4 Effective Benefits Of Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss

by Priyanka Sadhukhan

Dandelion tea can help people lose weight by reducing their caloric intake. It can also promote your overall health.

Though drinking dandelion tea alone will not give you the results, it can help in the process. You can take this tea between meals or as a hydrating drink along with making other lifestyle changes. In this article, we will discuss how dandelion tea may aid weight loss.

4 Effective Ways Dandelion Tea May Help With Weight Loss

Is dandelion tea good for weight loss? There are many reasons you should be drinking dandelion tea as a part of your weight loss strategy. These include the following:

1. Contains Fewer Calories

Dandelion tea, like most other teas, is low in calories (1). However, it is full of nutrients. This makes it the perfect drink for those who are on a diet. Dandelion tea is the ideal substitute for other calorie-laden drinks like coffee, milk or soda.

2. May Help You Lose Water Weight

Dandelion tea contains more potassium than other herbs. This nutrient could act as a diuretic and increase the daily frequency of urination (2). This property may help you lose water weight and prevent water retention.

3. May Lower Fat Absorption

Dandelion root tea is thought to improve digestion and reduce fat absorption.

Dandelion tea inhibits the activity of pancreatic lipase (which is released during fat digestion). Inhibiting this enzyme is known to reduce fat absorption, which may promote weight loss (3).

4. May Promote Fat Breakdown

Drinking dandelion tea prior to any meal helps stimulate gastric secretions. This could help in the breakdown of fat and cholesterol (4).

A study on rabbits fed with a high cholesterol diet showed that dandelion leaf extract improved lipid profiles and cholesterol levels (5). This property could play a role in weight management.

Dandelion Root Dosage For Weight Loss

According to the European Commission and the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, the following are the recommended dosage ranges of dandelion root (6):

  • Fresh roots – 2-8 g daily
  • Dried powdered extract – 250-1000 mg, 4 times daily
  • Decoction – 3-4 g daily steeped into 150 ml of water

Before taking any herbal supplements, do check with your health care provider to determine if they would be suitable for you.

A Word Of Caution

Dandelion tea is healthy, so there is no restriction on who can drink it. You can consume this herbal tea even if you are not on a diet and would simply like to maintain your weight. The tea works well for people who are on a diet as well.

However, dandelion tea might trigger allergic reactions in some people. You should consider consulting your dietitian before you start consuming this tea (6).


Dandelion root extract or its tea is effective in short-term weight loss. It helps reduce water weight by acting as a diuretic. Drink a cup of dandelion root tea between meals to stay hydrated. Do remember to check with your doctor if you could be allergic to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you drink dandelion root tea?

You can drink the tea 2-3 times a day. Ensure you drink it between meals and not along with meals.

Does dandelion tea make you poop?

As per anecdotal evidence, dandelion tea helps relieve constipation and acts as a laxative. Hence, it may make you poop.

What are the side effects of drinking dandelion tea?

Dandelion tea, if taken in limited amounts, will not cause any side effects. However, people with allergies should check with their doctor before consuming the tea as it may cause allergies in certain people.

What does dandelion tea taste like?

The tea tastes a little bitter and usually has a strong, smoky taste.

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