Double Ear Piercing: Healing Time, Cost, And Aftercare

Adorn your ears with double piercings for an attention-grabbing and cool look!

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Want to adopt an edgy style, and amp up your ear game? Then get a double ear piercing! Take a plunge into this fashion-forward statement that involves piercing both ears twice for a symmetrical and attention-grabbing look. From classic studs to delicate pieces, explore several options to express your individuality. While many are scared of the pain, others have a better pain threshold and think of it as a means of empowerment, allowing them to showcase their unique perspective in fashion. Whether you are a trendsetter or a fashion enthusiast, this guide will walk you through the process, highlight popular styles, and provide tips for optimal care. Keep scrolling to learn more about this versatile double ear piercing trend.

protip_icon Piercing Guide: Double Ear Piercing
  • Placement: Two piercings are placed side by side on one ear lobe
  • Best Jewelry: Hoops, studs, labrets, or huggies made with cadmium-, lead-, and nickel-free 14k or 18k gold or implant grade steel, titanium, or niobium.
  • Cost: $65 to $100
  • Pain Level: Low
  • Healing Time: 3 to 6 months

What Is A Double Ear Piercing?

A girl with a double ear piercing
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Unlike a single piercing, double ear piercing placement involves getting two consecutive piercings on the earlobe. The ear can also be pierced in different areas but most prefer to get it on their lobes. The earlobe piercings heal fast with minimal risk of irritation or infection. So, in the end, you end up with two piercings on one lobe and a total of four piercings.

Getting a double piercing allows you to experiment with different styles and looks. Whether you are into a classic, balanced aesthetic or prefer an eclectic, asymmetrical vibe, double ear piercing offers endless possibilities that may help you feel confident in expressing yourself.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Celebrities like Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, and Mirada Kerr have double ear piercings on their lobes and wear stylish jewelry to draw attention to their pierced ears.

If you are getting a double piercing, you should also know the process because you might be wondering if it is different from the normal process of piercing. Find out in the next section.

The Process Of Getting Double Ear Piercings

The process of getting a double ear piercing is similar to getting a single one. Both ears are pierced twice in one session so it takes more preparation.

  • The piercer will consult with you to determine the desired placement and style for the piercings.
  • They will begin by ensuring safe hygienic practices, washing their hands, and putting on gloves.
  • They will thoroughly clean the spot that needs to be pierced to minimize the risk of bacterial infection.
  • They will mark the chosen spots on both earlobes, ensuring symmetry.
  • They will prepare the piercing area using an antiseptic drape or an identifying prep solution like iodine.
  • A small, hollow needle is then used to create the openings for the earrings.
  • In the case of earlobes, the piercer typically inserts the needle straight through the marked points.
  • Once the needles are through, the chosen earrings, usually studs, are carefully inserted into the fresh piercing holes.
  • The piercer will secure the earrings, providing aftercare instructions for cleaning and minimizing irritation.

Do note that most piercing professionals do not recommend getting more than three piercings in one session. So make sure you resist the urge to overdo it. It is also important to listen to a reputable piercer’s aftercare advice carefully to allow the piercings to heal properly. The section below discusses the amount of time it takes for a piercing to heal completely.

What Is The Healing Time For Double Ear Piercings?

A girl getting ready to get her ears pierced by a specialist
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The healing time for double earlobe piercings is typically 3 to 6 months, while cartilage double piercings may take up to 6 to 12 months. Individual variations, aftercare diligence, and proper hygiene can influence the duration. During this period, it is important to be cautious, avoid unnecessary touching, and refrain from changing earrings too soon to allow the piercings to fully heal. It is best to go for regular check-ups with the piercer and following their guidance and recommended downsize time can ensure a smooth healing process.

While getting a piercing on your lobe is less painful, others such as cartilage piercings, anti-tragus piercings, helix piercings, and conch piercings can test your pain tolerance. They take time to heal due to their sensitive positions.

While ear piercings may take time to heal, they look fashionable and edgy once they do. But before you plan on getting some double piercings, you should also know that it is important to carefully listen to the aftercare instructions and follow them diligently to maintain your piercings. Check out the next section to know more!

How To Care For Double Ear Piercings

Proper aftercare is important to ensure a smooth healing process and maintain the health of your new piercings. Here is a concise guide to caring for your double ear piercings:

  • Keep Your Hands Off: Avoid touching your piercings with unwashed hands. Touching can introduce bacteria, leading to infections. If you must touch, make sure your hands are clean.
  • Clean Them With Saline Solution: Use medical-grade sterile saline solution spray with 0.09% sodium chloride to clean your piercings twice a day (1). Spray the solution, dab it gently and thoroughly with a cotton pad, and let it dry completely to avoid too much moisture and resultant irritation. This helps prevent infection and promotes healing.
  • Rotate Earrings With Caution: While some piercers recommend rotating earrings during cleaning, others advise against it. Follow your piercer’s guidance; if rotating, do it gently to prevent irritation.
  • Avoid Using Harsh Products: Avoid alcohol-based solutions, hydrogen peroxide, or harsh cleansers. Stick to the sterile saline solution as the only cleaning solution until the piercing is completely healed.
  • Choose Appropriate Jewelry: Stick to the earrings provided by your piercer and have them downsized within the period recommended by them. Once healed, opt for the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) recommended hypoallergenic materials like implant-grade titanium or surgical steel to avoid reactions (2).
  • Avoid Water Exposure: Refrain from submerging your ears in water, such as in pools or hot tubs, during the initial healing period. These environments harbor bacteria and may increase the risk of infection.
  • Watch Out For Signs Of Infection: Keep an eye out for signs of infection, redness, swelling, or unusual discharge. If you notice any of these, consult your piercer or a healthcare professional promptly.
protip_icon Trivia
The oldest recorded mummy in the world, 5300-year-old Otzi the Iceman, from Italy, was found to have ear piercings.

