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50 Splendid Edgy Long Length Hairstyles!

50 Splendid Edgy Long Length Hairstyles! Hyderabd040-395603080 November 3, 2017

Long hair can be very versatile and beautiful. The style you choose for the hair can just enhance your whole personality. The term ‘edgy’ means a style that would be a head turner instantly.

So we list out 50 edgy hairstyles for long hair which you can try:

1. Asymmetrical Waves:

Asymmetrical-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

The waves contour the face giving the edgy appeal. The long tresses just flow out randomly; the uneven lopsided cuts give a unique appeal to the long hair.

2. Black Top Knot Bun:

Black-Top-Knot-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

Long tresses are very versatile, and you can experiment with a lot of hairstyles. Try this top knot bun for that extra edge. Remember you can carry this style to any place. A bun can easily sail through a lot of difficulties.

3. Long Black Sleek Ponytail:

Long-Black-Sleek-Ponytail Pinit

Image : Getty

A sleek ponytail strikes the vivacity and an edgy chord very soon. Remember to iron out the long curls and the tie it up into this long sleek ponytail.

4. Edgy Curly Updo:

Edgy-Curly-Updo Pinit

Image : Getty

Be the center of all the attention with this edgy curly updo. The edgy hairdo is stylish and tousled. It can very well go for a wild appeal as well. This is one of the easiest edgy updos for long hair to try out.

5. Curly High Volume Dense Bun:

Curly-High-Volume-Dense-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

If you possess long curly hair, then wrap the hair into this dense bun. The bun is low based but is very dense and frankly the height does not matter, given the width and size! Sport the bun with a tight pulled back style at the front or with loose bangs.

6. Side Parted Curly Highlighted Edges:

Side-Parted-Curly-Highlighted-Edges Pinit

Image : Getty

An extremely simple yet edgy style, wearing it is just so easy. Do a side part let the wavy flow out on one side, just curl the edges. The curls at the edges have to be soft.

7. Back Combed Highlighted Spiral Waves:

Back-combed-Highlighted-Spiral-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

Here comes one of the best edgy long hairstyles with bangs! The side part is not visible here. The front bangs and the rest of the hair have been backcombed from the point of a side swept. The bang form a beautiful curl near the forehead and the random highlighted spiral waves appear very edgy.

8. Soft Highlighted Backcombed Waves:

Soft-Highlighted-Backcombed-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

The soft highlighted backcombed waves appear to have a bouncy effect. Due to milder waves, and a curvy blend which the front bangs have, the style appears a little bouncy and full of volume.

9. Retro Spiral Highlighted Waves:

Retro-Spiral-Highlighted-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

The edgy hairstyle for long hair would look very elegant with flicked eyes and deep red lips. The bangs from the unseen side part have a retro twirl to it which merges into the extremely curly waves. The side part in this style in unseen since it is combed back.

10. Curly Side Flared Edges:

Curly-Side-Flared-Edges Pinit

Image : Getty

This side flared curls appear very different and unique. The deep side part ensures the subtle volume the hair has. The style is very edgy courtesy the unusual curls.

11. Red Glare:

Red-Glare Pinit

Image : Getty

Paint your tresses red. Blows dry it and do the middle part. Take one strand from each side, twist and secure it with pins behind the head. The style has a very bouncy effect.

12. Tresses Natural with Random Spiral Curls:

Tresses-Natural-with-Random-Spiral-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

Let loose the long mane, and just do spirals twist here and there. Display the style on one side and yes do a side part which need not be very prominent. Team this style with deep red curls or nude shade. Flicked eyes would look best with this style and would add the edgy spice to it.

13. Black Side Part with Soft Spiral Curls:

Black-Side-Part-with-Soft-Spiral-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

Get the glossy soft style! Does a small side part, bring out the wavy bangs, and make sure you do the wavy spiral twist. Apply enough serum and yes the hair should be clean when you do the hairdo. So wash it before styling it. The style shine with deep mauve lip colour and big flicked eyes.

14. Highlighted Big Bang Waves:

Highlighted-Big-Bang-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

Get these sharp, wavy highlighted waves. The sharp bangs give so much more volume to the hair and make it appear thick and bouncy. The highlights and the deep kohl-rimmed eyes add the wild element to it.

15. Long Mohawk Box Braids:

Long-Mohawk-Box-Braids Pinit

Image : Getty

The long Mohawk braids box braids are a little tacky to style since you have to braid almost of every strand of the hair. The Mohawk style gives the punk essence! Whatever personality you have with these long braids you can’t go wrong! This will make you like a rock star.

