Deep Emotional Quotes To Express Your Feelings In Words

Do not let those emotions go unspoken anymore with these deep and heart-rending words.

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With the vicious cycle of ups and downs in life, we may get hung up on those few instances that make us emotional. The reasons could be many— a breakup, loss of your dear ones, betrayal, or just random mood swings! Therefore, we bring to you some emotional quotes that may help you express your feelings and ease your pain eventually. So, scroll down to check’em out.

Touching Emotional Quotes

It may get difficult for you to express in words what your heart feels at times. So, today, let us begin with some emotionally sad quotes that will help you talk your heart out and inspire you to move on!

  • “In the absence of what was, we find the echoes of what could have been.”
    Only in the absence of something you can find the lingering whispers of what might have been.
  • “Don’t wait for the storm to pass; learn to dance in the rain!”
    Moving on is necessary, even if it’s with a heavy heart.
  • “Life can be a comedy for people who think and tragedy for people who feel.”
    Well, let’s just say our feelings are the culprit for most of our problems!
  • “Rent the space in your head only to good tenants!”
    This is so much more important for your mental health.
  • “That one soul that has been damaged is capable of surviving too.”
    Once you are healed, no matter what, you get the strength to move on with anything!
protip_icon Quick Tip
You can find inspiration in the words and experiences of others to not only try to express your emotions but also help yourself heal.

Emotional Abuse Quotes

The abuse itself is a strong and deep word. We only understand the intensity of emotional abuse. We really hope you haven’t ever had to face it. But if you have encountered it, unfortunately, then these quotes should be relatable. And if you haven’t, then it is always good to be prepared. So read on!

  • “The bruises from words hurt more than those from fists.”
    You can hurt someone just by uttering harsh words.
  • “Not showing me value, not giving me time, and not supporting me are much more than abuse.”
    The shoulder you need to lean on is a necessity in life!
  • “The bruises and scars in my mind pain more than the ones on the body.”
    The deepest scars are usually not physical but emotional!
  • “The toughest thing to heal is those scars that cannot be seen.”
    Unseen but deep!
  • “In a toxic relationship, you may think you are worthless, but the reality is you are just unappreciated.”
    Never lose your confidence; instead, trust in yourself!
  • “Even though my mind tries, my heart fails to let go of those words you said.”
    Controlling your heart and mind takes a lot of effort!

Emotional Life Quotes

This life is like a roller coaster. At times, you may feel like giving up on a lot of moments and people. Here are some words that you can also perceive as emotional healing quotes about life that will help you go a little further and pull yourself together.

  • “Life is too short to waste time waiting for other people’s approval on how you live it.”
    Nobody will live your life for you, so you do you!
  • “Loving someone involves taking a leap of faith, but it never guarantees soft landings.”
    Hope you don’t get hurt out of love!
  • “Don’t be scared of having bad moments in your life. They will put you on another path that will lead to better things.”
    Because you never know what’s in store for you!
  • “Life will be better if we talk to each other instead of talking about each other.”
    Talking behind someone’s back is never gonna help!
  • “Three keys to move on in life—accepting the past without regrets, handling the present with confidence, and facing the future without fear.”
    Take this mantra, and we promise that life will get better.
  • “Don’t wait for life to get perfect; make it perfect!”
    After all, you are the mastermind of your life.
  • “Every pain is a lesson, and every lesson will change a person.”
    Pain has the power to teach a lot of things.

Emotional Sad Quotes

Below we have compiled a few emotional quotes that will give voice to your sad mood. We really do wish you get a rescue out of the emotional turmoil you are in soon enough!

