55 Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Little Girls

Help your little princess be the talk of the party with these dreamy and cute hairdos.

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Special events are a good excuse to get dolled up. Therefore, we present some pretty wedding hairstyles for little girls to help them have their dreamy princess moments. Kids love their cute accessories, and special party dresses to show off to their friends or pose for pictures with the bride and groom. So, give your kiddo some cool hairdos to make for memorable pictures and instill that confidence at a tender age itself.

Jessica Noonan, a hairstylist, advises, “Bring photos of styles your little one loves too. Include them in the consultation if age appropriate. If you’re working with a stylist, let know if your child has any sensory issues. Some kids can’t tolerate anything tight, pokey, hot or too fluffy. If your daughter won’t wear a headband to school, she won’t keep it on for the wedding either. If they’re comfortable and feeling cute, they’ll be more likely to smile for the photos.”

here is a lot you can do with all lengths and types of hair. Just find your fave hair accessories, styling tools, and products, and you are all set to make beautiful wedding hairstyles for girls. Keep scrolling for some inspo!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Keep a lot of beautiful, bright and colorful hair accessories handy like barrettes, hair extensions, ribbon clips, flower clips, tiara, or floral headbands to doll up your little girl at a wedding.
  • Always pick hairstyles that don’t fall on your little girl’s face to avoid eye irritations.
  • Use silk or satin scrunchies on a wedding hairstyle to avoid tension, breakage, and frizz at an early age.
  • Avoid any tight wedding hairstyle if your little girl has thin hair texture to avoid breakage. Exercise caution with heat styling tools with fidgety little ones.
  • If you hire a professional stylist, wash your girl’s hair on the previous day. Make sure her dress doesn’t go over the head to avoid ruining the style.

Here Are 55 Easy Little Girl Hairstyles For Wedding That You Should Try Out:

1. French Braided Side Bun

French Braided Side Bun
Image: Shutterstock

This French braided bun is an excellent option for any hair length, be it short, medium, or long. Cute accessories like floral clips can make your kid look super pretty at a wedding. Position the braid and bun toward one side to add an elegant touch to the look.

2. Messy Bun With Headband

Messy Bun With Headband
Image: Shutterstock

A quick and easy messy bun on your kid may offer an effortless yet adorable look at a wedding. Top it up with a cute colored headband to keep hair away from her eyes. Match the headband with her outfit to create a put-together wedding look. If the little munchkin is the flower girl in the bridal procession, you could also attach a white pin with a mini veil on her bun that mimics that of the bride.

3. Simple Burgundy High Ponytail

Image: Getty

A simple yet elegant ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles for little girls with short hair for a wedding!  A style that extrudes innocence, it is gentle and would embellish any personality.

4. Purple Rainbow

Image: Getty

Although, coloring hair might be a bit too much in young girls, you could go for your desired look by using hair extensions. The big ribbon clip at the side enhances the articulately curled edges.

5. Brunette Tousled Waves

Image: Getty

Your little girl has long wavy hair? Styling them to look like a diva is the best and easiest option. The wavy hairdo has a middle part and the style is dressed with tousled flyways.

6. Cowboy Grace

Image: Getty

For a western themed wedding, go for the cowboy hat. A cowboy hat enhances innocent glamour. The vivacious smile with young energetic vibe blooms the personality. The simple hairdo involves sleek hair in chestnut brown teamed with bright yellow extensions, simple yet striking.

7. Simple Tousled Curls

Image: Getty

It’s easy to dress up young girls if you have a clear idea of the look. A simple hairstyle to try out and master, just wash the hair, use a good hairspray to style the curls and then gently finger comb to help form curls. The curls have a disheveled look however, the style is perfect for the traditional wedding. Use flowers or accessories to enhance the hairdo.

8. Frizzy Band

Image: Getty

The tight afro mane style curls or frizz can be embellished by using a big hair band. The frizzy curls are tamed and pulled back to give a neat and clear face which can be brightened by a wide smile or a playful laughter.

9. Delicate Spiral Curls

Image: Getty

The delicate spiral curls look beautiful and graceful. The spiral twists can be made from one end of the side part and then pinned up on the top. This helps the curls to fall in a poised manner. The style is simple and easy to wear. Perfect for the young bridesmaids!

10. Brunette Side Chignon

Image: Getty

Your little girl is blessed with long tresses! This hairdo is a great option. Pullback the side chignon tightly and give it a cute and pretty effect. You can choose to keep it simple or style it with flowers.

You can also add in your own touch to the look, like curls, or try a subtle parting chignon hairdo. Beth, a YouTuber, showcases a quick and easy chignon hairstyle, perfect for a wedding and suitable for both children and adults. She says, “It was a fast one today, so, the reason we used the chignon is just to create that high, create that volume! It’s much faster than getting all the way back home there (i).”

11. Braided Bun

Image: Getty

The milk maid bun is a vintage hairdo. Choose this hairdo if your daughter is blessed with long tresses. Pull the braided bun into the milkmaid style and viola, the style is classic and modish.