16. Braids in Loose Hair:

Braids-Loose-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

If you have got super thick hairs then babe style your mane this way. Even if you don’t add an extension!! Plait parts of the hair and keep the rest of it loose and flowy! Edgy and truly splendid!

17.  Big Wavy Curls in a Free Side Part:

Big-Wavy-Curls-in-a-Free-Side-Part Pinit

Image : Getty

The huge waves in long hair can make it gorgeous. The style becomes impeccable and super stylish! Team this with red lips again; surely rouge and waves never let you down.

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18. Super Sleek Blonde Hair:

Super-Sleek-Blonde-Hair Pinit

Image : Getty

The blonde hair with a mid part and that too super sleek; sexy and stylish. Without an inch of wave, the hair gives an edgy feel. This is again a simple to wear style and easy to maintain. Just remember the hair spray and a good comb.

19. Blonde Long Hair with Subtle Waves:

Blonde-Long-Hair-with-Subtle-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

The longish hair is just so beautiful, and so is the pure blonde shade. The very fine waves give an elegant shape to the hair. If you have thick and long hair, such a style is a must for you. Very definitive and graceful! Team this style with any makes up or any accessory, it’s just going to make you exquisite.

20. Tucked in Braided Bun:

Tucked-in-Braided-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

Braid the very long hair and tuck it into a bun. The style looks complicated but is easy to do. Don’t forget to the secure the buns with pins. Decorate it with fresh flowers.

21. Very Thick Afro Braid:

Very-Thick-Afro-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

If you have thick long frizzy hair, then braid it into this humongous braid, and you will be show stopper. This style is quirky! Decorate it with flowers.

22. The Sophisticated Long Braid:

The-Sophisticated-Long-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

Braids can never go wrong on the style front. Wear them chic and smart. Wear whichever variation you want, and you are bound to attract attention. Braids are always versatile, edgy and elegant!

23. Mohawk Big Braid Bun:

Mohawk-Big-Braid-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

The big Mohawk big braid starts from the near the forehead and runs till the nape of the neck where its fuses into an ultra-small bun. It’s an ultra chic style, classy and elegant!

24. Round Headband Braid:

Round-Headband-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

Well, this one is splendid indeed; weave the braid round the head like a headband. The result would be a marvellous braid knit round the head with great detail. The style would complement any dress or any event. But our suggestion would wear it for High-end events or dinners since this hairdo is intricate and vintage.

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25. Black Braid Wrapped Around a Dense Bun:

Black-Braid-Wrapped-Around-a-Dense-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

Pull the hair back into a bun and weave the braid around it. The braided bun is extremely chic and gorgeous. The bun because of the volume is very dense! Go minimal with the accessories and let this elegant style do the trick.

26. High Braided Wrap-Around Bun:

High-Braided-Wrap-Around-Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

Make this beautiful braided bun and push it on a higher side. Embellish the bun with flowers and get the stylish edge.

27. High Rise Braided Bun with a Side Part:

High-Rise-Braided-Bun-with-a-Side-Part Pinit

Image : Getty

This braided version is with a side part. Braid around the bun. The bun here is again dense. Embellish it with small flowers.

28. Flame Red Waves in a Side Part:

Flame-Red-Waves-in-a-Side-Part Pinit

Image : Getty

The curvy curly waves lay out a perfect symmetry in red flame. The colour is rich and magnificent.

29. Full Fringe –Straight & Long:

Full-Fringe-–Straight-&-Long Pinit

Image : Getty

This full fringe style give a fresh breathe to the straight long hair. The ombre shade also exudes a definitive element to this hairdo.

30. Black Sleek Shine with Middle Part:

Black-Sleek-Shine-with-Middle-Part Pinit

Image : Getty

This style is again simple to wear and easy to maintain during the hectic schedule. It’s still edgy and classy. The style has the hair parted in the middle furnishing a black shiny finish!

31. Black Top Knot Sleek Ponytail:

Black-Top-Knot-Sleek-Ponytail Pinit

Image : Getty

Pull up your long hair into a top knotted ponytail which is sleek and shiny. Elegant and edgy, you can wear the style whenever you want.

32. Low Ponytail with Ombre Shine:

Low-Ponytail-with-Ombre-Shine Pinit

Image : Getty

Tie this ponytail low on height and finish it sleek. The ombre effect adds together a different effect to the style. The hairdo is again easy to maintain and high on demand.

