Brazilian Blowout Tutorial For Smooth And Silky Hair

A step-by-step guide to doing this salon-style blowout in the comfort of your home.

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The popularity of the Brazilian blowout treatment is spreading like wildfire. This protein treatment makes your hair smooth and shiny and repairs dull and damaged hair. You have come to the right place if you want to understand the technique and are interested in a Brazilian blowout tutorial. The best part about the treatment is that it is cost-effective and safe. The Brazilian blowout treatment does not damage your hair like other treatments but rejuvenates it. So, what is a brazilian blowout? Keep scrolling to know more about it.

What Is A Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent protein treatment that helps reduce frizz and makes the hair smooth and shiny. This hair treatment originated in Brazil and uses liquid keratin formula that contains acai berry, camucamu, and annatto seeds. The formula coats the hair with a protective protein layer to reduce external damage and closes the open hair cuticles to reduce frizz. The best part is, Brazilian blowout is suitable for all hair types – fine, thick, fragile, damaged, dry, and color-treated hair.

Many prefer getting a Brazilian blowout from the salon. However, with the right instructions, you can get it done easily at home! Check out the hair tutorial below.

How To Get A Brazilian Blowout At Home – Tutorial

You Will Need

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Brazilian keratin treatment kit
  • Blow dryer
  • Straightening iron
  • Rubber gloves
  • Butterfly clips
  • Mask (to cover your nose and mouth)
  • Plastic bowl
  • Color application brush
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Shower cap


Step 1: Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo before the Brazilian blowout treatment. It will help open up the cuticles. Do not use a conditioner.

Step 1 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 2: Comb your hair to get rid of knots and tangles.

Step 2 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 3: Divide your hair into sections.

Step 3 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 4: Blow dry your hair completely. Ensure no sections are left damp.

Step 4 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 5: Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 5 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 6: Divide the hair into three sections and pin them in place with butterfly clips.

Step 6 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 7: Wear the rubber gloves and pour the Brazilian keratin treatment solution into a plastic bowl.

Step 7 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 8:Apply the solution to each section of your hair thoroughly. Ensure that it is not dripping and remove any excess solution.

Step 8 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 9: Brush your hair with the wide-toothed comb. Leave on the product for 30 minutes.

Step 9 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 10: Blow dry your hair and wait for 10-15 minutes before proceeding to the next step. Ensure that your hair has dried completely.

Step 10 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 11: Divide your hair into sections.

Step 11 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 12: Straighten your hair with the straightener. Be careful not to burn your hair.

Step 12 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 13: Wait overnight and wash your hair with an SLS-free shampoo. If you have curly hair, wait for three days before washing your hair. Apply only an SLS-free conditioner. Do not use hair products that contain silicone.

Step 13 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 14: Use the wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.

Step 14 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Step 15: Blow dry your hair.

Step 15 of Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Voila! Now you cannot stop flirting with yourself in the mirror.

Checking out yourself in the mirror after the Brazilian blowout tutorial
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

Let’s now look at a few before and after Brazilian blowout pictures.

Brazilian Blowout–  Before And After

Before and after results of the Brazilian blowout treatment picture 1
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban
Before and after results of the Brazilian blowout treatment picture 2
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban
Before and after results of the Brazilian blowout treatment picture 3
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban
Before and after results of the Brazilian blowout treatment picture 4
Image: YouTube @Julia Caban

The happiness on their faces! They are enjoying smooth, soft, and shiny hair. If this is your first time, and you want to get a Brazilian blowout from the salon treatment, you might want to know the price range. Find the information in the next section.

What Is The Cost Of A Brazilian Blowout?

The cost of a Brazilian blowout can range between $200 and $500, depending on the length of the hair, salon charges, and the hairstylist’s expertise. Even keratin treatment costs almost the same and offers the same result – smoother and shinier hair. However, there are certain differences between the two. Let’s find out what they are in the following section.

Brazilian Blowout Vs. Keratin Treatment

  • Ingredient –Brazilian blowout uses a mild keratin formula made of camucamu, acai berry, and annatto seeds. Keratin treatment contains keratin protein.
  • Style – Brazilian blowout can be adjusted according to different hair types. It also helps volumize your hair. On the other hand, keratin treatment helps straighten your hair completely, which can make your fine hair look limp.
  • Time – Keratin treatment takes 3-4 hours (or more, depending on the hair volume and length), while Brazilian blowout takes only 2 hours.
  • Maintenance –Keratin treatment needs special post-treatment care. After the treatment, you cannot pull your hair behind the ears, tie a ponytail, or clip it as it will cause bends in your strands. But with a Brazilian blowout, you do not have to be very mindful.
  • Convenience – Brazilian blowout is a convenient option if you are time-pressed. Keratin treatment might take up a whole day at the salon.

Both Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment offer great results, with their own sets of pros and cons. Including your stylist in your decision as to which one fits your budget, time, and hair maintenance care may help you choose the right treatment for you.

If you want a convenient and quick hair smoothening option to reduce frizz, go for a Brazilian blowout. But the main question is, how long will the Brazilian blowout last? Scroll down to find out.

