30 Exciting And Good Date Ideas For Couples

Written by Harini Natarajan

A million visits to the mall, watching movies, and dining out can get boring after a while. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to spend quality time with your partner. Here are 30 exciting date ideas for couples that you both will enjoy. Swipe up!

30 Fun, Cute, Romantic, And Sexy Date Ideas For Couples

1. Visit A Real Haunted House!

Not the typical scary house adventure, but visit a real haunted house in your city. The eerie air, dark staircases, uninhabited rooms, and the house’s back story from a guide can be fun. Experiencing such things together will definitely be a unique adventure.

2. Camp On The Terrace Or Backyard

Date Ideas For Couples  - Camping


Cannot take time off from work or school? Why not have a camping night on the terrace or in the backyard? Decorate the terrace and serve a hearty meal. Open a bottle of wine, enjoy the moment with your partner, listen to good music, and stargaze.

3. Go To A Live Show

Be it slam poetry, drag show, or standup comedy, going to a live show is a creative date night idea that you both will enjoy. You and your partner can also get inspired to take up a new skill or continue with an old hobby.

4. Take A Trip To The Beach

Watch the sunset beyond the horizon and take a dip into the ocean – the two of you breathing in every moment of it. Just relax and live in the moment. For your next date, take a trip to the beach. Enjoy the sand beneath your feet, the sea breeze, mimosas, and let Nature amaze you in the best possible ways.

5. Go For A Boat Picnic

Why choose a park when you can rent a boat for a romantic picnic. Pack your bathing suit, sunglasses, hat, sunblock, food, beer, and water bottles. The rest of the things will be arranged for you on the boat. All you have to do is show up. Enjoy the blue ocean and feel the wind. If you are in luck, you can see dolphins or seals.

6. Create A Collage Of Old Photos Together

Collage Photo Date Ideas


Going down the memory lane once in a while is romantic. How about spreading that energy in your house and give it a true meaning of home? String old photos of your special moments and hang them up on a wall. It does not have to be necessarily the living room wall – it can be the corridor, bedroom, or even the balcony.

7. Try Go-Kart Racing

Go-karting is an exciting activity that can bring out your silly and competitive sides. Book a go-kart racing slot, wear proper gear, tie your hair, and go racing. Whether you lose or win, the fun will surpass your expectations. You might want to do it every other weekend and have a gala time.

8. Scuba Dive Together

Make your date adventurous by going on a couple’s scuba diving trip. Look up the nearest scuba diving centers, pack your bags, and off you go! It could be a great weekend getaway date. Making memories is all that counts.

9. Take Pottery Classes

Pottery is utterly meditative and sensual. It can get very funny as you go on fits of laughter looking at the mess you both create out of the clay. Look up for a pottery class and book a session. The adrenalin rush of shaping clay will teach you life skills subconsciously.

10. Turn Up The Heat With Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue


Staying the night indoors? Turn up the heat with chocolate fondue. Even better if you do it on a cheat day. Get strawberries, kiwis, oranges, almonds, and dates. Melt dark and milk chocolate in equal amounts. Add a dollop of butter and half a cup of milk. Stir well, and you are all set.

Place a small table in the garden, balcony, terrace, or living room. Decorate with fairy lights, play music, and use marshmallow skewers to pick the fruits/nuts. Dip in the chocolate fondue and get creative.

11. Go On A Karaoke Night

Leave all your worries at home and go to a karaoke bar with your partner. There’s something very liberating about karaoke, probably messing it up a bit, and having a good laugh about it. You can also take part in a couple’s karaoke competition.

P.S: Use the hook steps to make the crowd like you more.

12. Play Doubles Tennis

It’s not a test but will prepare you both for a few challenges that life throws at you. Being able to gauge the opponent’s strike, coordinating hand and eye movement, balancing each other’s moves, and having telepathic communication with your partner on a doubles tennis match can be fulfilling more than you imagine. Moreover, the calories you burn and the serotonin release with a win can be super satisfying.

13. Participate In Couples’ Adventure Sports Competition

If not ‘wipe out’, take part in mud runs or other adventure sports. Competing against each other is as fun as competing against other couples. You will learn to give and take directions to reach the finish line quicker than the other couples. Yes, it might get a little messy, but you both will relearn to coordinate with each other.

14. Explore The Local Libraries

Library Date Ideas


If both of you are bibliophiles, put your e-reader down and visit the local libraries on the weekends. Explore the books – don’t know what you might find! You can also pretend not to know each other and do a little roleplay. Find the book you want to read and go on an imaginary adventure with each other where the story takes you.

15. Go On A Double Date

Do you have a good friend, a favorite family member, or a colleague who is also a confidante? If they have a partner, why not spend time with them on a double date? A road trip, movie, or restaurant visit would be fun and interesting. You can also invite them and play board games over beer and buffalo chicken.

