15 Signs Of An Emotionally Connected Relationship

Written by Harini Natarajan

Enjoying an emotional connection with your partner – or anyone else for that matter – is a rarity. However, if you want to foster a long-term happy relationship, you need to connect on an emotional, more intimate level.

Why? Because lack of emotional connection in a relationship can leave both partners feeling an empty void. No matter how many gifts you give or how many grand gestures you make, materialistic comforts can only bring two people closer to a certain extent.

All in all, the walls will not come down if there is no emotional connection. In this guide, you will learn how to identify whether you are emotionally connected with your partner. We also cover some strategies on how to connect emotionally and understand why it is necessary to have a deep emotional connection with someone.

What Is An Emotional Connection?

Everyone has their own idea of what an emotional connection means to them. Typically, an emotional connection is characterized by the following:

  • A feeling of intimacy that goes beyond physical attraction.
  • The ability to connect with the other person on a deeper level.
  • The ability to feel secure while connecting emotionally with the other person.
  • A feeling of belonging and general well-being with the other person.

All in all, emotional connection is not about having superficial conversations or banking on surface-level similarities to keep the relationship going. It is about genuinely feeling a deep sense of attachment, respect, and care for the other person. As you can imagine, an intense emotional connection lays the foundation for long-term and real intimacy.

Now, let us understand the top tell-tale signs of two emotionally connected people.

Top 15 Signs That You Are Emotionally Connected To Your Partner

If you want to build a sustainable and happy relationship, being emotionally connected is key. Here are the signs of emotional connection:

1. You Both Genuinely Care For Each Other’s Needs, Wants, And Desires

One of the most defining characteristics of an emotional connection is when you want the best things in life for your partner. In other words, you genuinely feel happy when their life goals, dream goals, career goals, etc., get fulfilled.

2. You Support And Champion Each Other

When it comes to building a rock-solid emotional connection, constant support is of utmost importance. This support can be physical, emotional, or mental, depending on the state each individual is in.

3. You Engage In Honest And Open Conversations

Are you both constantly having honest conversations about the relationship and life in general, despite differing opinions? If so, you are in an emotionally sound relationship.

4. You Re-Evaluate Your Relationship From Time To Time

Emotionally connected partners are always internalizing the relationship and figuring out where things can be better. There is little to no hesitation in truly speaking your mind.

5. You Actively Listen To Each Other

It is one thing to simply hear what the other person is saying and a whole different ball game altogether to engage in active listening. This includes:

  • Creating a safe space for the partner to vent out and air their concerns without any fear of judgment or any kind of negativity.
  • Genuinely being present and devoting your complete attention to what your partner is saying.
  • Demonstrating active listening through eye contact and head nods.

6. You Know Each Other’s Ins And Outs

From knowing and accepting each other’s flaws to deeply understanding each other’s personality, emotionally connected people are aware of every little detail that makes up their partner. This includes knowing their fears, motivations, values, dreams, vulnerabilities, and insecurities.

7. You Voluntarily Participate In Each Other’s Hobbies

Partners with a strong emotional connection willingly go the extra mile to accommodate the other person’s interests and hobbies into their daily routine just so that they can spend more quality time together. The idea is to find ways to reconnect with the other person, either through shared interests or differing hobbies.

8. You Liven Up The Relationship With Attention To Detail

If your relationship is more about celebrating the smaller joys of everyday life, it means that you are emotionally tuned into each other. You understand that it is the smaller things and gestures in life that bring about the maximum amount of joy. These small things could include:

  • Cooking for each other
  • Taking an interest in the mundane details of each other’s lives
  • Taking care of each other when sick
  • Surprising each other at work with date-night plans

All in all, if you both are invested in each other’s day-to-day life, it is a good sign.

9. You Are Not Focused On “Fixing” Each Other

Emotionally mature couples understand that they do not need to “fix” the other person or get into the problem-solving mode to eliminate issues. It is all about giving the other person healthy space to speak out and simply listen to their problems without judgment or being condescending.

10. You Are Sympathetic And Empathetic Towards Each Other

You may be on opposite poles of the spectrum mentally, but you both get where the other person is coming from. Understanding each other’s perspective is a healthy sign of emotionally connected couples and demonstrates true care and concern for the partner. Also, if both of you are putting in equal effort to make the relationship thrive, you have a strong emotional connection.

11. You Do Not Hide Your Quirks

If you can openly indulge in your most embarrassing and strange habits in front of your partner, congratulations – you are in an emotionally mature relationship as you can only do so if there is no fear of judgment or embarrassment.

