21 Cute Denim Shirt Outfit Ideas

If you thought denim shirts had gone out of style, these ideas would make you think again.

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One can never deny that denim shirts are a total must-have and, of course, for all the right reasons. First, they are comfortable; second, they are always in trend; third, they go well with just about anything in your wardrobe; fourth, when in doubt, you can always count on them and still look like a showstopper. To this end, we are going to dedicate this article to denim shirt apparel ideas that are worth trying. If you are new to the denim shirt game, this lookbook style article will rescue you. And if you are already a denim shirt aficionado but are still confused about how to style them differently, then this page will rescue you too. So read on.

protip_icon Ace The Look
  • Makeup: Go for subtle, muted looks like the natural, nude, or monochromatic makeup looks. These are not overpowering.
  • Hair Color: Denim complements most hair colors, from platinum blonde and chocolate brown to even mahogany. So don’t hesitate to experiment.
  • Footwear: Opt for sneakers like converse or ankle boots that perfectly complement the simplicity of the denim shirt.
  • Accessories: You can easily amp up your denim look with some accessories, from golden bangles and necklaces to oxidized silver jewelry. But, avoid heavy jewelry.
  • Hairstyles: Denim shirts look undoubtedly stunning with beachy waves, high or messy buns, French and fishtail braids, and curly tresses.

21 Cute Denim Shirt Outfit Ideas

1. With Boyfriend Jeans

Denim shirt with boyfriend jeans
Image: Instagram @thaddeusrombauer

Boyfriend jeans are all over, and so are crop tops. And, if you have not had a chance to get your hands on this one yet, denim crop tops are the next big thing. Try this with your denim jeans and throw on a pair of white converse shoes – and maybe big hoop earrings to bring in the 90s feel. Even if you don’t own one of those crop style denim tops, you need not invest in one. Just tie up your regular shirt – and voila!

2. With A LuLaRoe Skirt

Denim shirt with a LuLaRoe skirt
Image: Instagram @lularoe_andrea_and_lisa

Have you joined the bandwagon yet? If you did, try it with a LuLaRoe Skirt and look spot on; if you haven’t it, get one right away and do it! Promise me you will try this look, it is just too good!

protip_icon Quick Tip
Animal prints are also a lot of fun. You can add a pop of color to your outfit by picking the right shoe or bag in these prints.

3. With Dark Wash Jeans And A Tank

Denim shirt with dark wash jeans and a tank
Image: Instagram

Dark washed ankle length denim pants with a black tank – and then layering it with a lighter shade of denim shirt and casual shoes. Oooh! This is an everyday look that never fails.

4. With Distressed Denims

Denim shirt with distressed denims
Image: Instagram @lenaxstyle

Distressed denim can make anything look nice, and so do denim shirts – so you know the most obvious thing we are going to do with them both, don’t you? Just combine it. But, wait, what if we add another layer by wearing them with a white or black tank or a V-neck T-shirt? Marvelous! Flaunt this look with a pair of pumps and a layered chain for a day out with friends.

5. With Black Jeans

Denim shirt with black jeans
Image: Instagram

We definitely do not need a manual for this one, do we? If you were skeptical about pairing your denim shirt with your black jeans instead of blue, you should just go ahead – because it looks great and here’s proof.

6. With Light Washed Skinny Denims

Denim shirt with light washed skinny denims
Image: Instagram @jolieandgrace

Keep the denim jeans and shirt dark or keep them both light, either way it’s win-win.

7. With Bootcut Jeans And Ankle Boots

Denim shirt with bootcut jeans and ankle boots
Image: Instagram @champagne_boutique

If you are feeling a little too tomboyish today, here’s a look that will complement your mood.

8. With A Long Slit Skirt

Denim shirt with a long slit skirt
Image: Instagram

Checkered skirts or striped maxis go great with denim shirts. If it’s a denim top we are talking about, tuck it in; if it’s a regular oversized shirt – layer it up and complement the look with gladiator sandals.

9. With Skinny Jeans And Combat Boots

Denim shirt with skinny jeans and combat boots
Image: Instagram @brightonbutler

Are you are a fan of big combat boots, and practically live in those during fall? Bring those denim shirts out, because they are totally fitting with the look you are going for.

10. With A White Pant Suit

Denim shirt with a white pant suit
Image: Instagram

Pantsuits take your fashion game to a whole new level; that’s really why they are taking over the couture collections, runways, and the red carpets too. If you are headed for a reunion or a lunch date with friends, try this, and you are sure to get all heads turning.

11. With A Floral A-Line Skirt

Denim shirt with a floral A-line skirt
Image: Instagram

You know what they say about love at first sight? If at first, you don’t fall in love, look twice. The same rule applies here. If an A-line skirt is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of something to pair with your denim shirt, think about it. It makes you look like a proper fashionista and puts you on top of your fashion game. Or, layer it up with a tank and tie your shirt at the waist. Throw on a necklace and a pair of ballerinas and marry it all together with a messy bun.

Simran Gill, an academician and blogger, styled her denim shirt with a neon green midi skirt. She also added a statement necklace to the look. Simran states in one of her blog posts, “I also added this super cool envelope clutch that makes a statement in itself! The ensemble would be incomplete without my favorite pair of gladiator heels which adds a little grunge to this classy look (i)!”

