12 Exciting Couple Challenges To Spice Up Your Relationship

Make some effort to maintain that spark in your relationship with these fun activities.

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The couple challenges came into trend when the most famous Hollywood celebrity couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, released their video on social media where they are seen performing. This exciting trend which began in 2020, has shaken social media with the latest variations and additions to the concept.

A couple’s challenge is not only about testing the chemistry between them, but it also gives a chance to relish the joyful moments with each other. It is an artistic way to boost the intimacy, energy, and newfangledness of monotonous lives. Here, we have a list of gem challenges collected from social media, and you can try them with your partner. Keep scrolling!

12 Fun Couple Challenges

Participating in challenges can strengthen your communication and trust, deepen your commitment, and sharpen your conflict resolution skills. Together, you learn the value of teamwork and compromise, support each other through every challenge, and experience significant growth in your relationship. Here are a few fun challenges you can do as a couple.

1. The Original Couple Challenge

12 fun couple challenges
Image: Shutterstock

This couple challenge is easy to play. Both of you should sit next to each other and keep your eyes closed. A third person recording the video will ask you some funny questions about each other. You have to point out either yourself or your partner in response to each question.

A few examples of the questions are: Who is more romantic? Who cooks better? Who apologizes first after a fight? Who is the funny one? Who is the messy one? You can add more relatable questions to the list as per your choice.

2. Whisper Challenge

In this challenge, the first partner should wear noise-canceling headphones and listen to music at such a volume that they can’t hear any outside sounds. The second partner will try to make the first one guess a word or a sentence through gestures, mime, and mouthing the words.

The exercise can be hilarious as the partner with headphones makes wrong guesses, and the other partner tries different ways to make them understand. It will bring forth the chemistry between the couple.

3. Boyfriend-Does-My-Makeup Challenge

Boyfriend does my makeup couple challenge
Image: Shutterstock

Things can turn pretty interesting in this challenge as you let your boyfriend (or the partner with no knowledge of makeup) use your face as their canvas. The person on the chair can’t tell their partner which products are for which section of the face.

It gets more exciting as the partner with the brush is free to apply the makeup in whichever way they deem fit, while the other sits quietly with their eyes closed. The outcome can either be funny or surprising (or both). Through this challenge, a partner will learn to appreciate the effort, time, and talent that go into putting on makeup.

Nine Ross, PR person and beauty blogger, shares her experience of this couple challenge with her boyfriends. She has shared the before and after pictures and some in-between snaps too. She says, “Overall, I did quite enjoy this, it definitely made me giggle a few times, and watching Simon struggling over which products to pick and how to use them was quite amusing (i).”

4. The Floor Is Lava Challenge

This challenge is for couples who appreciate the element of surprise and love to have some fun. When out on a walk or just running an errand, one partner can suddenly shout ’the floor is lava’ and begin counting from five to zero. Within these five seconds, the other partner needs to find something to climb on — a sofa, a bench, a chair, or anything — to earn a point. If they fail, the challenger gets to punish them.

You can decide the punishments beforehand or let them be a surprise. After this, the turn to shout ’the floor is lava’ goes to the second partner. The turns keep shifting until one of the partners accumulates 10 points and wins the challenge. They can then choose a final punishment for the loser.

5. Blindfold Kissing Challenge

For the challenge, both the partners are blindfolded and handcuffed. They stand with their backs against each other. Now, they have to try and kiss each other on the lips. It is fun to see how they try to explore each other through their bodies and voice.

The rules say that if your lips touch any part of your partner except their lips, you have to begin again. It is also an excellent idea for a double date; the couple that manages to kiss first wins. You can also record the couples attempting the challenge as it makes for a hilarious watch.

6. Conjoined Twins Challenge

Conjoined twins couple challenge
Image: Shutterstock

This challenge tests your ability to work as a team. To try the challenge, you need to find a pair of pajamas or T-shirts in which you both can fit together. If you don’t find appropriate clothing, a rope tying both of you together from the waists can also do the job.

The challenge is to accomplish a set of tasks while tied together. They can include eating something together, push-ups, jumping jacks, juggling balls, running, and other fun activities you want to do.

7. Seven Seconds Challenge

In this challenge, you get to put your quick thinking skills to the test. Like the ‘floor is lava’ game, the partners get alternate turns to be the challengers and earn 10 points. You may ask your partner some questions or assign them a task they need to complete in seven seconds. For instance, you can ask them to list five things they love about you or fetch you a can of soda from the fridge real quick!

