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11 Effective Diet Tips For People Suffering With Insulin Resistance

11 Effective Diet Tips For People Suffering With Insulin Resistance April 2, 2018

Unlike the yester years, when our ancestors used to physically toil to feed themselves, most of us today live sedentary lifestyles. It involves a fixed schedule of eat-work-sleep and eat some more! Though the importance of a balanced diet and exercise is propagated right from our school days, most of us fall into the same rat race of earning money at the cost of our health. It leads to many lifestyle-related health disorders. This defunct lifestyle also accentuates your health problems many a times.

Insulin resistance is a health disorder that is very rampant in this age. Although genetics do play a great role in causing it, the condition is further aggravated by our inactive lifestyle. But the condition can still be improved by kicking out the lethargic mindset we practice today.
Now, let’s quickly understand what exactly insulin resistance is. It’s important to understand the disease, so we can watch out for its symptoms and seek timely medical intervention. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine!

What Is Insulin Resistance?

The condition is termed as insulin resistance, when the hormone ‘insulin’ is unable to perform its job effectively. It can also be explained as the inability of ‘insulin’ to regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body efficiently. Though genetics plays a vital role in contracting insulin resistance, the condition is further exacerbated by poor diet, inactivity, and sudden weight gain.

Insulin resistance leads to further weight gain. It happens because the body is rendered incapable of breaking down fat cells as high insulin levels inhibit body’s metabolic pathway. The symptoms of insulin resistance are as follows:

Modifying your diet and regular exercising can help in halting the progression of insulin resistance. Though the solution sounds simple, it is a lot more difficult than that. Changing the way you eat is perhaps the biggest challenge. I am sure over 80% of those who are reading my post barely eat vegetables, fruits or nuts. We live on packs and packs of chips and processed food. And this could be lethal for those who suffer from insulin resistance.

So, here is a quick list of what you should eat if you have been diagnosed with insulin resistance. Compare this diet for insulin resistance with the notes scribbled by your dietician. You will be surprised to see how they match!

Insulin Resistance Diet Tips

1. The grainier the bread, the lower its GI (Glycemic Index) is bound to be. It will not only taste and smell better but will be healthier too.

2. Make sure you eat no more than one cup of rice or pasta at meal times. This is a must follow insulin resistant diet tip.

3. Eat the right proportion of carbohydrates and proteins. Too much carbohydrate can be detrimental to the health of those suffering from insulin resistance. A mix of healthy foods will go a long way in regulating insulin levels in the blood.

4. Who doesn’t like sweets? I can live on jams and eat them plain. But beware of added sugars such as honey, juices, lime cordial, jam and lollies. Though all of them are ‘yummilicious’, they have a high GI that will send your insulin level shooting through the roof.

5. Ditch the bags of potato wafers and snack on healthy alternatives such as nuts instead. A dozen walnuts or apricots will provide your body with long-chain fats. These fats are known to help the cells that work tirelessly regulating hormone levels.

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6. Avoid saturated fats. Mc.Donald burgers are appetizing for sure but will add to your weight. As tempted as you may be, stay away from fast food and takeaway food. Baked confectioneries such as biscuits and cakes will do you no good either.

7. Products deep fried in palm oil taste yum but clog the cells. It reduces the effectiveness of insulin. Moral of the story – do not eat fried food.

8. Maintain a gap of at least 3-4 hours between your meals. Constantly sipping on beverages such as coffee and sweet drinks can disrupt your digestive cycle. It will thus increase your hormone levels too.

9. Drink natural-drink green tea! Several anecdotal reports claim that green tea helps reduce your craving to eat something sweet.

10. Pick up a pack of cod liver oil capsules on your next visit to the grocers. Fish oil helps your body’s cells in responding to digestive hormones more effectively. This means that less insulin is required by the body.

11. Say a big ‘NO’ when someone offers you muesli bars, cakes and muffins at work. These contain white flour and sugar, which have really high GI. If you are tempted to snack and salads are something you detest, go for nut bars, wholegrain crackers and flavored yoghurt instead.

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Do your body a favour and start following a healthier lifestyle. Follow a strict insulin resistance diet menu for a healthy you. Eat fresh natural food and work out to keep your insulin level in check.


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