Estrogen Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

Estrogen Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health Hyderabd040-395603080 May 31, 2019

Before we even begin considering the uses, let us first see what is estrogen? This the female sex hormone that is responsible for the development of the secondary sexual characteristics in women. Estrogen is an essential hormone that helps retaining youth. Which makes the maintenance of estrogen level in women very important. Hormone replacement therapies have become in vogue recently due to the quick and effortless method for bringing back youth in human beings. Apart from this quality, estrogen has many benefits to offer to the overall human health. Our skins and hairs receive direct benefits of external estrogen application.

With age, secretion of estrogen hormone reduces to great extent. An external application of this hormone therefore, helps in preventing the ageing process effectively. However, one must not go for an estrogen therapy without expert guidance of any medical practitioner.

Let us have a look how different estrogen comes to do well for human health. Many of us often believe that estrogen is strongly a female hormone and has nothing to do with the men. It is a wrong concept, as men enjoy the same benefits of this magical hormone most times.

Health Benefits of Estrogen

1. A recent study shows that women in the modern era are more prone to cardiovascular disorders. The graph is astoundingly high when compared to women of the last two decades. Estrogen makes a fantastic treatment for women affected with heart disorders. Proper application of estrogen therapy in women brings down the risk of nonfatal and as well as fatal myocardial infarction (sudden coronary death). Estrogen also prevents plaque rupture that is the main cause behind sudden cardiac arrest. Application of estrogen might delay the development of such plaque within the human body.

2. Estrogen has some proven effects in modifying the lipid level in women body. It indirectly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders largely. Most women experience a lower level of LDL during the pre-menopausal days. On the contrary, their LDL level starts escalating rapidly making it worse for hair growth. In such a time, application of estrogen checks the LDL in blood by increasing the HDL at the same time. Appropriate usage of estrogen helps in reducing the risk of heart attack in women.

3. Regular use of the hormone effectively minimizes the risk of breast cancer. In addition, the hormone is efficient enough to bring back the lubrication and elasticity of the vaginal tissues.

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Estrogen for Hair Growth

4. Most women complain about hair loss in their pre-menopausal years. This happens too after the pregnancy. The reason why most of the women experience hair loss after giving birth to their children is lower estrogen level in the blood. The level of this hormone escalates rapidly when a woman conceives. Around this time, their hairs become strong, and they do not generally suffer from hair fall. This happens again due to an increased amount of the estrogen hormone in the blood. The amount of the hormone becomes low after the childbirth resulting abnormal hair loss in many women.

5. For many women and men too, estrogen therapy is often recommended when they suffer from baldness. Estrogen has effective result in preventing excessive hairloss. Regular use of estrogen checks hair fall largely. At the same time, the hormone also helps in growing new hair. People who experience premature baldness can get satisfactory result by consuming estrogen tablets on regular course. However, one should always seek medical help before opting for external consumption of the hormone. Immature and careless intake of estrogen may lead to serious consequences at times.

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Effects of Estrogen on Skin

6. The most prominent effect of estrogen therapy is observed on skin. The hormone works like wonder in preventing the premature ageing process in both men and women. It prevents wrinkles and age spots effectively. There is no better option but estrogen, if one wishes to look younger than his or her age.

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A systematic estrogen application may increase the skin collagen component that in turn helps retaining skin soft and firm. Therefore, it would be no wrong to remark that estrogen is a miracle hormone that holds the secret of youth in men and women.

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