You need to be creative to make the challenge fun and think up tasks that are doable within seven seconds. All accomplished duties get you one point, and the person to reach 10 points first wins. It is up to you to punish the loser or not. Moreover, the winner can make a wish, and the loser needs to fulfill it.

8. Touch And Tell Challenge

This task is more complex than you think, and it is a superb way to learn how to focus on your senses. One of the partners is blindfolded, and the other partner places their finger somewhere on their body. Now, the blindfolded partner needs to guess the body part that their finger touched.

This challenge is bound to trick your mind. The couple can also experiment using the tongue instead of a finger. If the challenge is too hard, you can provide clues to guess the body part.

9. Try Not To Laugh/Cry Challenge

Try not to laugh/cry couple challenge
Image: Shutterstock

Search ’try not to laugh’ or ’try not to cry’ on YouTube, according to the challenge you want to attempt. Watch the videos together, and every time one of the partners laughs/cries, the other gets some points.

For the ’try not to laugh’ part, if you have a third person around, you can do the challenge by placing water in your mouths and facing each other. The third person will then read some funny jokes aloud to make you guys laugh and initiate those water sprays. These games aren’t just about who wins but also focus on emotional bonding.

10. Not My Arms Couple Challenge

This challenge is quite similar to the Conjoined Twins Challenge. You and your partner get into one T-shirt and stand one in front of the other. The challenge involves completing some tasks by using the hands of the partner who is in the back.

The partner using the hands is the one who can’t see anything. The other partner needs to guide them on how to proceed with the tasks. This mixture guarantees some stupid and funny moves. Some easy tasks can be building a Lego tower, organizing a group of objects according to their sizes, or making a cake mix.

11. Save Your Face Challenge

Both the partners need to make a list of 15-20 questions to ask each other. You can either choose some personal questions or general trivia. To make this challenge more fun, get some whipped cream on a paper plate.

Begin asking questions one-by-one, and the partner who does not answer correctly receives a smack of the whipped cream into their face. Videotape the fun to watch later.

12. What Is In My-Mouth Challenge

What is in my mouth couple challenge
Image: Shutterstock

For food lovers out there, this ‘couple food’ challenge is a godsend. One partner blindfolds the other and then puts random food items into their mouth. The blindfolded partner should guess which brand or exact type of food it is.

The list may include chocolates, syrups, cheese, wine, or anything else. After a while, you can switch turns to wear blindfolds. Make sure to select food items that are safe to taste or swallow.

13. Date In A Jar Challenge

This is a great way to spice up your date night! Get creative and come up with some fun ideas like going to the museum or trying out a new restaurant. Write them out on pieces of paper and put them in a jar filled with ideas. Take turns picking a chit from the jar to plan a surprise date night.

14. Love Language Quiz

You can try any of the love language quizzes online to figure out what each of yours are. It is a great way for couples to learn new things and get to know how they can help communicate better and understand each other better.

15. Cooking Challenge

Couples cooking challenge
Image: Shutterstock

Cooking a meal together can help couples bond with some laughter. The goal is to make a delicious, home-cooked meal and have some fun along the way. You can either follow a recipe or come up with your own unique twist. So why not give it a try and see what you come up with?

16. Surprise Date Challenge

If you are looking to spice up your relationship, try this fun activity where one partner plans a surprise date without giving the other partner any details. It’s a great way to add some color and excitement to your relationship!

17. Blink It Challenge

This playful activity let’s couples share a special moment. Here, you look each other in the eye without blinking; whoever blinks first loses. It’s a great way to have a laugh and connect with each other, whether it’s on a date night or just for fun.

18. Video Game Challenge

Couple playing video game
Image: Shutterstock

Playing video games together can be a blast! Couples can play together or compete against each other to have fun and spend some quality time together. It also helps connect and build the relationship.

19. Guess The Smell Challenge

Time to get your partner’s senses tested and just let loose. Blindfold your partner and give them different scents to identify. It’s not only hilarious but helps you both learn about scents and aromas in a unique way. It’s a good way to spend some quality time together.

20. Dress Up Challenge

This fun activity is perfect for couples who love cosplay or want to get creative and have some fun together. Basically, you both dress up in costumes based on movies, TV shows, historical periods, or any theme of your choice. It’s a spontaneous way to spend some creative time together and add some playfulness to the relationship. It’s sure to give memories that will last a lifetime!

21. Karaoke Challenge

Couple’s singing together
Image: Shutterstock

Relax and enjoy each other’s company while singing your favorite songs. Whether you’re a singer or a bathroom singer, the karaoke challenge allows you both to create fun memories. You can do this at home or at a bar. Works even better if you both know the choreography to some of the songs you sing.

