How To Make DIY Flaxseed Gel For Curly Hair

Written by Annie Jangam

Although many products are available for styling hair, most contain harmful ingredients. As such, people are always on the lookout for organic options. Lately, flaxseed gel has emerged as a strong contender in the organic hair products category.

Flaxseed gel helps those with curly hair handle their tresses better. In addition to giving control over one’s hairstyle, the gel also nourishes hair with essential nutrients. It also can add volume and maintain the appearance of hair all day long. Here, we further discuss flaxseed gel, its hair benefits, and how you can use it to achieve the best results. Keep reading.

What Is Flaxseed Gel?

Flaxseed gel is concocted from the seeds of flax, a flowering plant. It acts as an agent for conditioning and defining curls. It works without weighing your hair down. Flaxseed gel is almost free from any odor and is colorless.

The gel can supply your mane with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. Read on to know how the gel is beneficial for those with curly hair.

How Is Flaxseed Gel Beneficial For Curly Hair?

Managing curly hair is a rather difficult affair. But you can use flaxseed gel to manage those curls and steer clear of many hair issues.

1. May Nourish Dry And Damaged Hair

Flaxseed gel can help treat damaged hair by supplementing it with nutrition. Some believe the vitamin E in the gel may protect and hydrate the scalp. However, more information is needed in this regard.

2. May Combat Hair Fall

Curly hair loses moisture too soon and is prone to split ends and breakage. The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed gel may help promote hair health. Anecdotal evidence suggests it also may stop hair breakage.

3. May Help Control Frizz

The most common issue with curly hair is frizz. Lack of moisture can leave your curls in tangles. Flaxseed may keep the hair moisturized and smoothen it out, reducing frizz.

4. May Add A Bounce To Your Locks

Curly hair becomes all the more unmanageable when it falls flat without any bounce and ends up looking limp. Flaxseed gel clumps the locks in a balanced way and adds more definition. It also adds that extra bounce to your hair strands.

5. May Straighten Your Hair

Hair straightening methods often employ chemicals and hot instruments that cause severe damage to the hair and scalp. Flaxseed gel could be a viable option for those seeking an organic and safe straightening technique.

To further understand the benefits of flaxseed gel for hair, we have compared it with other organic gels widely used by people. Keep reading.

Flaxseed Gel Vs. Other Natural Gels

  • Gelatin Hair Gel

Gelatin hair gel contains more protein than flaxseed gel and may harden the hair strands if overused. Gelatin gel may also rob your curls of their flexibility. Moreover, this gel is usually made from animal collagen and may not suit vegans or vegetarians.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a good moistening agent. However, it has a softer hold on your curls when compared to flaxseed hair gel. Aloe vera gel may work well for straight hair, though.

Overall, flaxseed gel offers organic benefits to people with curly hair. Most curly-haired individuals vouch for its efficacy. Some even claim that this gel offers the strongest hold to curly hair.

Besides, making flaxseed gel at home is easy. We show you how in the following section.

How To Make Your Own DIY Flaxseed Gel

Any supermarket shelf gives you the commercial version of flaxseed gel. But these versions most likely contain preservatives or chemicals. Making flaxseed gel at home requires very few commonly available ingredients. It is easier, less expensive, and preservative-free.

Where To Find The Ingredients

You can pick a pack of flaxseeds from a convenience store nearby. Use whole flaxseeds for making the gel as the ground variant is suitable only for consumption. Use filtered water to enhance the quality of the hair gel. Make do with tap water if filtered water is not an option.

These do-it-yourself gels can be made in different ways. Here is a quick recipe.

DIY Flaxseed Gel Recipe For Curly Hair

You Will Need

  • ¼ cup of flaxseeds
  • 2 ½ cups of filtered water
  • A saucepan
  • A strainer
  • A container

How To Make

  1. Measure out a quarter cup of flaxseeds into a clean container and add two and a half cups of filtered or distilled water to it.
  2. Soak the seeds overnight as it helps increase the gel volume.
  3. Cover the solution with a lid and keep it refrigerated for at least 8 hours or longer.
  4. Pour the solution into a saucepan and bring it to a boil on a medium to high flame.
  5. Once the solution boils, let it simmer for 7 to 10 minutes.
  6. Stir occasionally to keep the seeds from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
  7. Turn off the flame as a brown foam appears. The consistency at this point should be similar to that of an egg white. Ideally, it should not be too loose or too hard.
  8. Run the hot mixture through a strainer and collect it into an airtight container.
  9. Let the gel cool before you close the lid.
  10. You also may add your favorite essential oils or aloe vera to the gel to enhance its quality.

