This Is What Emily Ratajkowski Does To Get That Toned Body

Get a sneak peek into the actress' diet and fitness routine for a dose of inspiration.

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Emily Ratajkowski looked stunning in a gold satin thigh-high slit dress at the Netflix Golden Globes After Party (2017). As she always does! And many want to know Emily Ratajkowski’s meal prep and workout secrets. Her toned body, even after a baby, is something that women of all ages are in awe of. The model and actress has a good physique with curves in the right place, yet not an inch of extra flesh! Which can get anyone curious. A quick scroll through her Instagram shed a lot of light on Emily’s nutrition and workout. Here’s everything you need to know about this activist-feminist model’s traffic-stopping body.Read on!

Emily Ratajkowski’s Diet

  • Breakfast (Coffee And Carbs)
Image: Instagram

Black coffee for breakfast is common, but carbs? Yes, Emily’s first meal of the day contains carbs. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said, “Every day I go to Blacktop Coffee and get this pastry called kouign-amann with my black coffee.”

Image: Shutterstock                     Emily at the World Premiere of Gone Girl

As per the New York Times, kouign-amann is “the fattiest pastry in Europe.” Hmm, that doesn’t sound like what a runway model eats. But breaking the rules is the new rule, isn’t it? If not kouign-amann, she pairs her coffee with toast or granola and yogurt.

  • Lunch (Salad Or Sandwich)
Image: Instagram @emrata

Emily revealed her love for meat to Elle. She said, “I’m a carnivore. I really like to eat meat.” But she also pairs it up with greens. Salads and sandwiches are her favorite lunch foods. “I crave iron so I am definitely not the kind of person who you will often find eating a plain salad. I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy.”

Plus, she likes to cook – which is a thousand times better than eating store-bought food that contains preservatives and a hundred other ingredients that are not good for health.

Image: Shutterstock                    Emily Ratajkowski pairs her silk gown with bold teal eyes and a sleek ponytail

She also revealed that while on set, she likes to control the foods she consumes. She told Harper’s Bazaar, “If I’m on set, I’ll have catering, but I’m well behaved with that stuff. It’s easy to go crazy—they know how to feed you.”

So, you see, making the right food choices and healthy eating is the key to keeping your calorie consumption under control and not overconsuming any unhealthy food.

protip_icon Quick Tip
To practice portion control, you can use your hand as a rough guide—a fist-sized serving for carbs, a palm-sized serving for proteins, and a thumb-sized serving for fats.

  • Snack (Juice)
Snack (Juice)
Image: Instagram

Emily loves a good blend of healthy veggies/fruits as a snack. She said, “I do love turmeric and beet juices. It’s so L.A., you can’t avoid it.” Baamm! That’s what I am talking about. She must be doing something different to get the skin and body that she has.

Image: Instagram                                 Emily Ratajkowski’s flawless skin

Turmeric is a natural antioxidant that helps flush out toxins, and beetroot is loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial for your digestive system, metabolism, and skin.

  • Dinner (Takeout Or Restaurant)
Image: Instagram

Dinner time is usually her socializing time. She loves to go to the local restaurants and hang out with her friends or family. In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said, “I love this Italian restaurant downtown called Bestia. It’s kind of fun, and they have good cocktails and wine.”

If she is in the mood for a lighter and healthier dinner, she opts for sushi. She said, “There’s amazing sushi at this tiny place called Mako in Little Tokyo.”

But if she stays home for dinner, she orders food. In a fun interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she said, “I have a relationship with Postmates. It’s basically Indian food and Thai food, preferably when I’m horizontal in bed.”

And when she is not ordering in, she cooks. And that also helps keep her salt and sugar consumption in check. Clever!

Image: Shutterstock                    This classic white polo neck short bodycon dress shows off Emily’s toned body

So, what’s Emily Ratajkowski’s diet tip? “I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy,” I agree! Eating is more about balancing and portion control. If you can do that, you wouldn’t need to spend a ton of money and time sweating it out at the gym.

