18 Cute Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas For A Stylish Look

Give your classic denim skirts fashionably unique touches to make heads turn.

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There is no denying the fact that denim is timeless, and it is here to stay forever. And when you put on a denim skirt, you will not only look chic but also steal the show wherever you go. So, if you want to flaunt some denim skirt outfits, you are definitely in the right place because we are going to help you with it. In this article, we shall acquaint you with some of the unique ideas that are totally worth trying. All that you will need to do is read on and find out all the cute options that we have provided below. So, without any further delay, go ahead and check them out.

protip_icon Ace The Look
  • Skirt Length: Go for skirts that end right above your knee if you have a pear-shaped or petite body frame. Individuals with rectangular body shapes can go for mini skirts.
  • Occasion: Denim skirts are most suitable for casual events, daytime outings, or weekend parties. You may also pair knee-length skirts with formal blouses for casual workplace outfits.
  • Makeup: Keep it casual with nude lips, arched brows, and blush or amp up the look with bold red lips, thick lashes, and a top knot.
  • Accessories: Add sunglasses and a watch outfit. You can also put on hoop earrings and dainty necklaces for evening events.

18 Cute Ways To Wear Jean Skirt Outfits

1. Button Down Skirt With A Plain T-Shirt

Button-down denim skirt with a plain t-shirt
Image: Instagram @alilorden

Button downs are a hot favorite among most women, and it’s pretty evident why! The buttons are just little details that make a world of a difference to your look. This trendy outfit makes for a great spring look. You can wear a plain T-shirt, or even a linen shirt, and tuck it half in to look both cool and hot at the same time.

2. Monochromatic Look With A Black Denim Skirt

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Image: Instagram

If you have had enough of regular blue wash denim skirts, try a black skirt next time. Try this monochrome look and go all out with black. Layer it with a classic black long coat for fall. You can either wear knee-high boots or ankle length ones to finish the look.

3. White Denim Skirt And Crop Top

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Image: IStock

White jeans, white shorts, white skirt, etc. are all incredibly stylish choices when it comes to denim. Style your white denim skirt with a crop top or an off shoulder for a hot summer day out. Awaken your inner fashionista and dig through your wardrobe for bright apparel to pair with this skirt for a chic, modern look. Wear flats, sunglasses, and other fun accessories, and enjoy the warm weather.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Hippies first introduced long denim skirts in the 1960s by recycling old denim jeans.

4. V-Cut Denim Skirt With A Blazer

V-cut denim skirt with a blazer outfit
Image: Instagram @indexrouge

A casual blazer over a lightly faded V-cut short denim skirt is going to get you all the attention, and for all the right reasons. Choose a V-neck T-shirt or a tank that fits you well. A silver or gold sequin tank top will make this look twice as interesting. Wear nude platforms and a body bag to finish this runway look.

5. Long Denim Skirt And Cashmere

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Image: Instagram @fusunlindner

A long denim skirt with a blood red cashmere sweater – even better if it can be off-shoulder like this – red pumps, a high bun, sunglasses, and a tote bag to finish this look. Confident, strong, and stylish – check! You can also bring out a vintage vibe with this long skirt and a classic turtleneck top.

According to Paola Farina, Personal Stylist, “Play with colors like white, gray, and beige and wear this kind of skirt to the workplace, especially if you work in a non-formal or creative environment. You can pair it with a plain shirt, a blouse, a camisole, or a simple tee with a jacket.”

Sue, a blogger, recalls her personal experience of styling a denim skirt in some unique yet classy ways. She chose a long denim skirt and paired it with a solid-colored shirt, stripy tee, sweatshirt, and more for a casual yet sophisticated look. She feels experimental and seems satisfied with the final look, and adds, “ I think it just feels a little fresher to try a different shape, style, and denim finish (i).”

6. Denim Skirt With Embroidered Shirt And Belt

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Image: Instagram

Forget designer clothes and choose a homey, comfortable vibe. Give the robust denim skirt a feminine touch with this soft cotton embroidered shirt, and sandwich a sturdy belt in between. Finish with gladiator sandals.

7. Denim Skirt With An Overcoat And Combat Boots

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Image: Instagram @sprayabeno

Add some drama to your denim skirt with an oversized coat, kimono or a jacket and wear combat boots. Badass!

8. Long Denim Skirt With Center Slit

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Image: Instagram @hjdcasting

The denim skirt has evolved over the last few decades to match the changing trends, and the trend this season is a skirt with a center slit. If you want to try something not-mainstream, go with an oversized sweater. Put your hair up in a half bun and doll up in a choker and thick kohl. This edgy, street-style fashion radiates freshness and style.

9. Double Shaded Denim Skirt With A Lace Up Top

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Image: Instagram @southernsochic

Now, here’s a skirt that is not very common, and all the more reason for you to give it a shot. Remember, it is important to choose a model that fits our silhouette. If you want to hide the belly, the darker side need to be in the front, while if you want to reduce the hips, the darker shades are along the sides.

This look works great if you are going on a date night or for lunch with friends. The black flats complement the outfit, and the beachy waves give it a casual vibe.

10. Knee Length Chambray Flared Skirt

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Image: Shutterstock

Chambray has been around, a lot, but wait – these skirts are something new! Yep, you’re right. Try this fit and flare chambray skirt and a simple racerback tank top – tuck it in, and wear sneakers or converse shoes. Paola Farina says, “This is my favorite because you can pair it with boots and a cashmere sweater or with pumps and a shirt. It is very elegant and effortless, and the fabric is less stiff than denim.”