12. You Are Each Other’s Priority

As mentioned earlier, a healthy emotional relationship is one where both people prioritize their partner’s needs without any sense of obligation or expectation. They are equally involved in making the relationship a success.

13. You Are Not In The Relationship Just For Sex

As hard as it may be to believe, in emotionally charged relationships, physical intimacy comes second to emotional connectedness. In other words, open and honest feelings contribute to the level of intimacy, not solely sexual attractiveness.

14. You Are Patient With Each Other

One of the ingredients of a strong emotional connection is patience. If you find that both of you routinely demonstrate patience, especially when the other partner is being difficult or irrational, it is a sign of emotional connection at its best.

15. You Share Plenty Of Non-Sexual Intimate Moments

Do you find yourself completing each other’s sentences? Do you notice how there is a sixth-sense at play when your partner orders in your favorite pastry just when you were silently craving one? Do you find yourselves laughing at jokes that seemingly no one else seems to get? These are just some examples of non-sexual intimacy that makes emotional relationships fun and rewarding.

Now that you understand what the signs of emotional connection are, let us see why an emotional connection is so significant in the first place.

Why Is An Emotional Connection Important In A Relationship?

An emotional connection helps couples feel secure in their relationship. Some of the major benefits that emotionally connected partners enjoy are:

  • They have a greater sense of trust, transparency, and emotional intimacy.
  • They feel truly heard, seen, and – more importantly – accepted by their significant other.
  • They are able to effortlessly engage in honest and fulfilling communication.
  • They are able to identify and accept each other’s emotions, flaws, needs, mistakes, and desires easily.
  • They are more mindful of their actions and not quick to judge or over-react.
  • They truly value and respect each other.
  • They are less prone to drifting apart, even when the going gets extra tough.
  • They are in tune with their partner’s needs and, at the same time, self-aware of their own needs and shortcomings.

Having an emotional connection acts as the steering wheel that can help you navigate your relationship. So, how can you connect with your partner emotionally? Read on to find out.

How To Connect With Your Partner Emotionally

It goes without saying that having an emotional connection brings more joy and peace into the couple’s lives. Here are some tried-and-tested tips that can help you connect with your partner emotionally:

  1. Greet your partner with a smile in the morning and before going to bed.
  1. Express your love through small gestures peppered throughout the day. Hug them randomly, thank them for being themselves while watching TV at night, kiss their hand as they serve you dinner, bring them flowers for no reason at all, and so on.
  1. Hug your partner when you return home at the end of the day.
  1. Send a long, heartfelt text for no reason.
  1. Acknowledge it when you are being reactive and put it into everyday practice.
  1. Express your remorse and apologize from the heart.
  1. If you are being unnecessarily defensive and have realized it during the fight, say it out loud and accept it in front of your partner.
  1. Do not let ego get in the way and allow the emotional cold war to last longer than necessary.
  1. Think of your relationship as ever-evolving and dynamic so that the fights and blows do not end up leaving a long-lasting dent.
  1. Continue to pay attention to your partner and try to imbibe good virtues from them.
  1. Focus on establishing trust via small gestures, open conversations, and gentle mindfulness towards the relationship.
  1. Instead of putting unpleasantries and issues on the back burner, take charge and initiate a solution to demonstrate emotional maturity.
  1. Resolve conflicts and grievances with a cool head and sound logic.
  1. Do not engage in any kind of blame games or judgment.
  1. Look for ways to demonstrate compassion and empathy.
  1. Be willing to show your vulnerabilities and let your guard down to facilitate a deeper sense of understanding.
  1. Study your partner and understand what their life goals are.
  1. Try to be as emotionally available to your partner as needed, even if it is often.
  1. Show affection and understanding by giving each other space.
  1. Fight fair and try not to cross a line during a heated argument.
  1. Try to truly understand the other person’s perspective by putting yourself in their shoes.
  1. Do not bring up past issues that have been resolved again and again. It is best to leave the past in the past.
  1. Understand that building an emotional connection does not happen overnight. Rather, it is a complex and subjective matter that requires a lot of effort and dedication from both parties involved.

Note that there is no standard formula or template that you can follow, as an emotional connection should happen organically and intuitively. However, you can follow the ideas and tips suggested above to trust your gut and move ahead in the right direction. As long as the initiative and effort are not forced, you are golden.

Closing Thoughts

Finding emotional security with your partner is a truly rewarding experience. In fact, humans are naturally wired and crave an emotional connection with a set of trusted friends, family, colleagues, and so on. That said, building an emotional connection requires dedication, time, and effort from both sides.

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