How Long Does A Homemade Flaxseed Gel Last?

Pure flaxseed gel can be used for up to 2 weeks when refrigerated. The addition of any essential oils increases its shelf life by approximately 2 to 3 months. However, using an excess of essential oils may make the gel less effective. Take care to add only a few drops of the essential oil (1%).

Store the gel in an airtight container to ward off any bacterial or fungal growth. The airtight container has to be well-refrigerated. A rotten gel is easy to identify as it is characterized by a fetid smell.

How To Style Curly Hair With Flaxseed Gel

  • Wash the hair thoroughly with a shampoo. Ensure the hair is tangle-free before applying the gel.
  • Section the hair with a comb or brush and flip the hair over the head while applying the gel.
  • Squeeze or remove a small portion of the gel from the container (about half a teaspoon).
  • Apply the gel to wet hair with a top-to-bottom stroke.
  • Let it dry naturally. Do not rake your hair.
  • The hair may look stiff initially. Give those stiff curls a good squishing with your hands.
  • See your hair transform into soft, manageable curls.

If you want to transform your curly hair into straight locks, the following recipe can help.

How To Make A Flaxseed Gel Straightener

You Will Need

  • 3 tablespoons of flaxseeds
  • 1 tablespoon of pure aloe vera gel
  • 2 tablespoons of castor oil
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 1 ½ cups of water
  • 5 drops of any essential oil (optional)
  • A strainer
  • A saucepan
  • A container

How To Make

  1. Add flaxseeds to boiling water.
  2. Let the water simmer. Stir occasionally to help release the flaxseed gel.
  3. Remove the mixture from the heat after three minutes and allow it to cool down completely.
  4. Collect the flaxseed gel by passing it through a fine-mesh strainer.
  5. Pour the fresh flaxseed gel into the clean container.
  6. Stir well after adding the aloe vera gel, lemon juice, castor oil, raw honey, and the essential oil (if any).
  7. Store in the container and refrigerate.

How To Apply 

  1. Apply the gel to wet hair with a top-to-bottom stroke.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb and smoothen all the hair sections.
  3. Rinse the hair softly with cool water to remove the gel.
  4. Apply conditioner if necessary and rinse again.
  5. Let your hair naturally dry without using a towel.
  6. Comb your hair once again.

Using Flaxseed Gel: Tips And Warnings


  1. What determines the quality of the flaxseed gel is its holding power. A thinner gel has a lower holding power, whereas a thicker gel has a higher holding power.
  2. The golden-brown seeds give a gel with lower holding power. Use brown flaxseeds for a thicker gel.
  3. The gel consistency can be increased or decreased by varying the volume of water added, the number of flax seeds used, and the duration it is boiled for.


  1. Use only the prescribed amount of flaxseed gel. Excess of the gel can cause hair stiffness.
  2. Do a test trial on a portion of your hair when combining the gel with commercial products.
  3. You may sometimes experience your hair turning slightly crisper than usual.
  4. Keep blow-drying to a minimum when you have the gel on.

To Conclude

Flaxseed gel is ideal for looped, bristly, and wavy curls. It is pocket-friendly and can be made at home with the least hassle. The effort required for its application is minimal too. The gel does not leave a flaky residue behind. It is free of chemicals and gives your curls the hold they need and the health they deserve! Prepare your flaxseed gel at home and start using it today!   

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use the gel?

You can use the flaxseed hair gel once a week.

Can you leave flaxseed gel in your hair?

Yes, flaxseed gel can be left in the hair overnight or until the next wash.

Can I use flaxseed gel on locs?

Yes, you can. Flaxseed gel is commonly used to retwist locs.

Is it okay to layer flaxseed gel with other products?

Yes, flaxseed hair gels can be customized. You can add additional ingredients to the gel-based on what your hair needs.

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