11. Denim Skirt With Tights (Or Leggings)

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Image: Instagram

Skirts and tights have been a wardrobe staple for eons now. Go with a lightly washed mini skirt and a bodysuit, and then throw on a pair of tights or stockings. Black, white, and transparent ones look quite hot. But, the showstopper here is the knee-high boots and the oversized denim jacket. Some people love the denim skirt and legging combination, go for it, but stick to black, white or nude leggings.

12. Shirt Style Denim Skirt With Off-Shoulder Top

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Image: Instagram @mariasofiacer

How cute is this button down shirt style denim skirt? Wear a crop top or a cold shoulder to complement this style, and also throw on a pair of comfortable boots.

13. Patchwork Denim Skirt And Tank Top

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Image: Instagram @vconfident

Since everything that’s fashionable will eventually have to be distressed, embroidered, or both, let’s do this with denim skirts too. Because, why not? Let the top be simple, a tank or V-neck would do – let the skirt do the talking.

protip_icon Quick Tip

Alternatively, you can wear denim skirts with fringes, rhinestones, lace or leather fringes instead of patchwork.

14. Denim Skirt With A Denim Jacket

Denim skirt with a denim jacket
Image: Instagram

Since most of us cannot get enough of denim skirts or denim jackets, let’s just get both together and get it over with. Wear a contrast or bold colored footwear to break the silhouette.

15. Faded Denim Skirt With Formal Blazer

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Image: Instagram @thechicndamned

You remember, we just looked at a skirt and a casual blazer combination, and probably thought a formal one wouldn’t look just as good? Yea, you’re right, except you’re not. Take your skirt game to a whole new level – wear nude or black pumps and strut around because you are now officially the queen of all things denim.

16. Denim Skirt With An Oversized Knotted Top

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Image: Instagram @thesouthernpearluptown

Just like knotted maxis, knotted tops are creating ripples in the markets right now. And, if you thought you could only pair them with jeans, then you’re mistaken, missy. Go for a denim skirt; it looks sexy. Flats or converse shoes complement this outfit perfectly – just saying.

17. Denim Skirt And White Sneakers

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Image: Instagram @thatssojen

Denim skirt, a V-neck T-shirt tucked in, a choker, a backpack, and white sneakers are all you need for a casual day out shopping or when you need to be in your comfort zone.

18. Denim Skirt Block Heels And Polka Dots Shirt

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Image: Shutterstock

Are you in a mood to bring in a little retro vibe to your outfit? Pair your denim skirt with a crop-top style polka-dot shirt and wear block heels. Wear red lipstick, put your hair up in a bun, and voila!

Tips On How To Wear A Long Denim Skirt

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Image: Shutterstock
  • Pair a fitted top with a long denim skirt for a balanced look. A tucked-in blouse or form-fitting tee also work well. Additionally, dress up the skirt with a blouse or dress down with a graphic tee or tank top.
  • Layer your outfit with a cardigan, denim jacket, or blazer, depending on the season. This adds depth and style.
  • Sneakers and sandals offer a casual look, while ankle boots and heels provide a more formal touch.
  • You can go for a monochromatic look or add pops of color through your top, accessories, or even a colorful handbag.
  • The wash of a denim skirt can determine its level of formality, with darker washes appearing more formal and lighter washes appearing more casual.
  • Experiment with mixing different textures to add interest to your outfit. For example, try pairing a denim skirt with a lace top or a chunky knit sweater for contrast.

Infographic: Casual Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas For A Stylish Look

Choosing the perfect top, jacket, and accessories for a denim skirt can be tough, more so if you don’t have all day to try out different clothes to find the perfect attire. Want to look almost effortless in your denim skirt for a casual outing? Worry not!

Check out the infographic below that will help you style this timeless piece of clothing, so you don’t have to do the hard job!

casual denim skirt outfit ideas for a stylish look (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

Download Infographic in PDF version

If you own a lovely pair of denim skirts and need some inspiration on how to style them, these ideas can help. You can match denim skirts with a crop top, cashmere sweater, or tank top for a simple yet classy look. A polka dotted shirt with a strappy pair of block heels is a fantastic way to bring a retro vibe to your denim skirt outfit. When all else fails, go for a plain white t-shirt or blazer with some fun accessories to jazz up your look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear with a denim skirt in the winter?

You may pair your denim skirts with sweatshirts or hoodies in complementary colors for a casual look or tuck in body-hugging sweaters for a semi-formal look. For the legs, you may wear warm leggings under the skirt and leg warmers over the leggings.

Are denim skirts comfortable?

Denim skirts are airy, comfortable, and versatile pieces of clothing and are apt for daily wear.

Is a denim skirt smart casual?

Denims mostly define a relaxed, casual look. However, you can pull denim skirts off as smart casuals. You must be mindful of the skirt’s length and what you pair it with. The length must not be too short, and the tops should not be revealing or flashy.

Key Takeaways

  • Denim skirts are eternal and a great addition to the wardrobe due to their versatility.
  • Wearing your denim skirt with a V-neck white t-shirt and sneakers gets you the classy denim look.
  • A denim skirt with a blazer gives a professional and chic look.
  • An overcoat and boots paired with a denim skirt can help you perfect your street-casual chic look.

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Get ready to rock the hottest look with these denim skirt outfit ideas! From casual to chic, this video has got you covered. Check it out!

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