9 Exciting Asanas That Will Tone Your Inner Thighs In A Matter Of Days

by Shirin Mehdi

Women are always complaining about their weight – either their arms are bulging, or their hips are meddling with their perfect figure. But, on a more serious note, the inner thighs, which are also called the adductors, are not only an important muscle group but also very interesting.

Most women are always complaining about wiggly inner thighs, and although men really don’t care about it, ideally, they should too. This is one area of the body that you must especially pay attention to if you have pain in your hip, knee, lower back, and the ankles. It is also one of those few areas that can be exercised to nullify the aesthetic complaints, and, at the same time, also get rid of the pain and prevent injury. The glutes are also similar to the inner thighs – they are strengthened and stimulated through exercise. The reason it is essential to talk about the glutes and the inner thighs together is that while you work on the adductors to create and maintain stability and balance around the hips, it is important to activate the glutes too.

Pain and toning are not the only reason that the inner thighs come into focus. The inner thighs are usually neglected, and hence, are both weak and tight, and these are two big reasons that instigate pain and discomfort. Also, if you think simple lunges will help you stimulate the inner thighs, it isn’t that simple. You need something more.

How Yoga Can Help Strengthen And Tone The Inner Thighs

To work your inner thighs, you must not only work on strengthening them, but also on stretching them so that the mobility is improved. The moves you pick need to both stretch and strengthen the area. Keep in mind that the strengthening must be done in the full range of motion.

These asanas will help you improve the range of motion, and maintain it as you work on toning and strengthening the muscles. In our usual workouts, we only spend all our time stretching and lifting through a very limited range of motion. These cause the muscles to tighten more.

Yoga gives you the right combination of stretching and strengthening, while offering a wide range of motion as well, and this works incredibly for your inner thighs.

9 Effective Poses In Yoga For Inner Thighs

  1. Garudasana
  2. Natarajasana
  3. Tittibhasana
  4. Anjaneyasana
  5. Gomukhasana
  6. Rajakapotasana
  7. Malasana
  8. Hanumanasana
  9. Dhanurasana

1. Garudasana

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The Garudasana or the Eagle Pose is a powerful asana that works beautifully towards toning and strengthening your limbs. As you focus your attention on balancing in the pose, your inner thighs work over time to hold the balance. This helps to strengthen and tone them. This asana also activates the glutes and gives your legs a good stretch, alleviating the pain and releasing the trapped stress.

To know more about this asana, click here: Garudasana

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2. Natarajasana

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The Natarajasana is one of the most graceful yoga poses. It is almost as if you are a part of a beautiful dance recital. However, it takes patience and practice to perfect this pose and imitate that grace as you strive to attain balance. Your leg muscles need to work over time to support and balance yourself. If you notice properly, one leg is stretched out in this asana, and, in the process, your inner thighs are worked upon. They get a thorough stretch and remain active even after you finish with the practice.

To know more about this asana, click here: Natarajasana

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3. Tittibhasana

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To know more about this asana, click here: Tittibhasana

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4. Anjaneyasana

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The Anjaneyasana is a low lunge and is one of the best yoga poses for inner thighs reduction. Lunges mainly work on the muscles of the inner thighs. They give them a deep stretch and open them up thoroughly, making sure all the trapped stress is released, and the muscles are loosened. The low lunge is an integral asana when it comes to toning your inner thighs. It is increasingly beneficial if you incorporate a pulsing action when you do this asana.

 To know more about this asana, click here: Anjaneyasana

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5. Gomukhasana

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The Gomukhasana or the Cow Face asana is also among the most versatile yoga asanas. It has many health benefits. Although this asana has both hand and leg movements, when it comes to toning the inner thighs, it is only the leg movement that we are concerned about. If you look closely, one knee is stacked over the other. It might look easy, but it is quite challenging. As you work towards perfecting the stacking, your inner thighs are toned and massaged.

To know more about this asana, click here: Gomukhasana

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6. Rajakapotasana

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The Rajakapotasana is one of the most effective yoga stretches for inner thighs as it opens up the chest and gives your legs a good stretch. Your inner thighs particularly benefit from this asana. As you place them in the front, they are folded in a way that the inner thigh is thoroughly stretched. When you lift the back leg, its weight rests upon your inner thigh, thereby strengthening it. This asana truly tones the area in a full range of motion.

To know more about this asana, click here: Rajkapotasana

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7. Malasana

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 The Malasana is a squatting pose. It works so well to tone your buttocks and thighs. A squat is an important exercise to work your thighs. Your inner thighs get stretched and strengthened as you practice this asana. You will feel uncomfortable at first, but as you ease into the asana, you will enjoy that deep stretch in your inner thighs, and you will feel the muscles loosen.

To know more about this asana, click here: Malasana

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8. Hanumanasana

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The Hanumanasana comprises a full leg split. It is an advanced pose, and it works the muscles of your entire leg. Your legs have to be strong for you to practice this asana. And if they are not, as you strive to perfect this asana, they will strengthen themselves. The inner thighs are worked upon in their full range of motion in this asana.

To know more about this asana, click here: Hanumanasana

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9. Dhanurasana

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The Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose is another incredible asana that works on all four limbs. If you look closely, your thighs are off the ground in this asana. The mild suspension strengthens them, especially the inner thighs, gives them a good stretch, and tones them as well.

To know more about this asana, click here: Dhanurasana

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It is very important to keep your whole body stretched to protect it from getting rusty. Your inner thighs are one of the most neglected areas, and yoga reaches and stretches even the most neglected muscles in the body.

If you have not been working out, it might be a good idea to start slow and get your basics right under a supervisor, until your muscles are ready to take on the challenge of these asanas. None the less, it’s high time you take that step towards oiling up that rusty body – yoga is perfect! Have you practiced yoga for inner thighs before? How did it help you? Share your comments with us below.

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