54 Edgy Medium Length Hairstyles

Add some spunk and sass to your medium-length hair with layers, bangs, and more!

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Medium-level hair is the best length to experiment with, owing all to its versatile nature! There are many edgy medium-length hairstyles you can play around with. Learn how a quirky ponytail, savvy braid, chic bob, and other hairstyles can make you look like a different badass woman. Moreover, you can put a unique spin on these hairstyles by pairing them with layers, bangs, extensions, color, and accessories.

Master cosmetologist from DashStylists, Gabrielle White says, “If you are bored with your plain, medium length hair you need to shake things up! Trying a new edgy look could be just the thing to get you out of your funk.”

So, scroll down to check out these styles and let your imagination run wild!

Here are 54 Edgy Medium Length Hairstyles for you to try:
protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Medium-length hair is perfect for heart-shaped faces because it adds volume to the lower half of your face and gives the appearance of a wider jawline.
  • From the shoulder to the armpit, medium-length hair measures 12 to 18 inches for straight hair and up to 24 inches for curly hair.
  • Before going out, apply hairspray to your hair and let it sit for one and a half hours. This allows the hairstyle to set and last longer.
  • Layers add a beautiful bounce, movement, and flow to thick, medium-length hair.
  • Medium-length hair suits most of the hairstyles, be it a classic lob or messy shag haircut.

Here are 54 Edgy Medium Length Hairstyles for you to try.

1. Tousled Lob:

Tousled Lob
Image: Shutterstock

Padma Lakshmi sported this tousled lob gracefully. The slightly twisted layers add body to her straight hair and make it look effortless. You can also go for light tapered ends, just like her, to add texture and natural bounce to the hair.

2. Sleek Center Part:

Sleek Center Part
Image: Shutterstock

Not a strand astray, Kim Kardashian has got it perfect with this sleek and sultry center-parted look. The poker straight hair forms the face-framing pieces, toning down the cheeks and highlighting the jawline.

Alexandra, a YouTuber, showed how to get sleek hair with the perfect center parting. She said, “To get the perfect middle part, use a comb with a pointy end. I found that using other tools like a tangle tweezer you will never be able to do it (i).” The vlogger held the comb upside down against her nose and went from the center of the nose to find the middle and part of the hair.

3. Round Bob with Edgy Bangs

Image: Getty

This hairdo has a round bob teamed with fine edgy fringes which almost covers the forehead. The round bob gives shape to the face and head making the style look chic and classy.

4. Blunt Bob with Edgy Fringes:

Image: Getty

Here comes one of the most popular edgy haircuts for medium length hair that is extremely chic and stylish. The bowed out fringes brings the extra edge to the simple blunt bob.

protip_icon Quick Tip
A blunt bob with an edgy fringe looks extremely flattering on heart, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

5. Vintage Look

Image: Getty

Dita Von Teese is the most well known persona of our times who can pull off the retro vintage look in contemporary style.

6. Sleek Bangs:

Image: Getty

Dress up the simple bob with sleek crisp bangs. The bangs give a distinct chic style to the ordinary medium length bob and further emphasize the polished, sophisticated look.

7. Layered Bangs:

Image: Getty

Try wearing this edgy medium hairstyle with layered bangs and soft balayage for a night out. Get a fine layer cut for the medium length bob. This modern hairdo is elegant with gentle layered waves contouring the face.

8. Wavy Medium Length Pony With A Puff

Image: Getty

The wavy ponytail with a puff in the front is sexy and chic. The puff is secured with hairpins while the rest of the hair is gathered into a medium base ponytail. The hairdo is definitely stylish.

9. Streaked Hair:

Image: Getty

Here’s a fashionable look to wear! The streaked ends of this edgy side part hairdo give a frivolous shade to the whole hairdo. The hairstyle is sleek and sober, ideal for all occasions.

10. Edgy Blunt Bob:

Image: Getty

The subtly curly ombre bob is stylish and chic with uneven edges and curly tresses. The finely layered wavy bangs contour the face making it look delicate.

11. Short Bob With Curly Edges

Image: Getty

The hairdo involves tucking away one section of the hair with pins on one side and leaving the other side open. The swept away bangs on one side give the hairdo a vintage effect.

12. Red Tousled Curled Edges:

Image: Getty

Lindsay Lohan wears the tousled curled edges dyed red with sheer elegance and glamour. The neatly swept away bangs and the tousled layers combine to give a first class hairdo.

13. Ruffled Ponytail:

Image: Getty

This ruffled ponytail is braided loosely and secured with a rubber band. The thick side swept bang gives an edgy detail to the hairdo. Overall the hairstyle is cool and smart.

protip_icon Quick Tip
A ruffled ponytail is suitable for almost all outfits, like dresses, skirts, and pantsuits.

14. Top Knot Big Bun with Fringes:

Image: Getty

The top knot big bun with fringes is one of the most popular edgy medium length hairstyles these days. The long fringes are a great combination with the big top knot bun. The bun is decorated with mini braids.

