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10 Dangerous Side Effects Of Cloves

10 Dangerous Side Effects Of Cloves May 14, 2019

Clove (scientific name: Eugenia Carylphyllata) is a popular spice, which is mostly used as an herbal supplement and an aromatic cooking agent. The healing qualities of the food product are well-known and that is why, we should include it in our regular diet in a moderate amount.

Top 10 Side Effects Of Cloves:

There are also some potential side effects of the spice that can harm you significantly. Yes, the little clove can harm your body. How? Read on these side effects of cloves to find out!

1. Increases Bleeding

Over consumption of clove can thin out your blood and increase the risk of bleeding. The spice contains a chemical named ‘eugenol’, which being a blood-thinning agent, can decelerate the process of blood clotting, promoting abnormal bleeding. It is advised that you stay away from eating too much of clove while suffering from bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia, or taking drugs with anticoagulants. It is also advised to stop the intake of clove, a couple of weeks prior to undergoing a surgery.

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2. Lowers Sugar Level In The Blood

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Those who have lower than normal blood sugar level should reduce their consumption of clove immediately. It has been found that the herb can decrease the amount of glucose in our bloodstream significantly, which might be extremely harmful for hypoglycemia patients. Therefore, try to keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels and modify your clove intake accordingly.

3. Toxicity

Clove can also impose serious toxic effects on you. Whether you eat improperly stored clove or use large doses of its raw extract, the chances are big that you will end up developing several symptoms like nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, sore throat, sedation, fluid imbalance, kidney disorders, liver disorders, and so on.

4. Causes Allergic Reactions

Allergy is one of the common side effects of cloves, which is again caused by eugenol. Various allergic reactions that you may have to face due to excessive clove ingestion are rashes, hives, swelling, chocking of throat, etc. In the worst scenario, you may even develop anaphylaxis. Being an acute whole-body allergic reaction, it can cause death too.

5. Causes Respiratory Problems

Clove cigarette has become highly popular these days. But if you smoke it frequently, you will become prone to a number of respiratory issues. By inhaling these cigarettes, you are actually allowing too much clove powder to pass through your airways as well as lungs. It can result in serious breathing problems like shortness of breath and lung infection. So avoiding these can put clove cigarettes effects at bay.

6. Causes Seizures

When you include lots of cloves in your daily diet, you increase the risks of experiencing seizures. This spice can cause irregular electrical activity within our brain cells, thereby making us vulnerable to one-time or multiple seizures. Though the condition is mainly characterized by unconsciousness and convulsions, you may end up developing epilepsy too.

7. Makes The Skin Sensitive

Cloves can take a toll on your skin by making it super sensitive. It is mostly true for the topical application of undiluted clove oil, which is nothing but the unprocessed or unrefined extract of the spice. It can give you irritation, rashes, burns, or contact dermatitis. Sometimes it can even damage the skin cells.

8. Causes Mouth Sensitivity

The mucous membranes present on the inner walls of the mouth can get inflamed by too much consumption of clove or application of its oil. Several studies have revealed that it can cause extensive damage to your gum, teeth, tooth pulp, dental tissues, etc., by creating a burning sensation. It can also lead to sore lips and dental cavities over the time.

9. Loss Of Sensation

The eugenol content of clove can turn it into a numbing agent. It has been reported that the oil extracted from the spice promotes loss of sensation while applied onto the skin again and again. Hence, make sure that you do not ever use it along with synthetic pain killers.

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10. Erectile / Ejaculation Issues

In men, clove can cause erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Regular application of herbal creams containing clove extracts to the penis can trigger these sexual issues and your man may face extreme difficulties in ejaculating or staying erect for a considerable amount of time.

Like all other herbs and spices, you need to clove in moderation. If you experience any of these cloves side effects, stop using clove and head to your doctor!

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