to make their relationship work, things can improve. You and your partner can conquer the tough times and save your marriage with genuine effort and devotion.

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