Different Types Of Heels – A Beginner’s Guide

Those new to the world of heels should find a pair that allows them to tread with confidence.

By Pratima Ati

As a heel aficionado, it is absolutely essential for you to know about all the very many types of heels that are available. Yes, it is true that heels come in many different types, and with them comes a wide range of options to style them. Since one can never have too many shoes, this page will help you pick some of the most amazing heels that are oh-so-perfect. Below, we are going to introduce you to the types of heels and the ways you can rock them. So without holding yourself up, scroll down and find them all out. Come on! It is time for you to flaunt different heels every day and steal the show wherever you go!

Different Types Of Heels – A Beginner’s Guide

1. Peep Toes

Peep toes


Peep-toes are one of sexiest kind of heels. The heels come in all lengths, but the higher the heel, the hotter this style looks. They come with an opening at the front, making the toes look like they are peeping, hence the name.

Fashion Tip – Wear them with ankle length trousers, short dresses or anything that is fitted and figure hugging. Paint your nails some bold and dramatic color to make them pop and add drama.

2. Wedge Heels

Wedge heels


Wedges are heels for girls who refuse to walk in those six-inch stilettos because they are not comfortable; it is also for girls who like heels but cannot walk in them. They are elevated, but unlike other heels, the weight is equally distributed throughout, balancing it all out and making it comfortable to walk.

Fashion tip – You can wear them with just about any kind of dress.

3. Cone Heels

Cone heels stay true to their name and just like a cone, they are slightly wider at the top and taper as they go down. They come in all lengths and models.

Fashion Tip – These look great with skirts or dresses that have a flowing hemline.

4. Stilettos

The mother of all heels, and a pair of classic every girl needs to own. These are usually anywhere between 4 to 6 inches elevated, closed at the front, and came in a million different designs. It can seem like an impossible task to walk in these, but once you walk in them – there’s no going back.

Fashion Tip – Just a pair of black or nude stilettos are enough to cover you for office, party or anything casual. It also goes with any random outfit from your wardrobe. That’s how versatile these are. These also look great with formal dresses and events.

5. Platform Heels

A lot of people mistake platform heels for wedges, but platforms are heels that are thick and chunky at the front of the shoe, making it comfortable to walk around, unlike your regular pointed shoes.

Fashion Tip – Wear them with well-fitted or bodycon dresses.

6. Cut Out Heels

Cutout heels are becoming increasing popular and considered incredibly stylish if you can pull them off. They come in all sizes and shapes, but the common aspect of all these shoes are that they are all cut out, making them look neat and sexy.

Fashion Tip – For a last minute party plan where your feet are not manicured and need to be covered, these can come in handy.

7. Sling Back Heels

You are not comfortable with stilettos or pumps that do not sit properly at the back of your feet? No problem – slingbacks are your answer. They come with straps that cinch them together and enhance how the shoes and feet look.

Fashion Tip – Wear them with just about any outfit because they are convenient; but these look great with dresses that show your ankles.

8. French Heels

Have heard of Pompadour or Spool heels? They are very similar, but more curvaceous. These were famous in olden days and are considered vintage.

Fashion Tip – If you are looking to add a vintage touch to your long flowing dresses, go for these French heels.

9. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels


Kitten heels are forever hashtagged with Audrey Hepburn. If you are someone who detests the idea of anything uncomfortably high, kitten heels are for you, my friend. They are not super thin or high, but just enough to elevate your outfit.

Fashion Tip – These look great with well-fitted denim, trousers, and one piece dresses.

10. Pumps



Pumps are very similar to stilettos, but not as high as they are. They usually come with a 3 or 4-inch heel tops, and the fronts sit lower on the floor when compared to you stilettos.

Fashion Tip – From everyday essentials to party wear dresses and work, you can wear them with any outfit, and it looks great.

11. Oxfords

Oxfords are high heels, except these are closed and look like elevated shoes. These were quite famous back in the day and gave a Victorian finish to your outfit.

