4 Effective Ways To Increase Lung Capacity For Running

4 Effective Ways To Increase Lung Capacity For Running July 10, 2018

So, you already knew that those cigarettes reduce your lung capacity and giving them up will help you recoup some of your lost stamina. But, how do you increase your lung capacity? Well, read this post and find out how to do exactly that and be able to go for that early morning jog you’ve always wanted to!

The Need To Increase Your Lung Capacity:

Usually, most of us motivate ourselves to run, and as soon as we begin, we find that we are out of breath within the first five minutes. Thus, it becomes important to increase your lung capacity so that you can run more.

Today there are hundreds of gadgets that can help you increase your lung capacity and better your breathing techniques. However, exercise is proven to be the most effective way to increase your lung capacity and improve your body stamina.

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How To Increase Lung Capacity For Running:

Following are some other ways that can help you increase your lung capacity:

1. Giving Up Smoking:

This is the most obvious way to increase your lung capacity. There is nothing that affects your lungs worse than smoke.

Smoking can leave nicotine and tar patches in your lungs, which take up a lot of space and restrict your normal breathing. Smoking is also carcinogenic and can lead to lung cancer. Smoke constricts the wind pipe and your lungs need to overwork to absorb the needed amount of oxygen (1).

Passive smoking can also be quite harmful for your body and can directly impede breathing and reduce lung capacity. Quitting and avoiding smoking is probably the most obvious way to increase lung capacity and improve your body’s overall health.

2. High-Altitude Training:

High altitude training isn’t something that you can perform if you live on flat plains. However, it has been found to be one of the most effective ways to increase your lung capacity.

You would have observed that as soon as you move to a higher elevation, you begin to feel giddy and fatigued (2). This giddy feeling is because of your lungs. They need to work harder to derive oxygen from the already oxygen-depleted air. If you exercise regularly in high altitudes, your body builds a higher level of red blood cells, which improves your overall lung capacity.

Remember that this is not a long term solution and your lung capacity only improves for a short while before returning to normal.

3. Cardiovascular Activity:

The most permanent and effective way of increasing lung capacity for running is through cardio workouts. Regular cardiovascular activity helps stimulate RBC production and keeps you oxygenated.

If you wish to begin jogging, but are unsure about the stamina levels you have for it, start slow and do some basic exercises to stimulate cardiovascular activity. Sprint interval training, which is basically performing short powerful sprints, is an effective way to increase cardiovascular capacity.

It helps reduce physical impact on your body, but helps you get the results you get from normal endurance training.

Consider cycling, swimming and aerobics to help increase your lung capacity (3). These cardio-activity based activities are effective in increasing lung capacity.

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4. Respiratory Training Equipment:

If you run regularly and want to increase your lung to a greater extent, you should consider using respiratory training equipment.

These devices can be anything from electronic gadgets to training masks. Training masks help simulate high altitude training by blocking some airways, making your normal breathing restrictive and helping you build your lung capacity. Your diaphragm works harder and becomes stronger by using breathing masks. Usually, some machines look like smaller and portable snorkelling tubes which help build up breathing resistance. However, unlike the mask, you can adjust the resistance level in such tubes.

So, now that you know how to increase lung capacity for running, what are you waiting for? Get started today. Tell us how you increase and improve your lung capacity when you work out. Share your experiences below.

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