75 Conversation Starter Questions For Couples

by Harini Natarajan

Communication is key. Whether you are a new couple or have been together for a while, sharing your thoughts with your partner helps you not only build a good connection with them but also understand each other’s likes and dislikes and perception.


Although conversing is essential, sometimes, finding a good topic of discussion becomes a challenge, no matter how good you are with talking to people. Here is a list of 51 conversation starters for couples, which will help you connect in no time. These questions will help you develop a better understanding of the similarities you have and respect your differences.

Best Conversation Starter Questions For Couples

A. Conversation Starter Questions About Life


No matter how well we know a person, there are still some secrets. Some topics do not pop up during a normal conversation, but asking them will definitely help you understand them and their perception about life. Here is a list of 24 cool questions that are about their life choices and decisions.

  1. If given a chance to be anywhere else, where would you rather be?
  2. Which is the proudest moment of your life?
  3. If you could change one decision in your life, what would you like to change?
  4. What was the biggest lie you said and got away with?
  5. What is your favorite hobby?
  6. What would your dream job be?
  7. What would you choose – forever youth or momentary strength?
  8. What was the most traumatic incident in your life?
  9. Did you ever lose anyone? Do you miss them a lot?
  10. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  11. What is your biggest aim in life?
  12. Have you ever been depressed?
  13. What is your phobia?
  14. Which was the best phase in your life?
  15. What could anyone do that would get you annoyed instantly?
  16. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?
  17. Have you ever had a bad fight with anyone in your family?
  18. Whom would you call if you were taken to prison?
  19. What was the most embarrassing situation you have been through?
  20. What is peace of mind, according to you?
  21. Which was your happiest moment in life?
  22. Would you give anyone a second chance if they asked for forgiveness?
  23. Have you ever had to struggle for achieving anything?
  24. If you had the power to be anything, what would you be?

B. Conversation Starter Questions About Childhood And Family


Childhood plays an integral part in a person’s life. Some experiences we face as kids shape our personality. Here is a list of 15 questions that are about their childhood and family.

  1. Who was your go-to person as a child?
  2. What is your strongest childhood memory?
  3. As a child, what were you scared of?
  4. What were your parents like when you were little?
  5. What was your favorite memory of school?
  6. Who was your partner in crime in your childhood?
  7. As a child, were you religious?
  8. Did you have a strong bond with your siblings?
  9. Who was your superhero inspiration?
  10. Did you ever have a pet who grew up with you?
  11. Who was your favorite relative?
  12. If you could relive a day from your past, which day would that be?
  13. Which was your favorite toy as a child?
  14. Which was your favorite family trip?
  15. Which was the one incident in your life that made you behave like a grown-up?

C. Conversation Starter Questions About Their Love Life


It is important to know about their experiences in love, which will help you spice up your romance. Here are 15 questions about their love life.

  1. Have you ever been in love before?
  2. If you had the chance of not meeting a person you were in a relationship with, who would that be?
  3. Have you had an intimate connection before?
  4. Have you ever been guilty of doing something you did not want to do?
  5. Were you ever disloyal towards your partner?
  6. Which was the most romantic day of your life?
  7. Which was the one moment in your life you would want to recreate?
  8. Do you like dates in the rain?
  9. Who was the one person who changed your life forever?
  10. What is the first feature you notice in a girl you like?
  11. Have you ever been heartbroken?
  12. What is the most romantic location, according to you?
  13. What would you choose between money and love?
  14. What is your definition of the perfect date?
  15. What was the craziest dating experience you had?

D. Interesting Miscellaneous Conversation Starter Questions


If you have a bond where your partner is comfortable talking to you about everything then this is the great conversation topics For Couples, make it even stronger by asking them these questions. They might even give you a glimpse into their crazy side!

  1. If you turned into a girl (or boy) for a day, what would you do?
  2. What is the one thing you do that you love?
  3. If you had to kill to save me, what would you do?
  4. What would want to change in yourself?
  5. What is the first thing you would do if you got world famous?
  6. If I could turn into a non-living thing, what would you turn me into?
  7. What is your favorite way of showing your affection for anyone?
  8. What are your views on afterlife and ghosts?
  9. Name one person you owe the world to.
  10. Which is your favorite memory of us?
  11. Which is the best compliment you have heard?
  12. Which movie have you have watched umpteen times?
  13. What boosts your confidence the most?
  14. Which was your biggest secret ever?
  15. Until what age would you want to live?
  16. Is there a moment where you faced a near-death experience? Tell me about it.
  17. If you had the answer to anything you wanted, what would you ask?
  18. What is the one thing you would want to alter about me?
  19. Which musical instrument you would like to learn to play?
  20. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you want?
  21. What is your idea of enjoying a day off?

These are the best conversation starter questions you could ask your partner to strengthen your bond and get to know more about them. Be a good listener when they tell you stories related to these questions. Feel free to clarify anything that is not clear to you to avoid misunderstanding, and make sure you are not judgmental about their past.

You will be surprised when you see how these questions spice up your relationship. These conversation starters For Texting will eventually peel off the formality and leave you with two souls who love each other just the way they are.

Discover yourselves together and let the love and relationship grow strong. Try asking these questions and let us know how your experience was!

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