15. Glossy Sleek Curls:

Image: Getty

The hairdo involves glossy sleek waves with outward rolled edges thus mixing the sleek and wavy combination in the right way.

16. Taylor Made Streaks:

Image: Getty

Wear Taylor Swift’s edgy bangs with medium length straight bob. The style is chic and sexy.

17. The Dark Black Bob:

Image: Getty

The hairdo is smart and has a vintage effect to it. The fringed blunt bob is classic and so is the deep black glossy shine which the hairdo exudes. The style looks urban teamed with deep mauve lips and black eyes.

18. Graduated Bob:

Image: Getty

The slightly tousled side swept bob with highlighted streaks looks sexy and classy. With an edgy side part and tousled streaked edges the style is sexy and striking.

19. Backcombed Highlighted Waves:

Image: Getty

The back combed flair is so beautiful and makes the wearer look graceful. The highlighted wavy streaks fall elegantly and make the subtly tousled touch pretty. To get the hairdo, do a side part and back comb the wavy bangs. Use a good hairspray for the hairdo, so that the style remains in place.

20. Edgy Puffy Pinned Up Curls:

Image: Getty

Make a wet puff secured with pins and curl the edges. The puff is secured with hairspray and hairpins. The hairdo is attractive and tidy.

21. Ombre Spiral Curled Short Ponytail:

Image: Getty

Jennifer Lopez wears this chic combed back medium base curly edged pony. The ponytail is curly and pretty.

22. Messy Layered Wavy Bob:

Image: Getty

Hillary duff has her hair dressed up in messy layered wavy bob which is of medium length. The bob is sexy and pretty.

23. Double Knot Pony:

Image: Getty

The pony is extremely sleek and neat. The top knot pony is secured at two places. The hairdo is different and smart.

24. Sleek Ponytail Braid:

Image: Getty

The ponytail braid has a shiny textured appeal which is pleasing and edgy. The hairdo involves gathering the hair into a ponytail and braiding it down to the edge and secures it with a rubber band.

25. Messy Braid Hairdo:

Image: Getty

The soft gently messy curls of this hairdo make it different, not to forget the simple braid which emerges out of the messy hairdo. The braid gives ample detail to the casual coif.

26. Thin and Sleek:

Image: Getty

The thin and sleek hairdo is easy to wear and gives a smart impression about the wearer. For the tidy and tied away look, make sure the hair is tied away tightly and use a good hairspray for neat effect. The lowlights also support a sharp look, exuding much confidence!

27. Loose Side Ponytail:

Image: Getty

The loose side ponytail has an unfussy informal feel to it. You can still be chic and elegant in a loose side pony! The neat hairdo can also help balance out an asymmetrical face.

28. Simple Blonde Side Braid:

Image: Getty

Simple side braid is classic and pretty. It’s a perfectly effortless hairstyle which you can do easily. No pain but beautiful gains.

29. Messy Jagged Layered Bob:

Image: Getty

The bob does not have those elegantly cut edges but rather jagged irregular edges which give a messy style to the hairdo. The coif has a modish and smart appeal.

30. Platinum Short Ponytail

Image: Getty

This chic short ponytail tied up on slanting base is cute and trendy. Wear the hairdo anywhere and sail with confidence.

31. Black Low Base Tied Up Ponytail:

Image: Getty

The low ponytail is tied up neat and tight for sleek effect. The hair is gathered and secured at a low base.

32. Loose Five Strand Side Braid:

Image: Getty

The loose five strand braid makes the tousled touch subtle and gives a tender effect to the whole hairdo.

33. Dark Brown Wavy Medium Base Ponytail:

Image: Getty

The wavy hairdo has a deep bowed out bangs and medium base ponytail. The pony has a sleek and shiny effect to it.

34. Messy Curls with Wispy Bangs:

Image: Getty

The style includes a messily done curled hair on the top with wispy straight bangs at the front, followed by a chic short side ponytail.

35. Messy Tousled Ponytail With Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The wispy banged tousled ponytail is chic and smart. The style appears funky and effortless.

36. Side Braid With Loose Wavy Bangs

Image: Getty

Side braid with loose wavy front bangs brings a tidy but informal mode to the style. The hairdo is classy and elegant.

37. Ombre Blonde Short Side Braid:

Image: Getty

The side braid hairdo has a casual and cheerful feel to it. The messy bangs just glamorize the simple hairstyle.

38. Blonde Puffy Ponytail:

Image: Getty

Kate Winslet wears a pretty and crisp medium length ponytail dyed blonde. The subtle puff at the front gives a confident and punctual feel.

39. Feathered Ponytail with Free Bangs:

Image: Getty

The feather like wavy ponytail is modish and pretty. The loose bangs in the front give a tender and soft touch to the hairdo.

40. Blonde Short High Ponytail with Tender Bangs:

Image: Getty

The short ponytail is medium based with subtly wavy edges. The hairdo has a soft and neat style.

