Encouraging Words For Your Husband

Written by Harini Natarajan

It is so easy to get lost in the hustle of everyday life. When juggling a full-time job with family, we often forget to appreciate our partners. Sometimes, our husbands need to hear some encouraging words from us – they need to be reminded that we still love and care for them, and they are our priority, no matter what.

If you have not done this for a long time and need some new ideas to encourage your husband, you are at the right place. Here is a list of encouraging words for your husband that will make his day. Take a peek!

Why Encouraging Your Husband Is Important

Wives have a tremendous influence over their husbands. Even a few encouraging words from the wives can boost their spirits and make them feel loved and supported. While falling in love is easy, staying in love and nurturing a strong marriage needs work. And encouraging your partner or husband should be a priority in the marriage.

If you aren’t already saying encouraging words to your hubby, it is time to start! It takes no effort at all. Start by taking baby steps. Encourage your hubby once a day until it naturally becomes a frequent habit. The more you practice this habit, the more natural it will start to feel. Here are some ways to demonstrate your love and encourage your partners.

15 Phrases To Encourage Your Husband

Encourage Your Husband


1. I  Love You

This basic declaration of love never gets old. Saying these three magical words at least once a day will get the point across and make him happy.

2. Thank You

Make your husband feel appreciated.  Whether your spouse grabs you something from the fridge or does grocery shopping – express thankfulness. Appreciating each other is a way to strengthen the bond.

3. You Are Absolutely Amazing!

It is hard to feel like we are amazing every day, especially after going through the everyday grind. Despite all these, take your time to remind him how amazing he is and how much he inspires you. When life gets hard, this phrase can make a whole lot of difference.

4. You Make Me Feel Safe

Guys always want their partners to feel safe. Since the dawn of evolution, men have acted as the protectors of the family. Saying this phrase is a way to assert his importance and make him feel empowered. Make it a point to express that he makes you feel safe and happy and you are grateful for it.

5. You Make Me Feel Loved

Feel Loved


Making your spouse feel loved and valued is crucial for a strong marriage. However, when you spend all your time with one person, it is easy to take him for granted. When you affirm your husband that you feel loved, he can slay dragons to keep you feeling loved! However, ensure he feels your soul in your words. Otherwise, you might end up confusing him instead of encouraging him.

6. I Miss You When You Are Not Here!

No. Saying these words will not make you appear clingy. Instead, these words will let him know that you think about him when he is not around. This will make him feel loved. After all, who doesn’t want to be loved and missed?

7. My Favorite Thing About You Is –

There must be so many things that you love about your partner. Just be honest and genuine, pick out one thing a day, fill in the blank, and say it aloud. Your husband will feel amazing!

8. I Admire You

Deep inside, every man wants to be admired by his wife. If your spouse has a quality that you secretly admire, don’t be shy to speak up. Find ways to admire him. Shower compliments his way. He needs to be aware of your admiration – that’s the key to unlock his heart. This will encourage and inspire him to hone his skills.

9. You Work So Hard To Provide For Our Family

Most husbands slog at work for their family. Being the provider of the family takes a lot of hard work, commitment, and determination. Ensure your spouse knows that you notice everything he does for the family and appreciate the hard work he puts in.

10. You Are An Excellent Father

Excellent Father


Fathers are often the unsung heroes of parenthood. They may not give birth or carry a child in their body, but they play an equally important role in making a difference in the child’s life. Appreciate that. Acknowledge how great he is doing as a dad! Your encouraging words will keep him going and encourage him to do better.

11. You Make Me Laugh

Couples who laugh together stay together. One of the most beautiful things about marriage is sharing a laugh with your bestie for life. If your husband makes an effort to create opportunities to share a laugh, let him know that you love how he finds joy in everyday life. He must be aware that you enjoy his company and sense of humor.

12. You Are Good-Looking

Sure, we shouldn’t worry about one’s looks – because looks aren’t everything in life. However, irrespective of gender, every person likes to know if their better half finds them attractive. Compliment your spouse’s physical appearance to make him feel awesome.

13. I Believe In You

You should be your spouse’s number one fan, his best friend, his partner for life. He needs to be aware that you believe him, no matter what. This is the easiest way to melt his heart and make him feel like a superhero who can achieve anything! These simple words can encourage him to meet his goals and fulfill his dreams.

14. I am Blessed To Share My Life With You

When you are married, you are always a team. You share your lives, aspirations, hopes, and dreams with each other. There will be ups and downs in the road, but at the end of the day, it is crucial to work together and keep going. Root for your husband. Tell him how blessed you feel to share your life with him. Make him understand that you will stick until you reach the finish line.

15. I am Glad You Are Mine

This is a cute way of telling your husband that your relationship is exclusive, and both of you belong to each other. While professing your love during the initial phases of the relationship is easy, deciding to love each other for the entire life develops a sense of belongingness. Telling your husband “love you” will make him happy, but expressing that he belongs to you will make him feel special.

Use these encouraging phrases for your husband every day and see your relationship blossom!

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