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11 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Attention Deficit Disorder

11 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Attention Deficit Disorder March 29, 2018

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD as it is commonly known, is a mental disorder that occurs in a large number of people around the world. Also referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, the problem may have existed before, but became a medicated disease recently. America is witnessing a growing a number of ADHD diagnosis, especially among school children. ADHD leads to hyperactivity. With more and more children being diagnosed with the disease, doctors are prescribing medication and drugs to stabilize the brain and related symptoms. With these increased dosages, children are exposed to drugs at an early age. While these medicines help to manage the symptoms, they also cause a number of side effects.

Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder(ADHD/ADD):

How do you know if your child suffers from ADHD? Well, the ultimate diagnosis can only be made by a trained professional, but if your child shows the following symptoms, do get him evaluated:

  • Increased activity
  • Learning disabilities
  • Impaired impulse control and muscle movement

Many doctors and researchers are now blaming the excessive chemicals that are entering our bodies via the food. While doctors and medical practitioners recommend allopathic medicines for the treatment of ADHD/ADD, home remedies can provide relief to a large extent. Why pump in more chemicals into the body needlessly? The aim of most of these attention deficit disorder home remedies is to help the body detoxify and get rid of excessive chemicals as much as possible.

Top 11 Home Remedies To Cure ADHD/ADD:

Given here are a few home remedies for attention deficit disorder. If a child or any person suffering from ADD is allergic to any of the components of the natural remedies, kindly avoid using the home remedy recommended. Alternatively, contact your doctor or a natural treatment expert before you decide to proceed or have any doubt in mind:

1. Use Of Brahmi Or Bacopamonnieri:

This amazing treatment works as a sedative and also calms down the nerves. It helps improve the mental balance in ADD patients and restores the normal activity levels by bringing hyperactivity under control. It is also a great remedy that helps improve cognitive abilities, enhances concentration power, and provides clarity of thought. One can also use use brahmi capsules or powder for daily consumption. Both of these are readily available in the market. Alternatively, one can use brahmi powder as an addition to the normal cold drinks or in milk and consume once in a day.

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2. Use Of Eschscholtziacalifornica Or California Poppy:

It is known for its ability to calm, soothe and balance the nervous system and bring down the high levels of over-activity in children. It is also a sedative that helps reduce pressure and disturbance in kids, be it psychological or emotional. Again, this natural remedy is readily available in stores. Ensure that you have a little every day, early morning to help calm the nerves. One can have poppy in tea as a daily dose or make a water and poppy concoction. Alternatively, there are also powders and capsules available in the market, which should be used based on the recommendation of a natural therapist.

3. Use Of Catnip Or Nepetacataria:

It helps relieve symptoms of ADD related to tension, restlessness, stress, and hyperactivity. It also ensures peaceful sleep and provides relief from diarrhea, stomach ache, colic problems, and headaches caused due to ADD. It also treats mood swings and hysteria. It is an active component in green tea that one can have or give to children to calm hyperactive nerves.

4. Use Of Ginkgo Biloba Or Ginkgo:

The ginkgo is one of the least known natural herbs, which is not easily available. Ginkgo is an amazing herb that helps your child in improving his concentration. It also helps improve memory and cognitive skills, along with the ability to retain more information for longer periods of time. It helps the brain to function normally as it helps to increase neurotransmitters count and enhances the brain’s use of oxygen. You can consume this in the form of a tincture, or in your daily cup of tea to reap its health benefits. Alternately, simply consume capsules of this herb that are readily available in the market.

5. Use Of Vitisvinifera Or Grape Seed Extract:

Grape seed is known to be one of the best sources of bio-flavonoids, which are the most effective anti-oxidants in the human body. Anti-oxidants help relieve the body of free radicals and their side effects that cause premature aging and disrupt normal body functioning. Grape seed extract protects the brain from harmful effects of toxins and exposure to unwanted substances. They strengthen the brain’s blood flow system and ensure it gets an adequate amount of nutrition. You can eat grapes, fresh in its natural form, pop them in their dried form, or simply add grape extract to daily food. Did you know that grape seed oil can be used in aromatherapy treatment to calm the mind? Just inhale the vapors and calm your mind instantly. Alternately, grape seed extract is also available in herbal concoctions ready to be consumed directly.