12. Messy Ponytail

Image: Getty

The high ponytail with mini braids looks rather stylish. This hairdo has a boho/hippie essence to it, perfect for a beach wedding.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can accessorize this messy ponytail to get a boho vibe. From waves to flower crowns and buns, these twists will freshen up this traditional hairstyle

13. Blue Feather Hairdo

Image: Getty

The soft brown long hair can have a perky twist with this blue feather extension. The extension added gives a cute and fresh style to the hairdo. Simple yet vibrant!

14. Sunshine Bright

Image: Getty

The curls in this hairdo are textured and have a shiny appeal. The style is simply exquisite. The edges are beautifully curled with hair pinned on one side of the neat side part.

15. Long Black Fringes

Image: Getty

This little girl wedding hairstyle has a casual yet playful appeal. The ordinary curled tresses look completely in sync with each other. The spiral curls adorns the hair beautifully.

16. The Neat Side High Bun

Image: Getty

The neat side high bun is extremely smart. Decorated with a purple flower clip the style is graceful and elite.

protip_icon Quick Tip
A high bun can be styled with crossed pieces in front to make your little girl stand out from the crowd.

17. Ombre Bob Waves

Image: Getty

The ombre bob is one of the best wedding haircuts for little girls that looks classy and simple. The flower pinned on one side gives a charming appeal.

18. Effortless Straight

Image: Getty

The style is ordinary yet very chic. The hair is styled in the half-up half-down fashion. You can enhance the hairdo further with flowers or hairpins.

19. Tousled Curls Pinned

Image: Getty

The blonde curls pinned up on the sides have a delightfully cheerful feel. The hairdo is perfect for that elite wedding.

20. Headband Curls

Image: Getty

Pin up those curls unevenly in a bun complete with tiny loose bangs at the sides and add the headband for the pretty Cinderella style. Your little one would look like a princess.

21. Brown Curls with Headband

Image: Getty

To sport this hairstyle, unevenly arrange the curls. The style is enhanced by the appealing littering headband amidst the tender waves.

22. Neat Tight Curls

Image: Getty

All you have to do to sport this hairstyle is curl the hair neatly. The style is soft and tender with no precision. A delightful sunny hairdo!

23. Curly Bob

Image: Getty

The side parted curly bob is neat yet attractive. The style is fresh, effortless and smart. Side-part the hair and make sure the curls fall gracefully. Pin up the twin flower hairpin on one side.

24. Cheerful Bangs

Image: Getty

The curly bangs give a happy-go-lucky feel to the hairdo. The hair band accentuates the style. The bangs extend up to the cheeks and give a striking look to the coif.

25. Sleek Banged Bun

Image: Getty

The hairdo is very simple to master. You must be adept at making bun styles; you just need to apply the same technique on the little girl’s hair. Make a bun with a thick side parted sleek bang which extends up to the cheeks which gives a round shape to the face.

26. Curly Ponytail

Image: Getty

The ponytail is ordinary yet chic. The style looks effortless with the tousled curls tied up in a high pony.

27. Wavy Curls Pinned Up

Image: Getty

The wavy curls with blackish brown hues have a classic yet a pretty vibe to it. The curls are enhanced by the small hair slide pinned at the top side section.

28. Subtly Messy

Image: Getty

The subtly messy half up style is smart and elegant. The style has a blow dried effect with a subtle wavy texture too. The fine bangs shaped in a curvy fashion contour the face wonderfully.

29. Elegant Waves

Image: Getty

The hairdo gives a tender and soft appeal thereby complementing a young girls personality. The wavy tresses possess a very shiny and flawless texture. The curls seemed to be embossed on the shiny tresses.

30. Neat frizzy Medium Base Bun

Image: Getty

The neat and frizzy hair can be tamed by using a good hairspray. Do not use it excessively as you are styling a younger child who may run a risk of health complications. Comb the hair, do a small side part and make a tight bun behind.

31. A Line Long Bob

Image: Getty

The A line long bob always goes unnoticed but chic and stylish. The style boasts of greater precision. This effortless hairdo is perfect for those with straight hair. Embellish it further with fresh flowers.

32. Silky Top Knot

Image: Getty

The style includes the top knot bun tied up in a neat and sleek way.

33. Short Blonde Ponytail

Image: Getty

The blonde ponytail is cute and jolly. The style is easy to wear. If you little girl has short hair, tying it would seem better. Enhance it further with a simple hair band.

34. Bob Fringe

Image: Getty

This hairdo has a classy fringe at the front. The twisted strands from both sides are pulled back and secured with pins. The fine fringe at the forehead gives a cute and appealing twist to this hairdo.

35. Blonde Medium

Image: Getty

Tie back a few strands of hair from each side and get a hairdo similar to the half up half down style. The hair is wavy and neat.

36. High Big Bun

Image: Getty

The huge big bun is elegant and sophisticated, the style being right for that perfect elite vintage maiden style.

37. Blonde High Bun

Image: Getty

The blonde high bun has a neat tousled style to it. The long tresses can be tied up for a pretty cute style. The hairdo is perfect for the young maiden style at a modern wedding.

