7 Effective Yoga Exercises To Gain Weight

Add a healthy amount of mass to your body with highly impactful yoga postures.

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Yoga is such an excellent workout that it may help with practically any health issue. In this article, we have listed some effective ways to help you use yoga for weight gain. While most people across the globe are obsessed with reducing weight, a select few may struggle with increasing weight. They may binge eat and lounge around like couch potatoes, but they never seem to gain weight. People who are underweight face similar risks as those who are obese. Yoga is a powerful mindfulness tool for relaxation, balance, flexibility, and alignment of mind, body, and spirit. It can help in many ways, including losing excess fat and gaining healthy weight.

What Happens When You Are Underweight?

Before we get to what happens when you are underweight, it is important to understand if you qualify as underweight. If your BMI is under 18.5, you are considered to be underweight.

A collaborative report published by the CDC and NHANES provides deep insight into the prevalence of underweight among adults aged 20 and over in the US. According to the data, in 2015-16, 1.5% of 5,337 individuals were considered underweight, and in the year 2017-2018, 1.6% of 5,120 individuals were underweight.

While some people might be underweight genetically, others are probably under the mark because they don’t get the required nutrients to remain in the pink of health. These nutrients are not reaching where they should because of lack of consumption or improper absorption. Your immune system takes a hit. You will find it difficult to fight infections and illness. It will be particularly hard for you to heal after surgery or trauma if you do not get enough nutrition needed to rebuild or repair the tissues. You will also be more prone to flu and pneumonia.

Being extremely slender could also affect your periods. They will become irregular, or completely stop. This means that there is an erratic production of hormones and lesser estrogen to help support healthy bone mass.

If your diet doesn’t give you enough calories, your renali  XConsists of the kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters, and urethra which are responsible for eliminating waste from the body. , cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrinei  XA complex system of glands that produce and release different hormones that control metabolism, growth, and other bodily functions. , and central nervous systems may bear the brunt of it. A boost of nutrients will not only nourish these important systems in your body but also improve the quality of your skin and hair, which will suffer otherwise.

When you are underweight, you will tend to feel lethargic and fatigued. You might not be able to take even a simple stroll in the garden. You will have lower stamina, and you may also notice your self-esteem suffer.

Gaining weight the right way will make you look and feel more energetic.

How Does Yoga Help You Gain Weight?

Yoga addresses problems like poor metabolism, stress, lack of appetite, and digestive issues. While it helps overcome these problems, it also stabilizes weight and ensures you hit the right weight goals. Yoga enhances the circulation of oxygen and blood, and this helps improve the nutrient absorption. It strengthens the muscles and allows you to become strong and flexible. It also improves your stamina.

It is essential to note that yoga works mainly towards regulating your metabolism. Therefore, you must not abandon these asanas if you are trying to lose weight. They work for both. You must make sure you undertake yoga for weight gain under the guidance of a qualified trainer. Also, you must support these exercises with a nutrient-dense diet.

Huiyi Lee, a blogger, practices yoga and shares the impact it had on her soul and body. She writes, “I tend to overthink about issues or worry about work matters but Yoga has helped me put away those thoughts and really bring the focus to my soul and body instead (i).” She also mentions what her instructor said when she gained some weight. She continues, “In fact, I remembered my fitness instructor telling me that my body needed more muscular mass to be “fit” and the weight gain is required.”

Yoga For Weight Gain

  1. Bhujangasana
  2. Vajrasana
  3. Pavanamuktasana
  4. Matsyasana
  5. Sarvangasana
  6. Shavasana
  7. Kapalbhati Pranayama

1. Bhujangasana (Variation)

Bhujangasana to gain weight
Image: Shutterstock

Also, Known As – Cobra Pose

Benefits – The Bhujangasana works on the posterior as well as the anterior part of the digestive system, thereby improving appetite, regulating metabolism, and also removing blockages. The reproductive system is also stimulated. When you stretch and open up your heart, your breathing improves. There are better blood circulation and nutrient absorption.

How To Do It – Lie flat on your stomach, with your legs stretched out, and the feet facing down. Place your elbows by your side. Then, lift your chest, placing the body weight not only on the elbows, but on the entire forearms. Inhale deeply, and exhale strongly

protip_icon Quick Tip
Avoid the cobra pose if you have carpal tunnel syndromei  XA tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or arm due to pressure or compression on the median nerve in the wrist. or any injuries on your arms, shoulders, back, or abdomen area.