How Long Will A Brazilian Blowout Last?

If you take good care of your hair after the treatment and avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates or chlorine, a properly done Brazilian Blowout may last up to 3-6 months.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You should avoid swimming after getting a Brazilian Blowout as chlorinated water can interfere with the chemicals used in the treatment. Similarly, don’t let seawater touch your hair if you go to the beach after this treatment as it may dry out your hair.

Here are a few tips to make your Brazilian blowout last six months.

How To Maintain The Hair After A Brazilian Blowout

  • Do not wash your hair overnight or three days after getting the treatment. If you have straight hair, wash it after the treatment day. For curly hair, wash it after three days for best results.
  • Use Brazilian blowout aftercare products.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.
  • Do not use heat-styling tools frequently.
  • Apply a thermal protectant while using a heat-styling tool.
  • Use ionic bonding leave-in conditioner spray.
  • If you have dry hair, use a deep conditioning mask every week.
  • Apply argan oil as a hair serum.

Amy Serrano, a YouTuber, shares her experience after getting a Brazilian blowout in one of her vlogs: “Tomorrow I can wash my hair with conditioner, and the following day, I can use shampoo. No gym either because I do not want to mess up the Brazilian with the chemicals and stuff in it (i).” She adds that it is best to avoid bleach for the next two weeks as it can damage the hair.

Let’s now look at a few possible side effects of a Brazilian blowout.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Up to three days after getting a Brazilian Blowout, opt for dry shampoo instead of washing your hair if you feel like it is turning greasy.

Are There Any Side Effects Of A Brazilian Blowout?

  • The high formaldehyde content in Brazilian blowouts can trigger nausea, headache, burning sensation, fatigue, throat ulcers, and loss of taste and smell.
  • Just like other chemical straightening treatments, it may alter your hair structure.
  • This treatment uses dangerous chemicals, such as methylene glycol, oxomethane, formalin, paraform, methylene oxide, methanal, and oxymethylene, that might affect your health adversely.

The following section answers a few queries about Brazilian blowout.

Pregnancy And Brazilian Blowout

Pregnant women should stay away from treatments that contain formaldehyde. It might affect your fertility and lead to miscarriage.

Thankfully, you can make Brazilian blowout safer for you. Scroll down to find out how.

How To Make A Brazilian Blowout Safe For The Hair

Keep the formaldehyde content low, and do not flat iron your hair at a high heat setting. This can make Brazilian blowouts safe for hair straightening or smoothening. Discuss with your stylist and do not opt for a cheap liquid keratin formula.

It is a huge task to take care of frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Why heat style it frequently when you have a safe, effective, and convenient option? Try the Brazilian blowout at home and achieve shiny and smooth hair easily.

Infographic: Steps For Brazilian Blowout Treatment At Home

The Brazilian blowout treatment makes your hair shiny and smooth by repairing damaged and dull hair. The name may sound a little fancy, but the best part of it is that you can do it at home on your own. Just follow the steps in the infographic below for a Brazilian blowout beauty tutorial and have the makeover of your dreams. Scroll down!

steps for brazilian blowout treatment at home (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Brazilian blowout is a protein treatment that uses liquid keratin as a protective coating for your hair to reduce frizz and external damage. Since a Brazilian blowout requires a costly trip to your salon, you can easily do it at home with the right products and our step-by-step guide. Use Brazilian blowout aftercare products and avoid frequent usage of hair styling tools to make your blowout last up to 6 months. Since Brazilian blowouts contain high formaldehyde concentrations, some people may experience nausea, fatigue, or burning. While it is a safe procedure, pregnant women should avoid it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you apply Brazilian blowout to wet hair?

No. Your hair must be slightly damp, just enough for convenient, even application and absorption of the blowout solution. If your hair is wet, it will make the solution drip away.

Is Brazilian blowout better than rebonding?

It depends on how you want your hair to appear. The rebonding treatment gives you poker-straight hair. However, a Brazilian blowout gives a more natural and bouncy look to your hair.

Can I use a flat iron after the Brazilian blowout treatment?

Yes. You may use a flat iron to straighten your hair after having a Brazilian blowout treatment. However, avoid using any products for the next 2-3 days after the treatment.

How do you sleep after a Brazilian blowout?

Hair experts recommend using silk pillows and sleeping with your hair let down. Try to lay them flat above your head on the pillow to ensure minimal friction.

Can you color your hair the same day as a Brazilian blowout?

Yes. You can color your hair the same day before getting the Brazilian blowout treatment. However, you must wait two weeks after the treatment to dye or color your hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Brazilian blowout uses liquid keratin to give you smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair.
  • The cost of this treatment, ranging between $200 and $500, depends on the length of the hair, the stylist’s expertise, and salon charges.
  • This treatment can also be done at home with a Brazilian keratin treatment kit.
  • Depending on the hair care routine, the results last three to six months.
Brazilian Blowout Tutorial

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Master the Brazilian blowout technique with this comprehensive training video. Get insights into the process and achieve smooth, frizz-free hair with professional guidance.

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