38. Puffy Top Bob

Image: Getty

The puffy top makes the hairstyle look the extra chic. The style is edgy and completely transforms the looks of any girl.

39. Blonde Tousled Blunt Bob

Image: Getty

The tousled blunt bob has a very messy feel to it. This gives it a very casual yet stylish feel to it.

40. Softly Tousled Wavy Hairdo

Image: Getty

The hairdo is simple and subtly wavy. The style has a very fresh and pleasant vibe. The look is enhanced by the fresh white flower at the side.

41. Golden Tousled Layers

Image: Getty

The bob has a bright golden hue to it which is further enhanced by the innocent vibrant smile. The hairdo has a messy tousled texture with imprecise layers, all held together vibrantly.

42. Brown Loose Curls

Image: Getty

The style has a perky and cheerful finesse to it. This style suits children who have naturally curly mane.

43. Neat and Tucked Away

Image: Getty

The style is understated but refined possessing a youthful essence to it. In this style the hair is neatly tucked away behind the ears for an orderly style.

44. Golden Tresses

Image: Getty

The hairdo is effortless and easy to wear. One side is slicked and pulled back, secured with pins while the other side has a more blow dried style. The coif is stylish and trendy.

45. Black Fringed Round Bob

Image: Getty

The black round bob looks effortless and stylish. The hairdo is distinctive with uneven fringe which covers the forehead. The fringe has longer sides contouring the eyes. The coif is cute and smart.

46. Blonde Curls in Medium Length

Image: Getty

The hairdo is right for girls with curly hair. If you want to have these fascinating curls pull out the rollers and go ahead and style them this way though.

47. Edgy Bangs with Half Up

Image: Getty

The front layered bangs are perky and stylish. The sides are tied back. The sleek layered bang adds detail to the simple half up style.

48. Mad Hatter

Image: Getty

The cheery smile just accentuates the blunt trimmed bob complemented with the medium round hat. The bob has very fine long divided fringe which gives a tender effect to the innocent face.

49. Light Brown Hairdo

Image: Getty

This is one of the easiest little girl wedding hair dos that is effortless and easy to wear. The thick long hair is embellished with the trendy black ribbon hair band which of course complements the dress. The forehead covered with very fine layers gives more detail to this simple long hair coif.

50. Twin Pigtails

Image: Getty

Nothing beats the cute pigtail style. The hairdo is simple to wear and chic on style. The look is cute yet very refined.

51. Orange Curls

Image: Getty

The orange curls have a fairytale feel to it. The style looks just out of a storybook having a very vintage feel to it. The little women would just look young refined ladies in this hairdo.

52. Top Ponytail

Image: Getty

The top ponytail is very stylish. The ponytail looks cool and pretty. The hairdo is perfect for a rock star themed wedding.

53. Braided Crown

Braided crown for little girls
Image: Shutterstock

The braided crown is a charming hairstyle that is also easy to create. It is perfect for special occasions or when you want a pretty, bohemian look. It works on various hair lengths and textures, adding a touch of elegance to your style.

54. Side Twists

side twists hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Make a bold statement with big side twists. This is a fabulous hairstyle that adds volume and personality to your overall look. You can embrace the charm of large twists for a stylish and confident appearance.

55. Curled Updo

curled updo hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Create a charming look for little girls with a curled updo. It is an effortlessly elegant and easy-to-achieve hairstyle, perfect for weddings. This adorable updo adds a touch of sweetness to any young attendee’s special day.

Infographic: 5 Trendiest Wedding Hairdos For Little Girls

If your little girl is attending a wedding, as part of her special look, choosing the right hairstyle is just as important as picking out the perfect dress. From braids to buns, there are endless hairdos to choose from, and we have made it easier for you. The infographic below lists 5 most popular hairstyles that are practical and adorable, ensuring that your little ones feel comfortable and confident on the big day. Check it out!

5 trendiest wedding hairdos for little girls (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Whether your kid is a flower girl or just attending the wedding with you, she deserves to look like the princess she is! With these 55 little girl hairstyles for weddings, your daughter (or little sister) will look absolutely adorable. Pick your favorite hairstyles from this list and practice them. You can add your own touch to these looks as well. If the wedding you are attending has a specific theme, you can customize the hairstyle to match it. From elegant hairstyles and cutesy hairdos to messy looks, you can find a hairstyle for any wedding theme right here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the right hairstyle for a little girl?

Choose the right hairstyle for a little girl based on her attire, face shape, face size, and hair texture.

How do you keep a little girl’s hairstyle in place throughout the wedding?

You can use accessories like hair clips, beads, hair bands, and bows to keep the hairstyle in place throughout the wedding.

What are some creative ways to incorporate a flower crown in a wedding hairstyle for little girls?

A creative way to incorporate a flower crown in a wedding hairstyle for girls will be to arrange the crown near a low updo. Wrap the ends of a low ponytail around it and pin it into place. It will look as if the crown is woven together with the hair.

Check out this amazing video below for the best hairstyles for short hair! From wedding hairstyles for kids to cutesy girls’ hairstyles, you won’t want to miss it!

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