33. Curly Doll Pony-Spiral Twirl:

Curly-Doll-Pony-Spiral-Twirl Pinit

Image : Getty

This medium pony has a spiral twirl which gives a cute dolly look to whoever wears it. The black texture and the spiral wavy flare just beautifies the style effervescently

34. Black Side Pony:

Black-Side-Pony Pinit

Image : Getty

Wear this effortlessly chic side pony to a party or a routine outing. Wear it with a floral dress or simple denims. Keep the makeup in a lighter tone.

35. Rapunzel Braid:

Rapunzel-Braid Pinit

Image : Getty

That Rapunzel braid with that tacky fringe is edgy and stylish. Modify the fringe if you want but keep the thick braid!

36. Full Fringe High Pony:

Full-Fringe-High-Pony Pinit

Image : Getty

Wear the simple hairdo without any hassles. It’s a chic full-length pony for long hair. Team this style with a backless or a low back dress. It’s a chic and sultry style.

37. Ombre High Pony:

Ombre-High-Pony Pinit

Image : Getty

The hairdo exudes a very delicate style. The high pony is sleek and soft. Team up with an off shoulder dress and fine jewellery.

38. Curly Side Low Ponytail:

Curly-Side-Low-Ponytail Pinit

Image : Getty

This low ponytail has curly waves spread around the shoulder. The curly waves and the puffy bouffant give a very tender touch to the face, wear a headband to get that subtle bouffant.

39. Head Braided Fishtail:

Head-Braided-Fishtail Pinit

Image : Getty

This is a headband braid which runs across the crown and fuses into the side fishtail braid. Check out the front bangs which are also weaved into the head braid. The hairdo is a very chic and urbane style.

40. Low Side Swept Pony with a Side Part:

Low-Side-Swept-Pony-with-a-Side-Part Pinit

Image : Getty

The hairdo has a side-part, and the hair is backcombed for that wavy effect in the front. The hair in the pony is very subtly wavy.

41. Curly Half Up with a Side Part:

Curly-Half-Up-with-a-Side-Part Pinit

Image : Getty

The Curly Half Up with a Side Part is a truly elegance personified style. Embellish the hairdo with pearls and flowers.

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42. Side Shaved Curls:

Side-Shaved-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

Sport this very chic style of Rihanna! Well shaved on one side and lustrously curly on the other and not to mention that the lustrous waves have a retro texture to it. Wear this bold style statement to your next prom party.

43. Ombre Layered Waves:

Ombre-Layered-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

Wear these layered waves for that extra pinch of oomph! The style is simply timeless and classy.

44. Side Shaved Retro:

Side-Shaved-Retro Pinit

Image : Getty

The side shaved retro twirl, well who else than Rihanna can pull it off! Wear for that chic classy get together or a themed wild party.

45. Side Shaved Sleek Twirl:

Side-Shaved-Sleek-Twirl Pinit

Image : Getty

Check out the sleek and sexy straight hair and the shaved side. Well, opposites do get along here; the shaved and hairy side. The style is so exclusive and distinct. The sleek black hair, the trimmed side shaved and red lips, sexy every bit of it.

46. Beehive Hairdo:

Beehive-Hairdo Pinit

Image : Getty

Who can forget the huge bouffant and the long hair, the big beehive and the ribbons, those deep flicked eyes and the red lips. This style is necessarily a trendy and edgy hairstyle.

47. Beachy Waves:

Beachy-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

The beach waves are just so sexy to wear. The undulating waves are easy to get, just spray the beach wave spray and use a curling iron to get these beautiful textures.

48. Headband & Blonde Waves:

Headband-&-Blonde-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

Wear a simple headband on your natural wavy hair and you are bound to get attention.

49. Blonde Subtly Tousled Waves:

Blonde-Subtly-Tousled-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

Use a simple hair spray for the subtle tousled texture. Remember you don’t want an overt tone but just a mild effect. The gentle waves do the rest of the trick. The style is sexy and perfect for an evening dinner date.

50. Shaded Buns:

Shaded-Buns Pinit

Image : Getty

Colour the hair in dual tone or just one shade. Accentuate the style by making a bun of the shaded side. If the shaded streaks are toward the edges then all the more good, as the bun gets that texture too! Funky, stylish and Edgy long hair styles!

We listed out the best edgy hairstyles for long hair we knew. You think you can add more? Please list out your suggestions and comment in the boxes below. We deeply value reader feedback.

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