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Easiest Way To Remove Coconut Flesh From Shell Within 30 Seconds

Easiest Way To Remove Coconut Flesh From Shell Within 30 Seconds October 4, 2017

What is the toughest thing to break in this world?

Is it a diamond? Or maybe it is a tortoise shell?

And what is the second toughest?


Yes! You got it right. It’s a coconut.

I have tried breaking coconuts; so many of them to be honest enough. And time and again my efforts have borne no fruit. Either the coconut slips out of my grasp or I injure my hand. But the shell never broke into two.

But then I came across this video which kept my disappointment at bay. One of the simplest videos you can find on the ‘art’ of breaking coconuts, I should say. Want to check it out? I bet you do.

The process is not rocket science. Even a fifth grade kid would understand it. There are 3 simple and easy steps involved.

  • Store the coconut inside the deep freezer for 12 hours prior to using it in your cooking.
  • After 12 hours, remove the coconut from the fridge.
  • Use a hammer to gently strike the coconut as you rotate it. The extreme cold in the freezer would have made the coconut shell hard but brittle, and it breaks easily with just a few light blows.

There you go! Add the coconut meat to your favourite dish and relish it. And don’t ever fret over coconuts again.

Okay. So you have at your disposal an amazingly uncomplicated way of breaking a coconut. What will you do now? Just combine it with your preferred delicacy, sit back and enjoy?

Is that all? Seriously? That is all you are going to do?

Forgive my ambiguous talk, friend. All this is just an effort to introduce you to the various other ‘simple’ but unrealised uses of coconuts. After you are done reading this, it wouldn’t be a wonder even if you plan to purchase a coconut orchard.

The Shell Of A Coconut…

…can be used to design beautiful handicrafts. They can also be used as bowls and utensils. And hey, ever played a musical instrument? There are chances that the body of your musical instrument might have been structured using a coconut shell.

The Coir Of A Coconut…

…is nothing but a collection of countless natural elastic fibers. You can use this as stuffing for your mattresses, or as ropes and strings. Brushes and floor mats can also be made out of this. And in case you have the habit of fishing, coconut coir can be used to caulk your fishing nets.

The Water In A Coconut…

…is the best drink you can find in and around the cosmos. Coconut water gives you instant refreshment and is now an indispensible ingredient in energy drinks taken by star athletes.

The Leaves Of A Coconut…

…are used to make brooms, baskets and mats. They are also used in cooking as skewers.

The Meat Of A Coconut…

…is used in ways you already might know (otherwise you wouldn’t be searching for ways to break a coconut). But still, let me do my bit!

Products like coconut milk and oil are extracted from the meat. The coconut sap can yield to palm wine, coconut sugar or palm sugar and sweet syrup.

The Trunk Of A Coconut…

…is used exclusively to make furniture, and in some countries, even houses. In Hawaii, the trunk is used to make drums, canoes and containers.

Finally, The Roots Of A Coconut…

…are used as dye. In some parts of the world, they find uses as a mouthwash.

No wonder coconut is the undisputed king when it comes to health and robustness. The amount of ‘unadulterated’ nutrients it contains can significantly benefit one’s health.

I have decided to consume coconuts in some form daily. And so should you!