7 Simple Ways To Manage A Cowlick

Written by Arshiya Syeda

Have you ever noticed a single hair section that always goes in a different direction than the rest of the hair? It has a mind of its own and never seems to want to cooperate. That’s a cowlick.

Cowlick often occurs at the crown of the head, but it may also appear in the front, close to the hairline. It follows a natural growth pattern, mostly in a different angle, and is stubborn to style. Of course, it might seem annoying, but you can easily manage and hide a cowlick. Scroll down to learn styling tips and tricks to manage cowlick hair.

What Is A Cowlick?

The cowlick is a hair section that grows in a different direction than the rest of the hair. This hair section follows a natural growth pattern that is different from the rest of the hair. It may stand straight at an odd position and has a swirling pattern. Everybody has a cowlick or two that appear at the crown of your head (the backside) and define the hair growth pattern. However, it may show up anywhere, including the front hairline, disrupting your hair orientation.

Frontal cowlicks are pretty annoying. If you have one, here is what you can do to manage, hide, and prevent it from ruining your hairstyle.

How To Get Rid Of A Cowlick

1. Get The Right Haircut

If you are struggling with a cowlick at the hairline, change your hairstyle. Choose a style that supports the cowlick and effectively hides it. For instance, long side-swept bangs look relaxed and support your cowlick’s natural pattern, adding movement to it. Never go for shorter bangs as it may expose the cowlick. Consult a professional hairstylist for the best results.

2. Use Heat Styling Tools Wisely

Heat styling tools can help control cowlicks. For instance, use a concentrator (the removable mouth) with a blow dryer in the opposite direction to tame the cowlick.

Also, use the right styling product like a round brush for greater styling control. This can change the way your hair looks.

Root tamer irons have fine-toothed comb-like edges that can tame thicker strands. They provide tension as you direct the cowlick towards your desired direction.

3. Pick Hair Care Products Wisely

The right hair care products can help tame the stubborn cowlicks. Use a lightweight and flexible hold hairspray for thinner strands. It does not weigh down your hair and make it stiff or sticky.

Dry shampoos work great for finer strands. They absorb the natural oils that weigh down the cowlick and make it obvious. They also lift your hair.

You can also buy creams, gels, and pomade to style and hold your cowlick when blow drying.

4. Use Bobby Pins

Clip the stubborn hair strands in place with bobby pins. This is the easiest way to prevent the cowlick from ruining your hairstyle.

After heat styling, apply hair gel, pin your cowlick down with a bobby pin, and blow dry. By the time you are ready to walk out of the house, your cowlick hair should have settled down a bit.

5. Grow Your Hair

This is one of the best ways to hide your cowlick. Growing your locks will weigh down the cowlick a bit and blend it with your natural hair, making it less noticeable.

6. Keep The Cowlick Wet

Wetting the cowlick is an easy way to tame it. Run a wet brush or comb through the cowlick a couple of times and use a blow dryer to set it. This makes it easier to style the hair in the direction you want.

7. Change Your Parting

Sometimes, you have to go with the flow. Instead of fighting with the cowlick, switch the parting. Follow the cowlick’s natural pattern to adjust your hairstyle. Do not waste your time trying to straighten or make it sit.

These are some of the ways to manage and hide a cowlick. Experimenting with your hairstyles is an easy way to blend the cowlicks with your hair’s natural flow! Here are a few styles you can try.

Best Hairstyles For Managing A Cowlick

The best way to manage cowlicks is to learn to work with them. Here are a few hairstyles that might go hand in hand with your cowlick:

1. For Forehead Cowlicks

For managing forehead cowlicks, brush your hair in the opposite direction. Some of you may have a widow’s peak (the downward V-shaped hairline at the forehead). You can hide it with soft, swooping bangs with a mix of rounded curls or go for longer bangs.

2. For Crown Cowlicks

Cowlicks in the crown area of the head can be an issue for both short and long hair. For short cuts, go for pixie wedge. Cut the cowlicks shorter and keep the top and sides longer to hide the crown cowlick. For long hair, cut your hair at one length to add more weight at the bottom.

3. For Nape Cowlicks

If you have long hair, nape cowlicks will not be noticeable. But if you have short or bob hair, it is better to go for a buzz cut at the neckline and keep it shorter than the rest.

Some people are okay with their cowlick, while some look for ways to get rid of it. But is it possible? Find out in the next section.

Can You Eliminate Cowlicks Permanently?

No. You cannot get rid of or eliminate cowlicks permanently as it is your natural hair pattern. However, you can work with them. Embrace them as a part of your look. Try different hairstyles, use hair products, and try various styling techniques to make them less noticeable.

To Sum Up

Cowlicks are annoying and can completely ruin your hairstyle. However, with the right hairstyle, tools, and hair products, they can become manageable. You can follow the methods mentioned above to tame the cowlicks or consult your stylist for better ideas to manage them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cowlicks get worse with age?

It depends. The hair growth pattern changes with age, and the cowlick may disappear with age or become prominent.

Are cowlicks a sign of balding?

No, cowlicks are not a sign of balding.

Can you suddenly develop a cowlick?

No. You cannot develop a cowlick suddenly. It is your natural hair growth pattern, and you are born with it.

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