22. The Dollar Limit Challenge

Set a budget for both of you and think of creative ways to liven up the relationship. You can plan a date, get a gift, or book an experience, the list is endless. It definitely is worth the effort and time spent on planning this. You never know what’s in store!

23. What’s Different Challenge

Here, you and your partner arrange pictures, drawings, or printouts that look similar and try to figure out what is different. It encourages couples to observe and pay attention to the tiny details. You end up building teamwork and your communication skills while spending some quality time together.

24. Painting Challenge

Couple's Painting Challenge
Image: Shutterstock

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to bond, try this! Painting together can encourage communication and collaboration. You can use a variety of materials and themes; it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced artist or know nothing about colors. It’s all about having a great experience and making some wonderful memories.

25. TikTok/ Reels Challenge

The internet is booming with videos of couples taking on various challenges, from couple dances or couple “who does this” questions. Try to make your own couple challenge reel. It is a great way to bond, let loose, and create fun memories together.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Try the “Saying ‘Yes’ To Everything My Partner Says For 24 Hours” challenge. The rules are as simple as they sound. The couple takes turns in making their partner do whatever they want, and the other has to oblige.

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, you need not worry about missing the chance to jump on the couple-challenge bandwagon. Read on for some fun challenges you can do with your partner over phone or text messages.

Exciting Games For Long-Distance Couples

1. Never Have I Ever

A quintessential party game, you can also use it to get to know your partner at a deeper level. Each partner takes a turn to mention a thing they haven’t done before.

For instance, you can say, ‘Never have I ever been up all night’. If your beau has had even one sleepless night, they will either lose or gain a point. The first one to accumulate 10 points is the winner and chooses a wish that the loser should fulfill.

2. Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare couple challenge
Image: Shutterstock

This game may take you back to school days. Both the partners take turns to choose either dare or truth. Then, depending on the choice, the other partner will either ask you a revealing question or dare you to attempt something unusual.

You have to record yourself doing the dare and send it to your partner. This game is a fun exercise in building intimacy between a couple as you get to know the daring and secret side of your lover.

3. Guess Where I Am

This challenge works great when both of you have been together to a few places and have memories associated with them. All you got to do is define your location to the partner, share some things you did there together, and let them guess the place you are at.

protip_icon Quick Tip
A fun challenge for couples in LDRs is a simple treasure hunt game over text. Each partner assigns a specific item(s) for the other to find in their surroundings, snap a selfie with it, and send. It’s fun, and it will keep your partner in your mind.

What could be a better way to reminisce about the good old times? To make the game naughty, you can send your partner an image of a body part to guess, and let the sparks fly!

4. Fill In The Blanks

This game is for couples that enjoy trivia. Begin a sentence but do not complete it. For example, you can write, ‘My favorite pizza topping is ….’ and let your partner guess the correct answer by filling in blank spaces. We are sure you will discover a lot of new things about each other through this game.

To add to the fun, you can also text your partner some lyrics to a song you two love and let them reply by continuing the lyrics further.

5. Online Games

Playing online games like Fortnite, scrabble, or quizzes with your partner can help you both de-stress, build a strong bond, and stay connected even when you are far away. Such games can help you communicate, collaborate, and have fun together.

6. Trying New Recipes

Couple cooking in long distance
Image: Shutterstock

Choose a recipe and cook or bake together while you’re on the phone. You can also make it a mini-cooking contest! This is an exciting way to bond with each other, even if you’re not in the same place. It’s a great way to make memories and bond because you both love food and cooking. You both can also select recipes for each other to make to take it up a notch.

7. Online Learning

Enroll yourselves in a class and learn something together. This helps you build a stronger bond by sharing experiences and helping each other grow mentally and intellectually. You can also pick a book to read together, then discuss the themes you noticed in the book and what you learnt from it.

8. Surprise Packages

Boyfriend receiving gift
Image: Shutterstock

Who doesn’t like gifts or surprises? Curate surprise packages for each other to show how much you know and love each other. You can include gifts and personal items like something you bought from a trip you went on, handmade gifts, or physical photographs. Not only are they sure to make you both smile, but they also show how much you care.

Rome wasn’t built in a day! If you make these challenges a part of your daily routine, you can bring back the intimacy and spark in your love life. Check out these 30-day challenges to build a deeper, more meaningful, and stronger relationship.

30-Day Challenges For Couples

30 day challenges for couples
Image: Shutterstock

1. Ask ‘What Can I Assist You With?’

The simple act of asking if you can do anything to assist your partner shows how much you care for them. Make it a habit to help each other in chores around the house and see your admiration and love for each other blossom. Begin it as a 30-day challenge and try not to miss even a single day in between.

