7 Effective Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyeshadow Look Brighter

Turn heads everywhere you go as your eye makeup shines brighter than anyone else.

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We have said this before, and we will say it again, well-defined eyes are the key to perfect makeup looks. Eyeshadows play a crucial role in ensuring this, and that’s why we are here to share makeup tips to make eyeshadows look brighter. We have all drooled over the posters with models wearing vibrant eyeshadows. But in reality, it isn’t easy to create such striking looks. We have tried multiple shades to find out the hues that make the eyes pop and look brighter. We have also discovered ways to ensure that your eyeshadow looks as intense as they are in the palette. Swipe up to explore all our simple yet effective makeup hacks!

Top 7 Makeup Tips To Make Bright Eyeshadow:

How to get that perfect bright color eyeshadow? It is a secret – well not really! We have compiled a list of tips that will help you get the look you desire. Regardless of the color, makeup brand, texture or finish, with these tips you can now confidently carry the eyeshadow and make your eyes look more beautiful!

1. Eye Primer

Prime your eyes to add vibrancy to the eyeshadows


Most of us concentrate more on the end result of the eye makeup, but we always forget to use an eye primer. Eyeshadow primers work like a multipurpose product. It is a total misconception that eye primers work for the sole purpose of increasing the longevity of the eyeshadows. Eye primers also add vibrancy to the eyeshadows, making the color pop up on your eyelid and don’t get affected by the eyelid pigmentation that you may naturally have.

Eye primers come in different finishes. You can choose a skin tone variation to even out the eyelid pigmentation as well as help the eyeshadow pop. A white or pale colored primer will make the eyeshadows appear extremely vibrant.

StyleCraze says
Always choose eye primers with a bit of pigment (instead of translucent powders) as they brighten the lid and create contrast.

2. Eyeshadow Base

Apply eyeshadow base to intensify the color pay off


An eyeshadow base is a popular way to make your eyeshadows appear bright and vibrant. The formula of the eyeshadow base is completely different from that of an eye primer. It has a thick and creamy formula. The bright eye shadow base helps to intensify the color pay off and also helps in making the eyeshadow stick to the eyelid. The best application of the eyeshadow base is with your fingertips, as it helps in easy spreading of the product. Makeup artists always apply the eye primer first and then follow it up with an eyeshadow base.

3. White Eye Pencil

Use a white eye pencil to make them look fresh


Eye pencils can easily double up as a base for your eyeshadows. If you are on a tight budget or if you don’t own an eye primer or eyeshadow base, then this trick will be of great help to you. White eye pencils can replace an eyeshadow primer easily. They are generally made with a nice creamy formula, which helps the eyeshadow adhere firmly onto them. The added benefit is that they also enhance the color intensity of the eyeshadows as they are opaque and cancel out eyelid pigmentation. Cover your entire eyelid with the white eye pencil and use a stiff eyeshadow brush or your fingers to quickly spread the eyeliner uniformly to make it work as a base. Then, top your eyeshadow over it and notice brighter color intensity on your eyelids. To blend the edges, use a blending brush or your fingers so that it isn’t just a harsh white edge. It makes the blending of the eyeshadow smoother.

4. Black Eye Pencil

Line with black eye pencil for brigher eyeshadow


Just like the white eye pencil as a base for eye makeup, the black eye pencil too works effectively in popping out the eyeshadow’s vibrancy. The only trick to be remembered is to apply it as a base only for darker and sultry eyeshadows as pale eyeshadows can change the color as soon as it is applied on a darker base like black. Greens, bronze, maroon, reds, blues and purple eyeshadow colors work amazingly against a black eye pencil base.

5. Layering

This tip may sound simple, but is extremely helpful to make your eyeshadows appear brighter. Simply layer the eyeshadow twice to instantly make it pop out and appear visibly brighter.

StyleCraze says
You can also do layering by first applying cream eyeshadow and then adding the powder (which can help boost pigmentation).

Note: Layer the eyeshadow by using a laydown eyeshadow brush and use a tapping/stippling motion on the eyelids. This helps build each layer so that the pigment builds. Make sure to blend the edges each time for a flawless application.

6. Wet It

My most favorite trick to make my eyeshadows appear visibly brighter and pop out, is to wet my eyeshadow brush with a makeup setting spray or plain water. After wetting your eyeshadow brush with water, slowly pat it over a clean tissue paper to remove the excess water. Always remember not to wet the brush too much with water as it will make your eyeshadows run from your eyelids. The brush should be slightly damp to pick the product up and pat it on your eyelid. You will instantly notice brighter and intense pigmentation.

7. Concealer

Apply concealer for a bright eyeshadow


If you have perfectly normal eye lids and do not really need an extra eye primer, then you can use your concealer as a base prior to the application of your eyeshadows. The formula of the concealer being very creamy and tinted in a skin tone color acts as a great base for your eyelids. It helps in adhering the eyeshadows better to your eye lids plus evens out the pigmentation on your eyelids, providing an even and brighter color intensity.

We cannot stress enough the importance of eye makeup that stands out. Eyeshadow is one of the key products to define the beauty of your eyes. Some looks require your eyeshadow to be bright to accentuate your eyes and complement your overall look. Follow these makeup tips to make your eyeshadow brighter and achieve the desired look. When you use a combination of two or more colors to achieve an artistic effect, these tips will allow each color to pop out and play its part to bring out the best in your eyes. Try them to create looks that speak for themselves.

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