  • “The deepest pain is hidden in the biggest smile.”
    So, for someone who smiles a lot, they might need your help too.
  • “The saddest feeling is realizing that you are falling and you don’t have a shoulder to lean on.”
    Explains why emotional support is important.
  • “I lost count of the number of times that I survived without telling anyone.”
    Sometimes, we would not want anyone to be involved in our pain.
  • “Sometimes it is better to keep my pain to myself because it is harder to explain to others.”
    Explaining can make it harder for you. Letting it be helps!
  • “Guess what hurts you the most? Your expectations!”
    The lower the expectations, the better.
  • “Even the strongest feelings will have an expiration date if taken for granted or ignored.”
    Acknowledging the feelings is to be taken care of!
  • “It is better to be alone so that nobody can hurt you.”
    Because there is a beauty in being alone as well!
  • “I faded away so slowly, but you didn’t even notice.”
    You will realize how much you waited and how much value they gave you.
  • “The greatest pain is losing something inside you.”
    After all, losing a part of you can give you excruciating pain!
  • “I may say that I am okay, but deep down, I want someone to look me in the eye and hug me and say that they are there for me.”
    Because comforting words are so much more important in the process of healing.
  • “I really feel the need to cry, but I don’t know how to let my tears flow anymore.”
    When the pain is unimaginable, one even loses the ability to cry!
  • “Hurting someone is like throwing a stone into the sea; you have no idea how deep it can go.”
    Beware of your words and actions; we don’t know how and what is gonna hurt.
  • “I am not angry; I am just deeply hurt. There is a big difference.”
    Anger can be controlled. But once hurt, it isn’t easy to cheer up.
  • “Surprisingly, the ones who hurt you the most are also the ones who promised that they would never hurt.”
    It indeed hurts when they break promises.

Cristina Dovan, a Certified Life Coach, says, “When we heal we heal in someone else, stronger and wiser. Those parts that we lose can be like boosters falling off a rocket after take-off, is falling off because we don’t need it in our journey.” Therefore, while it’s fine to feel sad while navigating through the ups and downs of life, do not let yourself drown in the sorrows.

Emotional Cheating Quotes

Being betrayed or cheated on is one of the worst feelings ever! But you have encountered this, don’t turn away from life because you have better things and better people on your way that can bring magic to your life!

  • “A big step forward is realizing that you are not gonna see someone again, at least not in the same way you used to.”
    Realizing this itself takes some of your time, but once you do, life will get better!
  • “I may pretend to be okay, but inside it hurts!”
    Some may conceal their feelings, but the pain remains fresh.
  • “They came to you when you were least prepared and left you when you actually needed them.”
    As said, you will have better things on your way. Hold on tight!
  • “If they have made you feel like you are an option and not their choice, do not think twice to leave them.”
    You don’t need to be treated that way by anyone!

Emotional Love Quotes For Wife

Heartbroken in marriage? Read these Now, emotional feelings of love quotes that you can dedicate to your wife.

  • “You will never understand the kind of pain I feel as this pain is due to your absence in my life.”
    Missing someone is as hurtful as losing someone.
  • “Your place in my heart is sealed. No one can ever take that space.”
    There is beauty in reserving someone to share life with.
  • “I may not tell you often how much I love you, but I hope you know you are the only person I love, and I can never let you go.”
    Some simple gestures are enough to make someone feel loved.
protip_icon Quick Tip
Healthy communication is essential in a relationship. Even if you do not express yourself often, surprising her with spontaneous messages can help maintain a sense of reassurance and connection.

Emotional Love Quotes For Husband

And if you are looking for some ideal words to express your emotions to your hubby, below are some you get inspo from.

  1. “I love you. All your flaws and giggles, mistakes and laughter, and everything about you.”
    Loving someone includes loving every bit and portion of them. No matter what!
  2. “I am not sure about being perfect for you, but I promise to try to be perfect!”
    Acknowledging one’s own flaws and working to fix them is a sign of true love.
  3. “My greatest pain and greatest joy come from one relationship!”
    When you love someone so much, every little thing they do for you can make you happy, and similarly, every small thing can also hurt you.

Reading the right emotional quotes at the right time can be a cathartic experience. So often, it is not easy to put into words all the feelings that arise within. Finding words that speak to you and help you relate can be liberating in those moments. Even if you do not write the words, you may feel heard and understood simply by reading those quotes. Whether it is abuse, stress, sorrow, or life, in general, that is getting you down, draw strength and connection from these words to shed your burdens, release your emotions, and carry on.

The world of sorrow, life’s struggles, and heartbreak is painful. As you navigate through your emotions, let the words in this video resonate with you and turn your pain into strength. Click here to watch now!

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