2. Hug Your Partner At Least Three Times A Day

If you and your partner don’t hug often, you will appreciate how this challenge brings more intimacy and gratitude into your relationship. Enjoy those hugs, take a few moments to feel the warmth, and don’t push away.

3. Leave A Sweet Note

Walking into a room and seeing a note that has a nice message from your partner has the power to brighten up your day. Don’t shy away from leaving cheesy messages and sweet nothings at odd places for your partner to discover.

4. Laugh With Your Partner

Another habit to adopt in your routine life is sending across funny memes and GIFs, telling jokes, and playing pranks on one another (those that both enjoy). It does not have to be while watching a funny movie alone.

Couple exercising together
Image: Shutterstock

5. Fitness Challenge

Do a 30-day fitness challenge with cycling, yoga, running, HIIT, and more to stay on top of your health. You can share your progress with each other and help each other motivate you to stay active.

6. Budgeting Challenge Challenge

Set a goal and learn how to manage money together. This can be beneficial because it helps them communicate better, learn together, and be more responsible with their money. Not only does it help you reach your financial goals, but it also helps strengthen your relationship.

7. Gratitude Challenge

Write a gratitude message for your partner or something you’re thankful for at the end of each day. This challenge is a great way to strengthen and add value to your bond and build a deeper appreciation for the positive things in your life and relationship.

8. Photos Challenge

Every day, take a photo that has impacted you or made you and share it with each other. If you have a chance, you can talk about it which gives you the chance to have meaningful conversations. The challenge allows you to come up with creative ideas and even hone your photography skills.

Infographic: 6 Couple Challenges To Strengthen Your Relationship

Every relationship needs some fun and excitement to keep the spark alive. It is important to prioritize quality time together and make an effort to rekindle the joy and romance. Couple games provide an excellent opportunity to not only have a great time together but also strengthen the bond between partners. These challenges are designed to promote communication, trust, and laughter, allowing you to connect more deeply. We have listed six interesting couple games that allow you to bring out your playful side and strengthen your relationship with your significant other. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

6 couple challenges to strengthen your relationship (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Couple challenges are an interesting way to bring out the fun and competitive element in you and your partner. You do not always need to plan a trip or break your bank balance to spend some uninterrupted quality time with your partner. The above mentioned couple challenges would not only help you keep busy but also bond with each other better. Pick any of the above to spend some memorable moments with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to challenge your partner?

Challenging your partner can be exciting, as long as it is done in a fun, healthy, and respectful manner. Lighthearted competition won’t negatively affect your relationship.

What can couples do for fun indoors?

Couples can bake together, take up a fun hobby, read together, or work out together for some fun indoor activities.

How can couples compete in a “who knows the other person better” challenge?

You can play “Never Have I Ever,” “20 questions,” or even make a personalized quiz for each other to make knowing about each other a fun competition .

What are some funny “opposites attract” challenges for couples with different personalities?

You can play “Never Have I Ever,” and get to know how different or similar you are from each other.

How can couples compete in a “who can do the most chores in a day” challenge?

You can list the chores that must be done and see who can do the most or the most in the least time, and the one with the most completed chores can win a relaxing week of no housework.

What are some funny cooking or baking challenges that couples can do together?

You can pick from some recipes in a jar and challenge each other to bake or cook that recipe together with limited ingredients or other obstacles.

How can couples compete in a “who can complete a DIY project the fastest” challenge?

Look for some DIY projects online and pick any two that you feel are possible and then see who can finish it first.

What are some fun challenges that involve dressing up or wearing silly costumes?

You can dress up as your partner, or as your partner’s favorite characters and have a personal fancy dress competition at home for each other.

How can couples compete in a “who can make the best cocktail/mocktail” challenge?

Grab some common ingredients that are usually used to make cocktails and mocktails and come up with your own customized drink and work together to name it at the end.

What are some funny challenges that involve learning a new skill, such as painting or dancing?

You can make a fun list of hobbies that you both like and do and find an activity that requires you to employ that hobby at a more technical level. For instance, both of you can learn a new dance form and participate in local dance competitions as a couple.

Key Takeaways

  • Couple challenges are a fun way to break the monotony in the relationships and infuse a hint of excitement.
  • Fun challenges like blindfold kissing and touch and tell can perk up your love life and boost intimacy.
  • Couples in a long-distance relationship can try fun challenges over texts. This boosts understanding and reinvigorates the bond.

Dive into the exciting video below to spice up lockdown with these top couple challenges. Engage in fun activities to rediscover each other in a refreshing way and deepen your bond.

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