Taking care of your piercings properly is the first step toward making them a part of your style statement. But you should also be aware of the cost. Scroll down to the next section to find out!

How Much Does A Double Ear Piercing Cost?

The cost of a double ear piercing depends on several aspects such as the piercing studio’s location, reputation, and the type of earrings chosen. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $100 for a double ear piercing per ear. This cost often includes the service of the piercer, the use of sterilized equipment, the initial pair of earrings, and also any decorative modifications of the jewelry. However, it’s essential to inquire about any additional fees or charges for upgraded jewelry.

Piercing studios in urban or high-end areas may have higher pricing, while those in more rural locations or with less overhead may offer lower costs. It is best to research local piercing studios, check customer reviews, and inquire about the specific services and discounts included in the pricing before making an ear piercing appointment. Getting a piercing is quite expensive, especially if you get it from a high-end store.

Wondering what type of jewelry you should choose? Well, if you need some help deciding on the different styles of jewelry for piercings, then take inspiration from the section below.

What Type Of Jewelry Is Used For A Double Ear Piercing?

To ensure a safe piercing and healing process, it is best to follow the instructions or recommendations of a reputable piercer. They generally suggest opting for implant-grade metals, 14k or 18k gold, titanium, surgical steel, and metals free from impurities such as cadmium, lead, and nickel. As they are free of allergenic materials, they can ensure a smooth and fast recovery. However, once your piercing is completely healed, speak to your piercer again, and take their approval to explore what kind of fashionable jewelry you may try. Here are a few suitable options:

  • Stud Earrings
Starter diamond studs on a girl’s ear
Image: Shutterstock

These earrings are great for transitioning from initial piercing jewelry to something stylish. They also come crafted from hypoallergenic materials like implant-grade surgical steel or titanium, minimizing the risk of irritation. These initial statement earrings often feature a modest size, usually ranging from 18 to 20 gauge, promoting comfort as you get used to them.

  • Hoop Earrings
Image: StyleCraze Design Team

These minimalist earrings come in various materials such as stainless steel, gold, or silver, allowing for personalized aesthetics. Typically ranging in size from small diameters, like 8mm to larger hoops in varying sizes. Start with smaller ones to allow your piercing to get accustomed to frequent jewelry changes.

  • Threadless Labrets
Image: Shutterstock

A popular for double ear piercings, they provide a secure fit and comfortable wear. Crafted from materials like titanium or implant-grade steel, these labrets feature a flat-back design, reducing irritation. Available in various sizes, they offer flexibility for individual preferences. The threadless system ensures easy removal and insertion that aids the healing process.

  • Internally Threaded Jewelry
Image: Shutterstock

These studs are ideal for double ear piercings that involve cartilage, as they are made of materials such as implant-grade titanium or 14-18k solid gold and combine style with hypoallergenic properties. Ranging in sizes suitable for cartilage piercings, these studs offer versatility with designs featuring gems or unique shapes.

  • Huggie Earrings
Image: Shutterstock

They feature a design that hugs the earlobe closely. Crafted from materials like gold or sterling silver, they offer both style and durability. But they differ from ear cuffs, which don’t need piercing to be worn. Available in various sizes, including smaller diameters like 8mm, huggie hoops provide a snug fit.

Embarking on the journey of double ear piercings brings a blend of style and personal expression. With a healing time of several weeks, and considerably flexible prices depending on where you get it done, the investment pays off in the form of a chic and balanced look. Diligent aftercare, including regular cleaning and mindful jewelry choices, ensures a smooth healing process. It is a personalized way to enhance your style, making a bold statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sleep with a double ear piercing?

When sleeping with double ear piercings, avoid putting pressure on them. Sleep on your back or invest in special piercing pillows for support. Keep hair away so they don’t snag at the piercing accidentally and follow aftercare recommendations for comfort.

What age should I get my ears double-pierced?

The ideal age to get your ears double-pierced varies, but many individuals opt for it in their early teens or later. It’s crucial to consider personal readiness, responsibility for aftercare, and parental consent if underage.

Key Takeaways

  • A double ear piercing in a line typically refers to the placement of two piercings on the ear in a straight or linear fashion.
  • The piercing process is the same but it may hurt a bit more than a single ear piercing.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and water exposure to allow the piercings to heal.
  • Select the initial piercing jewelry carefully. Go for implant-grade steel, niobium, titanium, or 14-18k solid gold that is free from cadmium, nickel, and lead.

If an earlobe piercing is what you want, then you need to know all about it. It is the most standard type of piercing that you can get as a child or an adult. Check out the video below to learn more about it.


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