  • Dessert (Yup!)
Image: Instagram

If there’s one thing that Emily cannot seem to give up, it’s dessert. Her Insta feed is filled with pictures of half-eaten cakes. She also loves cupcakes. She told Elle, “I definitely love a good cupcake sometimes, I think it is like, really important to give yourself a break.”

protip_icon Quick Tip
For healthy and yummy desserts, you can opt for fruits, homemade whole grain or keto-friendly cakes and cookies, dark chocolate, or greek yogurt topped with nuts, dried fruits, and a drizzle of maple syrup.
Emily enjoying dessert, as usual
Image: Instagram @emrata

Yes, in fact, taking regular breaks from your weight loss diet will help you shake up the weight loss plateau that prevents weight loss after you get used to the diet.

What does she do to get rid of all the calories that she consumes? Find out next.

Emily Ratajkowski Workout

Image: Instagram

She is not a fan of working out at the gym by doing cardio or strength training. Instead, she likes to enjoy a good hike or a slow-paced yoga session. “I am not a big gym person,” Ratajkowski told Instyle. “I really like being outside and doing yoga, so I do a lot of hiking in L.A. and I have a yoga studio really close to my house that I go to like once a week.” She also likes to hike, which keeps her in shape.

She also said, “I don’t have a trainer…I’m just not a crazy fitness person. I’m definitely an outlier in the industry.”

Image: Instagram                             Emily Ratajkowski – The Activist

Keltie O’Connor, a fitness vlogger, shared her experience of a week-long journey adopting model Emily Ratajkowski’s diet and lifestyle. She explored whether it’s genetics or specific habits that contribute to her physique. She practiced yoga and went on hikes for workouts, following a somewhat low-intensity routine that Emily is believed to do. “It’s been a week since what happened here, and before that, nothing changed (i).” She emphasized that it’s essential to learn your own hunger cues, enjoy your food, and practice mindful eating.

Infographic: A Sneak Peek Into Emily Ratajkowski’s Diet And Workout Routine

Are you curious to know the secrets to Emily Rajatowski’s great body? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Check out the infographic below for a sneak peek into her healthy lifestyle and get inspired! Scroll down to know more!

a sneak peek into emily ratajkowski’s diet and workout routine (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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You may lose weight and be in terrific physical and mental form if you get your body moving and eat healthily. So, do not put too much pressure on yourself. Make your weight-loss diet a regular one. You can achieve this by gradually incorporating excellent eating habits into your daily routine while eliminating old, unhealthy ones. This article will help you get the stunning toned body of Emily Ratajkowski. We have listed the details of Emily Ratajkowski’s diet and workout here. Take a look and add it to your diet chart.

Remember it is not necessary to exercise at a gym regularly. You can swim, dance, trek, play a sport, or do something else to keep yourself entertained and for overall wellness. Calorie expenditure should be a by-product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emily Ratajkowski take any dietary supplements?

No, she does not take any dietary supplements.

How does Emily Ratajkowski stay hydrated, and what role does water play in her diet and exercise routine?

To stay hydrated, Emily includes yogurt for her breakfast and vegetable juice for lunch. She drinks plenty of water before bedtime.

Does Emily Ratajkowski have any specific workout routines for toning specific areas?

She walks as a part of her leg workout and does pilates or yoga for her body.

Key Takeaways

  • People look up to the model cum actress Emily Ratajkowski for diet and workout secrets, making her an influencer.
  • She follows a balanced diet plan and focuses on controlling portion size. She also stays away from store-bought, processed, and junk food.
  • The secret to Emily’s toned body is consuming fruits and vegetables as snacks, the most loved ones being turmeric and beetroot juices.
  • But she loves desserts and considers them as a break from her diet.

Get ready to tone your midline with this 5-minute ab workout inspired by Emily Ratajkowski! Watch this video to learn about a quick and effective routine to strengthen your core and get your body moving, night away!

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