5 Cool Tricks That Can Give You Gorgeous Hair Overnight

5 Cool Tricks That Can Give You Gorgeous Hair Overnight April 10, 2018

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every day were a good hair day? Awakening to luscious locks may sound like a dream, but you can achieve it in your sleep. How?? Well, that’s simple!!

We can help you wake up to a perfect and glossy mane. No, you’re not dreaming! Here are a few overnight tricks to get gorgeous hair while you sleep. So, step ahead and catch up on those much-needed 8 hours.

1. Sleep With Your Hair UP!

Loose hair gets tangled and frizzed up easily, creating a bird’s nest every morning. Tossing and turning creates knots and tangles resulting in more stress to your hair while brushing it out. It’s better to tie a loose bun, ponytail or plait that doesn’t add pressure to your scalp.

2. Condition Your Hair Overnight:


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Use a fortifying mask or leave-in conditioner in the night and wake up to bouncy, nourished mane. Make sure your strands are conditioned well. Leave-in conditioners penetrate deep into the hair cuticles and heal them completely.

Tip: Wear a shower cap to bed to avoid spilling the mask or conditioner over your pillow and sheets.

3. Regular Oiling:

Our grannies always swore by it, and it reflected in their lustrous and well-kept tresses. Well, there’s a lot of truth behind the belief that regular oiling can make your locks stronger and help them grow faster. Use your fingertips to gently stimulate your scalp. This will enhance the blood flow leading to a healthy growth pattern, dispersing natural and moisturizing oils throughout the hair.

Coconut oil is, hands down, considered one of the best solutions for nourishing hair. The oil is rich in proteins that help in improving hair strength and scalp health. Slather your hair with it and wake up to a glossy mane!!

4. Beat The Frizz:

Can’t handle that unruly frizz? Yep – you are missing that one step before hitting your bed. In the night, apply a good soothing, shine serum to your hair till the ends, and then, twist it into a loose bun. Release your bun in the morning, and you’ll be left with hair that is frizz-free and shining. A smooth and silky pillow turns out to be healthy both for the hair and skin.

5. Cut The Heat:


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If you are planning to reach for heating tools in the morning, you can cut down your time on that! As suggested by stylists, washing your hair the night before and then combing it gently with a wide tooth comb can resist you from using the dryer in the morning – also cutting down the amount of heat that you’re using on your hair. By morning, your hair will be dried and softer.
Go easy on styling products, as they may end up making your scalp dry. Try not to use them often, but if you must, apply them to the strands rather than applying directly to the scalp.

In addition to all these, a healthy diet can help you with your lush locks (not overnight, though). Protein promotes healthy hair. A daily serving of eggs, chicken, fish or soy can do wonders.

Folic acid and vitamins B-6 and B-12 are also important to your hair. You can add foods rich in vitamins B-6 and B-12 in your diet – these include spinach, banana, potato, dairy products and citrus fruits.

You can now roll out of bed with fabulous-looking hair! But you gotta put up some efforts before catching up on “beauty-sleep”. Of course, no pain, no gain, right?

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