6. Use Of Humuluslupulus Or Hops:

Hops is known to have a calming and cooling effect on the nervous system and helps to reduce excitement, irritability, tension in the nerves and restlessness due to ADD. It also treats insomnia. Hops can also be used to energize the mood, but should be avoided if the person suffers from depression. While one way to use hops is to stuff pillows with them, another way to use them for treatment is to make hop tea and consume it.

7. Use Of Valerian:

Valerin, much like its name, is known as a natural treatment to help a person relax, improve sleep patterns and reduce signs of nervousness and restlessness that comes with ADD. It also reduces aggressive behavior by calming the nerves. The easiest way to reap the benefits of this herb is to fix a cup of herbal tea made with this root.

8. Use Of Scutellarialaterifolia Or Skullcap:

This herb effectively treats irritation, restlessness, and crying when it comes to ADD. It also induces sleep, calm the brain without any side effects. It helps bring relief from regular headaches as well. The leaves, flowers and stems of the plant can be used for the treatment of ADD. Skullcap can be added to tea, but make it a point to drink it hot! The colder it gets, the more difficult will it be to gulp it down! This herb is available as a tincture and can be used to treat many ailments. This potent herb is also readily available in packaged bottles and is rather inexpensive if you are worried about the cost factor.

9. Use Of Kava Kava Or Piper Methysticum:

Kava kava helps reduce tension and removes ADD without any side effects. It is also a great way to produce the sense and feeling of peace, tranquility and remove the feeling of anger, stress, tension or frustration caused due to ADD. It is also a great natural remedy to reduce mood swings and maintain normal sleep patterns.

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10. Use Of Melissa Officinalis Or Lemon Balm:

This herb and natural treatment help a kid suffering from ADD deal with depression by calming his somber brain, and reduces the feeling of anger and agitation. It is rather a popular herb and is used extensively in the state of Kashmir to make tea. The roots of this plant are crushed to get the extract and the powder is added to water. The milky concoction is then consumed as tea by adding honey or sugar to taste. It is delicious and unique in its taste. Having a cup a day of this mixture should keep your child’s ADD in control to a certain extent.

11. Drink Some Good Old Oats:

Recommended by several doctors and ideal for day to day consumption, this cereal aids digestion and also helps improve bowel movements. Oats is also effective in the treatment of stress. It helps reduce the feeling of exhaustion and lethargy. Oats also help improve focus, concentration, and mental presence in any situation. Consuming oats is said to be highly beneficial when on neurological medicines, to further aid its effectiveness. While drinking a mug of oats is the easiest way to consume oats, this cereal can also be used in the form of flour to make Indian breads or rotis. The creative can also try out various other recipes like idlis, dosas and even upma with oats!

Pay Attention To Your Child:

While many natural treatments exist for ADD, it is important to pay attention to your child. Your child’s daily diet and food intake can have a great impact on his well-being and mental health. So it becomes important to ensure that you make healthy eating and living choices. Make sure that you and your child get good exercise and physical activity each day to stimulate the good hormones and endorphins in the body. As you exercise with your kids, you will be able to help them in many ways. You will teach them a good and healthy habit for life, become a friend more than just a parent and this will give them reason to trust you. It would also keep their mind from spiraling into thoughts that could cause havoc and be a trigger for ADD. As parents, pay attention to changes in your child’s daily activities and be there when they need you. As adults, ensure that you keep yourself busy and avoid any kind of drugs until and unless recommended by a doctor. Since, ADD is nothing like a cold or flu, the details of natural remedies for attention deficit disorder are not available easily. To know the correct dosage and use, you should contact a professional. Misuse of attention deficit disorder natural remedies can also lead to devastating consequences for the patient. So what are you waiting for? If lack of attentiveness is acting as a hindrance to success in your life, walk into the nearest local chemist shop and cure yourself naturally! Did you find this article informative? Share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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