12. With Black Jeans (Ombre Denim Shirt)

Denim shirt with black jeans
Image: Instagram

For the love of ombre, let’s do this. An absolutely stunning and effortless outfit. We have all seen the regular denim shirts, but the ombre ones take this game top notch. Go get yourself one, if you have not already.

13. With Skinny Jeans And Knee Length Boots

Denim shirt with skinny jeans and knee length boots
Image: Instagram @alissaweikel

Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, Gigi or whoever may be your fashion icon, they are all killing it with this look. You can go with regular jeans or ripped, black or blue ones, shirt or a top – it is always a great idea to bring it all together.

14. With A Center Slit Denim Skirt

Denim shirt with a center slit denim skirt
Image: Instagram @jordan_fashion_love

If you’ve thought that these denim skirts are a relic of the bygone, you’re misinformed, missy. Yes, these are coming back, and if you want to be considered up-to-date with your fashion game, give it a shot. They look chic and casual, taking inspiration from denim streetwear.

15. With A One Piece T-Shirt Dress

Denim shirt with a one-piece t-shirt dress
Image: Instagram @ferraz.anne

Layer up your one-piece T-shirt or shirt dress with a denim shirt. Pair them with sneakers to give your casual look a little spin. You can tie the shirt at the waist if it gets too hot!

16. With Leather Hot Pants

Denim shirt with leather hot pants
Image: Instagram @palomaandcompany

Hot pants are one thing, but leather hot pants are the God of all pants. An outfit like this swings both ways – pair your jean shirt with sneakers and a bun for a day at the mall or swap the bun for beachy waves, black pumps, and a blingy side body bag for a dinner date.

17. Criss Cross Chambray Tunic Top With Jeggings

Denim shirt with crisscross chambray tunic top and jeggings
Image: Instagram @closetcoutureshop

Denim and chambray shirts, and now the tunics, are all things we cannot get enough of. Tiny details like the criss-cross front neck or anything else like that amp up your look almost instantly.

18. Polka Dots Denim Shirt With Faded Jeans

Polka dots denim shirt with faded jeans
Image: Instagram @currentlykherington

Polka dots are timeless, and so is anything else that has this design on it! This polka dots shirt paired with olive green or gray faded jeans is such a unique yet easy idea to incorporate.

19. With Formal Linen Pants

Denim shirt with formal linen pants
Image: Instagram @kerrymwh

Who would have thought, right? If your office does not have a strict dress code, or if there’s space to work around with the not-so-strict-dress-code, here’s something that will make you look all smart. Wear platforms or nude peep toes to shoot it up. Wear short neck accessories with this outfit because not many realize that necklaces instantly lift up your look, especially with shirts.

20. Boho Chic Clothing

Boho Chic Clothing
Image: Shutterstock

This style exudes a free-spirited vibe with its colorful pieces and accessories tied together with solid blue denim pants. Pair your laid-back denim shorts with a colorful tank and personalize the look with a flowing long shrug, whether it be crochet, lace, or a lightweight fabric, for a layering effect. Amp up the outfit by stacking heavy bracelets, bangles, and cuffs, and tie it all together with a simple belt.

21. Retro Denim Outfit

Retro Denim Outfit
Image: Shutterstock

Step into the nostalgic world of retro fashion with this chic denim outfit. This cool look involving a similar-toned denim set over a bold red turtleneck is a classic combo that makes for a simple and put-together look. While the turtleneck adds a pop of color, layering with a denim jacket in jeans material lends a rugged charm. For the bottom half, opt for high-waisted, baggy jeans in a washed-out color and tinted glasses to complete the laid-back retro vibe.

protip_icon Quick Tip
To achieve a more laid-back look, style your denim shirt with khakis or white jeans.

Infographic: Denim Shirt Outfits To Bring Out The Best In You

Denim shirts can be the ultimate savior, especially if you cannot make up your mind about what to wear. They look classy and are super comfortable too. It can be difficult to find what to pair them with, but we have got you covered on that front! The following infographic lists ideas for denim shirt outfits to help you slay the look. Check it out!

denim shirt outfits to bring out the best in you (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Oh! How elegant can a denim shirt make you look! It is obvious that denim shirts are a savior for any look. They are not only trendy but also super comfortable to wear. Whether you wear it with that long slit skirt, a LuLaRoe Skirt, or a distressed pair of jeans, you will stand out in the crowd without a doubt. So, try out the above denim outfit ideas and get ready to rock the look. With these amazing styling ideas, you will undoubtedly grab uncountable compliments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a denim shirt with sweatpants?

Yes, a denim shirt and sweatpants make a pretty savvy outfit. Pair them with an air of high-top sneakers to complete the look.

Can you wear denim shirt with blazer?

Yes, denim shirt with blazer makes for a smart casual outfit.

Can I wear denim shirt as jacket?

Yes, otherwise known as a “shacket”, you can wear an oversized denim shirt as a jacket.

Key Takeaways

  • A classic denim-on-denim look, that is a denim shirt with boyfriend jeans is the perfect way to channel the 90s vibe.
  • Pair a subtle denim shirt with a white or black V-neck T-shirt and distressed denim jeans for a casual day out with besties.
  • For a playful, tomboyish look, style the denim shirt with bootcut jeans and ankle-length boots.
  • When paired with skinny jeans and knee-length boots, the complete denim look exudes soft chicness.

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Elevate your style with chic denim shirt outfits. Check out this video to explore a range of fashion-forward ideas, and stay effortlessly cool and on-trend!

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