16. Go To A Food Festival

Take a break from regular restaurants and go to a fun food fest in your city. The carnival-like vibe will ensure that you have a blast exploring food stalls and joyrides and meeting new people. This date would be perfect if you both are foodies and love to click pictures of food.

17. Relax With Couple’s Massage

Sometimes, all you need is relaxation. And what’s better than a couple’s massage day? Indulge in a spa and get a deep tissue massage to relax your muscles and reduce tension. Close your eyes, slowly breathe in and out, and drift to your happy place.

18. Go To The Theater

Go to theater for a date


Get the tickets to a theater show and enjoy the evening together. The live performance of the artists and actors will mesmerize you. Whether it’s a social message, musical drama, or a comedy – you both will love the evening spent together. If you both get bored (yea, that may happen!), go to a nearby jazz or blues club and enjoy the rest of the evening.

19. Have Fun In An Amusement Park

How long has it been since you went to an amusement park? Why not relive your childhood with your partner? Maybe you can share stories from your childhood, get the adrenalin high on roller coasters, and kiss on a Ferris wheel. Take a nap under a tree when you get tired.

20. Take A Bubble Bath Together

Ooh, steamy! If you are not a new couple, rekindle the initial dating days. Prepare a good bath, add bath salts, essential oils, and rose petals. Light candles and pour some wine or champagne. Get into the bathtub and relax while you reminisce about good times. Laugh your heart out, kiss, and make your date night super romantic.

21. Try Exotic Cuisines

Do you end up going to the same restaurant and having the same cuisine every time? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try exotic cuisines. Life’s all about new experiences, especially with the one you love. Having something new to try will create a new memory.

22. Put Together A Puzzle

Puzzle date ideas


Solving a puzzle is immensely rewarding. And when you do it with your partner with a glass of wine or beer, good music, and soothing lights – it’s a total win. Order some pasta, and you are sorted.

23. Go Ice Skating

Winter or summer, you can find ice skating rinks open all year. Once you learn to balance, you can easily get pulled around by your spouse, which will be fun and scary at the same time. But it is worth just being silly and carefree for a few hours. Who knows, you might awaken the inner ice skate lover and become a regular there.

24. Climb A Hill

A short one-day trek is a great way to burn calories and get a fantastic view from the top. The greenery and blue skies will help you both have a mental detox. Carry water bottles, sunscreen, and a first-aid kit. Wear shoes with a firm grip and comfortable clothes. Follow a trail so that you do not get lost. If you are a trekking pro, explore tougher trails. Make sure you have enough time to climb down before it gets dark.

25. Go To An Open House Real Estate Sale

If you plan a future together or have been on the lookout for good properties, going to an open house real estate sale can be a good date idea. You can visit houses and evaluate all the pros and cons to know if you can call any one of them home.

26. Join Swing Dance Classes

swing dance class date ideas


Remember La La Land? The dance steps are a mix of swing, foxtrot, and quickstep. While the latter two need a bit of dancing experience, a swing is fun and easy to pick up. It is not sensual like salsa or tango, but why follow conventions? Try a new form of dance that will uplift your spirits and leave you breathless, feeling good about yourself. If you and your partner have not tried swing dancing yet, you are missing out on forming a bond that extends beyond romance and sex.

27. Take The Subway, Go Anywhere

What do you do when you are in an unknown city? You either plan a tour or forget the GPS and just explore around if you are a traveler. Well, have you done that in your city yet? Why not go on a city exploration date with your spouse?

Take the subway and go wherever it takes you. Don’t think about the destination. Get down wherever you feel like and check out the places around. You will not only develop a different perspective but also understand your city better. And who knows, maybe you will discover an amazing food joint, a hidden garden, or bump into a long-lost childhood friend.

28. Visit A Dog Park

Visiting the nearest dog park is a great way to pump up some happy hormones and unwind. Play catch with your pet or look at the dogs running and playing. This can evoke an incredible sense of happiness and fulfillment. Don’t forget to take permission from the dog parent(s) before you pet the dog.

29. Plan For Your Next Vacation

From checking the leaves, savings, holiday destinations, and ticket prices to staying at a place of your choice – planning a vacation can be exciting. What if you both plan it together on a date night? Wine, food, lights, and a laptop are all you need. Check the destinations, create the pros and cons list, and have a budget plan. It will increase your chances of going on an international vacation and spending quality time together.

30. Volunteer Together

volunteer together - date ideas


Do you want to plant more trees? Distribute food packets, clothes, and blankets to the underprivileged? Or volunteer at a women’s shelter? Take part in a social cause with your partner. It will help you bond and appreciate each other for being passionate about the world around you.

Couples often struggle to go on dates without doing the same things over and over again until they feel bored. But date nights can be fun and adventurous if you think a little out of the box. Use these 30 date ideas, and you are sorted for at least 30 dates! Keep your eyes and ears open, and you will find new ways to keep your relationship fun and alive. At the end of the day, all that matters is how strong your bond is. Date nights are an interesting opportunity to bond intellectually and physically. Don’t wait, plan now.

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