Fashion Tip – Wear it with boyfriend/mom jeans or trousers that are less defined at the hemline. It is also an interesting idea to match them with monochrome outfits.

12. Chunky Heels

If you are a heel aficionado and tried every type of heels, here’s something that might interest you. The heels are usually bulky and give you a solid base on which you can walk easily.

Fashion Tip – Since the heels are usually thick and funky, keep your outfit simple, letting the heels pop.

13. Comma Heels

We might not find these everywhere, and it’s strange that heels like these even exist, but these are quite a hot favorite at the runway and on red carpets. The heels are literally shaped like a comma and are not as high as your regular heels.

Fashion Tip – Bring out your inner fashionista and wear this to a Christmas or New Year party.

14. Spool heels

Spool heels are a real blessing for anyone who is new to heels and still figuring out a way to walk gracefully. They are wide at the front and rear and relatively narrow at the center, which makes it easier to create a balance.

Fashion Tip – These heels are an everyday essential, look great with formal/office outfits, and do not hurt your feet.

15. Espadrille Heels

Espadrille shoes have been around for a while now and are one of the most comfortable footwear. However, it’s the heels that are new to the line, but have caught on for the same reason. The base is made with natural fibers, while the upper part is made of cloth, leather, etc.

Fashion Tip – They go with western outfits and are quite comfortable. Be it long days at work or a night out at the bar, these are your go-to.

16. Fantasy Heels

If Lady Gaga or Katy Perry are your style icons, you need heels like these in your shoe closet. I think a crazy pair of fantasy heels is something every girl could use on days she wants to be outlandish and let it all go.

Fashion Tip – You can go all out and wear a dress that matches your fantasy heels or keep it simple and let the shoes do the talking.

17. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels


Are you one of those people who always wear strapped footwear because you like the feeling of having a secure shoe? Then, ankle strap heels are perfect, and you can check that off your list.

Fashion Tip – Wear them with jeans, trousers, and formal dresses.

18. Cork High Heels

Cork high heels


Cork high heels are made of cork material – and the reason people prefer these is that they take the pressure off your feet and keep them comfortable. If you cannot deal with heels and have sensitive feet, we have a solution for that too.

Fashion Tip – Depending on the kind of design, wear it with any of your western outfits.

19. Mules



Mules take the shape of your feet and are well defined. They are open near the soles and come in a lot of variants.

Fashion Tip – These look great with a leather jacket, denim, and anything a little casual yet chic.

20. Corset Heels

Shoes that are a true manifestation of the corset style. Just like your corset tops, these are closed and tight.

Fashion Tip – Wear it with trousers that are well-fitted and dresses that are defined.

21. Ankle Booties

Ankle boots


Come winter, you need lots of boots; and to add a little style to your winter outfits, go with ankle length boots with heels that are stylish, yet do the job for you.

Fashion Tip – Black ankle length booties are a must while camel colored ones set you apart and make you effortlessly stylish.

22. High Heeled Boots

There’s nothing sexier than a woman walking in these high heeled beauties in winter. If you are a sucker for heels and are comfortable pulling them off, then nothing should stop you, not even cold weathers.

Fashion Tip – Wear them with fleeced leggings or skinny jeans.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to heels because so many different types are flooding the market, with each one having a unique attraction. From peep toes to wedge heels, cone heels, stilettos, platform heels, and whatnot, the options seem endless. They can amp up any look; all you need to do is try them out and buy the one that makes you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. While our favorite is French heels, you must buy the one that steals your heart right away. Because, why not!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are short high heels called?

Short high heels are known as stiletto heels. These range from 5 cm to 7 cm in height.

What are hidden heels?

Hidden heels are heels used to add a few inches to one’s overall height. These fit perfectly in flats, sneakers, or boots.

What is a Dutch heel?

A Dutch heel is a heel with a rectangular cap and a square heel. It can be worn on casual or office outfits and gives a classy look.

What does a Cuban heel look like?

A Cuban heel has a medium-high heel with a slightly curved back and is essentially straight.

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