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25 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Colic In Infants

25 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Colic In Infants November 3, 2017

Does your baby wake up in the wee hours of the morning and cry nonstop? And does this make you frequently worried about your infant’s health? If you have fed your baby well and are certain that she is not in pain, and yet the crying does not stop, it could be that your baby has colic.

Infants that cry for over three hours a day, usually have this condition. The good news for you is that colic can be treated quickly and it is important for you to take your baby to a doctor to see if there is a physical problem that is causing the distress.

So if you are looking for some remedies to treat your infant’s colic, then you have come to the right place! Read on to know the amazing remedies for your baby’s colic!

1. Frequent Feedings:

Feed your baby if you think that hunger is the cause of the crying. Sometimes, it helps to feed babies more frequently in small amounts.

2. Baby Burping:

Make sure that burping is done frequently. This will help in alleviating gas, which could be a cause of discomfort that results in your baby’s continuous crying.

3. Longer Feeding From Each Breast:

When you are feeding your baby, try to make sure that she drinks as much milk as she can from one breast before you change sides. The breast milk that comes later, while your baby drinks, is more nutritious than what she gets at the start of a feeding.

4. Using Pacifiers:

Try and see if a pacifier soothes your baby. In many cases, parents have found that when their babies suck on a pacifier, they calm down and stop crying.

5. Comfort Cuddling:

Cuddling is one of the most effective remedies for colic. When you hold your baby close, she feels secure and the crying, more often than not, subsides.

6. Gentle Baby Rocking:

Rocking your baby gently in your arms can also work wonders in relieving colic and making your baby sleep peacefully.

7. Music For Security And Comfort:

Although not considered colic remedies per se, soft and soothing music or singing can help in calming and comforting your baby. It is also believed that with steady sounds in the background, babies can quiet down.

8. Soothing Warm Baths:

We all love warm baths and babies are no different. Give your baby a warm bath to soothe and comfort her. A few drops of lavender essential oil can help in providing her relief from the discomfort that comes with colic.

9. Tummy Massages:

Another recommended remedy that many parents have found effective is giving babies a gentle tummy rub to soothe the stomach and make them feel relaxed.

10. Watch Your Diet:

As you know, the foods that you eat are passed on to your breast milk. Your diet could be the cause of your baby’s digestive problems. You should avoid foods that are spicy, citrus fruits, caffeinated beverages and dairy products. This could help in preventing or relieving symptoms of colic.

11. Fennel And Chamomile Tea:

Giving your baby a light tea that is made with fennel and chamomile can help. All you need to do is steep the tea very weakly and feed your baby a few drops of the tea at a time. Chamomile is a well-known herb for its calming effects and fennel works wonders in aiding with digestion. However, remember to seek your doctor’s advice before you try this home remedy.

12. Middle Eastern Orange Blossom Water Remedy:

Orange blossom water is also known to work well in providing babies relief from colic. Give your little one half a teaspoon of the water. As soon as your baby swallows it, she will pass gas and after that, she will fall asleep peacefully. This water has been used in the Middle East for hundreds of years.

13. Bottle Or Nipple Change:

If you are feeding your baby with a bottle, try changing the nipple you use. You should also try using a different bottle. It is a simple idea that no one thinks will help with colic, but it has been known to be effective in many cases.

14. Pure Gripe Water:

An age old remedy for colic is gripe water. It is definitely worth a try. However, be careful about the type of gripe water you buy as many that are found today are not made of natural ingredients; they contain additives and preservatives. If you are not sure about which one to buy, talk to your doctor and ask for a recommendation. Gripe water that is not 100% natural can irritate your baby’s digestive system even more.

15. Sound of Water:

It is said that the sound of a waterfall can be an effective way to calm colicky babies. Carry your baby and turn on the sink faucet. Rock her gently and let the sound of the water running soothe her. It is worth a try.

16. Warm Tummy Compress:

As colic is usually caused by problems in the digestive system, it is important to take care of your little one’s tummy. Fill a hot water bag with warm water and gently press it against your baby’s belly. This can relieve any discomfort that she is experiencing. Do not forget to make sure that the water is not too hot.

17. Light Mint Tea:

To gain relief from intestinal cramping, mint is known to be a wonderful natural remedy. Steep a teaspoon of dried mint in a cup for 10 minutes or so. Drain and feed the tea to your baby after pouring it into a bottle. If you breastfeed, you can drink the solution as well to pass it on to your baby through the milk she drinks.

18. Back Patting That Soothes:

If you notice your little one experiencing contractions, lift her and pat her back gently. You should do this whenever she strains her face or clenches her fists, even while she is sleeping. Patting her back can keep away the symptoms of colic before they actually set in and you have a bawling baby in your arms.

19. Anise For Tummy Discomfort:

Another well-known effective remedy for colic in infants is anise. It can provide relief from discomforts such as bloating, cramping and indigestion. Use it to give your baby relief from digestive problems.

20. Nothing Like Probiotics:

Let probiotics come to your baby’s rescue! The “good germs” in your baby’s system will help in improving the functioning of her intestines and aid in digestion of food. It could help your baby find relief from colic misery.

21. Quiet Time:

Many parents often make the mistake of trying to calm colicky babies by trying to cheer them up in loud voices and making “happy, cheerful” noises. This is not what your baby needs. It is best to calm your little angel down in a dark room, all the while talking to her in soft tones. Sometimes this works wonders, so it is worth a try.

22. Relaxing Massages With Coconut Oil:

Give your baby a gentle, full-body massage using warm coconut oil in a quiet atmosphere. You can sing to her softly as you do. It is important to make your baby feel secure and soothed when she is having a colic episode. Just like adults, an oil massage will make babies feel relaxed and calm.

23. Wonders Of Catnip Tea:

Catnip tea comes highly recommended for colic. Boil a quarter cup of catnip in water. Strain and let it cool. Feed the tea to your baby. If she seems to dislike the taste, add a small amount of pure honey or sugar.

24. Light Peony Leaf Tea:

A light tea made with peony leaves is also known to work wonders for infants with colic. Feed your baby a few drops at a time or put a small amount in her bottle and let her drink it all up. This is a home remedy that many parents have found effective.

25. Light Orange Tea:

Orange tea is also a wonderful remedy for colic. It is safe for babies as well. Give your little one a small amount of the tea about 4 times a day and she will gain relief from any discomfort brought on by colic.

Colic in infants can be stressful for parents. It is important for you to take a little time out so hire a babysitter or get your partner, a friend or a family member to give you a short break to release the tension. Go for a walk or sit outdoors for a while and enjoy some fresh air. You will be of little help to your baby if you are both uncomfortable and stressed out. Remember that the episodes of colic will subside when your little one is close to turning 3 months old. Take comfort in that and in the meantime, do your best to make sure that your baby is comfy and soothed at all times.

There will be some days that are worse than others but with the home remedies mentioned above, you can give your baby a little comfort and relief. Do not worry too much and make sure that your angel feels secure at all times. Colic does not last forever and before you know it, the problem will pass and you will have a happy, smiling and gurgling little angel with you!

Do you know of any other remedies for colic? Share in the comments section below!


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