2. Vajrasana

Vajrasana to gain weight
Image: Shutterstock

Also, Known As – Diamond Pose, Thunderbolt Pose

Benefits – This asana is the only asana that can be practiced immediately after a meal. It works on the digestive system and helps to keep the metabolism in check. This asana calms the mind and operates on every area that needs attention.

How To Do It – Place your thighs on your calf muscles as you sit flat on the floor. Focus and breathe. It will be prudent to place a yoga mat or yoga blankets under the shins so that one can spend few minutes in this posture without much discomfort.

To know more about this asana, click here: Vajrasana

3. Pavanamuktasana

Pavanamuktasana to gain weight
Image: Shutterstock

Also Known As – Wind Relieving Pose

Benefits – This asana also works on the digestive system, thereby stimulating and regulating it. It calms the overactive metabolism and creates an amicable ambiance for better absorption of nutrients in the body.

How To Do It – Lie flat on the floor with your back on the ground. Fold your knees and hug them. Lift your head off the floor, and bring your nose in between your knees. Hold the pose for a few seconds as you breathe deeply, and then release.

To know more about this asana, click here: Pawanmuktasana

4. Matsyasana

Matsyasana to gain weight
Image: Shutterstock

Also, Known As – Fish Pose

Benefits – The Matsyasana is a highly beneficial pose in yoga to gain weight. It works on many systems collectively, including the thyroid gland. It regulates an overactive thyroid gland that can also cause weight reduction. It strengthens the digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems. The metabolism and nutrient absorption improve, and all the weight loss issues (due to thyroid issues) are addressed and cured over time.

How To Do It – Lie on your back, and then cross your legs in the Padmasana. Gently curve your back such that your head rests on your crown. Feel the curve in the upper back and neck. Hold for a few seconds and release.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Individuals with high or low blood pressure, insomniai  XA common sleep disorder that makes it hard to fall and stay asleep due to chronic pain, anxiety, or stress. , migraine, or severe lower back, neck, and knee injuries must avoid the fish pose.

5. Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana to gain weight
Image: Shutterstock

Also Known As – Supported Shoulder Stand

Benefits – A shoulder stand first and foremost works on improving the circulation of blood and oxygen. This asana is an inversion, and therefore, a new lot of blood reaches the inaccessible areas, which gives them a boost of nutrients. All the energy blocks are cleared, and the body is strengthened.

How To Do It – Lie down in the Shavasana. Lift your legs up as you support your hips with your palms. Shift the body weight on the shoulders, and lift your upper body too, as your head and upper back remains on the floor. Hold for a few seconds and release.

To know more about this asana, click here: Sarvangasana

6. Shavasana

Shavasana to gain weight
Image: Shutterstock

Also, Known As – Corpse Pose

Benefits – This asana completely relaxes the body and allows it to reap the benefits of the workout. It is at this time that the nutrient absorption is enhanced. The body is completely healed.

How To Do It – Lie down in the Shavasana. Lift your legs up as you support your hips with your palms. Shift the body weight on the shoulders, and lift your upper body too, as your head and upper back remains on the floor. Hold for a few minutes and release. It will be safer for the cervical area if the neck and shoulders are supported on wide yoga blankets.

To know more about this asana, click here: Shavasana

7. Kapalbhati Pranayama

Woman doing kapalbhati pranayama
Image: Shutterstock

Also Known As – Skull Shining Breath

Benefits – This technique makes the lungs active, improves the oxygenation of tissues, and cleanses the body. It improves concentration, increases blood circulation, cleanses the respiratory system, and enhances lung capacity. In addition, practicing this pranayama tones the abdominal muscles, reduces stress, and helps in weight management.

How To Do It – To practice this asana, find a comfortable seated position on the floor or a chair, ensuring your spine is upright, shoulders relaxed, and palms facing upward on your knees in the Jnana Mudra. Inhale deeply and exhale forcefully through your nose using your abdominal muscles, following up quickly with inhalation. Begin with a few rounds of 10-20 exhalations and increase it gradually.

Infographic: 6 Effective Yoga Asanas For Weight Gain

Being underweight is unhealthy. It might be due to underlying issues like lack of nutrition, weak immunity, and improper blood flow. Yoga is a holistic way to address these issues, which might help you gain weight steadily and healthily. Certain yoga poses help regulate poor metabolism and manage stress, digestive issues, and lack of appetite. They strengthen your muscles, improve your stamina, and make you strong. Check out the infographic below to learn about the best yoga poses that may help you gain weight.