41. Ponytail With Subtle Bouffant

Image: Getty

The ponytail has a subtle bouffant .The hairstyle is easy to make, gather all the hair , make a bouffant , keep it low not very high and then tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail.

42. Messy Short Pony With Soft Bangs

Image: Getty

The short ponytail is pretty and cute with the messy touch. The tousled flyways make the pony look funkier.

43. Brunette High Shine Ponytail:

Image: Getty

The brunette high shine ponytail has a shiny and glossy essence which is just perfect for a fun evening.

44. Pinned Back Short Medium Base Ponytail:

Image: Getty

The ponytail is short, tied tightly with bangs clasped back with hairpins.

45. The Messy Updo:

Image: Getty

This messy updo is made at a lower base. The updo resembles a half tied bun.

46. Accessorize That Ponytail

Image: Getty

The accessories always play an important role in enhancing the hairstyles. The hairdo looks prettier with a hatpin or a hairpin. The headband Hat accessory here just enhances the side ponytail.

47. Wavy Frizzy Ponytails:

Image: Getty

The frizzy ponytail is easy to wear and is of high fashion. The ponytail gives an elegant effect with the low back dress!

48. Thick Side Bangs With Subtle Bouffant

Image: Getty

This hairstyle gives a fuller and voluminous look to the ponytail. The side part and the very low bouffant is the secret to the thicker looking hair.

49. Straight Fringed Ponytail:

Image: Getty

The straight fringe jutting out with long sides has a very edgy appeal. The short black ponytail looks extremely chic and funky.

50. Slicked Back Ponytail:

Image: Getty

The Slicked back short ponytail is cute and smart. Just tie it up and wear it with all the confidence , the style just shows more of your bubbly side.

51. Red Edgy Bangs With Long Sides

Image: Getty

The edgy long bangs with long side in red color are bold and stylish. It makes a very powerful confident statement!

52. Side Swept Bob:

Image: Getty

The subtly tousled medium length bob is swept to one side. The wavy tousled edges display class and sassy style.

53. Edgy Choppy Bob

Edgy choppy bob for medium length hair
Image: Shutterstock

The edgy chopped bob adds a touch of daring sophistication while maintaining a sense of chic refinement. Its rich brown-black hue adds depth and warmth to the style and enhances the overall allure of the cut. The look also features wispy bangs that frame Gemma Arterton’s face perfectly for a youthful and playful appearance.

54. Blonde And Pink Ombre Curls

Blonde and pink ombre curls for medium length hair
Image: Shutterstock

These blonde and pink ombre curls on Casey LaBow offer a seamless transition from the sun-kissed blonde at the roots to the vibrant pink hues that darken towards the tips. The curls add a touch of elegance and movement to the hair and surely makes a bold style statement.

Infographic: 10 Must-Try Edgy Medium Hairstyles

Edgy medium hairstyles can give you a stylish, bold, and confident look. This hair length is perfect for experimenting with bold colors, choppy layers, or even bangs to get a unique vibe. In the infographic below, we have listed the top edgy medium hairstyles you must try to elevate your appearance. Check them out.

10 must try edgy medium hairstyles (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

To perfectly pair your medium-length hair with bangs, you need to consider your face shape. Some bang styles work better with certain face shapes than others. However, if you have an oval face shape, all bang styles will suit your face shape. Scroll up to confirm you know which bang style suits your face shape, and select your favorite medium-length hairstyle with bangs from our list. And if you feel adventurous, you can also try cutting your bangs. But follow the instructions properly to avoid any mishaps. And if you want to try bangs but do not want to cut your tresses, you can try the faux bangs look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an edgy hairstyle?

Edgy hairstyles are characterized by sharp lines, undercuts, and shaggy appearance. This style is often sported with bold hair colors and highlights.

What length is medium-length hair?

Medium-length hair is 12 to 18 inches long for straight hair and up to 24 inches long for curly hair.

What are some tips for maintaining an edgy medium-length hairstyle?

Make sure you get regular trims, use heat-protectant products, avoid excessive heat styling, and use the right hair care products to help maintain your hairstyle.

How can you add texture and volume to your hair to create an edgy look, and what types of styling products and tools are best for achieving this?

You can use volumizing mousses and texturizing hair sprays to add volume to your hair to create an edgy look. Styling products like flat irons and rollers can help you style your hair and create the look you want for every occasion.

How can you use hair color to create an edgy effect?

You can get highlights or lowlights in contrasting colors to add depth and dimension to your hair. Consult a hairstylist to see which hair color suits you best.

What are some tips for choosing hair accessories that will complement an edgy medium-length hairstyle?

When choosing hair accessories, always consider your haircut and overall look. You can choose leather headbands, statement earrings, or bold hair clips to complete your look.

Looking for a bold and edgy haircut? Check out these stunning haircuts for medium hair length in this hair tutorial video. Get ready to turn heads with your new look!

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