6 effective yoga asanas for weight gain(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Yoga aids in the treatment of various health issues, and it also assists in the attainment of a healthy weight. This wonderful exercise addresses the core issues of being underweight like poor metabolism, stress, a lack of appetite, and digestive disorders. It aids in the resolution of these issues and helps achieve your weight objectives. Yoga helps boost nutrient absorption by increasing oxygen and blood circulation. It assists you to grow stronger and more flexible by strengthening your muscles. To see the difference, try the six yoga exercises to gain weight mentioned above in the article. These asanas will assist you in achieving your optimum weight goals. So, explore the realm of yoga and make good health and happiness a part of your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better – yoga or gym?

Both yoga and gym have many health benefits. Yoga helps improve flexibility and mental wellness, while gymming improves your strength and stamina. You may choose between the two depending on your fitness goals. Dr. Erik Natkin, physician, says, “When comparing yoga to gym exercises for weight gain, note that traditional gym workouts typically target muscle building more directly through resistance and weight training. That’s not to say yoga isn’t beneficial; it’s incredibly valuable for increasing flexibility, strength, and mental focus, which all play roles in a comprehensive weight gain plan. However, for those aiming specifically to increase muscle mass, combining gym workouts with yoga sessions can offer the best of both worlds—strength and flexibility.”

Can Dhanurasana yoga be good for weight gain?

Yes, Dhanurasana can be a good yoga pose for weight gain. According to Dr. Natkin, “As for specific yoga poses, Dhanurasana, or the Bow Pose, can indeed contribute positively towards weight gain efforts. This pose helps strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, improving posture, and stimulating the digestive system, which is vital for proper nutrition absorption and weight gain. From my work with clients aiming to increase their weight, I’ve observed that incorporating poses like Dhanurasana within a broader, holistic approach to exercise and nutrition can support healthier weight gain outcomes. The key is consistency and a well-rounded regimen tailored to your specific needs.”

Can yoga be combined with other exercises or weight gain strategies for better results?

Yes. Combining yoga with cardio or strength training may help create a well-rounded fitness routine, and encourage the intake of more calories. Dr. Natkin says, “In my experience, combining different forms of exercise can be beneficial for those looking to gain weight, especially when incorporating yoga. Yoga alone can enhance muscle tone and improve your overall sense of well-being, which can be crucial for a healthy weight gain journey. However, for significant muscle mass increase, integrating weight training or other resistance exercises alongside yoga practices can offer more substantial results.”

Can Chakrasana yoga be good for weight gain?

Yes. Yoga practitioners claim that Chakrasana can strengthen the body, increase muscle and mass density, and may support weight gain.

How often should I practice yoga to see weight gain results?

Seeing visible results from yoga can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months with consistent practice.

Are there any dietary recommendations to complement yoga for weight gain?

It is recommended to maintain a balanced diet along with yoga for optimal results. However, if you are trying to gain weight, it is essential to eat food high in healthy fats and carbohydrates with a mix of full-fat dairy items.

Can yoga be combined with other exercises or weight gain strategies for better results?

You can combine yoga with cardio or strength training may help create a well-rounded fitness routine, and encourage the intake of more calories.

Are there any risks or considerations when using yoga for weight gain?

Yes, there are some considerations required while using yoga for weight gain , such as-

  1. Yoga alone may not be good enough to help you gain weight
  2. Some yoga positions are harder to perform than others and can cause potential injuries if not done under a professional guide.
  3. Overeating can lead to abdominal issues as well.
  4. Yoga should be done in moderation as performing it excessively will lead to exhaustion and may lead to weight loss.

Can yoga contribute to a healthy body composition for weight gain?

Yes, yoga can help strengthen and tone muscle mass for healthier body composition. However, it depends on factors like consistency, body type, and individuals age, and lifestyle.

Is it possible to gain weight in specific areas of the body through yoga?

No, it is not possible to target a particular body area. The weight gain or weight loss happens gradually and shows up all over the body.

Should I consult with a yoga instructor or professional for guidance on yoga for weight gain?

Yes, it is recommended to consult a professional for better results and a personalized yoga routine and a diet chart for effective weigh gain.

Key Takeaways

  • Being underweight may not only affect your periods but also cause fatigue.
  • Yoga may treat problems like poor metabolism, lack of appetite, and digestive issues.
  • Bhujangasana may help improve appetite as it works on the whole digestive system.
  • Asanas like Matsyasana and Shavasana may help increase nutrient absorption in the body and lead to weight gain.
Yoga Exercises To Gain Weight

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You can practice yoga every day to gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Watch the video below to transform your body with some easy poses and expert tips.

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